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Escape the Den

[REPLAY] Escape the Den is another point and click type room escape game created by Kyjast. You are not in your house and your head hurts so much. You are supposed to try to search around to find some useful things and solve puzzles in order to escape the house. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Escape the Den Walkthrough
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first!!! \o/

first? anybody else playing?

here and already playing!

found a book and put into the bookshelf and found a panel. that's it so far

I'm here...don't know if I can be of much help since I depend on the comments of other players to get me through at least half of these...LOL!

i've got the metal rod with the hook on the end and the grey book that looks fake (used)

got a hook thingy and some sort of green capsule

awwww i died = (

dont stick the rod into the electrical outlet... hehe

I stuck the book on the shelf where book is missing. Clicked on it and the shelf slid open BUT I have no screw driver yet for panel!

green capsule goes in the green spot inside the panel in bacl of closet.

k, so i'm looking for a pink pill now? i have the green...

if you move the number around on the computer it shows -1111 below it... put the box on top and it's a math problem?

Is anybody still playing ? Just getting here.

can't put the key in keyhole... press first and third drawers, but still can't insert the green key... anyone?

finally! found screw driver!

still playing

is anyone else having a problem getting the game to load?

where's the screw driver kristy?

stuck again:(

screwdriver is to the left of the computer when zoomed in.

still trying to figure out what the blank canvas on the wall next to the book shelf does...

if you click the buttons on the drawers they turn red hmmmm.

aha! good camouflage! thanks!

Did someone earlier say they found a key to the desk?

um, strange shaking purple-green orb thing?

this orb is pretty freaky

yeah, where's that key?

the key is inside wall socket, beside the cabinet. you have to unscrew it, kristy

the key is inside wall socket, beside the cabinet. you have to unscrew it, kristy

Screwdriver on desk, Left of the monitor

thanks, christina! it looks like you multiply the answer from the calendar by 123 too...

where is the key?

Found a hairdryer on the floor to the left of the bookshelf.

yes... something about 14.637... don't know where to put the number though...

Use hairdryer on blank hanging to right of bookcase

cant get key to work on desk

weird...my green key is now stuck to the orb in my inventory. I can pick it up and try to use it but it goes back once in inventory....

still having issues opening the drawers even with the light sequence i got from the blank paper...does the green key even go here?

This comment has been removed by the author.

@marchelle - no, i dont think it does, but where else will it go?

Blue key under top left corner of calender.

got pink (purpleish) pill

aha, BLUE key goes in desk!

got desk open and need a 4 digit code now.

the blue key opens the drawers and now need a code...

And out!!

have 4 digit code...I need 5 digit for the closet. I put in one but guess my math was wrong so went with a # someone else had and it doesnt work either:(

5 digit is from calender and wall socket.

I'm Out

Blue key opens desk, verification code is the value of the equation from the computer

stumped by this four digit code. gotta be from the calendar but the math is off

ugh! I was multiplying by 14 instead of 4! I wrote it down wrong..LOL!

I'm stuck... I don't have the pink pill and my math seems to be wrong, I don't have the 4-digit code. (Which really sucks 'cause I don't know how to do the last part on the caledar - and from what I can tell, I'm going to need that next!)

That countdown for the shaking orb scared the cr*p out of me!


got it
computer equation

4 digit code = 9625
5 digit code = 16482

Use rod on top shelf of bookcase for pink pill. 4 digit code is from computer. Need to do something to the screen.

the four digit code comes from the equation on the computer monitor...

a well done, fun game. i enjoyed it.

and OUT!! awesome game but the clues were a little off

the 123 is to be multiplied by the calendar equation not the computer equation...but i guess the pic resembles both a laptop and a calendar

thanks for the help with the math. that's the only issues i have with these games

That was a great game, not too hard, not too easy, LOVED IT!

yeah... you know, once upon a time, I used to be good at math... the 4-digit code was just a simple error on my part, but my math for the 5-digit code was waaaaay off!

Thanks for all of the help!


bye, them... midnight here in Brazil...

Im out!!
Nice game :D

I cant get the screwdriver. I clicked where my pointer turned into a hand but wont work. Do you have to use something to get it or do some task first?

i really really liked this game! now im ancy for another.

zeta beta look for a dark handle when you are in the zoom screen for the computer. its on the left side at the bottom in the back

remember, the calendar says to DIVIDE BY ONE HALF

yeah like nanako said you are dividing the last part by .5 not 2

Hey everyone! This is Kyjast, the creator of this game! Thanks everyone for playing. However, that site doesn't have the updated version, I changed a couple things, some to make it a little easier to solve.

Here ya go. Click here.

Once again, thanks!

10 divided by 1/2 =20



i cant use the blue key in the desk....

and out!

New One :) Yeah

That was a neat game with good graphics....still not sure how to work out the five digit code.

hey anyone still playing

Hey the site wouldn't work for me for a couple of weeks....I am glad it is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone still playing? Please say yes!

