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The Alpha Room Escape Walkthrough

The Alpha Room Escape

[REPLAY] AlexWelburn - The Alpha Room Escape is another point and click type room escape game created by Alex Welburn. In this game, you try to escape from the alpha room by the collection and use of more clues and items. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Alex Welburn]

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Good luck guys.

       Anonymous  7/31/08, 12:06 PM  

starting now..

Wow I have never been here at the beginning before. Nice!

just gonna try it now hope its good

lol my first time posting! im not very good at these...

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i mean green book

       Anonymous  7/31/08, 12:14 PM  

have a green book, hammer, hook, and 3 tokens

omg its takin ages to load zzzzz

hello! first time playing while everybody's here!

       Anonymous  7/31/08, 12:19 PM  

Hey, Just started.

used hammer to break vase and get token. found weird letters under bed. also found a token in the green book after flipping thru all the pages

yay a new game..and it's english!
lets get started

turned off light and see X on lost poster

found another token under rug. now i have 8 in total

Slow loading :-(

hi, we have to make the smily smile :), at least that's what the tv sais.

hey what do you do with the hook?

Hey all.

any1 got the code for the green box ive tryed the colour of the books it wont work?

side of closet says "alex has one Yellow car"

where do I use the hammer?

where is the hook at?

sorry didn't see post

nevermind i found it

hi all, gl, gone try this 1 too.

use the hamer to smash the vase to the shelfs then u get the hook

brown yellow brown blue. gives you red key.

       Anonymous  7/31/08, 12:31 PM  

token in box behind tv

hello everybody...starting now... i´m a fan of this kind of games!

the side of my closet says emma owns one black bike

yeah i think this is gonna be different for everyone cuz brown yellow brown blue doesnt work for me on the box

that code aint workin 4 me how did u get it?

mine says that alex has one yellow car..must be different in every game

one yellow car told me first button needs to be yellow. then 2 chocolate bars said 2 has to be brown. 3 bags of charcoal means third button needs to be black. just follow your clues to figure out your color sequence

my note says "i write with one red pen. Brown yellow brown blue doesn't work for me either.

Hi everyone! Found another note behind the tv. I can't seem to get the token that's under the rug, where do i click?

       Anonymous  7/31/08, 12:37 PM  

Good Day to all....I know there is a hammer. but where is it? I just cant find it and tired of going in circles. Thanks

where did you find the one about the charcole

ive got 1 black and 3 brown but cant find the other two help =o}

when facing tv, roll rug up on bottom left side

to get your clues, read the green book, look behind the tv, and then check on the left side of the closet while facing it. to get the 4th color i just used process of elimination

my code was red,red,red,green i believe.

       Anonymous  7/31/08, 12:41 PM  

thanks Emmaleigh but when i do it the rug rolls but nothing there if i click it again it un rolls. guess I'll keep trying.

hammer is in the cabinet. open it while facing it, then turn right to look inside. screwdriver is in third drawer under tv. turn so the tv is on the right side of the screen then click the handles of the drawers.

mine was black black brown yellow

       Anonymous  7/31/08, 12:41 PM  

screwdriver in bottom dresser drawer after getting key...combine with hook

when the rug unrolls, its only gonna be sticking out a TINY bit, you have to click the token JUST right. good luck everyone, gotta run

also, use the screwdriver on the bottom of the cabinet and use the hook on the stick below. it will make a hook to use on that box under the bed for part of the final code. hammer used on the box behind tv gets another token.

       Anonymous  7/31/08, 12:42 PM  

d'oh...unscrew bottom panel of cabinet to get wooden rod

Thanks emmaleigh! That was driving me nuts.

there's something changing colors at the wingow. don't know what it means

Starting this game now. Hope it's good!

yay! mine was red green blue blue

My screen went blank after viewing an item. Hmmm...Had 7 tokens so far.

You can find a token there.

By the way, I don't know if anyone got this or not, but there's a token in the window. I think I clicked on the building on the right hand side, in one of the two windows where the light comes off and on

clicking a combination on the poster with colored symbols makes it eventually fall on the ground. you get the key for the cabinet from this. Then get the paint brush from the top shelf, and paint the smiley poster yellow first (2nd drawer under tv) and then black line (locked cabinet). This gives you a safe. use the combination under the foot of the bed on the safe and get the last token and another part of the final combination.

