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The Apartment Escape Walkthrough

The Apartment Escape

Escape The Appartment Walkthrough[REPLAY] The Appartment Escape is another new point and click type room escape game created by Zamayor, from creator of Mini Escape game series and created for Escape Games 24 visitors. In this game, you try to collect the items in the room and use them to get out of the apartment to escape. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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The Apartment Escape Walkthrough
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hello - 1st time posting - just starting

hi kram, let's play... 4 sphere... :(

yeah - 4 here too, and a puzzle piece from left lower side of pic between chairs

Hi! First time posting, never been on while a game is new :P

in pyramid a ball

a stick and a screwdriver in the left of room with flowers and mirow

Thank god. My afternoon was getting boring.

i see a kinfe with chain, but now i dont find it... sry my bad english, i have a dictionary :P

Ball in a corner of the... hexagon picture, pyramid, corner of the table with the flowers, and I think the other one was on the shelf with the box and picture.

Oops, my hammer got stuck.

sta equal 4 whatever tht means

i lost the hummer...and i think with the hummer you broke the chain...

use screwdriver from plant on vent to get hammer (push with stick from closet), then use screwdriver on outlet beside computer, then you get key for cleaning room right slide door, get iron and plug in in bedroom, put ball beside iron and it pops to give you pic for code on wall beside mirror, stuck now

star i mean

There's a clickable diamond on the headboard, but haven't found what it does yet.

ramona, where was the screwdriver?

There's a ball hiding in the fruit bowl too.

Doh, reloaded the wrong screen!

cool - hammer breaks the lock in the hallway, can use one of the puzzle pieces there

Screwdriver in right plant leading to bedroom.

missed the puter where is that

This comment has been removed by the author.

walkthrough pleaseeee

Got it, thanks :)

i dont see any computer kram

I think we've all just started so no walkthrough yet.

were is the key?

Got my hammer back and a key too.

Computer's in the room you unlock with the key on the wall.

In the hallway, look up and you'll see it but you need the stick to get it.

There's one key hanging high in the wall where the hammer is hanging through the vent.

Key from outlet unlocks the sliding door to get an iron.

found one more sphere in left lowere corner of close up view of puzzle piece box below the pics in the hallway - still stuck on what the pic from the ball means - any ideas?

Picked up a beach ball in the computer room as well as 2 balls, one by the books and one under the cushion in the chair.
Inventory: darker key(used) light key (used) stick (used) iron, beach ball, hammer (used), and screwdriver (used)

there is a picture in the ball. I can't quite get it :(

i im stupid... i dont see any key...but try...hard try

12 spheres on cabinet in main room gives you a key to the green safe in the computer room - stuck again

Put the 12 spheres in the box with circles, get a gold key. I think the pictures on the ball mean the code.

1-circle, 3 stars...

That is a crazy puzzle in the green safe.

and I have used all my stuff, exept for the 8 spheres, now what :)

1 wheel on the computer chair is missing...

Think you need to look at the paintings to solve the green safe?

Yay, got green safe puzzle solved.

Switches on the puzzle don't all go the same way, 4th on top is messed up.

Wow, and out. Multiple endings maybe or a lot of red herrings?

missing spheres somewhere i only have 9

Still can't get the safe puzzle... which painting do you look at?

Look at the one with the pink dots and green "leaves" for green safe puzzle.

i've got 8 spheres and pliers. where do i use the pliers

nice job Diana! Any hints on the green safe or the code beside the mirror ( the one in the pic from the ball)?


were i use the iron and the beach ball??? anyone knows?

For the green safe, look at one of the 3 pictures on the wall...

There were a lot of things I didn't finish or use, so I'm playing again.

Use them by the ironing board. Plug it in and melt the ball.

Darn - I was hoping for the rest of the puzzles to be solvable - but still good game! Thanks all for the help and nice observation on the green safe Diana

iron in room with ironingboard, just plug it in and use the ball

ok tnx

romona - the iron is in the cleaning room - it is in the right door of the upper cabinet - use the key from beside the computer - you get it by using the screwdriver on the outlet

but now i dont understand the picture, were is the code?

Still stuck on the safe... used the painting but none of the switches match up.

