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SSSG - Super Sneaky Spy Guy: Illusions Walkthrough

SSSG - Super Sneaky Spy Guy: Illusions

SSSG - Illusions WalkthroughS.S.S.G. Super Sneaky Spy Guy - Illusions is another episode of SSSG - Super Sneaky Spy Guy point and click adventure game series created by Self Defiant for Melting-Minz. You need to find a way to escape by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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any one there!?

Yes i am, stuck with 19 crystals a shovel, spoon 2 keys (both used), bowlingbal, pills, spraycan (used), lighter and toothbrusg (used) got code underneath dirt by door

       Anonymous  7/5/08, 3:41 PM  

i'm so stuck! anyone out there getting very far?

Hi, my name is Els and this is my first commend. Use the code on the white doors.

How did you find the second key?

       Anonymous  7/5/08, 3:45 PM  

i'm stuck where you are appel, wondering what to do with the bowling ball and the cryptic messages...also on calendar 16 and 17 are switched hmmm

       Anonymous  7/5/08, 3:46 PM  

ooo thanks els

went outside stars had colors like the colors on paper in desk by stairs, clicked them in the right order and a space ship came.

where is the second key?

When i found the red gem, the stars outside changed color. Any idea what to do with it?

@tatiana, use your crowbar to find the second key

going to bed, will try again tomorrow

you can use the dynamite on the statue on top of the speaker and make a crystal ball - not sure where to use the ball yet.

my stars haven't changed color since getting the red gem. did you have to put it somewhere?

where'd you get the dynamite?? i dont know when the stars changed but you have to click them in the order of the note under the calendar...got a ridiculous amount of stuff from the spaceship

       Anonymous  7/5/08, 3:57 PM  

found a green gem by clicking the red books on the bookcase in the bowling room

i'm stuck..how do u find the second key?help

i think the dynamite was in one of the cabinets - maybe the one you have to open with a crowbar under the tv?

i wish my stars would change color. have you done anything with the buttons in the cabinets by the bed?

can't find the dynamite too. For the second key, use your crowbar on the cupboard unter the television.

       Anonymous  7/5/08, 4:07 PM  

Use the plates with the different colored flowers on them to determine which order you hit the lights in the cabinet by the bed.

@courtofpa -acording to els the stars change color when you ged the red gem in the cabinet in the bethroom

thanx els..i feel so stupid..were do u find the crowbar?

       Anonymous  7/5/08, 4:08 PM  

where is this bed you speak of

where is crowbar?! =/

       Anonymous  7/5/08, 4:11 PM  

i used two keys...one to get in the 'outhouse' to get the crowbar...and used the other to get into the 'game room'...how do i get into the bedroom now? i can't find any other keys

@acey - put the white cue ball in the corner pocket of the pool table to make a key fall out

@tatiana - I have the red and green gems, but no colored stars...

got blue gem in the ufo

       Anonymous  7/5/08, 4:16 PM  

@court Thanks so much!! I forget about the dragging...I kept clicking it and figured i couldn't do anything! -_-

take the pills from behind the picture of the flower in the bathroom to change the stars

any idea about how to fit into the aquarium? The shark is already asleep.

thanks kerryman!

       Anonymous  7/5/08, 4:23 PM  

Els: Not sure how to shrink yourself, but I'm assuming you need to use the shrink ray. You have to use something in your inventory to make it turn on. I haven't figured the part after that though.

I got the shrink machine to work in the ufo but can only shrink the white crystal into a pearl

       Anonymous  7/5/08, 4:27 PM  

how did you get the shrink machine to work?

use the spoon as a handle

got telescope in teh bedroom,
and how did you make the shrink thing to work!?

       Anonymous  7/5/08, 4:31 PM  

The pearl becomes part of the telescope

how do you get the power in the ufo?

       Anonymous  7/5/08, 4:34 PM  

UH OH!! I shranks my crystal ball to a pearl and then shrunk it again and it diappeared!! help?

use the spoon in the slot that says something is missing

have to go now, i hury back qhen a get home!

O no, i lost my pearl in the "sleeping pod".
For power in the UFO, go to the second room, press the picture above the door, a button apears, press it. The same for the screen with laughing machine (dont know what it is).

       Anonymous  7/5/08, 4:36 PM  


ive made both those buttons green and its still not working :(

@crack - the telescope is behind the tv in the bedroom. you have to hit the buttons in the cabinets by the bed in the proper order (hint is in the kitchen), then enter the correct numerical code on the panel that is revealed (hint is on the calendar)

has anybody figured out how to shrink themselves with the "shrink scope" (telescope plus pearl)? i've tried using it while looking mirrors and it has not worked...

how come the stars dont change color?i got the gems

Push the buttons on the computer with four big batterys, in the first room

i feel dumb thank you

your welcome!

