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Dawn Dash Escape

Dawn Dash Escape WalkthroughDawn Dash Escape is another point and click room escape game from Games Handbook "You have had a big night out, gotten drunk and taken a lady home. You have to get out of her room with all your clothes but don't wake her up". Good luck and have fun!

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Good morning diana, have a great day :)

You too, megi! Trying to get Ugly not to catch me!

picked up one shoe so far lol
i had no idea i needed a computer code to escape from the ugly lady's room lol

I called all then numbers from the address book but no on is coming to help me!

now i have both shoes.. trying to get pants but my money keeps fallin out

Try just clicking the pocket first...

argh, need a pin for the cell phone

i tried clicking the pocket but the change keeps falling out

so far i've collected both shoes and his shirt.. i can't get the pants without dropping the change, and i need a PIN for the cell phone

Click the pocket so it turns inside out (you getting the change first), then click that part that is sticking out.

Check under lampshade for PIN.

Well, after I've called each number (sent a message), I've walked around the room, but still can't click the door w/o waking ugly up.

where is the address book? i have all my clothes and i'm able to access the phone features.. i just don't know where that darn address book is.. why do we need to message people if we have all our clothes AND we can open up the door? I'm positive I can outrun Ugly!

Haha. Check the computer again.

Guess I'll try waiting after I dial the number. Maybe someone will show up.

code for cell phone is on the table lamp, code for comp is on the teddy bear, but now Im stuck

how do you type a message on the cell phone??

Same. I've sent messages to each number, tried waiting, then waiting by the doors. Not getting anything. I did notice it's a bit glitchy b/c sometimes my cell phone disappears and I have to restart.

i can't even type a message on the cell phone.. with my keyboard or on the actual phone.. i just want to type HELP and then send it to those numbers lol
why can't we just drop the computer on her head and then run out the door?

I don't type a message, just the number.

then what is the purpose of having a texting feature if we can't even send a text message? hah

i'm convinced there is some sort of bug in the game and there is no way to escape

Yeah, my cell phone keeps disappearing. Unless it's supposed to for some reason. I started again and knowingly clicked all the places I knew would wake her up, just in case I could see some other possibilities. Can't seem to find it right now.

       Anonymous  7/1/08, 12:31 AM  

this game is weird

i sent a text message to 911 lol

so far i have the shirt, 2 shoes..cant do much more

       Anonymous  7/1/08, 12:39 AM  

n e one got n e further ?

       Anonymous  7/1/08, 12:41 AM  

tried nordinho but they haven't even started !!! lol sure u can't stuff the teddy in her mouth and suffocate her????

       Anonymous  7/1/08, 12:44 AM  

yep ! my phone gone AWOL heheh

okay got pants now too..any1 get the phone number?

any1 playing lol?

I can't even enter a phone number...all i can do is send a blank text! And my phone keeps disappearing too. Have trousers, two shoes and shirt, and have seen phone numbers on computer...now stuck!

maybe the phone number is the paintings!!!! they seem to be seasons so maybe the number is the starting letter of the seasons? like s, w..that u type into the phone? dunno how it works thou lol

Morning all, just started playing but appear to have got no further than you guys, shoes, pants & shirt. Damn.

thought this one looked easy! Is probably very simple, maybe we are trying too hard? lol

lol prob...ill wait for sum1 smart to crack it

Can't even go to the bathroom! I need a pee!!!!!

       Anonymous  7/1/08, 12:56 AM  

morning twinkle....i think i give up on this one...go back and see if she was any good last night....yuk!

hope phone is on silent in case someone texts back!

This comment has been removed by the author.

why does it say addess book on the computer? could that be a clue?

okay i think ive said enough. ill come back when someone cracks this game. laterz

did someone crack it and post solution so it was removed? Been thinking about the spelling incognito, decided that it is just a spelling error! But then, i haven't solved this yet!

Wanted to order a pizza so she would be busy eating that as i snuk out! lol

darnit! ugly caught me.

i'm off, just going round in circles here. xx

       Anonymous  7/1/08, 1:11 AM  

yep me too had enough of ugly....and she weren't that good the 2nd time round either !!!

Hi all, just starting

Came back to the game and there's no cell phone for me still. It keeps disappearing on me.