I'm out! Thanks for the help!

This was a fun game! Thank you to everyone that gave those helpful hints. You all rock!

gee thanks guys. you all have helped me escape a lot of rooms. sometimes I can get out. but when items are in less conspicuous places, I get stuck. but that's what make it fun.

Thank For Pass Christina
Now Im Out

This game was great!!!!!!!!!!! one of the first that i havent pulled my hair out in frustration.

SimonB said...
Use rod on top shelf of bookcase for pink pill ... thats wrong, i did get pink pill from putting in the code :D ... on top shelf you get green pill with rod.

Gout out with some help for the math ... tyvm for the help on that.

Gr8 game !!!

Really pretty good... It challenged me, and I got it all done myself, even though I struggled with my math a little bit at the end... Forget a few rules sometimes. lol Fun game.

cant' figure out the 5 digit code at end

This comment has been removed by the author.

good morning all, time for me to start.

I LOVE the "no cheating" sign when you try to use the TAB button.

Cool game. I needed the hints thou to get out. Also for some reason my math was wrong. Oh well I escaped thou. Great graphics.

use the calendar for the 5 digit code


- Get the hook under the table
- Look at the computer. Move the folder on it around. Notice the -1111 under it. [10736 -1111 = your 4 Digit-Code]
- Get the screwdriver to the left of the computer
- Look at the calender left of the desk
- Get the blue key under the top left corner of the calendar
- Do the math on the calendar. (10-5)*2 / 0,5=20
+ 16*4 +20 = 84
+ sqrt(1000-100)= 30
=> 134 (keep that in mind)
- Turn to the bookshelf. use the hook to get the green pill (it's on the top shelf)
- take the hair drier left on the floor next to the bookshelf
- use the hairdryer on the white paper right of the bookcase. Notice three circles. the top and the bottom light and the middle one dark.
- turn to the desk. click on the top and bottom drawer then use the blue key on the keyhole.
- Enter 4 digit code from computer calc : 9625
- Get the pink pill capsule thing
- use the screwdriver on the power outlet. Get the green key. Notice the drawing. [Calendar x123]
- Turn to face the drawer. Open it. Get the book. Put the green and the pink pill in the corresponding slot. Klick the red lever.
- Put the book in the bookshelf. Klick on it to reveal panel. Open panel with screwdriver.
- Klick on the big red button.(Get reeeeally scared!) ;)
- Take the vibrating green pink orb
- Turn to the secret black door. Enter. Put the vibrating orb in the square. Now it's time for the 5 Digit Code.
134 (from calendar) x 123 = 16482
- buzzzz. get the golden exit key.

- get out.
- thank kyjast
- wait until the credits end then visit kyjasts deviant site ^_^

i'm out! it wasn't the hardest.:-)

i'm out! it wasn't the hardest.:-)

Great game! Only help I needed was for using hairdryer on blank sheet. We need more games like this one!

Thanks for the walkthrough

Fun game. thx 4 the walkthrough btw =)

The edited version was alot easier!

turn to the desk. click on the top and bottom drawer then use the blue key on the keyhole.

What Keyhole?

power of posting my eyesight is bad could not spot the keyhole.

Nice one :-)

i can't get the screwdriver :(


-calendar on wall (134)
-get blue key from top left corner of calendar
-computer screen, move box up and subtract the number (9625)
-get screwdriver to the left of the computer screen
-get cane from under computer desk
-move to bookcase screen
-click on the bottom left corner of the screen
-get blue hairdryer
-use cane to reach the top of the bookcase to find green capsule
-unscrew the socket on the wall and get green key
-multiply the number from the calender by 123 (16482)
-click on blank scroll
-use hairdryer to reveal dots
-move to closet screen
-open closet and get gray book
-open box on wall and put in green capsule
-move back to bookcase screen
-put gray book in the empty space
-pull lever and click on the square in the wall
-unscrew the box and click red button
-wait for the countdown to end and take shaking orb
-move to desk screen and click on the top and bottom drawer knobs
-put blue key in key slot
-click on the square that is now on the desk
-type in the number from the computer screen (9625)
-get pink capsule
-move to closet screen and put pink capsule in the box
-pull lever and move one screen to the right
-use green key to open the black door in the wall
-put the orb in the clear box and click on panel
-type in the number from the calendar and socket (16482)
-get gold key and move to door screen
-use gold key to unlock door and escape!

Fun, but a bit easy. :D I like the graphics a LOT! :D

Looking for SD? When zoomed into the computer screen, click the black left side of screen. Even though cursor turns into a hand everywhere on the left, I had to click somewhere near the bottom of that area to find the screwdriver. I couldn't see anything, just had to blindly click away 8^(

cute game. Out with help for the screwdriver -- I didn't see it on the dark desk.

I have no clue why the vibrating orb from the ominous countdown turned into a key, but okay.

Way late to the game, but that was fantastic!

working link:


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