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Escape from Camp Crystal Lake Walkthrough

Escape from Camp Crystal Lake

Escape from Crystal Lake is a new point and click game from Afro-Ninja Started in 2004, this was intended to be the sequel to 2003's Escape from Elm Street. My friend Joe (SleazeRocker) and I paired up to create it, but got in a little over our heads and let the project drop. We worked on and off but eventually progress came to a halt. In 2005 I remade the original Elm Street game, while this one was still on the backburner. Finally at the beginning of 2008 we decided we couldn't let our old work go to waste- so we picked it back up, revamped everything, and finished it out. It worked out pretty well, because we had plenty of time to fix up problems in the game and polish it. Not to mention that music man Josh Kemp expressed interest in creating a custom soundtrack for it, which was an awesome addition to the atmosphere. Good luck and have fun!

Warning: This game contains some adult language and themes, so it is not suitable for young players.

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Here we go!!!

Good luck

Just starting.

Starting too, gl all.

can't seem to get the game to play. Is it in that little window that pops up when you click play?

ANyone found a use for the knife and duct tape?

And I think we need a stone or brick to break the window in the office. ANyone with any ideas?

what to do after turning on generator

THats where Im stuck - I cant get electricity to the fuse box and theres a water leak. Have you been able to use the duct tape or knife?

not yet

use tape on the window in the house with generator

Use the duct tape on the broken wire in the generator room. Found no use for the knife yet

use duck tape on cables in the generator room, then swicht on generator and get light at tha camp

We can broke the window using oar

I cant seem to get tape on window or the wires, what am I doing wrong?

Hi every one first time poster!!!

make sure power is turned off first evlwmn

Crap I died. Jason beat me up. I will come back later and try again. There is a walkthrough button on the bottom of the page which can help you.

Where did you found the knife ?

Done. that was kinda fun


Dipsy ... when you see him stop, hold the oar to his left side, you need to block his attacks, by letting him knock onto the oar.

sigh got killed
try not to let jason hit you when he raises his arm put up your oar otherwise he hits you and eventually you die

left for you, right side of his body ... hope you get it :D

Out, going to bed now, have fun all

Done... Not bad

woohoo! finally beat him


Nope, thank you, too spooky for me...

Good luck everyone!

ooh! i love afro ninja escape games

this game looks very fun and scary XD great!

uh letterdrop game?? did somebody manage to do it?

Hi Guys, i'm in, will help if i can but normally rely on Diana! lol

ehh looked fun but the dead body and fighting jason is makin me think other wise

Hey, has anyone gotten behind the kitchen yet?

Yes. Small hint, try to start with the obvious word (name of the evil guy) and the lines with only one letter...when you have all words just put them in order to make a useful sentence.

allright thank you volker for the hint... lol i just used my oar, this game is really fun


finished :-) ... now i'm going to sleep, im sure i will have some strange nightmares!! bye everybody


Hmmmm. Knife and duct tape....sounds like a friday night.....I have said too much

has anyone found a key for cabin 3?

You have to find all the 23 papers to get the key...useful!! But don´t ask me where I found them all.

Gosh, I hate these games on NewGround website. I can never scroll down to hit the "play." All my screen does is shake. Bah! Is there an alternative link?

This game was a lot of fun. Though I finished at only 75%... if it weren't for fighting Jason at the lake, I might try for 100.

Please where are the broken wires in the generator room?

Hi does anyone know how to get the second drawer open in the tool shed i have tried and tried i just just cant seem to get it open.

out with 17/23 files...
I will try again for all files if I am free.LOL

and i am still missing two files one is in the draw the other i dnt know. can anyone help with a clue??

ok got to the lake and died lol ...there is a walkthrough on main page of game. Computer drop game is watch out jason is behind you. use the orr on window at office and on jason. tape the electric line with tape. shut off #3 on electric to get to the lake. collect all notes and files. you will fight jason 3 times I wasn't aware that in the 3 time you use all weapons ...LOL liked this format alot more hands on THANKS for making it. Good Luck All.

out with 100% gallery unlocked but still not sure how i got my last 2 files i was just clicking like a mad woman. lol. good game fun to play a bit gory but never the less good.

how in the hell do u play this game, i click on the link and some weird website keeps comin up?