       Anonymous  7/31/08, 12:50 PM  

put the blue button from the box with colored tiles on the fan, then turn on...a note hits the floor

diana, had that problem too. inspect the hook or hammer to get a picture back, then click the back button on the bottom left of the item menu.

what do you do with the X on the lost poster?

put the thing found in the blue box on the fan to get a note...
so far i only have 7 coins

out. passcode parts:
1. in safe.
3. under bed.
4. paper from fan.

the second number I just guessed. if someone finds the paper for it, let me know.

The x on the poster just shows where a coin is.

i canNOT get the screwdriver to have any effect on the bottom of the cabinet/wardrobe/thingy. any suggestions?

Eric... do you remember what combination do you have to click on, on the poster with colored symbols?

Take a tip from the Little Green Book fierceandsassy...

       Anonymous  7/31/08, 12:59 PM  

Things must be in diffrent places each game. My box on shelves, underbed was a code. need 2 tolkens and 2 objects, im trying not to cheat but gonna go look for a hint.

rambler10: i have tried clicking on each of the four screws and the middle of the panel from all three angles in which i can see the stupid cabinet. this is driving me nuts!

Hi everyone.
Yes, there's a token in the window

Am I the only one who still can't find the key for the drawer?

Cant find hammer and hook, any hints ? tyvm.

fierce.... you have to change prespective of the cabinet in order to release all the screws..

Has anybody figured out how to do the poster with colored shapes?

Two of them come off in one view, the other two come off in another view, that's all I remember. Sorry..

i swear in tired of clicking the color shapes on the poster..LOL
cant find the right combination.

screws are hard. it's a pixel hunt. I just usually get the cabinet view to the left, click the left screws, then cabinet view to the right and click the right screws. that way it's a bigger target to click on.

as for the combination, I believe it goes something like:
1. top left
2. bottom right
3. orange circle
4. bottom left
5. top right
6. top left

what's with the writing under the bed:



the trick to figuring out the poster combination is simple. click a spot, if it moves down, that one is right. if it moves up, the one you clicked is wrong and you go back one button in the sequence. so trial and error I would click the top left, that moved it down. then try another spot. if it moved down, remember that one. if it moved up, hit the top left (the previous button in the sequence) and try a different one. keep doing this until the poster drops.

Ohhhhh no wonder I couldn't get it down. For some reason I thought you had to click on the shapes themselves! Got it now... duh....

Found both after posting :D

I hate to ask again, but I still don't have the key for the bottom drawer

i used the pattern i got in the safe behind the poster. but mine was not the same as yours.
the Y means push the N means dont push

i am missing one token.

blackhat - do you have the red key?
i think that's the one only you have to use in when on side view of drawers

Blackhat, one size fits all :-)

Cant get 1 screw off, pixel hunting for a screw :D ... tried diff views

gah. it didn't occur to me that different screws would only be un-doable from different perspectives. thanks for the tip! now if i could just get that poster off the wall...

ho gosh! you have to push the corners and not the shapes on the posters... tx blackhat! i was going crazy!

1. movie poster marked by x when light is off.
2. green book (last page keep clicking)
3. under carpet. (face tv click bottom left corner of carpet.
4. in trash can
5. under trash can
6. in box behind tv. use hammer
7. in brown box on shelf. use red key
8. blinking light on building in window
9. under pillow
10. in safe behind smiley poster.

Thanks Eric for that poster...
Finished :)

Thanks everyone! I tried that a gazillion times but I guess it only works after posting! Lol

red key for tv drawer is in the green box with the color password. password is different for each person but colors are listed:
1. side of cabinet
2. in green book
3. behind tv
4. I just guessed.

safe behind poster? how do you get poster of? do you mean black poster with 'smiley'

hope I gave enough info to help. gotta go to work now. have fun everyone!

i cant get the token under the trash can. no matter what view i have of it i cant move it. other then looking inside it

To get under the trashcan be in the view of smiley+tv and click on the very bottom of trash can.. it is a very small clickable area.. took me a while to get it

to get poster off, you have to turn the frown upside down. after unlocking the cabinet, you get the paintbrush on the top shelf. use the paintbrush in the yellow paint in the 2nd tv drawer and then use that on the poster. it will erase the frown. then use the paintbrush in the black paint in the cabinet and use that to draw a smiley face on the poster. (you might need to use the screwdriver on the paint cans to open the lids, I just did that out of habit of doing it in real life. lol)

did anybody do anything with the pictureframe??

now to figure out the safe code....

two places I never figured out what to do with. the picture frame and the bowl.

thanx eric, didn't see the brush

I have 8 tokens, i need the lost poster one and the smiley one, not sure how to get into either.

       Anonymous  7/31/08, 1:28 PM  

Got all objects and tolkens trying to figure out code.Clueless!!!

and out!!!
fun game

I can't seem to get the token from the poster??