       Anonymous  7/26/08, 8:57 AM  

code for thing by mirror you use the number of hangers on each rung of the coat rack.. 102001

ok 102001 :) was easy

Got blue puzzle box open by trial and error.

Hi diana,
almost my bedtime...please leave some hints for me,thanks.
i will check it tomorrow morning!

I found a bug - if you get the hammer and break the lock - then open the door to the electric panel - and then click on the left lower part of the screen - it takes me from 6 spheres to 12 - odd huh?

Ahh, now I see where the rest of the clue for it are.

Will do! Night, Shuchun!

Yes, I noticed the number of my spheres multiplied also...No complaints here!

I'm incredibly stuck. Can't get the green safe, blue box, got the one by the table with vase, have one piece for the puzzle in the wall where you broke the lock with the hammer. Help?

Got the missing wire from the computer cord.

Ahhh, the arrows won't move the screen for me anymore! I just need one more puzzle piece :(

you guys rock! nice find on the 102001 and the computer cord

Hmm, for some reason I got my 12 spheres back and in the view of the 12-sphere cabinet (open), and the door to get out, every time I click the left or right arrows, it says "Maybe I should put the spheres in". Buggy!

I'm out, but didnt solve the puzzle under the paintings. Got bluebox by trial and error

*Restarting again, sigh*

Wellllll, my hammer slipped down into a grate in the vent, now how do I get it out? The stick won't work and I can't find another access to the vent.

Nevermind, I got it.

blue box is star, triangle, square, multi-point shape

Use the knife on the diamond.

AH! finally got the safe one, and I'm out! thanks guys...

This game is really confusing, lol.

where i the knife

I noticed this before but haven't done anything with it...yet...There is a clickable area on the left side of the right chair by the fruit bowl.

huh?? .. i got out without doing anything with the ball or the puzzle box

just need to open the green safe and arrange the arms in the positions in the bottom left of the 3 pictures in the hall to get the door key

Yup, that's how I got out the first time too. I'm playing again to get all the puzzle pieces.

I found a key in the outlet by the desk. I don't know what it goes too.

Can't remember where I saw that knife on the chain...ne1?

i need 2 puzzle pieces and 3 sphere...

I think that goes in the right side sliding cabinet door by the mop and bucket.

There's one puzzle piece on the left side of the painting above the fruit bowl. And another one in the wall safe.

Ok, found it, now how do I get it?

ramona - check direction of green "leaves"

just one puzzle piece, the middle piece

still looking for 2 pieces to solve puzzle in hall

where is the knife?

can you answer to Elvis' question please ? I'm stuck too

Which outlet do you mean to use th screwdriver on ?
There is one in the bedroom, but doesn't work

thank you

npb, It's the outlet in the computer room.

I can't find the knife that was mentioned. I tried the chain on the lamp in the bedroom - but no luck - any other ideas?

use outlet near the computer

Knife is in view of bedroom door...click bottom left

found the second sign for the blue box under the safe

Ah, out with everything completed!

thank you!

Diana, it won't let me take the computer wire...little help with that please?

Thanks Tami for the tip!

There's technically only "The End" regardless of whether you complete all the puzzles or not.

I think it's b/c the spheres are buggy and you don't technically have to find them all since they tend to multiply themselves when you click the lower left side of the open wall puzzle panel.

Oh well, still fun nonetheless!

tami, use the pliers.

were is the middle puzzle piece?

how to go in computer room ? where is the key ? thanks

Key for the computer room:
In view of the door, click up and you'll see it hanging on the wall. Use the stick. The hammer can be reached as well when you move it with the stick, through the vent.

Middle puzzle piece?
I think that is on the left side of the big painting above the fruit. Or in the wall panel on your way to the bedroom.

Ok...where's pliers Diana? LOL...

ahhhhh ... wondered how i suddenly had all the spheres and had done the box and was still finding more diana lol

hi i completed the game with no help :P

Hehe, tami-
They are in the left side night table by the bed.

I can't remember where the key for that night table was :(
I want to say in the outlet in the computer room, but that might be for the right side night table.

I am missing middle piece also...it's NOT the one on the painting..I've gotten that one and it didn't go in the middle. LOL...


Oooh, or it was in the blue puzzle box?

Merci beaucoup Diana !
I haven't seen this view and was looking and looking for...