       Anonymous  7/5/08, 4:43 PM  

just click the shrink scope and then the shark tank after giving the shark the sleepy flower

Can't get the right order of the buttons in the cupboard. Do you have a hint about the kitchenhint?

thanks weathershow - now to figure out what to do once you're in the tank!

@els - look at the decorative plates - the colors should be familiar

       Anonymous  7/5/08, 4:51 PM  

thanks!!! i'm stuck in the sharktank too lol

       Anonymous  7/5/08, 4:52 PM  

okay so i've gotten the forcefield off the treasure chest, but now it says the lock is jammed.

any help here?

hey all, how do you get the red gem?

yay I'm out!

       Anonymous  7/5/08, 4:53 PM  

Do the number of flowers on the plates in the kitchen correspond with how many times you press the same colored button?

Yes, i tried that, but nothing happens......

its the numerical order

       Anonymous  7/5/08, 4:55 PM  

I am out! But I only found 41 crystals!

       Anonymous  7/5/08, 4:56 PM  

thanks kerryman!

       Anonymous  7/5/08, 4:56 PM  

OUT!! nice game!

i`m back...have to do all over again!
sorry the englush...brazilian..

Going to play, wish me luck. hope to can figure it out

i got out with 40 crystals...thanks for the help

ok, i give up - how do you get rid of the forcefield?

never mind got it:) power of posting:)

Sorry, but i still don't get the buttoncode. Feel a bit dumb :)

Are you gonna play another scape game!?

       Anonymous  7/5/08, 5:00 PM  

Els: Think of the flowers as numbers.

I am stuck, and way behind the rest of you! I can only get into the bathroom and bedroom, with no more keys, I have 17/50 crystals (?), a telescope, spade, spoon, firecracker, lighter, crystal ball and toothbrush...and no idea what to do next! Help anyone?

it really takes a lot to load

       Anonymous  7/5/08, 5:03 PM  

forefield help? put blue gem on blue bowling ball in ship.

       Anonymous  7/5/08, 5:04 PM  

Nevermind. Got it.

       Anonymous  7/5/08, 5:05 PM  

Haha..."Times you tried to bowl."

go to teh pool table, drah the white bal to the corner rol, and a key will fal!

What pool table??

He guys, i'll leave. It's 2.10 am and tomorrow i have to rise at 8 am. Bye.

in the second flor, in the left door!

i'm stuck...the frkn stars dont change colors!

i started this game before, and my stars had changed colors...but i had to get out, now a cant get them to change too!

Where is the lighter??

in the sofa!

I am also stuck on the button code. The first plate looks like Pink and has two flowers. The second plate looks blue and has three flowers. The third plate has what looks like 4 Red flowers and the last looks like 1 purple flower. I have tried every combination under the sun with no luck... HELP

i`ll givit up this game...my is not working! dos any one knows about anothe cool scape game to play!?

Thanks!! How do I get the red gem??

@kdewolf1999, the plate with one flower is the first color in the code, the plate with 2 flower is the 2nd color in the code, and etc

did u find the code on the floor?
use it in the white doors in the bethroom, and get the red gem

the numbers of flowers is the order to click in the color butons!

Luly, Thanks for the reply, but I have tried that numerous times. It is not working.. Do I have my colors wrong?

did anyone manege to change the colors of the stars?

@tatiana, where's the code??

the order is
purple, pink, blue and green

kdewolf1999 the code is:
1. violet
2. pink
3. blue
4. red

OMG I love SSSG games!

on the floor, under th duty of the vase...
u have to wet it first, and then brush with tuth brush

Ok I restarted, and now I can get in all the rooms and even have a spare key! What do I use at the shark tank/how?

ops, Red..not green! sory!

tatiana, where's the code for the white doors?? the ones that are "wrong"

i got it! i made the stars to change colors! \o/

Thanks guys. That is what I am trying... There must be something wrong with me or the game. Just to make sure I am not crazy...

To the left of the bed there is Blue on top, pink on bottom. To the right, there is Red on top, purple on bottom.

What happens after I push the code in.. Maybe I am putting it in right but not seeing the results?

got the pills, now.... what's with the white doors?????????????????

kdewolf1999, after you put the code go to the TV, that is on the same room as you are (sorry my english, I'm argentinian )

Luly, use the code under the dirt by the front door for the white doors.

@tatiana....how did u make the stars change color?

the code its in the flor in front of the door! under the durty.
sory about the english...
if u want i can give u the code!

Finally got it. I have done the same thing for 30 minutes... Not sure why it didn't work before. Thanks for your help.

did u find the pils behind the painting?!
u have to take them!

YAY, got it!!!!

Hi Guys, How do you get the sleeping pills from behind the picture?

dear gamers, how do you get the key from the pool table? I put the white ball into the pocket and nothing falls out

u take the spray botle and snise in the painting

How do I get the power on in the spaceship??