       Anonymous  7/31/08, 1:30 PM  

Nope, Im missing the 5th down object. Anyone know what it should be? Ill take all and any hints.

yay!!! out out out

Yay i'm finally out! Thanks for your help everyone!

i'm stuck on the lost poster....i got all the coin but that one..how do i get the coin?

Alice: my 5th is screwdriver, so order may be diff. but I also have a blank spot.

blank spot prob. was the wooden stick

nvm i got it

Gotta click the dark guys face to get the token on the lost poster.. now what is the combination to get into the safe behind smiley?

lily1121, turn off the lights to see exactly where the X is, then turn them back on and click there (it was around the bottom left corner of the L on the poster)

my code was 3524.

This comment has been removed by the author.

phant, for the safe: on the right side of the bed is a clue on with buttons to puch (Y) or not (N)

       Anonymous  7/31/08, 1:36 PM  

Thanks All! I won't worry about that any more but Im totaly lost, cluless and vexed about the door code. the hint think still stands.Thanks

Thanks for playing everyone! It really nice to see people are enjoying it after all the hard work :)

yea, I'm out!

Tnx all!

hey Alex, Thanks for the game!

hi guys, i've always been playing this games and referred to all of your comments, but never leave. seems like i'm always late to play on time. i'm in USA...where are you guys?
it's funny..coz today is 31 july and my time is only 13.42, but everyone's posts were up since 21.11.

I'm from the UK - Newcastle (In the North East)

i did everything but all i need is the code to get out of the room....how do i find the code? what order?

       Anonymous  7/31/08, 1:46 PM  

Cherry Im Usa east coast so Im usally last to play.its more fun on the occassion that you get to play with a easy going helpful group like this.
However I cant corrlate the bed clues with the door. The safe and the other box like it and the number on the cork board do they have anything to do with the door code? going back to try. Still take all hints and help as usual.

Hey Cherry, I am in US - East- Ohio. I've been on for hours. Can someone tell me where the paper is for the fan?

Trying half hour to get last screw off, gone stop ... hate pixel hunt!

try each screw on each view of the room and they will come off. as for the cork board, the "number" is the number of times you have to a certain action - look at what the number is written in, what does it look like? i think you don't need it now though

Is the paint brush in the cabnet? cuz i can't find it, it did say "you found an item" but i didn't get anything

       Anonymous  7/31/08, 1:50 PM  

indab, need to turn on fan. have to get round circle thing,don't where i found it.

I mean the blue button...

hubcap - thats odd i hope its not a bug, the paintbrush is on the top shelf but its quite small

Hubcap, it's ard to get, took me awhile...click in middle here looks like a hinge toward the right.

How do you fix ventilator ??

       Anonymous  7/31/08, 1:53 PM  

Alex Welburn, did you make this game. you said something about all the hard work. If so thats quite cool. good game. can you help me with door code? Please?

tried every possible view, want come off

alice - yes :) There are four clues for the door code, different each time you play. the clues are the ones with circles at the top and squares at the bottom.

has anyone else had difficulty getting the paintbrush to show up in their inventory? i clicked on the top shelf inside the cabinet and it said 'you got an item', but i don't seem to actually have the paintbrush. it doesn't seem to have fallen, either...

       Anonymous  7/31/08, 1:55 PM  

texas here...
Lily1121 remember seeing those pieces of paper w/ the yellow dots and squares? Well those are the code to the door .. count the dots and the square = the place where the number goes ... 6 yellow dots and 2nd yellow square = 6 in the 2nd spot of the code. Hope thats understandable

Tosca come over here, need a person who can handle a screwdriver :D :D ... cant remove last screw, tried more then half hour

i did click on what looks like a small black dot, it then said i found something but i got nothing

       Anonymous  7/31/08, 1:55 PM  

First time I ever played with the game maker. This is just too cool.

haha, will have to look into why the paintbrush doesn't always seem to work. hmm

       Anonymous  7/31/08, 1:59 PM  

good game Alex! ... only problem I found was that it seemed to be a bit of a pixel hunt sometimes.

thank you EvlWmn1001
i'm out

Mieke: like they said, trie in ever screenshot. It will come off one at the time.To get te item out, hook must be on.
Help with vent?

Although hard, a good game Alex.
Original with the perspective.

ok on the third try i got the paint brush

Can someone please tell me where the blue button is????????

       Anonymous  7/31/08, 2:04 PM  

np Lily1121 glad I could help :)

       Anonymous  7/31/08, 2:04 PM  

Ok so here is my problem with door code. the way the bed code is laid out the bottom n would be where tthe c is.

x x
x x

power of posting. thanks for the great game Alex.