Thank you !

Oh, maybe the middle piece is the one found in the diamond in the headboard of the bed? Use knife to cut it out.

I find two metal pieces. Did anyone find all three?

OMG! Apparently I am a key collector! HAHA...didn't realize I had like 4 keys to use! Duh! Ty Diana, opened left and right night tables, got pliers, off to get wire from computer...still need knife and middle piece to hallway puzzle.

You are almost there, tami....I'll wait for you on the outside!

My pleasure, npb :)

Puzzle pieces:

-Left side of painting above fruit bowl.
-In wall panel safe on the way to the bedroom.
-In the diamond on the bed's headboard. Use knife to cut it out.

Ok used pliers on knife, got MIDDLE piece from headboard in bed, completed hallway puzzle...anything else I need before exit? lol...

i find it tnx diana, now i hav some truble with the safe puzzle...hmmm

Which safe, ramona?

The clickable spot you'd found on the left side of the right chair Diana...I used knife there and found another sphere.

OUT thanks all 8) this was a good one- enough to keep you thinking & a nice length, the glitch with peices is the only thing the author needs to look at (yes Diana mine suddenly multiplied, too)

i'm out with everything used and i found all the spheres. Without clicking on the panel

Ahh, that's what I figured, tami. But it's so crazy that they just add to themselves without you actually finding them. Buggy spheres.

(va multumesc tuturor pentru ajutor, revin...) tnx all for the help, i have to go, but im comming back soon

I still have 2 keys, I am guessing one is for front door, that are still usable. Their boxes haven't "shaded in" once use of them is complete...no other locks...I am going for the door...

When I repeat played, I too noticed that sometimes the keys would be "used" in my inventory and sometimes not. Make a run for it!

And after all that, all we get is a golden colored background and the end? LMAO...I would have thought there would at least be a thanks for playing, or re-try button...geeeezz lmao..

Thanks for all the help! See ya'll on the flip side!

this game is buggy or what? where does the hammer go?

I'm leaving as well, dinner time!

Hammer is to break the green padlock on the panel beneath the pictures.

I can't open the plate locked under the 3 painting... please help

Diane my hammer disappeared

i'm out... tanks to all

oops, the hall puzzle stole all my spheres. I had twelve, took out two, but only have one sphere now. and, no, I hadn't used them to get the safe key. So caution, use them before complete hall puzzle!

Don't use Tab! It restarts you. LOL!!!!

cant find this mysterious knive on chain or to get the switches in green save right any or all help most welcome please

Oh wow, great game..Thanks for posting hints everybody..fun,fun..

For the knife..At the bedroom door, where there are 2 plants..Click around left side..your arrow will show you the exact spot..

Also Bashfog, for the puzzle..look at the set of 3 pictures..use the one on the left..(leaves and pink dots)..It will show you which direction to put for green safe puzzle...

vbranam1 from the picture i got left, right, right,down,left,up,up,,right and down is this correct? still cant find the knife by door will keep looking.

got the knife clicked wrong wall,thanks

My picture was:(fat part of leave facing):
left up..right down..right up..left down..left up

bottom row:: left up..right up..left down..left up..right up..

if the bug with the spheres never existed the game would be much more difficult, 'cause the puzzles are to get more balls, and then with balls and the other things you would get the final key

sunchun, thanks, a lot of time without playing, and today I played this one and it's really really good

Hi everyone!

I'm just as Tami was, at the and of the game. I've got to unused keys left, one belongs to the frontdoor. Has anyone figured out yet what to do with the spare key?

woohoo.. really enjoyed this game..

ludwien, I dont remember wich was your key but you should try it in every places that are locked

ludwien, in the main page of this game your comment was posted like five times in my computer!!!

Thank you very much Vbranam1

Well lets see:(Trying to remember)
1-for computer room
2-for side tables in bedroom
1-for safe
1-for exit

Yw, Bashfog

anyone still here,looking for the wire

For the wire, cut it from the computer..

thanks vrbranam1 yoy saved my sanity

got a key left over but all my slots are full

Hey Luly,

Yes I know, sorry about that. Something went wrong when I trided to post a comment. My computer decided not to cooperate with me...

