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Escape from the Room with the Device Walkthrough

Escape from the Room with the Device

A Device WalkthroughEscape from the Room with the device is another Japanese point and click type room escape game from creator of Yu's Room games. In this escape game, again you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. You have to be patient while loading the game. Good luck and have fun!

Play Escape from the Room with the Device

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Hey all!

Hello Diana, starting now ... gl

hi diana!

lets go

Hi everyone, here we go...

Have 2, 5 digit codes. One worked for the safe.

good morning all. good to see you again.

Got black key, red button, then i see a code on the blue board.

i wish i was japanese

Have made 4 notes on my paper, but don't know what most of them mean. One was the code for the keypad that gives a symbol I don't know.

eww something came out a kind of paper with square on, but cant take it

Don't forget to look up.

YAY, leet's plaay!!!

Hmmm, lots of links leading to non-englishness!

Got second code, looked in drawer, cant take pencil bit the text under it means something :D

Yeah, the pop up links keep bugging me. I see a letter "t" on the spine of the blue book. We have yet to see its significance.

Tx Diana good hint

I got.... just nothing, can anyone givme a lil' hint??

what with the books? I see 33136 on it but doesnt do anything

Look behind the armoire...

got something from behind books, maybe magasine? Don't know what it's for though

diana, that was a giganormous hitn!! ty

Weird, I've had a second set of numbers and tried it earlier, but nothing happened. Not it works and I get a second character.

The nine words,
the telephone
electron machine

On the paper next to the cabinet, dont know if they mean anything though

did you see the ceiling?

what's with the computer??

any thoughts on the message on the phone.... "I'll give you ten minutes.Find my message...START! HINT nine words"

what's with the computer??

I was thinking maybe a video or something for the computer, pinky.

It's for the computer, got 3rd code.

what about the box next to the printouts?

If anyone is having a hard time, the cell phone reads:

"I'll give you 10 minutes. Find my message...START!"

"Hint: nine words"

Pinky4eva got that too ... the X, 105 yen ... dont know what it means

i ve got 4 codes

Did you use it on the comp yet?

The hint of nine words, cant make a thing out of it, i wrote them down here earlier

diana, where did you get the 2nd code?? I omly have 2 codes

Has anyone made something of the 1, 10 and the Japanese symbols?

I got some codes:

-Inside locked armoire
-Turquoise screen (press button bottom left)
-Cell phone

didn't use it on computer yet Diana, dont know where to click, what button.
Funny though, its the same time on the computer as it is over here :D

Just click the item and use it on the screen.

Someone said they had 4 codes, where did you find the one other than the 3 I had listed?

i still dont know wath to do ... stuck with no idea

yay, ty a lot, chouze where did you fnd the other code??

on the ceiling (i thing its called ceiling: not the floor but upstairs :)sorry my english)

I've seen the ceiling earlier. How does that translate to a code?

in the drawer says something in japanese/chinese and then "and swith off the light", if any1 can translate it it will be very apreciated

I copied and pasted the first line from the cell phone. Yes, it's gibberish...haha...

i dont know it is just wrote on the paper in my inventory and i think it is enough for a code. We need 9 codes even if we dont have the paper in the print machine

aah, it's a word/number code, got it but no idea what it says

Oh, ok. I thought you meant that you had a code for the keypad.

got also 4 codes, on the right side in the orange bar, got 8 square code, 2 x 5 number code and
the one with numbers and signs on it

Here's the nine words poster translated:

If puzzle is unraveled, inspection of thing and rearrange the shelf thing and the electronic equipment which use the telephone    It should have done. You probably will take also the spider's web.

I cant read the symbols, but the square in the drawer means, now considers ... but what does it means ?

Found fifth code

I have 5 notes on my paper. Only used 3 of them on the keypad.

where Mieke?

if you select with the mouse the nine words you can see another, but don't know what it means

same here Diana, if we only could read Japanse :D

Luly ... use book/magazine on computerscreen like Diana said, give you a cell phone and he will give the code

oops i mean Pinky4eva, but its info for all :D

I don't see another word when I highlight the nine words poster...