Sorry, but whoever made this game must have totally just fell asleep at the last part. The game is too slow/buggy, I can't reach for the arrow in time to shoot Jason. Then, he will go forever without even doing anything but dancing around.
Good game, horrible ending.

really liked this game, old school adventure game.

I always stuck in a finding hidden note 2 I can't ind it in the car

Cameron, Jason stays stunned longer if you use the Machete.

占卜大師, click the tailpipe laying on the ground next to the back of the car.

could anyone tell me where the panel key is

占卜大師, I do not understand, which panel key are you looking for?

Crap! Was doing so well on my own. In trying to fight Jason, I clicked outside the box and got some crap from University of Phoenix. What a @#$%^&*()_ drag. I hate when games do that. Good luck all, I have had enough for now!!!!!!!

Whoo hoo! Out with all 23 files...100% gallery unlocked...took a few tries at the end to kill ole Jason but he was dead when I left him!!! An "interesting" diversion from the normal escape game, but kinda fun!

i have two keys, already used them.
read the diary things.
and i have duct tape.

so far fun!

im in the generator room and i have the two cabin keys a knife and some tape what do i do?

hey guys i just started this but last year i played this but didnt have a account

Where do I find the Machete??? I tried clicking the car tail pipe but it isn't clickable...

I have a game cartridge I can't find a playstation for, I asume it's in cabin #3. Where is the key to cabin #3 or what do I use to get in???

Note: Make sure you fill in your name and date of birth at the start of the game.

You will be collecting 23 files along the way (11 of these are poster pieces) plus the inventory items. You can view what files you’ve collected by clicking on the file folder to the right of the inventory. There is also a map of the camsite which you will need to find your way around.

Here goes!
Collect Map from red map box at Camp Entrance

Move forward 3 times using the red navigation buttons, You’ll see a sign for Office, so go Left then Right (

Click office door to zoom in. Collect key for Cabin 1 from mailbox.

Go to Barn after leaving office for a clue as to what you’ll do with all those files later on.

Go to Cabin 1 (Use the map to find your way - the red flashing indicates where you are and the direction you’re facing. The walkthrough will take forever if I have to give directions!)
Click on door with the key and you’ll be asked if you want to spend the night here - say yes

In Cabin 1 collect Cabin 2 key from on top of right side table and first Poster Piece from drawer in left side table

Go to Cabin 2 - use key to enter. Click on Cabin Diary on top of left side table and Duct tape from drawer in right side table

Go to Generator Room. Click bottom drawer of filing cabinet to get Poster Piece and middle drwaer for stanley knife (craft knife).
Use duct tape to repair damaged cable under window where water is leaking. Open right hand door panel on generator to turn on power. Click instructions and then click 2 levers and press start.
Zoom out and click box on right hand wall to turn on camp lights. Only turn on 1 and 2 as there is a pylon down later on and you will only have to come back and turn off 3. Make sure you click on the post it note here too.

Go to RestRooms: Poster piece in first stall. Oar from body in 5th stall

Go to Office: When you’re at the front door, look left to collect Poster Piece. Look back at the door and use oar to break window. Enter room. Look right and click on all three items on memo board. You need the Computer Note instructions here but make note of scavenger hunt info for later. (you can always look at it later in the files anyway). Click on computer and type (from note) RUN LETTERDROP to play game. It’s pretty straightforward. You’re making 6 words in the grid from the letters above but you can only use one of the letters that are directly above the cell you click on. Have a go your self or the words are in spoiler below

Letterdrop Game Solution:


And indeed he is! After you complete game, exit computer view and Jason will attack you. You have to use the oar to defend yourself. Move the oar left and right in front of Jason. When he stops, he’s going to attack you so click to raise the oar to protect yourself. Once you’ve been successful, he drops the key for the Tool Shed

Go to the toolshed. Collect baseball Bat leaning on wall and Poster Piece from the middle drawer of wooden cabinet.