I've tried every place for the key, can't find it. But I'm out, that what's matters!! :-)

I dont remember what I had left but my inventory was full also..

Lol..thats right Ludwien..Still got the big "Congratulations" at the end..

pry off one of the diamonds from the headboard you will get the third puzzle piece. That puzzle will give you another ball (that is probably why all twelve balls show up when you click the bottom corner...buggy)

I played again and all 5 keys were used..I didnt have anything left..

Great game, Thanks Shuchun

Does anyone remember where they got the key for the green safe? I've done pretty much everything I can do except for that. I have 4 keys, all used. I must be missing one.
Help anyone? lol

After you do the green safe puzzle, you get the last key to get out the door..

Mistake on last post....Theres a total of 6 keys..

The small yellow key is for the safe..Darn cant remember where I got it exactly..

Lisa, I think you get the safe key after you place the 12 balls..

Ah...and I'm missing one sphere. Figures..haha. And I just went thru all the rooms again looking for that last one and cant find it. aaaggghhh
Well thanks for the tip vbranam..:-)
I'll go look again.
Cool game.

I had 9 balls for the longest time..I got 310 from left side of right chair9used knife)After I connected the wire and put in puzzle pieces and collected those 2 balls,,my inventory said 1 ball..I clicked in panel again and had all 12..Thats the bug I guess previous players mentioned..

EDIT: Typos...#10 ball..and on left side of right chair by using knife..

I had the one out of the couch..and I tried clicking on the panel to make all 12 show up but it didnt work. BUT..I just tried it again and now I have all 12. Must not have clicked in the right spot the first time.
Okay got all 12 now. Thanks for the help..:-)

position of grey balls

1. next to the photo frame on the shelf
2. behind the grape in the fruit bowl
3. inside the pyramid
4. on the lower left of the picture with blue hexagon
5. on the table with mirror and vase
6. on the bedside flower
7. bottom drawer next to the bucket/broom
8. behind the top left books on the green safe cupboard
9. behind the back pillow(click to move) of the red single sofa
10. left bottom of the right sofa next to the fruit bowl (cut it with knife)

11.12. solve the puzzle under 3 picture

hint for blue box

1. on the paper you get in the wall 6-digit code (2 signs)
2. in the cupboard next to where you get the iron
3. on the wood below green safe

Out now! Yippee! Got key from sphere puzzle, opened green safe, had clue about green things from picture, got another key, and out!
Thanks for everyones help.:-)

YES! Finally I'm out! and it only took 30 minutes >.>..

thanks for all your help people!

YES! Finally I'm out! and it only took 30 minutes >.>..

thanks for all your help people!

good game ... not to short and not to long to play, i like that.

how do you get the keys to the nightstand to get the pliers??

       Anonymous  7/26/08, 1:11 PM  

okay, i've read through every single one of these comments and STILL can't find the screwdriver!

correct me if i'm wrong, but it should be in the right plant at the entrance to the hallway, right?

please help!

trial and error saved me! :)

go to room with mirror & flower vase, go to view of door and screwdriver should be in plant to your right.
hope it helps

now i cant figure out the #s for the 6-digit code thing :/

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  7/26/08, 1:23 PM  

omg, thank you faye!!!

you just saved me another hour of fruitless looking!!!

no problem beach!
glad i wsa able to help :)

if you press tab the game restarts

i did the same, nothing

That was strange, finished without using the puzzle pieces or ball or an iron??? My final bit was using the key from the green safe...

finished. good game. I really liked it. The 12th sphere gave me some trouble though

errr.... intresting.

i used the key from the wall somewhere else, so i never used the ball, never seen an iron, found a metal piece at the left side of the painting in the main room, crashed the locker at the hallway, inserted 1 metal piece, and when i do the puzzle in the safe, i've got a key.

after that i go out from the room, and it sad, congratulations, The End!

I am wondering never found anything in any outlet.

I liked this game - the only thing that gave me trouble was finding the knife (thanks for hints on that). I like games that you can finish on your own in fifteen minutes - that's how much time I can spend at breakfast or during a coffee break at work!


1. Take the small grey Ball (1. Sphere) on the Bookshelf next to the Picture. Then go Right.

2. Take the 2. Sphere behind the grapes. Click next to the frame on the left side. Take the fist metallic piece. Go right twice.