Has anyone else noticed that the computer desk casts a circular shadow, but the top is rectangular shaped?

Hi all..just started..have 2 shoes and the pants

It's the same with the bed also. Casts a circular shadow

I thought that maybe it indicated something on the ceiling, but I think it's just an error.

hmm i can't seem to work it out, am going to play another.

       Anonymous  7/1/08, 2:10 AM  

i cant find the shoe lace...

It's in the DVD drive on the computer. Password on the back of the bear.

       Anonymous  7/1/08, 2:15 AM  

i cant really see the password, it looks like 24fbk or 34fbk but neither work..



       Anonymous  7/1/08, 2:17 AM  

thanks! it worked

       Anonymous  7/1/08, 2:20 AM  

what is there to find, 2 shoes, shoe lace, shirt & pants?

Those are the only items I think most of us have picked up.

We seem to be getting stuck after getting the phone numbers for the cell phone. For me, dialing the numbers doesn't seem to be doing anything and often times, my cell phone disappears.

you can type pizza and send message(if you're careful not to click anything else as this seems to lock the keypad) - but when the pizza delivery arrives - he wakes her up! I'm stuck!

I haven't been able to type any message. How did you type that in?

How can you take the pants??

press menu select and select again until you see small abc at top of phone screen - then type pizza (74992) if you press keypad too early or the wrong key it will lock keypad and you can't type anything else!

       Anonymous  7/1/08, 2:42 AM  

ok back thought i'd give ugly another go....yuk!
tried typing icecream and nothing! gonna try beer now....

       Anonymous  7/1/08, 2:44 AM  

Nope !!! that didn't work!

aight, i thought i'm smart now, ordering the pizza without putting my clothes back on, so when she wakes up, she thinks i'm ugly too.... but nahhhhhhh, didnt work! lol

@bri That was smart thinking.

       Anonymous  7/1/08, 3:00 AM  

this is too much...i'm gonna take my punishment and go back to bed with ugly and a pizza !

back now 2 lol..still no walk for this game? im starting to think its bugged or something

yeah..... lol.
i really think there's no possible way to get out of there without wakin her. maybe we should just stay and take it... lol

im starting to wonder why you would send a text message to a pizza place and why would she be sleeping?

       Anonymous  7/1/08, 3:04 AM  

i have no underwear or socks ???? wonder if ugly is sleeping on them....anyone dare to find out ??? lol

How do you take the pants????????

mmmm i like dem curves ;p

where is the cell phone?

tosca - first click the pocket and take what comes out - the pants go with it.

@liat: how couldn't I find that on my one?

       Anonymous  7/1/08, 3:23 AM  

nope i give up....i tried sending for pizza then quickly trying the other door and window to escape but ugly still catches me....

i tried turning off the lights again and still nothing

Keep standing at window after sending the message. Wait until man with pizza appear, go back to the window and open it to escape.

This comment has been removed by the author.

How do you keep standing at the window???

       Anonymous  7/1/08, 4:50 AM  

yeah, got it. wait after sending message. when pizza comes, move to the left and click the window. when she is at the door, move to the right again, click the window and escape

Walkthrough please.
After sending my message, i'm send back to ugly. Even when I fast click left after sending, so I have view on window.

How long does it take the pizza man to get here??? I have been waiting for 10 minutes.

       Anonymous  7/1/08, 6:28 AM  

koncker, which items did you have?

I've waited and no pizza. Anyone else got a pizza?

i dont understand this...i found the address numbers but i cannot unlock the phone

David, use the code 2389

Is anyone still playing?

ok hi im new and i have a questain ware do you get the phone

to which number i have to send?

If anyone can figure out what language this is, or better yet translate it, it would be GREATLY appreciated.