You will immediately enter a battle with Jason upon leaving toolshed. Use the bat to attack him. Took me ages to make the nasty man go away! He then drops the key for the Counsellors Cabin

Go to Counsellors Cabin. Collect Poster Piece from fireplace. Use Stanley Knife to cut tape on door and collect Archery Bow. Click on other door to go out back. Shoot the twinkling light. It’s the kitchen key and you can pick it up after you hit it with bow and arrow.

Remember the scavenger hunt note about looking for a lump in the cabin locked by gold? Look for the lump in the floor in Counsellors Cabin. Click on it for your first scavenger clue. You need to visit the kitchen before you can complete the hunt so I’ll put the Scavenger hunt clues in a separate spoiler after kitchen clues.

Go to Kitchen: Get Poster Piece from second cupboard from left. Click on back door to go to the dock. Collect Poster Piece 11 from dock. STOP!! Don’t cross the lake yet!! You don’t yet have of the 23 files you need plus where is that pesky Cabin 3 key??!!

Scavenger Hunt:

Follow scavenger hunt clues (From: note on memo board in office) -
(1) bump in floor in counsellors room,
(2) exhaust pipe on ground near the car
(**Also, Collect Poster Piece on your way back down path to car and Car Note on drivers Door)
(3) In office follow instructions from previous note
(4) Rest room following instructions from note 3
(5) A games cartridge is where note 4 tells you to look!

At this point you should have 21 files.
Go to Cabin 3 (you can’t enter yet) and collect Poster Piece. You now have 23 files because a fanatics letter is added to your files. Read it if you like!

Go to the Barn and collect Cabin 3 key

Go to cabin 3, win the computer game with the cartridge you’ve found on the scavenger hunt (REALLY easy), collect the machete from the wall to the left. (If you don’t get machete - final showdown with our mate Jason is much harder!

Go to the Dock and this time cross the river for the final fight with Jason. When you arrive click on the tombstone to read something spinetingling!

To kill Jason you will need the machete first and then the bow:

You will NEVER kill Jason if you just swipe at him with the machete. After you hit him with it he is sationary for a few moments. At this point, quickly change your weapon to the archery bow and shoot him in the head with it (must be the head). Then change back to machete. I think you have to get him 3 or 4 times before he’s toast.

PS If you didn’t get the machete from Cabin 3 you will only have the baseball bat to hit him and you have to hit him 3 times before he stops fighting and you can use the bow.

Once he’s dead, there’s a cut scene and then the credits and then it tells you how well you’ve done! If you follow the walkthru you should get 100%

Why isn't Jason showing up behind me? I figured out the letterdrop message, but he still isn't there. Is there something else I need to do?

Hey everybody im kinda stuck on the last bit where you have to click on the tombstone becasue i cant see it anywhere and i dont want to get on the boat, i would like to finish this game off.
Any tips and advice would be appreciated.

Thanks alot :)

I can't get to the Barn

It's a real fun game alot of going back and forth that is the annoying part i got a 82%

Whats the answer for the LETTERDROP game... i cant get that lol


i've almost completed the game, i just need to find the key to cabin 3 so that i can get the machete from there, and defeat jason easier.
plus i found the game cartidge.,
so, anyone know where cabin 3's key is?

nevermind, i found it and i completed the game:]

Why isn't Jason showing up behind me? I figured out the letterdrop message, but he still isn't there. Is there something else I need to do? pleaaaase help me!

I have everything but can not find the last letter by cabin 3 can anyone help me out so I can open cabin 3 and get the macheti to help me kill jason please

where did you find the knife

alright, im stuck.
but im only missing 4 notes

how do u pass this game

i can't find the last note. HELP ME! PLEASE!

were do u use the bow at after u hit him whit the bat three times

bleh, im having trouble i dont see a poster piece near cabin three and i have 21 files! does anyone know what to do. where is this poster piece near cabin three?

i need help again i cant find cabin 3's key near the barn....can anyone help?

And escaped!

i am playin the games right now

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