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Escapers #05 Walkthrough

Escapers #05

[REPLAY] 58Works - Escapers #05 Space is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by 58 Works. You are locked in a room and you have to escape the room by finding and using items with clues. Good luck and have fun!

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Escapers #05 Space Walkthrough
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!!!Have fun!!!

well here go's hope there someone here to help me out

OMG, Early entrants! Hope it's easy!

OK, got colour machine working, just don't know the order, presume something to do with clock?

got a planet above the machine now but Stuck !!!

PLanet changes colour according to button that is down.

Got card out of machine!

need to find another Key and also a card

OPened door to new area

need other key for drawer on left. Any ideas? So stuck!

how did you get card from machine Twinkle ??

In third room now...

In second room too!!

now you guys are making me feel stupid I'm still stuck on machine lol

Where is the extra gas? How to bridge the gap?

Cherry: hint for you. Clock: big to small...

Hey all, looks pretty good so far. Well I figured the open box thing......
Nice way to waste the last part of a working day!

out! anyone need help?

BLphitz, well done! Any HINT about plane room? have circular thing with card sticking out but no further

twinkle, they are both in the third room

Out with no help! Go me!

ty so much Dideedi did everything but that

i have only a stone and letter H, what to do next?

Sorry, Cherry, just noticed your question, are you in corridoor yet?

Hi, just started, I have the machine working, but do not understand the clock hint for it really.

Blp... are you talking about the room with plane? because i can't get into what looks like a store through lazers. Feel like i have looked everywhere!

I could jump that gap!

Grrr..This circle code is making me angry!

mf melis, look around the corridoor really well

Where's the screwdriver? need it for the gas.

I saw the diagram in the window, I just can't get it lined up right.

mf melis: looked out the window lately?

Nevermind, Always after a post.

yes thanks twinkle got the other doors open and found things but still not got the key for second draw in first room

Liat, how did you get gas?

through the corridor and in the other room, looks harder than the first one.

Cherry, i am stuck after opening plane room and getting cylinder "key". Thought i was doing really well! lol

lol don't you just hate it when you see peeps put I'm out and we get stuck , still looking for that key for the first room

twinkle, take the card like thing with pins on it from the window on corridor and take the socket from under one of the conics. and join them. That's the key for the third room

Has anybody seen any clues for the colour machine in the jet room?

stuck where you are twinkle, I can´t find anything but the key thingie and there´s no where to put it as far as I´ve tried.

Got the gold key!

The gas is in the third room.

thanks bl, but I can´t find a card like thing in any of those windows

hint on how to get the gas from third room please

martin, in the first room, look at color machine and see which of the planets have circles around them. and do the same in the second room with plane

Yay! Out!

       Anonymous  8/26/08, 1:19 AM  

Can someone give me a clue for what do do after refuelling the jet?

Don't forget about the computer by the jet.

can anyone tell me where the card like thing on the window in the corridor is, I cannot find anything in the corridor.

Does anyone know an order of colours in the third room?

yippee! out with not much help!

thanks blp & liat, had to go for a refuel myself there, back now and determined to go all the way! To infinity and beyond!....

       Anonymous  8/26/08, 1:22 AM  

Lol. I thought it was telling me the hatch was open. Didn't realise I had to press it. Thanks Melis

cherry, wrench is in the hole on the side of the plane

Out, anyone need help?

Kamila, think about the rings.

tx blphitz - out

Thanks so much for the help guys I'm out

Hi, I am still stuck in the machine room. Just found H,hammer a rock and a key. Used Key and H. HELP

Woo hoo! Thank BLP and Liat for the hints. out. stupid key in window trick! only thing that foxed me!

How you doing twinkle ?? you nearly there

very nice game.

Ok, still haven´t found the key in the window, those of you asking if anyone needs help, I do, lol.

Kamila, go back to "planets" machine, it will give you the hints. (keep going in and out!)

Yes, cherry, i am out, nice travelling with you lol!

you are wellcome :)

Julianne, check ALL windows in hallway

bulu, you need to smash that rock with something.

Thanks for the company I'm off for refill myself now, but will pop back and see how your all doing

twinkle, I tried, but it only lets me see two of them, the middle one and the one with the symbol in it, this is driving me nuts.

