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Escape the Room 2 Walkthrough

Escape the Room 2

Escape the Room 2 is new point and click type room escape game created by DP. In this escape game, again you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Found scraps, chisel,paperclip, pen and picture so far.

just starting

       Anonymous  8/14/08, 12:22 AM  

3rd. yes.

hello hello!

Good morning everyone

       Anonymous  8/14/08, 12:25 AM  

found scissors, looking for chisel,

How do you use or move around an item

ho no! the bomb is gonna kill us all!! LOL
used paper clip on drawer and got note..

       Anonymous  8/14/08, 12:27 AM  

found gum and key

And scissors. Code for PC 556842. Got it from rearranged scraps.

       Anonymous  8/14/08, 12:30 AM  

Used key, got screwdriver and wrench

       Anonymous  8/14/08, 12:32 AM  

How do you rearrange scraps, I can't even pick them up :(

       Anonymous  8/14/08, 12:34 AM  

where'd you find key?

Need a screw driver??? Where did you find it?

       Anonymous  8/14/08, 12:35 AM  

fifa, how did you get the drawer open?

       Anonymous  8/14/08, 12:36 AM  

In locked box, get key fromm under computer table,( click up)

Used chisel on drawer

       Anonymous  8/14/08, 12:37 AM  

I also found a safe by cliking directly on Mona Lisa's right eye. Don't have the code yet.
Stillneed the key.

where's the key and gum?
kfromhawaii: the wooden one with chisel, the silver one with paperclip i took srom table with computer.

nm, thanks

the tool bow has a double compatment - there's a wrench in there too.

       Anonymous  8/14/08, 12:39 AM  

Ok, so I'm missing the chisel, and the gum+key is under the computer table, you have to click upwards, i think.
Oh, and there is no way im getting out of this one alive the first time around.

For rearranging scraps click the narrow shape in inventory.

ho no, going to die... have to start all over again. got pipe with wrench.
kfromhawaii: chisel is behind silver drawers.

Used the wrench and found some pipes!

       Anonymous  8/14/08, 12:42 AM  

found chisel!

PS I died!! Going back to work!

Now screwdriver and french key in tool box.

       Anonymous  8/14/08, 12:45 AM  

I have less than 50 sec to live...

did anybody knows what to use with wires?

       Anonymous  8/14/08, 12:46 AM  

Starting over.

LOL managed to kill myself!

       Anonymous  8/14/08, 12:50 AM  

How do you get power to the computer?

and again...

       Anonymous  8/14/08, 12:54 AM  

i managed to open the bomb and cut the bluewire, now it wont let me cut any others and the bomb is still ticking!

crap. cut a wire in the bomb but can't take it AND it didn't stop the bomb.
hint: there is a color mentioned in the note.

       Anonymous  8/14/08, 12:55 AM  

when u press all the numbers on he safe, the 6 changes to a 7.

       Anonymous  8/14/08, 12:56 AM  

oops. purple wire kills, don't cut it.

kfromhawaii: cut the wire the color mentioned in the note.

       Anonymous  8/14/08, 1:01 AM  

Didn't work, I died.

arrrrgggg i'm so frustrated! i want that wire!! why can't i just cut that wire of the lamp and be done with it?!?

kfromhawaii: the color on the note changes every game...

The colour of wire and code in the note changes every time.

       Anonymous  8/14/08, 1:05 AM  

nevermind. the co;or in the note changes every time

had the wire all along! geee i'm so dense!

o.k. now i need a blue wire.. hmmmmm

       Anonymous  8/14/08, 1:08 AM  

what wire where?

       Anonymous  8/14/08, 1:09 AM  

there's some type of code at the bottom of the note

arrrrggg died again..
when you cut the right wire in the bomb you get a red wire that you can use to fix the electicity. but it's not enough - you need a blue one too..

blue wire is in clock use wrench on pipe then pipe on clock then wrench on clock

yay!!! tx shiva!!!!

       Anonymous  8/14/08, 1:14 AM  


       Anonymous  8/14/08, 1:16 AM  

how do u get the red wire?

now i dont know how i got the red wire.. did u notice that every time u die u begin with less time on the bomb??

ho silly me. i got it from the lamp - turn it off and use knife on wire.

if U cut yellow wire in the bomb the counter stops ;)

       Anonymous  8/14/08, 1:29 AM  

noooooooo! not again!

of course, i get out the door and there's another door >.<

what's with the math question??? i did the calculation and it didn't work!!

       Anonymous  8/14/08, 1:34 AM  

i hate math.

       Anonymous  8/14/08, 1:36 AM  

maybe has to do w/ # @ end of note?

i think the one in the end of the note supposed to be on the second row - not sure though.

got the box open have ring have one code for final door hmm..

how shiva??

       Anonymous  8/14/08, 1:42 AM  

is 486 the answere to the math?

       Anonymous  8/14/08, 1:42 AM  


hey! just started
can sum1 tel me how to get the gum and key
i know its under computer table but i just cant get it!!!!

       Anonymous  8/14/08, 1:43 AM  

click upper left corner :)

shiva pls help! :)

I'm out!!!

thnks got it

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  8/14/08, 1:47 AM  

how! help with math pls! I'm running out of time! (and i want to go to bed)

I'll let you fiddle with that before i say what the door keys are :-)

or wait.. maybe the first code was 0? yea sorry that was it it was 0 :-) sry too many numbers

what's the number you got?

