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El Laberinto Esferico Walkthrough

El Laberinto Esferico

The First Mr. Coo Game WalkthroughEl Laberinto Esférico - The First Mr Coo Game aka Mr Coo - The Spherical Labyrinth is another point and click type adventure game by Mistercoo. In this game, you have to point and click on right places to collect some things and solve puzzles in order to figure out the game. This game is also available in English. Good luck and have fun!

Play El Laberinto Esferico

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just in time for a new game gunna give it a go now

Wow I am just in time too haha
this looks really fun

oh no it froze i had to start again

this looks fun like a choose your own adventure type game

yeah, I like :]
Im playing a fish game but the big ones keep eating me before I can eat the small ones lol

ahhh i died big fish ate me lol

and its in spanish, not japanese for once! I took spanish in high school so I kind of understand at least..lol

im playing in english lol its the only language i understand

im stuck with a red fish following me now

ahhh it just ate me and i thought it was kinda cute

you can play in english? ..ahh oh well whatever lol
omg the red fish will eat you. that scared me lol

omg I died. some stupid monster is throwing rocks

i finished got a password my cute friend that ate me became my sub

going to try again

wow, i actually am live for a change

oh i think that guy is going to throw rocks at me now lol

yep he did and down i fell

oh did you pick the box? firs time around I picked the clock and the fish just blew me up into the mountain. Now I used the box and it turned into like a helicopter or something and I am outside of the earth now...
what password did you get? I didnt seee any

nvm I see now haha

yeah i did use the box 1st time round my pass was yazidi it was to the left of the screen im using the clock now

how did you get past the angry rock thrower?

I didnt..I decided to use the box to see if I'd get a different game (and I did) I'm using clock again right now, lets figure this out lol

lmao. he is mean. we are jsut throwing rocks back and forth at each other now

yeah thats all that im doing too
i have a really sore nose though

yea...I am getting nowhere lol
everywhere else you try to throw it it just goes past the mountain and youre back at square one. I'm lost lol I dont wanna jump and have to re-do the fish game again

norma are you still here with us what scene are you doing

sorry I'm impatient..I jumped, Im gonna do the poison version lol

why cant i catch the rock like he does atleast my nose wouldnt be as sore

i think im jumping to for now

I got out with the box and got a password, yadik.

Then I played again with the poison, bad ending!!

yeah..shark got us...aw man lol

so no hints as to how we pass the mean rock guy

dont bother clicking the empty square which doesnt have an item in it, you just die lol

if you choose the clock: throw a rock at the cloud over the guys head

still can't figure out what to do when I take the jar

how did you beat the fish game?

how did you beat the fish game?

thanks for the hint jasonp25

lori just dont get eaten by the big fish while trying to eat all the smaller fish

lori, avoid the bigger fish and eat the smaller ones. as you grow you can eat bigger fish but they always have to be smaller than you.

Ooh thanks for the hint!
now what about the poison lol

       Anonymous  7/28/08, 7:56 PM  

I can't get past the part where the scene splits up into two doors and the mountain/face. help please!
am I frozen or what?

kfromhawaii look in the corner there is a handle click it it is on the left bottom

       Anonymous  7/28/08, 8:00 PM  

Oh! I got it. On my own!

thanks norma. I keep getting eaten--and before that I didn't think I was growing.
I gave up on that and now I'm in the cook pot. I can get the tongs, but he gets mad if he sees them and if I pinch him, he puts the lid on. I can also reach the acid, but pouring that on him really makes him mad. Anyone able to do anything else?

Password is yazidi, not yadik, lol! My memory ain't what it used to be.

what pot?

       Anonymous  7/28/08, 8:05 PM  

Beat the fish game. yay!

yeah, what pot?! lol how do you get to that part

yeah how do we get to the pot please tell

tickle the mountain's nose with the plant and the circle man hole blows open and you fall in the pot

       Anonymous  7/28/08, 8:08 PM  

ok, now am chooseing clock...

anybody else in the pot?

       Anonymous  7/28/08, 8:10 PM  

k. wait. fish game again?

K, you have to click on the rolling pin looking thing in the corner of the bottom right picture.

lori what plant?? haha I am so lost. Which item do we pick? what do we click...

Hi all, wow first timer...did e1 got the devil and his soup scene

I am in the pot!

dont feel bad aqua08 im just as lost as you i think

       Anonymous  7/28/08, 8:13 PM  

i did. and it sent me back to the fish game, which o already beat.

or more lol

You know the scene where you have three screens--one is a mountain that looks like a face--one is a door that opens if you put the piece in the round man hole cover. The mountain-man on the left--touch the plant and it tickles his nose and the cover blows off leaving a hole to fall in. I hope this makes sense.