Evet anladığım kadarı ile beyefendi bu hanımefendiye görünmeden kaçmak istiyor. Ama ne yaparsa yapsın bizimki yakalıyor.
Üstelik kadının karnıda aç sanırım. Doyurmak gerekiyor.
Şimdi kahramanımıza yardım edelim ve onu istemediği bu hanımdan kurtaralım. Öncelikle çok sessiz olmalı ve sağa sola saçılan eşyalarımızı toplamalıyız. Arkadaki ışığı açarsanız bizimki uyanıyor. O yüzden abajuru yakın ve iç kısmındaki sayıları not alın. 2389
Sağ okla ilerleyerek yerden ayakkabıyı sonrasında tablonun arkasına saklanmış gömleğide alın.
Yerdeki pantolona dokunursanız cebinden bozuk paralar dökülüyor ve bizim sevimsiz hanım yine uyanıyor.
Perdenin arkasında cep telefonu var. Abajurun kenarında yazan numarayı pin kodu olarak gir ve mesaj at. Konuşmak yok mesaj....
Dedim ya çok sessiz olmalıyız..
Ayıcığın arkasındaki sayılarıda bilgisayara giriyoruz. a4fbk cd sürücüsü açılıyor içinden makarnalar sarkıyor. Bu kadın bi hayli oburmuş. Makarnaları temizledikten sonra tekrar bilgisayara şifreyi giriyoruz ve kadın için en önemli numaralara
ulaşıyoruz. Sadece yiyecek içecek...
Bunlardan birini sipariş etmek gerekiyor. Ben hepsini denedim ama hiç bir şey gelmedi henüz..
Bu arada bilgisayarın altındaki ayakkabı tekinide aldım.

Burda tıkandım kaldım bu sevimsiz ve şişko kadından kahramanımızı kurtaramadım. Yardım almak istedim ama henüz çözülmemiş..

its turkish

i tried a few turkish online translators, but came up with nothing

he tells the introduction
than he says that he has got the shoes the shirt and the pants
furthermore he has got the pin for the phone and the password for the pc
he also can't escape from the room
thats it

after you type in pizza on phone where do we get the number to send message to. havent found an address book for phone.

hello everyone :-)

haha i was already caught once by ugly!

ugh.. after sending the pizza message ugly catches me, even if im not looking at her :-\

This comment has been removed by the author.

the table with the tv is odd...
the drawer has no handle, and the table doesn't have a shadow... Nothing on the tv.

I can't do it, the 2 people who got out don't explain it very well. If I move back to the window right away, the pizza doesn't come. If I wait and then turn to the window, Ugly gets me. Walkthrough anyone?

Please, someone could leave a walkthrough? I've done everything you said, but when pizza comes and I click the window the ugly catches me! Posting a picture, where indicated the exactly point to click after sending message, would be very useful. Please I don't want to leave without escaping!

I am thinking he orders the pizza for her so he can sneak out while she is eating, but still no luck no matter what I do.

       Anonymous  7/1/08, 10:16 AM  

the author wrote in a web-page:you cannot leave the room without having all your clothes.
Maybe we haven t got something? plesase somebody post a walktrough---!

I can't get it. Am I clicking the wrong spot to get back to the window? As soon as he yells "pizza" I click back (left) and then the window, but she still catches me. What's supposed to happen and is there a special spot on the window I'm supposed to click? Where (which view) do I wait after I send the message? I'm getting more frustrated with this than I was the "love" puzzle from Node1, LOL.

Whats really pathetic is I dont even have to look at the codes or phone # anymore, I have them memorized.

Where is the phone?

behind the curtain

Thanks I had to reload before it would show up.

You can pay me back with a walkthrough LOL!!

OMG I did it, I will try it again so I can give you a good walkthrough

No clue, I cant do it now. After you hear the word Pizza QUICKLY turn left and click the window, I think in the middle, then it goes to the screen where she goes to the door to get the pizza then click back towards the window and escape.

       Anonymous  7/1/08, 10:51 AM  

Once you've opened the CD drive you have to log on to the computer again to get the address book.

