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Room Bath Escape

[REPLAY] Akarika - Bath Room Escape is another Japanese point and click escape the room game developed by Akarika. In this game you are locked in a bathroom and you need to escape the bathroom by collecting items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Room Bath Walkthrough
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yey me 1st posting an game

Let's go !

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woot... i'm here toooo! my night owls (depending what time zone ur in lolz)

k... got wut looks like a used piece of toiled paper ;x, white paper wit little symbol on bottom, scissors, and wut look like two sides of a dice we're supposed to put together? or stick sumwhere?

Okay...so far I have a dirty pair of scissors, a square tile of some kind, a red jewel, and what appears to be a piece of paper. I also put a dirty cloth in the washing machine, but I don't know how to start it.

never posted before and never been at start of game

And I just found an electrical cord too.

theres a lead under bath

pole next to toilet red diamond at bottom

Hi everyone!

"Lead?" I assume you mean the cord. That's the only thing I saw under the bathtub. And I found the red jewel next to the toilet, but not the pole.

cleaned scissors in top of toilet

got 3 sides of a dice, dirty scissors (used) blue box, balloon, sort of scoop, paper with hint (which I don't get...) cord (used) red gem

gotta go work now :-( good luck evry1

Yellow jewel a balloon and a plastic spoon

now need to find something to open bottom door of closet

tb tabby sorry red jewel between bath and pole thing nx to toiley, yellow jewel other side of bath

OK, get the note now, but need some washing powder??

which is ofcourse in the blue box!!

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Plugged cord to washing machine (bottom left) and got key. Box is washing powder and put in top of machine with scoop. Only two squares at present...

got electrical cord, powder, but can't clean he paper even with the paper found in the closet

       Anonymous  8/22/08, 2:17 AM  

Found blue gem at the bottom of the washing powder box from cabinet. Got a hint from dirty cloth.
Don't know how to open bottom of the closet and what to do with the ballon.

the cable cord go to the wash machine and use the scissors to cut the rope under the sink

got a clean cloth now which says LOSE.
Anyone knows what to do with that?

       Anonymous  8/22/08, 2:19 AM  

My clean cloth says "high".

hmmmm...I can't clean the scissors in top of toilet :(

already figured it out! It's the code for the toilet.

Think that is the toilet code...

The clean cloth id the code to the toilet..upsidedown numbers

@sun, flush the toilet first. Than the water will run

can't find the blue gem or clean the cloth ...

Theres a electric cord under the bathtube. Put it on the left side of the left bottom side of the washingmachine. Clean the scissors at the cistern from toilet, cut black rope on grey cupboard, get paper and box with soap, i think.

To clean the scissors, flush the toilet and use the scissors on the tank while it's flushing.

power of posting ... got it ! :)

thanks Lis :) got it now..

in the view with he 3 drawers there is a yellow gem

theres a panel on floor infront of toilet to put jewels in

with key from toilet i got a key. With that a stool. Than a story book and another blue gem.
Also the handle for near the bath. No clue what to do next..

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Got find three more!! Use the stool in two places for more goodies...

found the panel, but in what order you put the gems?

       Anonymous  8/22/08, 2:25 AM  

use the handle above bath tub, open door with key and then pull handle while door is open

(got 5 gems now)

i mean 4...

What do we do with the red man???

If you've unlocked the door over the gold lion head, put the handle underneath it. Open the door, then use the handle to reveal a red oni statue. I don't know what to do with it, though, and you can't pick it up.

my wasching maschine won't work,put soap in,cloth,cord and still nothing...

no idea! clicked everywhere and with every object still left... nothing

theres a bent nail on right side of the 3 drawers,maybe need a hammer or pliers to free the drawer

Does anyone understand what's written in the story book? Seems like the redman is somehow related?

Has anyone worked out what to do with the white tile with the little orange logo bottom right?

I cant find the scoop!! :[

@ cazzamoo there's a crowbar

got it, crowbar on top of shelf above sink, use stool to get it

found a little statue with a bowl, bowl filled in the toilet and but on lion draw ... stuck ( 4 gems and 5 tiles)

You need to use all the detergent in the box. Just keep scooping it out and putting it in the machine. You'll know when you're done because the box will be empty except for a blue gem and the scoop will disappear.