       Anonymous  7/31/08, 2:05 PM  

oops my x's didnt print right

the y and n s under the bed are for the safe

       Anonymous  7/31/08, 2:06 PM  

another question: if I put in the right code will I know it? does something happen. I keep zooming out and clicking the door but im still in so Im not getting it.

linda b - the button for the fan is in the top box, you need the hook and... something else first

i,m out, thanks for the hints everyone.

alice - yes you will. try turning the light off and do something with the book

ventilator nvm

tosca - do you mean the fan?

       Anonymous  7/31/08, 2:23 PM  

Color me dense but sill not getting code

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Placing the last n where the c button is
hope this makes sence

       Anonymous  7/31/08, 2:23 PM  

nope didnt work oh well.....

Yes alex, but I found it thanks to your previous answer.Now trying to paint.

The code for the door can be found my looking for the clues with the yellow circles at the top and the yellow squares at the bottom. the circles at the top are for the door number the aquares are for which number. The y ands ns are nothing to do with the door code. you need to find the safe first.

ok, so i re-started. the paintbrush thing was a glitch. i've gotten all the way to the code for the door. i have three numbers and positions from the various papers, but i'm sure i'm missing something. once you put the code in the pinpad next to where you put the tokens in, do you have to do anything to tell the door you're trying? what i did was put in my three numbers plus a 1 in the place where i was guessing, zoom out, click the door. door was still locked. zoomed back in, put a 2 in the place where i was guessing, zoomed out, click door, still locked. etc. nada. help?

when the correct code is entered you will know, you don't have to press any other buttons

if the red key fits all, why won't the left door of the cabinet open? Says its locked...

who said it fits all :P

rambler10 says... :P

alex--how will i know? i don't have sound on this computer, does that matter?

Out! Great game, Alex! Was there a 4th note for the green box by any chance? I couldn't find it even though I was sure I looked everywhere

       Anonymous  7/31/08, 2:33 PM  

OUT!!!! Thanks Alex for such a good game. Never did figure out the y N thing. but still I am free...

hey can someone help me? i have 9 tokens, the lid off the yellow paint and i havent seen the black paint but theres a bigger problem. The door of the silver big cabinet is still locked (the left door) and i only got the key for the drawer with the screwdriver in it -sobs- help!!!!

ah no prob guys, i found a **** *** (in asterisks) and it opened the cabinet hehe

fierceandsassy - sound does not matter. there are four clues for the door, have you tried turning the light off and looking somewhere?

       Anonymous  7/31/08, 2:37 PM  

PS I like your games because they follow logic (except for the Y N thing) and I can solve them with out having to cheat. A thinking game. Just right. I appreciate all the hard work you do for all us EG24 addicts.

the yes no thing is logical too. y means yes and n means no. if its says y then something must be selected, if n then you don't select it

i love these games too! my favourite is MOTAS! type it in google if you have not played. its the best one out there

i just tried turning off the light and looking around, but no luck. the thing is, i know three of the numbers and guessed 0-9 for the fourth, and nothing happened.

haha well sadly one or more of the numbers must be wrong. ok try the light and look in the book

i swear i tried that! thanks for the hint, alex. i see now what you mean about 'knowing' when you've got the right combo.

no probs :

Hi everybody ;-)
I cant find my last code picture I only have 3: under bed, in front of shelf and the one from the poster/safe. Where is the last one???
Thank you in advance!!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Lol Alex, we couldn't help eachother with the codes as we normally do. Panic in tha house.
Loved very much your originallity in the concept of the game.
One minor less : the sentence " the lid seems to" ???? What: gone, broken, lost, screwed, ...Of course its part of the game.
THX for your work.

thanks, the sentence is a bug, it doesn't quite fit in the message box

fifa - thanks for the walkthrough p.s - there are clues for EVERYTHING, you don't need elimination, the cork board has a number which is the number of times the top drawer must be opened

game was fun and hard...

ho gosh alex - that's great! wish i would have thought of that.. tell me - can we do something with the bowl or pictureframe???

b.t.w. tx for a great game! how long dose it takes to create a game like this??

the bowl and the picture frame are to throw you off the trail! i started it about 3 years ago for a week but didn't know how to use actionscript very well so it got left until april/may this year. ive been doing odd bits every now and again. i would love to make a tutorial on how to make one as there is very little out there to help. ive alwyas wondered why they are big in japan as well.

