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Clear Vision Elite Walkthrough

Clear Vision Elite

Clear Vision 3 WalkthroughClear Vision 3 - Elite Edition is an addicting and funny point and click type shooting game. In this game, our boy Jake is back. Other snipers wet their pants just hearing his name! Meaty missions with fantastic firepower. Your goal in this sniping game is to take a role of famous assassin and complete various missions. Good luck and have fun!

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Hmmm..this is different.

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sorry haha

Some part are harder than others :D

Let's plaaaaaaay

funny game lol :P

Done cleared them all

Hey hey. I thought I was gonna take a break, but now I can't!

Oh, not gonna do a shooting game right now. Will save it for later.

im struggling with the Hard ones :s
Hints pls :P

does anyone know how to kill tony carter?

Beat this game before >:D Muahaha.

Oil rig: top left, top right, bottom right and bottom left.
Ship: second row, 13th window from left.

Which scene is tony caqrter, again? (I don't remember) magician, camp, snowmobile, ???

nope....im totally stuck :s

Stolensoul: Which ones are you on?

isnt he the desert one with the lil dude sleeping?

MIke Fernado and Johan watever lol...need serious help. keep dying haha.

sorry lil dude sleeping is mike fernando not carter...my bad :P

tony carter was easy...shoot the wire above his head. :)

ow lol, thank you.

tony was the magican

no problem :)

Does anyone know how to kill JOHAN and MIKE??? They're the Very hard ones. im really stuck!! pls help!

For Johan you need to get him on the snowmobile. It's kinda hard, just have barett and zoom in. Time it, too.

mike Fernando: hit them in this order: left guy (not the sleeping one), middle, 1st guy on the right, 2nd guy on the right, then thesleeping guy

thanks so much jasmine :)

i mostly recomend u get the 7.62 sniper rifle dragunov 4 johan misson

i think 4 mike fernando use the steyer aug

but u have 2 be quik

i won!! ez yet hard just so u kno after the camping mission 4 this epesode 4 the clear vision series jake will have a flashback from (hell)

btw (hell) is a place ( i thnk)

i love 2 play clear vision games!

how to get passed target place


I got tony carter. Shoot the power line above him to electrecute him.


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how to kill athir nasri

don answer me that i know you have to wait and thats all


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This game is awesome but I am on my last kill. and I kill all the guards and about the time that I bring it over to kill the sleeping guy, it is all "you failed" Did anyone else have this problem? All four of the guards are dead. Is there another guard I am not seeing or something?

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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