Washing machine, put several scoops to get it going...

where's the book ?!

no clue on the paper with the logo either...
And the drawing of the lion above the sink seems to have a bowl or something. Anything you can do with that?

@ redroobar I put it in water and got a code... but don't know where to use it

tnx,had only one scoop left :)

Where is the scoop???? lol

@prugica, you need three scoops of soap. Then it should work.

ok, put blue man next to red man, stuck again

@cazzamoo Click on the little guys head like in the book

same here. and when i put the red bowl at the picture it disappears from it when i zoom out...

lucia what is your code...use beside toilet..numbers

the code on the paper is for the "toilet paper" it unlock something and you can see tiles numbers on the 3 closets (sorry for my english :) )

Hi people. Where is the crowbar on top of the cupboard? I found a white handle in the cupboard that goes on the wall under the lion thing over the bath.

jenva did you get a stool?

ahaa, use crowbar on yellow towel hangin on wall, dunno wot to do with it though

Nevermind, the power of posting, it was a pixel hunt, found it.

@ redroobar no I meant the other piece of paper, the one with the little sign on bottom, there's another code

ty martin

Got all six squares and a thingy...what to do??

ok got 6 tiles from 1 to 6 and a tube of glue. got a key from the blue statue's head for the locked cupboard

Use crowbar on bottom right side of drawers to get a facet handle.

Found another gem in the balloon

Ah thanks Lucia

@Drisana - use the glue on the nail to fix the little guys sword

you can empty the red bowl behind the wooden panel and put it on the grate (after removing the gem) Don't know what to do next...

Use the glue on the head of the nail, then use the nail on the samurai doll to complete his sword. Close the cabinet, then open it again. The oni will be lying down with the sword through its back. Pick it up and turn it over to reveal a faucet handle, which you can use on the sink. Run the water in the sink to reveal some differently-colored symbols. I don't know what they mean.

only got 5 tiles, must of missed 1 sumwhere, any hints please

Take stool and place where mat is. Above on the rail is another jewel. Take note of security camera (wouldnt want one in MY bathroom- LOL), there is another tile thing there.

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Used crowbar on wood panel for another gem

6 gems, 6 tiles, white lights on the filing cabinet with a code for the numbers...stuck

       Anonymous  8/22/08, 2:45 AM  
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ty, the 1 on camera i missed

where is the no.4 and the glue?

Another code!!!!!

Where was the glue? click, click, clicking, cant find it :-(

where's the code from the cabinet?

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I found a code in the sink

glue is in the locked cabinet above the sink with lion head. Key for it is on the blue statue

ok u can fill brown bowl from the sink, bath, toilet bowl, and toilet sistern, missing 1 place to corispond with code in sink

Anybody know where the numbers go??

can fill tubes with water

Think the test tubes give colours..filled up with bowl...still going...

how to fill brown bowl from the sink? from the lion?

I filled all the tubes and got yellow water gave it to lion and got a hint

       Anonymous  8/22/08, 2:56 AM  

There's a secret panel in front of the toilet where the gems go. But still missing a gem.

where do u get 5th lot of water from?

Has anyone found the last gem? possibly a green one..

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can someone tell me please what it is the code for toilet or how to use the clean towel (on the clean towel it is wrote "high")

Lucia, help with the order of filling bowl cistern, ? ? toilet sink?

kornelia, four numbers upside down...

       Anonymous  8/22/08, 3:00 AM  
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you have to make the purple, I mixed the water from the toilet and the one from bath and got purple

over the bathtub where the red statue was there is now a panel to place the tiles...but i have 6 tiles and there are 15 placec to put the tiles...

I've figured out the test tube puzzle! Each of the tubes has to be filled with water from the different location. From left to right:

-The toilet sistern
-The bathtub
-The tube machine itself (pour water into it, set the bowl underneath and drain it to get purple water, then pour it into the center tube)
-The toilet bowl
-The sink

Once you've filled all five, put the bowl under the machine and turn it on. The bowl will fill with yellow water. Take the bowl to the lion head and put it in its mouth. It'll spin around and reveal the location of the gem slots...which we already found, sadly.

