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Pure Banter

Pure Banter AnswersPureBanter is another challenging and funny online riddle game. "All answers are lowercase. All usernames to proceed to the next level will be level1, level2, level3 etc. Ie to solve level 31 riddle, the password username will be level31. If the answer is a number, it will be spelt out in full when less than or equal to 100. ie. one, two, three. If an answer is higher than 100, then it will be in denary form, ie 19843. There are clues hidden everywhere. For the first few levels easy clues will be in the title of the page and in a hover over the riddle link." Good luck and have fun!

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hey guys how can i post a game here???
ah! first


anyone here?

hey everybody...does anybody know, how to enter the code for level2: the one with pictures and numbers. i do know the answer, but i do not know how to enter...

how do you enter the username/password for level one?

yes, someone is...

on lvl 4

level one and written number...do U want me to tell or find out by yourself?

i dont get this

for lvl 2, answer is three numbers....since three digit number is greater than 100, just enter as ###

ill find out by myself

i meant: level1 = username and password is a written number, sorry

thanx horse

I'm playing but I'm stuck on level 3 already.

i feel stupid because i cant figure the answer to level one

1+1=2; 2+1=3...

does fibbonacci mean anything to you?

thank you

horse, can U give me a hint with the dart riddle? i do not how to count this game...

I didn't either... i googled for scoring instructions and found a pic with the numbers on it.

Try it and let me know

i did that, too.. :-) but i am as smart as before... ill let U know if i could find out more...

add the totals for the dart board

in darts you score using the numbers on the side then each of the boxes withing that wedge are worth single/double/triple points based on the size of the section.
so if you have a dart in the large part of the 3 wedge it's 3 pts, dart in the tiniest part of the 3 wedge is 9pts and so on. Does taht help?

with that said, I'm stuck on level4

think there's a glitch at level 7....unless it's part of the game, but I can't enter in any password.

one dart is in triple 2 and one is in single 6

need help on level 4 been looking for a long time cant get it

i still dont get the darts

add score together

thank U, laura beth, got it now. any further with level 4?

i know but its not the right answer

I'm right there with you, Jesse. I cannot find anything codename 88

i spelled it wrong
my bad

google the numbers 88 is what i heard

faye...remember to double or triple when appropriate.

For level four, try working "Do Real Filth" as an anagram. If you know what 88 is a codename for, it will help even more.

thanks horse had the name but didnt use full name

still so confused! level4??

password = a very bad person

im confused about level 4 too

has anyone figured out 4 yet?

wiki the number 88

stuck on six

i got it now

*smacks forehead*
Sadly I studied holocaust art in college. how sad am I right now. geebus!

games is bugged
it stops working in lvl 7

any hints on 6

stuck on 5
dont get the differences

Help on level one!!!! I got part of the answer, just not sure where to use it.

on 4 hitler doesn't work

read darling's earlier posts

i am with faye. i don't know what the puppet is... does it have a special name?

lvl five: the numbers didn't help me, just focus on the pictures and what they are (i.e. the words)

lvl six: another anagram is involved

type in his full name [no spaces]

i think its name is huckleberry
or sumthin with 'berry'

ahhh the puppet


@ horse i got the anagram with the title but it didnt work

:-) thank you! hopefully i can figure out now, what level 5 is all about...

i still dont get the differences

two are colors

two are colors
and ones a dog
and i still dont get it

@faye: U already gave me the answer!!! just leave the berry behind...:-)

the three on level 5 is blackberry, blueberry and huckleberry, I just can't figure out the differences!

i.e. one ist NOT just a dog...it has a name

@ faye

similarity between all words - disregard

similarity between what is left (which you already determined) - 2 are something, one is not

Answer is the odd one out (sorry for poor help, it's complicated to explain i guess)


use anagram from the popup message

its in the names, black berry blue berry

thats it

Never mind - reading my own comment let me figure it out .. stupid stupid

Nope, I don't know what fibbonacci is. I got the five, not the other. I have read the posts. I read them before I ask.

lv. 1

am i supposed to add the numbers in level 6 together?

still cant get six

if you split each picture in half you get a number.
but thats as far as ive got

in level 6 you have to find anagrams for "squat or roe" and "ears quit".
and in numbers, somethings missing. a number?
im here for help if anyone needs

i am not able to figure out the anagram of level6. english can be very hard somtimes...sigh!