I already got that code, I missing one

with one of the ones i wrote do you miss ? I dont see anything also Diana

diana, don't know how to explain, you have to highlight and go down till you see something, I saw it with the light off 1st

This comment has been removed by the author.

Where on the books did you see "33136". There isn't anything on mine that resembles numbers. Just something that looks like a "t".

I got some codes:

-Inside locked armoire
-Turquoise screen
-Cell phone

Can you copy and paste it into babelfish or something? I did that for the text that I got, and it's what I posted earlier.

I translated it, and it says the same as you said before, but I don't know why to see it I have to highlight the text

dinnertime here now, so gone prepare dinner, bbl ... have fun and gl all.

bye mieke

This comment has been removed by the author.

See u, mieke, I'm gonna give up now too, I'll come back when I'm japanese :)

bye Luly ... dont know if it means anything, but theres a number on top of the cell phone 217 and symbols too ... bye for now

Gotta go for now. Good luck all!

I'm alone........

im here and also stuck.

thank god you are here, 'cause I'm a lil' stupid
I think we should learn japanesse

well i dont think i can help either of us cause i dont know japanese.

I've got a message on the cellphone

tosca!! what does it says???!!

Diana posted it earlier

hey if you copy the al the text of the celphone, there are numbers written in it. doe you get this already??? it wrote 147738592
i put it in the machin e en get another paper with a japanese letter or something. sorry for my english

now i get 4 codes wich i coud put in the machine and 1 code from the ceiling.

This comment has been removed by the author.

yes it's true, it'll be helpful if we could read what it says in the papers

tosca, you can do that 'cause behind the books it was the video

oh my gosh, did i actually catch everyone in the middle of playing? usually i'm lagging a day or hours behind, hi all!!

get anyone of you more than 4 codes,to put into the machine??? i'm stuck right now!!

hi michelle (o:

hi michelle!!
tineke, can you write where did you find all your codes?? (also the ones that aren't for the machine)

I tried with teh roman cyphers on cassette X-IV, and the 105 yen.
I tought the E (fifth letter of alfabet) was also a hint, but I found nothing

Hi! I was so excited to catch you all mid game, that I didn't even start. But just did and roaming around the room, got 1 code and paper out of machine ??
need a few moments to read all the comments before. hi back tineke!

Back for a second.
I see that someone also copied and pasted the first text of the cell phone. I didn't think to just pick out all the numbers from the nonsense! Nice.

But can't seem to get any further.

ok let me think...
1) from the cupboard 34198
2) from the blue board 33333
3) from the cellphone 09055
4) the cellphone text 147738592
5) from the ceiling 1*10* ( * <-- there is a japanees letter or somthing written

I got another piece of paper just typing in "1".

Has anyone found anything from the big black and gray poster?


soooo stuck! clicked books under computer, and got "something" but no clue how to use this. is it a book, a video, number clue????

what's with the white panel??

michele, that's a video you have to go to the computer, select the video and click the compute

Use it on the computer.

hey, we posted toghether

The red writing in the drawer. I think the symbols for that is what comes out when you put in certain number combos in the keypad...

Ok, one of them haha. I'm just grasping at straws here.

thx! I did try to use it on computer, but must not have clicked the right spot. got cell and code! now on to next code search

when I translated it, says "Presently, there is no announcement."

well, have to go to have lunch, see you all gl and have a good time, hope you figure it out

ok as you can guess, hangin on all your coat tails here,,, what's with the ceiling code. anyone know what to do with the symbols?
excuse me if you posted this before, feeling a little dense - need some coffee

I did a trick and the end has to be with the paint

what trick?

luly, what trick???

"turnin japanese, i think i'm turnin japanese, i really think so......

Can't find a spider web or anything else with the light off.

when lights are off you can scroll over symbols and move text, does anyone know if this means something?

sorry to leave you all, got to go for now. thx everyone! hope i'm able to catch you all in mid-game again!

i'm already stuck right now. does anyone knows how many codes we needed?????

anybody here??? i'm alone??? mmm

still here...