Speaking of which, the different-colored gems seem to correspond to the colors of the rainbow. That means I still have to find a green gem. Anybody know where it is?

thanks redroobar!

perhaps you get the green gem when you solve the puzzle over the bathtub?

...still have no use for the white paper (?) with the little orange symbol in one edge.. i'm sure its a hint or something for solving that tiles-puzzle but i don't get it! *arg* lol

found green gem .Now what's the order ?!

       Anonymous  8/22/08, 3:08 AM  

Open the three cabinet doors to see the solution for the riddle with the number plates and you'll get green gem.

aight, i put the gems in like a rainbows colors.... nothing happened! ARGHHHHH!!!!! and also i have one green gem left?? WEIRD!!!!!

I opened the cabinet doors, but I don't see the solution.

dont get the cabinets clue for the dice

Xerth can you give a little help with the puzzle?

@ gewittermond. Put the paper in the bathtub to get the code to flick the toilet roll holders to turn on the light for the cabinet code

tried rainbow colors, also colors in story book but stuck

       Anonymous  8/22/08, 3:16 AM  

When you open the three cabinet doors where the white dots are you see how to arrange the numbers from 1 to 6 on the board and the combination for the gems is all written in the book.

i don't get the order of the tiles... the three cabinets with open doors show the sides of a cubic, but there are perhaps hundreds of alternatives?
to place the tiles "in order" (fron up to down 1 - 6) doesn't work for me... what to do now?

hi there! first time posting. i really have trouble by getting water from the sink and cannot find a key from statue. please help!

tnx martin!

ahhhhhhhhh thanks!!

bist du deutsch gewittermond?

ok.... nvm... lol
think u got it lol

schätze gewittermond spricht deutsch, wenn der Name deutsch ist *zwinker*


(To learn the order to place the gems, look at the colors in the story book starting from the color. Also, place them starting from the bottom.)

okey dokey.... now how do we have to put the gems in so something happens? i tried rainbow and the colors in the book and none of em works! there isnt even a door in this bathroom! lol

cant find any clue as to which order the jewels go in, apart from maybe the 5 colours in sink,

please.... totally stuck with finding key for the closet above the sink

I'm out too!!
Put the gems in reverse order!!

mojito ... water from cistern above toilet..you can turn on sink without the tap...key in statue in head...

ja.... lol
soweit hab ich wieder nicht gedacht. meine gehirnzellen sind schon alle verbraucht für dieses spiel.... lol

völlig richtig erkann mojito :)

@Gewittermond: *breitgrins*

puh, that was a great game! out!

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So that's why the book goes backwards...lol

and out, good game

i have to get back to work now... of course only until the next game is posted :) (hey, it's friday!!!)

My book doesnt have a rainbow? Googled and still not working..

Thank you for your help, Redroobar.
However, I can't get water from the sink.
About the order of gems, I suppose it is the order of colours found in the book : orange - dark blue - yellow - purple - red - light blue - green

But I've not found the green gem yet.

Hmmm...seems to be a possibility of a "real" ending after getting the first one. When you reach the ending screen, select the box in the lower right to bring up some japanese text with "Room Fake" in it. Then select the wide box at the bottom to be taken back to the tunnel, and you can go back to the room.

@ redroobar The colours you see in the book starting with the cover ;-)

pascale...the green gem is found when you complete the dice puzzle above the bath..open up the cupboard where the little men are..

Well dinner time...got to go..super game and great playing with you all and thanks for the help..6.30pm here in Australia

thanks for helping redroobar. 12:34 in Germany...

Hi everyone

WALKTHROUGH Please, I am so stuck.Can't get the crowbar,3 gems,3 tiles (1,3,5), dirty towel (cleaned)which now says high,balloon, sissors(used), paper with orange symbol bottom corner,scoop(used),washing powder(used). Please help

ok - so I'm stuck
I have all the gems in place. I have reversed orders... what is meant to happen... currently I have green at top then light blue
dark blue
Stil in my inv I have book and stool


I think I've found a bug. After getting the green gen, the lion head turns back around and you can take the bowl back. Put it back in the lion head's mouth and it'll spin around again, resetting the dice puzzle. All the tiles will be in place, so you can just press the button to "solve" it again. After that, open the cabinet with the samurai doll and there'll be another green gem. You can keep repeating as long as you like. I've gotten four green gems this way. I don't know if it's just a bug or a clue to the "real" end.

