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Fruit! Riddle Walkthrough

Fruit! Riddle

Fuit! Riddle AnswersFuit! Riddle is another challenging online riddle game. "All the pics are connected to a fruit in some way. Always add the level number to the right of your answer and before .htm in the url". Good luck and have fun!

Play Fruit! Riddle
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I've been playing this another site but can't seem to get past level two. Any hints?

       Anonymous  7/29/08, 7:03 PM  

How do you play this game?!?!?!?!?

Anyone playing? Where is Diane when you need her. LOL.

it's a Bing Crosby album but I don't know what that has to do with fruit

       Anonymous  7/29/08, 7:04 PM  

help!! How do you play this game?

bing = sweet cherry so answer is cherry. don't know how i knew that though

You need to change the url to your answer. Don't forget to add the level # when you are done. Example: http://www.freewebs.com/vlc050863/youranswer1.htm

       Anonymous  7/29/08, 7:06 PM  

but how do you enter your answer?

ty afime

the answer to level 2 was cherry, so you type in:

crosscreekgirl...in the url.

hmm stumped on 3...

       Anonymous  7/29/08, 7:10 PM  

got ya! thanks! but what the heck is #3?

afime..think of a fruit you have to peel and it's full of seeds which you eat.

       Anonymous  7/29/08, 7:11 PM  

hey, anyone know where i can find the first game, "Candy Riddle"?

i wanna play that first = )

stumped on four. don't know who these women are.

       Anonymous  7/29/08, 7:12 PM  

I suck at this game!!

beaches..try searching on the norhdino site. i think it might be there.

crosscreek...3 starts with a p

       Anonymous  7/29/08, 7:15 PM  

thanks! i think i found it...

       Anonymous  7/29/08, 7:15 PM  

i am just going to give up...i suck so badly it is sad! lol

i thought 4 would have been marmalade but no such luck. any ideas?

I tried that too. Hmm. I was also thinking it might have something to do with the singers. Thanks for the last hint btw wopy

Man I suck. Can I have a clue for #1? Tried avocado, but no.

Got It! Search online for fruits you make marmalade with. We were close.

I don't know if #5 is from a movie or what. I probably won't get this one.

5 is pretty easy if you search the actors filmography.

philippa...dont let the color of 1 fool you. think of it in another color.

I don't know who it is because of the face he's making.

seven is tough. any clues?

he starred in titanic.

Ive also tried promegrante and other grenade fruits. Googling grenade fruit doesnt appear to be helping me.

Sorry meant pomegranate

Oh ok, now it kinda looks like him. Thanks.

philippa...it grows in hawaii.

       Anonymous  7/29/08, 7:27 PM  

I was thinking Level 1 is cherry because grenade = grenadine = cherry flavoring


seven is killing me.

Think of what you do to a grenade; or what you have to do to a grenade.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Im sorry these hints arent really helping. You have to pull the pin, or throw a grenade. Guava doesnt work, could you perhaps make the hint real simple. Thanks.

Okay...still stuck on lvl. 3...must be really dense. I've tried pomegranite and watermelon...can't think of another fruit we eat the seeds from.

thnx jdog..pretty obvious when you think about it.

       Anonymous  7/29/08, 7:34 PM  

7 is cucumber..it's a sea cucumber in the picture.


becks: check your spelling
phillippa: you're right there look at what you wrote

-also, there's a fruit called a grenadilla. confusing.
I've been looking at lists of fruit on wiki but it's not helping as much as I thought it would.

       Anonymous  7/29/08, 7:36 PM  

Becks..you're just spelling it wrong. it's pomgranate, not pomegranite.

becks...make sure of your spelling. you had it right, just spelled wrong.

ok have tried pineapple1.html about 5 mins ago and its not going to level 2. will try something else...

I'm just flying through these now. Sea cucumbers definitely arent fruits.

I think Ill go and start hitting my head against a brick wall! Might be a bit more satisfying anyway.... :(

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hi just starting.. stuck at 1 also.. tried everything.. pineapple.. apple.. lime.. lemon.. watermelon.. banana LOL

Think of the fruit in the picture and also who the man is.

oh god, ive just found out what ive been doing wrong - ive been putting html on the end, not htm. I feel embarassed now, thanks for everyones help.... :>

who is this kid in 11?

Philippa, it's htm not html

Thanks Philippa!!!.. I was doing the exact same thing so we had the answer the whole time LOL

Yeah phoebe, sorted now, working on 4

dawson, I tell you I was getting SO fed up with it! Onwards aye!

anybody have 9? I've tried prune, apple, can't think of anything else that makes that kind of face.

uhh phoebe what's the sourest fruit you can think of. I thought that was an easy one.

This comment has been removed by the author.

phoebe...think of a candy that has a smiley face on the box and it is very sour.

need help on 11.

Is it just me or is 12 harder than it should be? I looked through all the flavors and put everything in like apricot, tangerine, orange, orangejuice, orangecreamsickle, mandarine... the list goes on.

Think of a kid's book that had giant things in it.

A hint for 8 please?

#8: What is that a picture of (hard to read) and what do you look to find on one of those?

Never mind.... duh

I don't have any kids;therefor, I'm not too familiar with kids books. Can you provide a little better clue? TY in advance.

Wopy pea----. Help on 10 please, Im not in the US.