       Anonymous  7/28/08, 8:15 PM  

wait, i made the mountain sneeze...

dont worry addicted lol instead of opening the manhole leading to the fish cave, click the tree by the mountain to tickle his nose

PS: I am out of the pot!!!! I think this is the end of the game lol

thanks lori it made sense just fine

okay aqua08 how did you get out of the pot?

       Anonymous  7/28/08, 8:21 PM  

I've got the tongs from the rock guy, but he keeps taking them back.

Find something (not the chef) to pour acid on

you need the acid :] and make sure you do everything when hes not looking or else he will confiscate his tongs lol

This comment has been removed by the author.

i used the acid but the chef put the lid on me is that what was supposed to happen? or did i miss something?

i found another way
in the 3way split scene click on the little rock it then moves around to the other side of the door, this then makes the mountain open his mouth

This is an awesome game

yes i agree i liked it too its fun and not to complicated to play

After escaping all three ways your three people become one big person, the world hatches into a chick, and you ride it off into the sunset. Hell yeah.

the mouth takes you to the same place with the rock guy gunna try the box out on the genie now

yeah I've lost the tongs many times. so the acid goes somewhere else...hmmmm

bad end dont give him the box lol, he'll chop you

lets try poision now

ok that sent me to the pot seen

well gtg it was great playing with everyone and thanks for everyones help. bye bye.

i don't know if anyone has mentioned this yet, but on the mean rock guy, throw the rock at the cloud above him, not at him, and it will rain on him making him run away

If you give the genie the clock it is the end of the dream and you get out. the password for this ending is "raskuarno".

I'm still stuck at the mountain top with the devil guy. Everywhere I go, I die.

Finally, a point n' click game in a language that I can partially understand...took Spanish in HS and college but can't remember a darn thing.

I'm out. Take poison with you when you go into the pot. Get tongs when chef isn't looking and get acid. Throw acid on lid. When the chef puts the lid on the pot it has holes and you escape as a ghost. When you get to the cemetary you drink the poison and come back to life. You escape and the password for this is pollito. The end is sorta cute. Fun game. Thanks to everyone who helped. It was nice to actually be on here when everyone else was!

wave at the guy twice, he'll throw a rock at you, then you throw it at the cloud above him

beat it. after you get out with all 3 items a chicken hatches from the sphere and you ride it out to the finish...


A. clock:
1.click clock, then on the next screen use the rolling pin.
2.finish the fish game by eating smaller fish while avoiding bigger ones.
3.when you get to the top of the mountain, click the cloud, then the red guy twice. he will throw a rock.
4. pick up the rock and throw it at the cloud. then jump on the stepping stones.
5. click the genie (I clicked his hat) and the alarm clock will go off. watch ending.

B. Box with windup key
Follow the same directions above, but instead of using the clock in the red fish, you will use the box. The fish will turn into a submarine, and you will escape.

C. Jar with skull and crossbones
1. After picking up the jar, on the next screen there will be a mountain head in the top left screen. Click the tree in front of his face. You will then jump down the hole into a boiling pot.
2. when the guy fixing you for dinner comes near you and faces the other way, click the tongs in his back pocket.
3. make sure that he's not facing you when using the tongs. Click the acid bottle at the top left shelf.
4. use acid bottle on the lid. He will close the lid over your head and you will escape as a ghost.
5. click on the next screen and you will use the jar to turn physical again, but end up falling in a grave. Looks like you would die, but you actually escape this way.

After finishing all 3 you will escape for good, riding out on a baby chicken.

Thanks to everyone's comments in here who contributed to this solution. :) happy gaming!

In A (clock) you can make it faster:
Don't use a rolling pin. Click on the stone on the right side of the door. There is a way to the top, so you don't need to play the fish game.

This comment has been removed by the author.

rolling pin - fish game - fish
stone - mountain - genie
tree - boiling pot - cemetery

genie + clock = end 1
genie + box = death
genie + jar = boiling pot

fish + box = end 2
fish + clock = mountain
fish + jar = death

cemetery + jar = end 3
cemetery + box = fish game
cemetery + clock = death

Thanks Gorka, dont like the fishgame :D

At first i was wondering, play again ? But did it ... much better less fishgame

this is doing my head in how long do you have to last out as I keep getting gobbled up aaaaaarhhhhhhhh

you have to eat smaller fishes, not just 'last out'.. because there is no timer it is fairly easy to stay towards the top or the bottom of the screen and wait for a smaller fish to swim near you

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