Ok, so for box it is first code 0 second code from the note

       Anonymous  8/14/08, 1:51 AM  

got ring, #46155 Thanks Shiva!

       Anonymous  8/14/08, 1:52 AM  

having trouble w/ second code

you are welcome! first time i been able to post! i usually get to games late :-D

I got a different number on my ring so they must change. The ring number is the second code on the door, the first one you can find in the picture, just as the hint says

My ring code is different... hint to the second code please?

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  8/14/08, 1:55 AM  

died. i'll pretend i got out though. 11pm and am headed t bed. nice working with you girls/guys.

the first code for the door is in the picture, has to do with counting... and fingers!

out. that was annoying! there were allot of items not used, like the baby picture and the gum...

       Anonymous  8/14/08, 1:56 AM  

Oh, but did we ever use that pic in the inventory (from trash)?

I never used picture, gum or pen

How do I get the blue wire from the clock? I have 3 pipes in my inventory and can't use any of them on the stupid clock.

Use the wrench on the pipe and then you can use the pipe on the clock

       Anonymous  8/14/08, 1:59 AM  

use pipe on clock, yhen wrench on clock

it was a cute game.. but i think that the inventory bar is VERY uncofrotable. and also when you zoom on an item - full screen you don't go back to where you were but to the 1st screen.. that's the things i recomend changing in the game.

Thanks Shiva!

I agree fifa the invetory bar was terribly annoying! Especially when you are in a hurry!


what pipe?
And what about the knife to cut the wire of the lamp? Wether I found a pipe nore a knife. Please help!!

the knife is from the tablestand next to the lockbox, use the chisel to open it behind the metal dresser thing there is a grate and u can use the wrench to open it

Shiva, thank you, but I also missed the chisel ;-)

well, i guess i'll write a walkthrough if no-one is writing already..


1 go right from start screen, click behind the metal cabinet and pick up the chisel and scraps. In the bottom drawer of metal cabinet there is scissors.
2 use the chisel on the tablestand to get the knife.
3 go right to computer screen. click on paper to get paperclip, get scraps on table and there is a pen also get scraps from trashcan.
4 click under the computer and there is a grate, on that screen click the upperleft to get to a screen with gum and key.
5 Use that key to open the lockbox and get a screwdriver. Use the screwdriver on the false bottom of the lockbox to get wrench.
6 Use paperclip on the top drawer of metal cabinet and take the note. Go behind the metal cabinet again and use the wrench on the bolts to open it. Use the wrench on the pipes inside to get one.
7 go to the screen with the door. use the wrench on the pipe to flatten one side of it. use the pipe on the clock to get it.
8 turn the lamp off with the switch on the bottom of the wall. use knife on wire to get red wire
9 use the wrench on the clock in your inventory to get the blue wire.
10 go underneath the computer desk and use the screwdriver to open the grate. Then put the red and blue wires in.
11 piece together scraps for computer code. 556842 hit power button on computer and go to resctricted and enter password. you get code 967482351
12 for the bomb use screwdriver on it to open it and then cut the wire that is the color indicated in the note. (not sure what this does but i did it)
13 click on mona lisa's right eye and you get a safe enter code 967482351 and then click handle to get a key.
14 the key opens the door and you are encountered with another door! and there is a box on the floor. Pick up the box.
15 the first code for the box is 0 as the answer to it's question. The second code is found at the bottom of the note.
16 The box gives you a ring and the ring has a code on it. The ring code is the second door password. The first password is the number of fingers in the picture indicated in the hint.

I think that is everything

Did I miss anything fifa?


1. go left. click under table. click top left. take KEY (no need to take the gum).
2. zoom back. take SCRAPS from table. click on notepad to get PAPER CLIP. click on trash can to get some more SCRAPS.
3. go right twice. use key on box. take SCREWDRIVER. inside box use screwdriver on bolts. take WRENCH.
3. zoom back. click behind cabinet. take CHISEL and SCRAPS. use wrench on bols. use wrench on vertical PIPE to get it.
4. zoom back. use chisel on drawer. take KNIFE.
5. zoom back. use paper clip on first drawer of cabinet. take NOTE.
6. go left. turn off the lamp. use knife on electricity wire to get RED WIRE.
7. use wrench on pipe. use pipe on CLOCK. use wrench on clock to get BLUE WIRE.
8. turn left. zoom under table. open panel with screwdriver. put the wires in place.
9. zoom back. turn on computer. click restricted files. for the password you'll have to arange the scraps (click on one of the groups in the inventory bar). code is 556842 always. get password from computer (always 967482351).
10. go back and click on pics file. click on picture 3524 and note number of ingers up (3).
11. zoom back and go right. click on the right eye of Mona Lisa and punch the code you got from the computer. open and get KEY.
12. use key on front door. take jewlery box and zoom on it. the first answer is 0. in the second line you have to type the number on the bottom of the note you found (highlight it inorder to see it). you get a RING. zoom on it and remember the number.
13. zoom on door. first line is the number of fingers from the pic. second is the number from the ring. OUT! :)))

oops.. didn't know you made one too shiva... :S ho well... lol

Thanks for the 2 walkthroughs, when i couldn't get further with the first i used the second :D ... I escaped thanks to you both, code as proof of escaping the room 098XX5C ... Now that was a gr8 game !!!

Cool game, of course needed the hints and walkthrough because i kept dying. lol

hi all just starting. gonna try not to use walkthroughs as long as possible

uh oh bomb. walkthrough time!

Thanks For Walkthorugth

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