I still here and stuck. I have 4 codes a cell phone, video,and key. Can't use the video on the computer.

I think megi beat us with this game

Has anyone figured out why when you turn off the lights, there is a very small line of light around the poster. Complete except at the bottom.

       Anonymous  7/28/08, 9:58 AM  


This is a very difficult game. Has anyone got out?

1st time posting .. anyone still playing?

some still here, but I don't think anyone's "playing" any more... just stuck!

well i am stuck right there with you

ne1 figure out what the 45 is on the floor?

What codes does eveyone have and Luly, what is your trick?
Here are the codes I have:


FYI: After the right numbers are entered, they will show up on the piece of paper in your inventory.

hey! anyone still here posting? i just got here and am about as far as everyone else with the codes, except i can't change the text on the nine words poster

is anybody still playing?

i'm here, not getting anywhere though

Been thinking ... Perhaps the link on the poster will help us, but then again ... cant read it

Hi Pastel ... do we need to change the text on the nine words poster ?

which poster do you mean?

the poster above the computer, if you right click you can zoom in on it

yes that 1 ... hey thats new for me to zoom in like this, gr8 hint if we could read it :D

i thought the text on the nine word poster could change, at least that's what it sounds like, but nothing's happening

hope this will help a little :

i looked gor the 1X10Y code.

X and Y are both different so I tried those series of codes :

12103 12104 12105 12106 12107 12108 12109
13102 13104 13105 ...

and .....
nothing works !!!

:-) sorry lol

PS : sorry for my poor english

we even can click the arrows left and right when zoomed in :D

Trying all kinds of things ... perhaps if we shut the light we find something

i don't think it's anything important, i think it's just the guy who created this game

This comment has been removed by the author.

on the left side of the computer the are symbols in the grey bar, under the login i mean, do i make myself clear ?

ok, i only just notice that this room has no door :S

i get what you mean, i saw that too, was wondering what is means

Perhaps we do need to escape where the code is on ceiling

dont know if it means anything,
but if you zoom in at the nine words, turn off the light, then scroll with the mouse it gives more codes i guess

Oh boy this is weird,
zoomed in on the nine words,
at some place the hand changes to another little hand and i can take the window and drag it

i have no idea what you mean, i can't change the text on the poster still

We need to search for a message,
cellphone said so, so i think perhaps there is a message somewhere when we drag the screen in front of us.

Zoomed into the clipboard and other paper with pencilscribbles on it ... but dont get any further,
we really need someone who can read Japanese.

How about some Escape games that are in English.

Something came to mind ...
in cabinetdrawer it sais after pencil, switch of the light ... could that mean to look at the paper where the scribbles are from a pencil ???

Simply Delicioso ... i agree although English isn't my language eighter, so why not in Dutch :D ... it doesn't matter what language they are, help will come sooner or later :D

anyone notice the keyhole in the door disappears when you turn off the light? probably means nothing....

which paper are you looking at?

hii, joining in

the paper on the floor with grey pencil scribbles on it

hello everyone first time posting. i started to play escape game for 1 month love it. really stuck on this as well. i have noticed that when you keep zooming in on the floor poster 45 you can see a six. anyone still trying?

hi eric and aqua ... Eric, the keyhole must be to dark when the light is out :D

Welcome borntoworshipgod ... there are people playing, but all stuck at the same place i believe.

ok, back to the cellphone. the guy says "HINT: nine words", and in the gibberish message, there are 9 numbers. perhaps the numbers in the gibberish represent the 9 words? maybe the number of letters or characters? grasping at straws here.

so i highlighted the message that you get from the cellphone and googled it and you get one link...

correct there is a 6 on the 45 poster on the floor, there is also a letter T on the blue book, perhaps we do need to make our own code :D

Eric, i think we need to get 9 code on the paper on the right side (orange bar)
Got 5 already.