thanks for the walkthrough fifa you did very well

       Anonymous  7/31/08, 3:24 PM  

Alex I have played this a couple of times and the only thing I cant find is the note w/ one of the numbers for the door. Got the one under the bed, one from the safe and the one from the fan. Where is the last one?

it involves the book and the light switch :)

       Anonymous  7/31/08, 3:29 PM  

ah I got it! thx now I just gotta find a token that I missed :)

       Anonymous  7/31/08, 3:31 PM  

out again but this time w/ all the numbers ... Good game

what happens when you want to go right as the button only works for the left?

it should work, might be a rare glitch, try switching between tabs or if its really not working restart the game :(

off to bed now guys so your all on your own :P

decided to make a walkthrough.. first walkthrough, english not my mother tongue - so pls excuse any mistakes! :)
(fixed the walkthrough.. now it's complete :))

1. zoom on t.v. turn it on. look what is different.
2. zoom into trash can take TOKEN.
3. click on bottom of trash can (little sensitive) take TOKEN.
4. zoom on message board. note number writen on the uppermost of three lines.
5. click on switch - turn off the lights. go right once. note location of cross. turn back and put the light back on.
6. turn right. zoom on lost poster. remember where the cross was? click there until you get TOKEN.
7. click on pillow. take TOKEN.
8. click under the right side of bed. note the hint (you'll need it later).
9. turn right. click on middle GREEN BOOK to take it. view the book. note the hints in it. one of the hints will be a sentance consisting a color and number. remember them. click on pages until you find a TOKEN.
10. zoom in on window. click on window that turns on and off to take TOKEN.
11. turn right. zoom on down left side of cabinet. remember color and number.
12. zoom behind the drawers cabinet. again note number and
13. remember the hint on the message board? open the top drawer the same number you've seen on the note (probably 7). you'll find a notebook with a hint. note number and color.
14. zoom in on poster with colorful shapes. you have to make it fall. click by this order:
upper left corner
bottom right corner
yellow circle
bottom left corner
upper right corner
upper left corner
you'll get a BLUE KEY
15. open right door of cabinet.
16. turn right. take HAMMER from cabinet.
17. click on bottom left corner of rag. take TOKEN.
18. turn the light off. view book. click pages 'till you see a yellow diagram. note number of circles and the position underneath. turn light on again.
19. turn right. use hammer on vase. you get HOOK.
20. turn right. zoom on green box on bottom shelf. remember the colors and the numbers? click on the round bottons until you get the colors on the panel corresponding it's number.
for example:
i had: "one yellow car", "two yellow socks", "three brown t-shirts" and "four red tomatos".
therefore my color sequance was:
yellow(1), yellow(2), brown(3), red(4)
open the box and take RED KEY.
21. zoom out. zoom on browm box. use red key on brown box. take TOKEN.
22. turn right. use red key on bottom drawer. take SCREWDRIVER.
23. use screw driver on top left bolt - at the bottom of cabinet.
24. turn left. usr screwdriver on bottom right bolt.
25. turn right twice. use screwdriver on the remaining bolts. the bottom of cabinet opens, and inside there's a stick. use hook on stick. now you have EXTENDED HOOK.
26. use the hook on blue box perched on top of the cabinet. you get a blue round thingy.
27. turn right twice. zoom in on fan. put the round blue thingy on clickable place at bottom of fan - it's a switch! turn the switch. a paper drops down.
28. zoom out. use blue key on left cabinet door. take PAINT BRUSH (on upper shelf, hard to see). use screw driver to open the lid of black paint can.
29. turn right. zoom on paper on the floor. note number of circles and position.
30. zoom behind drawer cabinet. use hammer on nail. take TOKEN.
31. open middel drawer, use screwdriver to open lid of yellow paint can. use paint brush on can.
32. turn right. remember the diffrence on t.v.? that's right - you have to make the sad smily happy! use paintbrush on smily. the sad smile dissapears. turn left twice. use paitbrush on black paint can. turn right twice. use paintbrush on smily - you made him smile!
33. click on smily. zoom on safe. remember the hint under the bed? that's a diagram for witch lights to turn on. turn the light on the circles corresponding to the y letters. open safe and take TOKEN. note number of circles and position.
34. turn right twice. zoom under bed. use hook on the red box. note number of circles and position.
35. now you should have 4 numbers and their positions. that's your password for the door.
36. turn right and zoom on pannel next to door. click on the crack under the token symbol, to put all 10 tokens in. now put in your password, click the door.... and you're out!!!!

hope the walkthrough is understandable, and that it halps!! :))
thanks to everyone for helping
and special thanks to alex who created this cool game!

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