This comment has been removed by the author.

kde, I've been trying it forever too and it STILL won't work. Do you know what you did? And what did you see when you finally got it right?

wel, that what i`ve done..
drag the white ball to the first corner...the one closer to you...and the key will fall in the floor

Thanks Tatiana, didnt spray long enough!

where are the other rwo gems??

about the power in the shep
see those weard simbols in the top of every screm?!
2 of them have a red buton beheind..
y press the two of them, and them click in the 4 butons on that machine the have 4 thing beheid it...
hope u get it

Lori, not quite sure. It was hard for me to tell if the button was on or off but I just went back to check and they are somewhat dull in color. Try that. The only thing I can think of is that I was hitting them off instead of on.

thanks, Redroobar

the red gem is in the closet in the bethroom, the green one is in the book shelf in the pool room, and the blue one, is in the spaceship

Ok, now I am stuck on the code to the TV. I am not seeing any hint from the calendar other than 16 and 17 being switched up.

nevermind. I got it

kdewolf1999, that's the code. enter the mix up.

I'm stuck on the force field part...I have no clue how to do it!! I assume it has something to do with the gems but I just can't figure it out!! Help! Thanks

Aargh my internet just crashed and now I have to start all over again!! Any hints for the shark tank, for when I get back to it, would be much appreciated :o)

yesss..... in the spaceship.... would you like to be more specific??

YAY I found it!! Now what???

I can help anyone up to the force field point. but if anyone has help for the force field that would be mucho appreciated. but i can help anyone at this point. :]]

I have one key without use it, Do you now what's for??

im stuck in the force field part too...
luly, do u meen about the powew in the ship?

has anyone found all 50 crystals? I am up to 44. You can blow up more than just the crystal on the speaker.

luly, even at the force field part i still have one unused key so it may be to uopen the chest.

how do u get the force field to go away!?

there is a box in the tv cabinet that I am totally clueless about...does anyone have anything on that?

My stars still haven't changed color. I have the telescope and crystal ball but can't get them to combine. Not sure what to do. Also, have the Red and Green gem.????

take the pills that you should have found behind the flower picture to change the star colors. and you have to shrink the crystal ball into a pearl to fit it into the telescope.

is anybody on here???

Angie, blow up the box with the dynamite. You will get a star.

so that the stars change color u have to take the pils...not just tako of behind the painting, but also swolow (dont know how to speel it) them...

Crystal not star

How do I swallow them?

how do i get the red crystal out of the bathroom door?

Well stuck, not sure what to do next, but having fun blowing things up and getting more stars!

kdewolf, you select them and then just click while they are on your screen if I am not mistaken.

jody, use code from under dirt by front door.

just clic on them!

use the code on the floor

did any one manage to get os the force fild?!

i'm in the space ship but how do i get the blue gem..where is it?

yes!! i figured it out!! I'm out!

so teel me!!!!

thank you!!!! i got it!


in the other room of the ship with all of the crates, blow up the top middle one, put the bowling ball on it, and put the gems in that.

never mind!!!
got it!!!

but thanks any way!!

lily, the power has to be on and it is in the second room in a machine that looks like a little space travel thing and it has parts that stick out to give you crystals when the power is on...if any of that makes sense...

how do you turn the power on in the ufo!! i feel so dumb!

out!!! \o/

do u guys willplay another one!?

excuse me guys, but what space ship everyone is talking about?

about the power in the shep
see those weard simbols in the top of every screm?!
2 of them have a red buton beheind..
u press the two of them, and them click in the 4 butons on that machine the have like 4 towers behind it..
hope u get it!

Oops, finished! Didn't realise that was the end...only had 44 crystals!

jody, the symbol above the door in the second room of the ufo and one of the other symbols like that in that second room but i'm not sure which one so just try them until you get it, there will be a red button push it to make it turn green. when both of them are green go to the screen with the big batteries

irine, you get the space ship when you push the colored stars in order, but like i said, the stars need to be colored you have to take the pills.

AngieScooby, thank you...I'm out!! :D

Irine, you get the space ship when you have coloured stars....

what do I do with the telescope? Havent worked out how to shrink the crystal ball...

only need five more crystals to have them all. has anyone found anymore than 45?

This game needs a walkthrough,badly! I have the password from th dirt,but tell me please how to use them in the cupboard in the bathroom.They open and close so quickly.

I need help on the code of TV,please post it.I cannot figure it out.Thanks

bashfrog....there is a code under the dirt at the front door. open the doors in that order.

tv code is on the calendar

Need that too Papall. Been trying for ages.They say to go in dining rooman look on wall,they are picture of flowers on plates. 1 for purple flower 2 for pink and 3 for blue and 4 for red flowers. then push buttons in cupboards by bed in order. 1-2-3-4 but Ive tried it over and over doesnt work for me.