Pastel, a link to what ?

if you google the text message from the phone only one page pops up, and you can hit a "translate this page to English" button and read what is says, but i don't think that it has anything useful

Mieke is right !
Look at the left up corner : it seems to be a spider's web, isn't it ?

when you clik there, the pointer changes into another little hand and you can drag the window ....strange !!

and there's no 6 on the 45 paper, it's a japanese character on it's side, part of the whole sentence that's on it

Tineke said earlier
did you have this code yet ?
Those are 9 numbers

yes, I've entered the 9 digit code, and the paper came out. did that a long time ago. I was just trying to find some other use for that 9 digit code since it didn't update anything in the upper right piece of paper.

last code is : 26871

you need to know the japanese keybord to get the code (the five signs on papers)

tried that too Pastel but found nothing there on English page.

npb ... i could do that with 2 views, dragging, what screen was that again, my brains are sleepy from thinking a lot :D

Thanks a lot Kartoffel

awesome! now i have a white key

Yes got out !!!

turn light off and you get a door
that you can use for key

turn out the light Pastel

:D ... got out together, now i sure can use a drink, comming ? :D

figured out the code. if you count the number of letters after each number as many times as the number represents, you get the words:escapenow

out..thanks for the help, this game was ridiculous lol

hello again where did you get the last code 26871? i did that and the white pannel open i got a white key.

I saw "escapenow" in the link of cell phone too ....strange !!!

japanese keyboard for future escape game (mark it lol) :


Sure glad you got that code Kartoffel...Im out..Thanks for posts...good game

npb ... tried the link but it said page not found.

borntoworshipgod turn out light and door will appear, use key and you're out.

Dont know if it is perfect end.

Kartoffel gave code,
you need to know the japanese keybord to get the code (the five signs on papers)


Good job pastel, Im gonna save this to favorites...to use for future games..

no prob friends, we are here to have fun and to help each other :-)

it's late here in germany and i must got to sleep now.

bye, have a good time buddies

Goodnight Kartoffel. and thanks again

THX potato Good job.


Go left and click leftunder corner of square, click red spot: first code 33333.
Go left and click behind armoire to get key.
Click books and behind trhem to get cassette?
Click comp and put highlighted cassette on screen, click cellphone and second code 09055.
Go left and look in lower drawer. With key look in the armoire and see third code 34198.
Go left and look at ceiling 1?10, this must be fourth : code 1
Put the codes in the keyboard on the wall and you'll get papers.Go out the screen and return to put other code.
There is a code from the cellphonetext but it is not needed : 147738592.For that higlight the cellphone and click on itand see the numbers. You'll see another japtext, clicking the 'nine words'sign on the wall.(I think all of this is not necessary)
Put in code 26871 (you need to know the japanese keybord to get the code (the five signs on papers)) and you'll get a key with witch you can open the door in the armoire screen : put out light and you'll see the door.Key and WOOT OUT.
All honors to the other desperately players, who have not given up. I was merely watching them struggling.

Before going out through the door, get back and you can take an axe, with witch you destroy the glass on the screen with the cyaan square. Another ending.
Dag mieke

Another option is, once you see the door, go back, take the axe, and then go through the door. Shuchun will explain everything, I hope. But to clean the inventory the best option is smashing the window with the axe.

Kartoffel, ty a lot, I don't have any idea how did you figured it out, but thanks!!
for the ones who stay here, you would think that all was in vane, 'cause we couldn't beat it except that we knew something about japanesse, but we gave some helpful hints, so it worth it

I dont think i can explain better than you,thanks for your walkthrough and everyone hints

"the five signs on papers"

1. nine words
You see the characters on the cellphone.
Pick up digits. The number of the digits is nine in total.
It results in "2".

2. phone
09055 results in "6".

3. shelf
34198 results in "8".

4. electrical equipment
33333 results in "7".

5. web
"1?10" means 1 raised to the 10th power.
Which equals "1" and results in "1".

So, the final code is "26871".

working link:


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