3. Click the red Pyramid and take the 3. Sphere. Then go into Hallway.

4. Click on one of the pictures. In the Picture top left is the 4. Sphere (slower left corner).

5. Look exactly on the lower left picture with the leaves on it. Note on which side the leaves are going. Then go back and into the left hallway.

6. On the table, you can find the 5. Sphere. Then go right.

7. In the right plantpot, you can find a Screwdriver. It's the square between the long leave and the one who's very large. Then go into the room.

8. Open the right side of the cabinet and take the stick (it's a jacket hanging on it, but that doesn't matter).

9. Look at the board with the hangers. Note how much hangers are on each button (102001). Go right.

10. Take the 6. Sphere. It's in the middle of the lower right flower. Then go back five times. You are now back in the main room with the view on the hallway.

11. Use the screwdriver to open the Vent. Take a view into the vent.

12. Use the stick to reach the hammer. Then go back, into the hallway and then into the right hallway.

13. Click above the door to take a look at the ceiling. Use the stick to get the key on the left side and to reach the hammer. Go back. Now the hammer is lying on the flor. Take it and then go left.

14. Open the lowest drawer of the cabinet and take the 7. Sphere.

15. Open the left side of the closet in the wall. You will see a picture of the star. Notice that. Then go back.

16. Use the grey key to open the door. Go into the room.

17. Use the screwdriver on the outlet on the right side of the chair. Take the key in the outlet. Then go left.

18. Take the beachball on the lowest shelf.

19. On the top shelf you see two books lying. On the left side of these books, you find the 8. Sphere.

20. Click on the shelf below the green safe. You see a triangle. Notice that. Then go back.

21. Click between the backrest and the pillow to see the 9. Sphere. Take it. Then go back twice.

22. Go left and use the key on the right side of the cabinet. Take the iron. Then go back twice. You are now back in the main hallway. From here, go left, right and into the room.

23. Click on the iron and then on the outlet next to the ironing-board. Then click on the plug of the iron. Select the ball and click on the iron. The ball is now on the floor next to the iron. Click the ball again. It's meltet now. Do you see the white note in the ball? Take it. It's a picture of the cabinet and the safe in the doorway. Go back twice.

24. Click on the safe. Do you remember the code of the hangers you noted? It's 102001. Use the code on the safe. Then click the button next to the numbers. The light turns into green and you can now open the safe. Take the key and the second metallic piece. Then go back, right, into the bedroom and then right.

25. Use the key on the right bedtable. Take the note. Go back five times and then right.

26. Click on the blue box on the bookshelf. Insert the code (Star, Triangle, Square, bigger Star) and then click the grey button. Take the key. Go back, left, into the hallway, left, right, into the room and right again.

27. Use the key on the left bedtable. Take the pliers. Then go back four times and then right and into the room.

28. Use the pliers to cut the cable of the keyboard. Go back into the main hallway, left and then right.

29. Click on the beginning of the hallway on the left side (Your mouse will turn into a little hand). You see a knife. Use the pliers to cut the chain, then take the knife. Go into the bedroom and then right.

30. Use the knife and cut the second square from the right at the top of the bed. Take the third metallic piece. Go back four times until you are back in the main hallway.

31. Click on the square below the pictures. Use the hammer to break the lock (you have to click three times). Then open the board and insert the metallic pieces in the holes and also insert the cable. Put the grey square and take the 10. and the 11. Sphere. Then go back into the main hallway, back again and then right twice.

32. Use the knife on the lower left corner of the armchair near the wall. Take the 12. Sphere. Go right.

33. Insert the Spheres into the holes, open the cabinet and take the gold key. Go right, into the main hallway, right, into the room and then left.

34. Insert the key into the green safe and open it. Now you have to remember the leaves from the picture in the hallway. Click the levers until they look to the same direction as the leaves.

So thats:
up left, down right, up right, down left, up right
up left, up right, down left, up left, up right.

Then put the small grey button. Take the key. Go back five times and then left.

35. Use the key on the door. Congratulations, you're out! :o)

And sorry for mistakes...

this is doing my head in what hallway and what door?

ok the miracle of posting

ok stuck again what backrest and what pillow all I can see in that room is a chair and computer?

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