You know...if you already have done the deed, might was as well go for round 2 and have some breakfast :)


This should be the walkthrough :
Dawn Dash Escape Walkthrough

1. click small light in right lower corner (looks like a baloon, I think..)
2. click pocket of trousers and then click what came out of trousers
3. click on lamp (DON'T make light!!, on the shade) and notice PIN
4. turn right and take shoe
5. slide the left picture to take your shirt
6. turn right twice and click the bear to notice the computercode
7. turn left agein and type in password to open the DVD-Drive
8. take shoe lace and turn right, then left to go back und get your second shoe
9. then type in password again on the PC to get phone numbers to notice
10. turn back right and click the right curtain
11. click phone and type in PIN from the lampshade
12. click on the grey button until you can write a message (small ABC in the upper left corner)
13. type 74992 to write "Pizza" and click on grey button twice
14. type phonenumber from pizzacall (6590679) and TURN IMMEDIATELY BACK to the window!!
15. Wait after sending message. when pizza comes, move to the left and click the window. when she is at the door, move to the right again, click the window and escape"

this looks like a very nice game, but the phone want let me put in the message ... battery empty perhaps LOL ... what could it be ?

Still not working for me. Either I'm missing something or the game is buggy. Grrr... I think I've now tried 6590679 times, LOL.

       Anonymous  7/1/08, 4:58 PM  

Haha. The first thing I did was turn on the lights. Man, me and my stupid butt!

I try to type Pizza, but all I get is a capital S. :(

This comment has been removed by the author.

Finally I did It!!!!! You don't have to click the window when pizza arrives. Just click on the left of the table with TV on it. The first time I clicked evrywhere, now i try to find the exactly point.

       Anonymous  7/2/08, 2:49 AM  

thank you Mazza!
I finally escaped!!

thank you Mazza, I was trying hours long yesterday, but finally I got it!!! yeee

Thank you, Mazza!!! Your tip was super helpful!! Finally, after hours and hours, I got it done! :)

Mazza, THANK YOU!!! It's so sad that I played enough times that I still remembered all the codes today, ack. Anyway I got out, yay!

--for those having trouble typing in the message: Don't worry about what comes up on the phone when you try to type "pizza". Just put in 94332 and it will end up saying "pizza", then send the message.

       Anonymous  7/2/08, 7:17 PM  

omg i got out! thank yew 100 times mazza i've being trying to get out for like an hour i know the numbers by heart already xD well anyways ty mazza :]

How are you guys typing this txt ive tryed loads of times and it wont let me type it ive got all the clothes HELP!

I finally done it, easy when you know how. lol

1. Click on the ballon-shaped nightlight on the lower right of the screen.

2. Click on the pants pocket to insert a hankey that prevents the coins from coming out and waking ugly.

3. Click on the pants to take them.

4. Click on the lampshade to see a 4 digit code.

5. Go right. Click on the shoe to take it. Drag the left picture left or right to expose shirt. Click on the shirt to take it.

6. Go right. Click on the shoe, but you can’t take it yet.

7. Go right. Click on the teddybear, it turns around. Note the 5 character code stuck on the back of bear. Don’t click on the table in this scene or the phone will dissapear (this is a bug in the game.)

8. Go left. Click on the computer screen. Enter the 5 character code (a4fbk) from the bear using your keyboard, this is the password. Click OK to open the CD drive. Click on the shoe lace to take it. Click on the lower left of the computer screen (about where the Start button is on the Windows taskbar.) Enter the password again. Click OK to open the address book. Note the number for the pizza parlor.

9. Go right, then go left to get back to the computer scene. Click on second shoe to take it (since you now have the shoelace.)

9. Go right. Click on the right curtain to reveal the cell phone. Click on the phone. Enter the 4 digit pin (2389) found on the lampshade (use the phone’s keypad for this.) Click the menu button (large gray button under screen) until “Abc” is displayed in the upper left corner of screen. Enter the text message “Pizza” by pressing 74992 on the phone’s keypad. Click the menu button twice then enter the phone number for the pizza parlor (6590679) using the phone’s keypad. The next step needs to be done fairly quickly.

10. After entering the phone number for the pizza parlor, press the menu button and wait a couple of seconds until the message is sent and you are turned around to face the sleeping ugly. At this point, go left so that you are facing the window. Click on the table (to hide under it?) A couple of seconds later you will see the pizza delivery. At this point, go left and click on the window to get out, a free man.

       Anonymous  11/27/08, 12:46 PM  

No No. i did it like 4 times. all you do is when the pizza guy says "Pizza" you click back to the left and click the window. it will take you back to the lady and say "Ugly caught you" but she will still go get the pizza. then click left to the window again. click the window and your out.

working link:


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