Yeah I found the other thing by smashing the rock. I am using the color sequence onthe machine and planet is changing the color. Now stuck


omg, got it! power of posting!

Julianne, when you first go into corridoor, think it is first window on left.

any more probs, back in 5.

In second room now

and out, that was a nice game, thanks for the help with the keypart in the window!

Everything is posted now to get out. Have fun ya'all! Big thanks to BLP & Liat on this one. you rock!

And Out....Thanks julianne and everbody

ypeeeee out.but i didn't understand what was the code 4 the box where i got the hammer.i jist click and the box opened :)

Hi there :)
done pretty good til now..managed to open all the doors, and used all the gadgets apart from the long "metal stick". dont know where to use it, and how to get the gas tank???

@ saintJ,
u dont know where 2 use the long stick...and...cant get the hose down...use the stick 2 get it down!
Dont know what 2 do after refilling the plane!!!!HELP


I really feel dumb but I just have an "H" and a meteorite stone or somethign and Im stuck!! help!!

walkthrough please

i.m stuck in the same place as anibilis, heeelp

opened box by spelling open, got key, now i,ve got a hammer

       Anonymous  8/26/08, 4:03 AM  

Smash the rock with the hammer.

cant get the machine to work in the 1st room, do i need to find the c i,ve put the h in

thanks befuddled

:) nice and fast

First time to catch you "on line". Nice graphic, and fast escape!

wow this ws a cool game.. OUT in no time!! :)

let me post a walkthrough!


1. Not colors and size of arrows on clock. Go right, move boxes on left shelves, take red H. Go back, click O,P,E,N on box, take silver key.

2. Go right twice, unlock drawer with silver lock, take hammer. Open bottom right door above beds, take rock. Smash rock with hammer, take red C.

3. Go left twice, put red letters in place, push buttons starting with color of longest arrow and finishing with shortest. Take card key.

4. Use card key beside door, go right, click nearest window, take device. Turn around towards other door, click nearest window to the right, note shapes (black&white). Use the pattern on the lock beside door.

5. Go in, got to the red plastic things, lift third, take device. Go back, not that you need one more yellow container.

6. Go right, note the hose above the spacecraft, but you can't reach it yet. You can also see that after you climb the stairs, you can't proceed to the computer.

7. Go to the door with infrared lock. Assemble the two devices (examine the round one, click on it to turn it and put the other device into it). Put it in place beside door. Go in, take wooden plank.

8. Go to room with spacecraft, climb up the stairs, put wooden plank after the caution sigh, go to computer and click purple and red (the purple and red arrows on the clock follow the way of the rings on the planets). Take gold key. Also, after the spacecraft has turned, you can take tool from a hole in it.

9. Go to the first room, use gold key on left drawer, take hook.

10. Go to room with the third container, use tool to get container.

11. Go to the room with spacecraft, put container in place, use hook to drag hose from above the spacecraft, click on it to enter into the spacecraft, go to the containers, put down handle. Go to computer, click "hatch open". Go down to spacecraft, click to get inside.

12. Follow instructions on the top right.

You're out.

Great game! The only thing that made me stuck was that color machine in the 1st room. Otherwise - great! Not too difficult, not too easy :)

Great Game..Fun, Fun, Fun

YES! I beat another one! My very first two by myself in the same day! I had Cheetoh's this morning...maybe that was it. Clarity of the mind from Cheetohs?

That was an awesome game!! It had enough things to do to be fun and interesting, but they werent too complicated.
Very well done!!!

haha everyone loves this game so much because they could actually do it by themselves. cool game

help can't get computer with colored planets in jet room to work I have tried every combo, my planets with rings are blue and green ...when I press those buttons just get error...I have also tried other combos and still error hints please.

sorry had three planets...just checked again now it works

tnx for your help!

dideedi - thanks!

hahah i would've never finished the game if u hadn't told us that the arrow order for the first machine was "big to small" it was all cake after that!

Nice game, thanks for the hints.

I'm out! Nice game.

where am i supposed to find the planet?

Hi!! I can't smash the rock with the hammer!!!!

Please help me!!!!!!!!!!

That was very fun!!! Thank you for posting this game! I always knew I was a space cadet!

Awesome game! Need many more like this.

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