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[REPLAY] Tomb Scape is a new point and click adventure game from Psionic3d. Use your point and click skills to figure out the game. Read instructions in the game for more details and help. Explore the tomb, solve puzzles and beware of the many traps and pitfalls! Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Tombscape Walkthrough

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First!!! Yay!

:))) hi

hey cool a new game

Let's go!

Like the graphics in this... Nice. :) Gonna need all the help I can get. lol

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how do you get past the swinging knife

oh nvm figured it out

ishhhh i'm decapited lol...idea ???

do tell lol

I don't know. I keep getting killed

got it !!!

click the green arrow when the knife is up..

really cool game

Gosh, that was crazy! But I did it! lol

hey just started

crossed the swinging knives

What do you do in the tunnel with the stalagtites? I don't seem t be able to get down the tunnel.

Hey, you get a bonus for killing the bugs! Lol!

use lighter on all torches

tunnel with the stalagtites?...ligth somes extra lamps

Thanks Megi!

done!! awesome game

Yak. The spiders really freaked me out :)

yeah...was fun !!!

This game makes me feel like Indiana Jones lol

Man!! Just when I was about to get done I hit a stupid advertisement by accident that DIDN'T open up in a new page, and totally messed my game. :( I'll have to try again later... don't wanna restart right now. Sigh...

just finishd, this was a fun game

I love these games. That was a lot of fun

Thanks for posting megipoland. It's a nice game!

Anyone playing ?

I'm at a puzzle, maths i guess,
can someone help me plz ? ty

dont know how to do the game with the waterbuckets..
any hints ?

god :) right after my post i tabbed back into the game and i saw what to do :) sometimes its kinda dunno :)

i solved the math puzzle,
doing other now, any help on that one ?

just like me shisha2win, after posting i got it :D

total score 208334
time 18:34
2 secret items the saber and the ring

funny game :)

mieke just collect the pairs which are shown @ the right side

What to do at the stairs ?

got it :D ... looking for a good bucket

bucket is filled, what do i do next ?

Wow good game, but so many spiders or shall i say Arachnids, overwhelming :D

Mieke did you get through the game with the big spider ? I keep losing.

NVM I should all my bullets on the big spider and I won.

anyone else set a highscore?

High score!

What a cool game my 2nd without any help at all...and got an excellent high score!! Yeah me :)

Interesting game. I got 23022!!! But it was 23:39 for time.

Easy game. 226188 24:35

Glad you guys/gals liked it, any questions gimme a shout ;-)

The highscore is a simple in-game system with preset scores that are pretty easy to beat!!

Just curious...I had 40 bullets in my inventory and only get 30 to kill the arachnids...cant get past them (my mouse has gone weird)...

Psi...I love these games icescape and the morning before and after. I nice level of challenge, but not impossible.

Bullets drop as well so you can gain more that way...plus its a good idea to search under piles of dirt for extra goodies ;-)

Thanks, glad you enjoy them, Wish I could squeeze more into em but filesizes are restricting me...maybe I'll do something a little different for my next game!!


Pretty fun once I got past the swinging blades. XD


I have played this 2ce now and have found more things by turning out lights and using my lighter, can you tell us what is the total amount of all things to find, what is a perfect score minus the bugs, could kill those all day. LOVE this game...Please make more!

how come i can't get enough points for the connect the dots?

For the second connect the dots, I don't have the score, yet it won't reset itself. I've touched all the dots...I don't want to restart...

please.........*means times right. can't get thru the math problem

kjwalsh10: Glad you have enjoyed it ;-)

There is no perfect score as some scores for items are random as well, so you may score more on another playthrough...

gramps: yeah * means multiply, do the sums in vertical order!!

yes, it does...but the last one doesn't follow the order of operations (since there isn't a possibility of a fraction)

I think it was:
99701 ?

tks diana

This was a great game..I loved it..The spiders took me a few trys,but the puzzles were all doable..Looking forward to your next game psi..

Yes!!!! A New Game Of Theres

I had trouble with the spiders until I realised that when a bullet fell down you shoot it to get more bullets.

Yeah!! high score 214474!!! wooo hooo!

this is ridiculous, i have played that stupid spider game about 8 times and cant win! pick up all the bullets and i swear i killed every spider but it reckons i failed. how on earth can you win if you kill all of them and it still says failed?????

Cathy: On the first meeting you have to kill 30 spiders to progress, on the second you have to kill the spider boss (shoot its mouth around the time it sprays its web at you)

Good Luck!!

205000 socre yeah

Found knife, ring and goblet secret objects, I think there is one more? Any ideas where?

'sigh', well thought i would give it another go after the hint re the spiders so started again. now on the second connect the dots thing i have touched every number and nothing is happening. no try again, no score, nothing. have now coloured in the entire screen and cant move on. going to have to quit and i am NOT starting this stupid game again

I found 4 secret objects. One in the very firdt room with the stairs, one in the room where you have to pry the wood off the shaft, one in the room with the connect the dots, and one in the room with all the buckets. There may or mat not be one more. I'd like to know if there is.

Cathy: Thanks for trying...

dragonLilyv: There's also one in the room with the two puzzles that open the door (on the right hand wall) ;-)

thanks psi

Psi..there is a problem with the dots. If you get too enthusiastic it does lock up and there is no reset. Had to restart a couple of times.

hey... how did u get pass the bucket thing... i can't seem to find a good one...

how do you get passed the stalagtite room?

i haveno idea what to do.

well...that was to easy! I finished it in no time.

with the connect the dots just do it fast...worked for me.

well...that was to easy! I finished it in no time.

       Anonymous  8/22/08, 9:41 PM  

How can I get through the "Pairs" Puzzle? I just don't get it! I click the pair of tiles and nothing is working. Help, please!

wut lights do u light at the ditch?

       Anonymous  8/23/08, 9:48 AM  

ohh yeeah im in the top 5 ha!

ON the bit with the tunnel and the toches, it won't let me light them. What do I do?

Help - buckets...

sorted! the power of posting striked again!

ive got the highest score of 220008

I got the highest score 220008

Score 220798
Time 18:32

Yay finished lol!
Total Score: 221864
Time: 19:48

This comment has been removed by the author.

yo i got 244554! highscore!



i need help, and fast.


the waterfall puzzle, i found the right bucket, THAT was easy.

but wtf is with the actual puzzle??

please post back telling me what to do in the puzzle.


AliiBabezz x

This comment has been removed by the author.

nevermind i found my lighter

what is the seconf picyure to connect the dots?

       Anonymous  8/27/08, 4:51 PM  

Omg!i Made Number One n The Top 5!(:
and that was my first time playing!

       Anonymous  8/28/08, 10:28 AM  

Help how do I get past the swinging knife?

203606, 23:24

Gutted i just got to the second spiders with no bullets...

now if i had one more bullet i would have done it...

did it!

where was the ring?

there are 2 swords and 2 rings

i could not join up the line wor.... how???

Yea, at the part where I have to light more torches... but how do I do that??


Score 236396 , time 17:32...well that puts me in first place I guess...

very funny game :)
best of luck

I received the second highest score and that was with pure luck.... I got 246,636

I'm onto the 2 Puzzles and I'm stuck on the Math 1, What do I press to enter the puzzle when I have the right answers, or does it enter automatically when I've put in the right answers?

That's OK, I've done 1 of the puzzles but the other pairs puzzle I click on one of the pairs but I can't click on the rest of the pairs cos it's like the game's stuck.

How many levels do you have to do for Join The Dots

hey guys my score is 253176 it was really helpful ur comments
thank u all

stupid game, I cant get past the first connect the dots...i have tried a million times


Nice game! :)

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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