12 - look up a flavor guide on the jelly belly website

Well maybe you read it in the past: _____ and the Giant _____


Oh duh, it was the first I saw. On to 13.

duh..thx for 11 everyone.

Wopy the picture Im looking at is a apple (?) tree and a guy in a wig and knee high trousers.

ok..tried pea for 11 but it didn't work. am i off track here?

philippa...sorry, 10 is fig.

wopy, google James and the Giant pea--.

what's #8? all I see is a big number 7 on the left and something that looks like a weird calendar on the right

philippa: think gravity, snack item
wopy: you're missing 2 letters. google it

This comment has been removed by the author.

got it. thx afime.

Geeze 13 looks hard. Any ideas?

I tried nectarine, peach, and plum because they are "stone" fruits

in #13, the bricks are made from a particular kind of stone

13 is a particular type of stone

I can only come up with dry stone.

15 anyone?

help with #8 please... :)

it's actually a kind of rock. think of citrus fruits


Anyone get 14 yet?

philippa..what fruit do you put in a corona beer?

# 15, served at Thanksgiving

anyone get 16 yet?

afime...14 is in the berry group.

dawson what does 8 look like again?

Fr 16 you have two of each, which makes a ...?

its 2 pictures on the left its a big number 7 and on the right its kind of hard to see looks like some sort of calendar

Im going to have to go. Got to 16, with the boots and gloves. Good luck everyone and thanks for the help.

Dawson, what things are on a calandar? the number 7 is only one of them

finished! thanks for the hints early on!

Finished! only 19 levels

Right, will go. Stuck on the kiwi one (its not kiwifruit either), and Im from NZ~ HA! Bye all.

Only 19 levels? Well im up to 18 so will stay.

But will need a hint for 18 please *hangs head in shame*

philippa, you have the answer! try it again

Theresa its not working. kiwifruit18.htm

take out "fruit"

TY. Silly as they are not called that. They are kiwi fruit....

ideas for 19?

Level 19 help please - peter is pointing to his nose....

could someone please give me an easier hint for #8 because.. I don't understand what a fruit has to do with a calendar and the number 7 ...:(

# 19 is a stinky-smelling fruit found in parts of asia

dawson, for #8: today's d--- is 7/29/08

dawson...what do calenders mark? they mark a d__t_.

omg.. I really feel like an idiot LOL.. laughing at myself.. thanks Theresa!

finished!!! i'll stick around for a while to help those in need. thx for the hints everyone.

anyone know # 14?

Remember to put in your answer with the fruit and then the level # .htm (cherry99.htm)

1. What does it look like? Imagine it with a sunnier color.
2. Who is the singer? His name is used for a kind of fruit.
3. These resemble the edible seeds of a fruit. Starts with P. Make sure you spell it right.
4. This is from a fairly famous (US) song in 2001. The name in the title isn't a fruit itself.. you have to know a common type.
5. This is a scene from a movie. If you don't know the movie, perhaps you recognize the actor and can look up his earlier works. He played a famous reclusive billionaire a few years back.
6. What is a fruit found in this location? There's a decent sized clue in the picture.
7. This little sea-dweller takes its name from the fruit that it looks like. I thought the fruit in question was a vegetable myself, but technically it's a fruit.
8. The image on the left is one example of what there are lots of in the image on the right.
9. Poor little guy looks like he just sucked on what?
10. It's not the fruit in the picture, that's just there to let you know who the man is. What's his name, and what fruit is associated with that name and not the man?
11. The boy is named James. He's looking at something rather large.
12. You might have to go to the website of this particular candy. It's one of their 50 official flavors.
13. The bricks in the wall are made up of a certain kind of stone. ?? stone.
14. The answer is a type of berry. Using 'rash' is very close, but not exact.
15. What fruit often comes canned like that, into a big jelled mold? You might have it at a big holiday meal.
16. There are two of each thing here. Two things makes a ?? (The answer is a homophone)
17. The military might have had more luck if instead of bullets they offered him some food. What might he have liked?
18. This bird from New Zealand shares it's name with a small fruit. The technical name of the fruit actually has the word 'fruit' in it, but that's left out of the answer.
19. This one is hard unless you google it. His nose is involved because the fruit is stinky.

Thanks, Funky

don't know if anyone is still around....#13 is killing me.

13. The bricks in the wall are made up of a certain kind of stone. ?? stone.

If you can't get it from the hint, google 'types of stone' and look at any of the resulting pages for a name that has a fruit in it

wat is 16? icant figure it out help plz

stuck on lvl 16. don't understand the thing with the 2 pairs...help plz

level two???????

o.o Cucumber = veggy ... not fruit o.o

to get through the game u need to do this

lvl 1 a grenade = pinapple1 thats an egsample ( <--- yes i kno i spelt wrong )

yes! finished. I was a bit silly^^
good game.

i really need help on 4!!!!! please help anyone??!!!

though i already knew what durians were (they are quite famous), i never would have thought it to be the answer. many fruits stink too.

5 was easy :] i LOVE johnny depp!

cherry BOMB. thats what i thought.

still cant get 10

haha got it. sir isaac newton. FIG newtons. yummy ;]

Whats 13? I cant get the stone thing!!!!!
What kind of idiot said types of stone?
It doesnt work!!!

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