Redroobar, I feel stupid, I opened this cupboard (the blue man is alone, now since I used the faucet from the red one), but I can't even see where the dice puzzle is !
Well, it's lunch time, here in France (12h35), I should be in the kitchen (-:
Martin, I think you're right, the green gem must be the first one and not the last one.

perhaps you have to get 6 green gems for the panel on the ground? (still here i know :-P )

I doubt it, since the other gems are all still there and I can't move them.

NANA, where is tile with number 3????

out!great game

It's been so long ago, I don't remember where I found it. I wish I could help.

@ Pascale The colour order you see in the book is from the bottom to the top and then zoom out to see the 'out' but I think there is a different ending like Tabby does

when you look at the code for the toilet there is a thin line behind (on the ground) but you can't click it. perhaps it's the panel IN FRONT OF the toilet, but the view is actual different...

Finally, I saw where the dice puzzle is : I couldn't see it previously because I didn't put the red bowl at the right place above the sink !
Now... how to put these dice...

Need tile number 3!

the "multiple" green gems is a bug for shure because you can't choose them in your inventory (except for the first)

It is 5:53am here and I have been playing since 4:30AM, think that I will restart and maybe I can tell you where I found it.

Can anyone please tell me where to find the purple gem? It´s the only one i miss. :o(

Purple gem is behind where you throw away the water of the bowl.


i think it's in the drain where the watertubes are

Got it. 3 is beside the black cabinet on the left side.

did you look where the lamp is?

3 is beside the black cabinet on the left side. Face the cabinet and click between the washer and the cabinet.

Danke gewittermond, ich habs gefunden! ;o)

Thank you Martin !
Well, I still have not guessed how the dice tiles should be placed... (6 must be opposite to 1, 4 to 3 and 2 to 5, I suppose, but how exactly ?).

hey, you'll find another panel in the tunnel when you look at the sink! there's a switch, wich rotates the cam, where you'll see another switch. then there appears a light with some markings next to the diamond panel... now i'm stuck with that.

First is one, bottom next two, bottom left side is three and so on...

I've been back to the room after getting out and tried a different colour combination in the tubes but the lion just gives the same clue about the panel and won't turn back. I can't remove the gems either. So either it's a bug or it's way more involved than I want to be at 7pm on a Friday night. Adios amogos...;-) have fun, this is a good gam.

*game* too.

I 'm out

This comment has been removed by the author.

I 'm out

I 'm out

Thanx Megi for this great find!!!!
wish,there would be more thoughtful, and nicely designed games like this one ;-)
managed the first 2 thirds on my own(for once... LOL).then of course I needed help, thanks everybody!!!

hilited scissors, on cistern after flushing toilet, still cant clean them, help

I´ll give it up. Must be an idiot.
I´ve tried both combinations for the gems, but i can´t get out.
Nothing works. :o(((

from bottom to top: green, orange, dark blue, yellow, purple, red, light blue

First highlight it, then press the handle and click the jet of water. It should clean up.

What should be happen if i place the gems in the right order?

I tried:

- orange
- dark blue
- yellow
- purple
- red
- light blue
- green

and revers of this also, but nothing happened...

what is the right order of the gems?

Same here Kyria. Tried both combos with no result.

to see what happened after putting the gems in the right order you have to zoom out to see the tunnel next to the toilet

Blogger gewittermond said...

from bottom to top: green, orange, dark blue, yellow, purple, red, light blue

tried it, nothing happened...

No tunnel in sight here:-( Tried (from top to bottom) orange, dark blue, yellow, purple, red, light blue, green and vice versa.

look at the posts: GREEN, orange....

Gewittermond, du bist ein Schatz!
Habe ständig hellblau und rot verdreht!

Finally, out!!!! yippiee!

Where is the stool, crowbar ?

Walktrhough please ... so stuck !

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