Thanks redroobar got it.

I still do not get the TV code from the calendar. Can somebody just post it out directly??Please....

Papall there are two dates the wrong way round...enter them (four digits)

Thanks for all the help with this one. I never would have gotten through it without all the hints.

Anyone interested in posting where all the crystals are? Just kidding, sort of. LOL. I thought I blew up everything I could, but still only ended up with 39.


Anyone doing a walkthru? I will do it if thats what you want....

im confused. i dont know how to get in the shark tank or what to do with the gems. help!

papall, do you still need the tv code?

redroobar, i think we'd all like a walkthrough. i'm soooo stuck on the spaceship!

@Meg, have you shrunk the pearl, combined it with telescope and put the shark to sleep? If so, just use the telescope on the ship in the tank and, voila, you'll be inside the ship.

meg..you need to get the shark to sleep and then use the telescope. When in the shark tank you will eventually use the gems

Finally! Thanks kde for the hint about the dull tone!

ive shrunk the pearl and whatnot but when i click on the ship, it shows a big hole then goes back to the room and wont let me in. hrmmm? what do i need to do with the bowling ball? thanks guys!

nm, im retarded. thank you guys.

i've been wandering around the ship in the tank for a while, have blown up lots, found lots of crystals and a pedestal...and am completely stuck. pls help? thx.

jburd you need to place the bowling ball on the pedastal and place the gems

thx redroobar. i was just going to post "power of posting" b/c i figured it out 2 secs after i wrote for help! but now....stuck again. :-p i'm trying everything i can think of!

anyone figure out that force field?

ha! pop again! got the lock!

and out!

meg, you have to place something on the pedestal and put the gems in place.

ha. nm, i got it. i tried to bowl 29 times. thanks guys. this was a toughy. you guys are awesome! =D

out, but only 43 crystals. :-( i've never posted before but have played for months and enjoy reading y'all's tips and hints. thx for the help.

This comment has been removed by the author.

ok so i struggled with trying to find the "sleepy flower"

for all those who can't find it....

it's in the spaceship - use the pliers :)

Oh, I love these SSSG.. Im out with 47 crystals...

lol..BTW Meg, I tried to bowl 101 times...

I got in such a hurry, I forgot to say thanks for the post/help everyone..SO, thank you...

Hi everyone....I've been working my way through with all of your help, but now I am totally stuck! I have placed bowling ball on pedestal with all 3 gems. According to walkthrough above, this is the end, however I can't see any indication that this is the end? I still have an unused gold key and only 38 crystals. As soon as I blow up all the crates, they just grow back! How do I get out of ship? And is there something else to unlock? If this is end, it is very disappointing after all that work! LOL!


You need to find crystals, so once you have the firecracker and lighter, blow up stuff for extra crystals.

Opening scene shed in garden. Get shovel and dig up to get key. Go to house.

Enter house.....lighter under sofa, spoon in cabinet above table, toothbrush in bathroom.

Use key to enter room on left. Click red book in bookcase to get green gem. Pool table place cue ball in pocket for another key.
Get bowling ball and spray.

Exit and go to room on right. Key under cushion bottom of bed. Cabinets by bed with coloured buttoms (check plates downstairs for the order to press the buttons)
Opens TV. Code is on the calendar downstairs (four digits)
Firecracker in dressing table drawer.

Downstairs clean mud at front door and get code for bathroom cupboards. Up to bathroom and open doors in order of code and get red gem. Spray picture by door to get pills.

Go outside and enter shed for crowbar. Back inside and cabinet under TV for another key. Blow up the statue to make a crystal ball.
Take pills and go outside to see coloured stars. Press in order of code in drawer under calendar.

Enter space ship. Click the black squares on the walls until you find a red button. Change to green (two buttons). Then go to consol by batteries and turn on.
Search around for personal space pod and get blue gem.
Shrink crystal in shrink machine using spoon as lever. Place pearl in telescope.
Get pliers from cabinet and use to get a sleepy flower.
Back to house and shark tank. Put shark to sleep and enter tank with telescope thingy. Now using firecrackers blow up crates until you get a pedastal. Place bowling ball on pedastal and the gems. Go to chest and force field is off. Use crowbar and key to open. Then end...

Ok...finally! In case anyone else is stuck, my daughter actually found this for me! In the scene with the open black doorway, when there is a barrel on the right of door, turn to the right and you will see a treasure chest. Key won't work as lock is jammed, so use crowbar. Voila! The end. I couldn't get my reward though as when I entered the password "sneakystyle" as instructed, it wouldn't work....darn! Great game anyway.

Very fun game! Got confused for a second because it placed the pearl in the telescope before I even uncovered it!

Only got out with 43 crystals. Would have tried for more but I got the treasure and didn't know that would end the game!

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