i got the anagram for squat or roe
but not 'ears quit'

got the anagram for ears quit cant get the other one, and what numbers

if you cant figure it out,
the numbers are:
5 8 3 6 1 4 7 2

i see them now still cant get an anagram for squat or roe

squat or roe: square root

oooooooh thanks

Ok, I got the five (5). But I still don't understand what the password & username are.

username: level1
password: five

thank you

in each level usernames are level1 for level1, level2 for level2 ... etc

still cant figure out level 6

@ greenmama:

username is the current level e.g level1
password is either a written number if it's lower than a hundred or the plain numbers if higher thann 100, words and names are written without capitals.

in your case
username= level1

still stuck on six got all the info just dont know what to do with it

btw: my english is too poor to figure out words. can anybody help me with level 6? please??

squat or roe: square root
ears quit: square it

5 8 3 6 1 4 7 2

ok, let's order the numbers 58361472 ----> 12345678
something missing here. find it and ears quit, squat or roe?

The title of level 6 anagrammed can be "square it" the comment that comes up when you hover can be "square root"
I can see the first 7 numbers but am not sure of a) what the 8th is or b) which function to perform with them.

thanks liana
but still not getting it

got it thanks liana

missing # 9?? square it??

you have to square root of 3?
im confussed

no problem jesse.
@darling: well done :)

@faye: not 3, but 9 like darling said.

thanx lil. got it now...:-) yipppiiie!

don't be so happy, the game is bugget at level 7 :(

i squared 9 but its not working for me

Rules and Instructions
3. If the answer is a number, it will be spelt out in full when less than or equal to 100. ie. one, two, three.

dont tell me the answer is three because its not working for me

thank U everbody for your help...i gotta go!
see U soon....

@faye spell out the answer

@faye: i never told u that!
it's 9 and you have to square it and write it in words okay?

maybe math is not my thing because im still not getting the answer

@faye : do you want me to give the whole answer?

9 times 9 and spell out the answer

im so stupid
ive been trying the square root of 9

Help on seven.

@greenmama: don't bother to try because if you click on start a page opens where you can understand that the game is broken

Hey hey hey!!! I need help with two, I just don't get it, plz help

What is level 2 again?

The numbers spell out the word.
1st one is table, 2nd one is fridge, the third is cheese. If "C" start the alphabet, it's number would be 1, "H" is 6, etc.

The one that it says

so, it'll be 1633173 but doesn't work, or I'm wrong

probably the second one

What would "E" be if the Alpahabet started with "C" (1)? There's 26 letters in the alphabet.

If "C" = 1, then "D" = 2, then "C" would be___?

Only use the numbers of the question marks. 333

what about level 7? anyone?

Hey everybody..Im trying to play..I read the comments about entering the level number (username) plus password (answer to riddle)..I still cant get this to work..What do I have wrong here??


Omg, nevermind..I got it..

Dont know about level 7..heads or tails (level 60 please)then next page is source files???

im guessing level 7 still doesnt work?

Nope Faye, thats it.. I wish we could go on, I love riddles..Has to be a bug..Who makes a riddle game with only 6 riddles..just enough to tease...lol

just when i was starting to like this game
and just when im really bored and wanting to finish it

hey I read everyones hints for three with the dartboard but i get 56 or maybe 31 or poss 86 if the dartboard was upside down can someone tell me before i go crazy

oh silly me - i thought it was in the bullseye oh well then i read how short this was so i guess im almost done lol

This is really frustrating indeed, bug is preventing us to continue, there are supposed to be 60 levels. I'm going to try and figure out how to contact the maker of this riddle, maybe he/she can fix this.

I found the contact info for the guy. I wrote him an email I do not want to post the email address in fear of him getting spammed. In a day or two if I hear nothing or there is no fix, I'll post it so we can then send enough "fan mail" to get him to fix it.

Holy crap. The email address listed for the domain is wrong. We may be screwed.

And we may not be screwed. The email address was indeed wrong, but it was only that the domain was missing a letter. I figured out the correct address... I think. I didn't get a bounce back message this time! We'll see if I get a response.

chris@invision-gaming.co.uk is the email address for the guy who is registered as the site owner. Enjoy. I can't get a response, but maybe if we bug him enough...

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