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I Don't Even Know Walkthrough

I Don't Even Know

I Don't Even Know is an addicting and funny puzzle type game by lawlolawl studio. Work your way through not-so-everyday obstacles! The first level isn't impossible. I really, really don't even know why this was made. Paper or plastic? Good luck and have fun!

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Hi Juanma, Second!

Cute! Nice time waster

Yay, No. 65!

starting now, anyone with me ?

What a good game ... you even can make a choice to win or not to win the game ... LMAO !!! Took me 9 min 2sec.

7 min 47 sec's

Weird game

Lol, this game is hilarious.

This game is adorable! And very funny =]

Who is hasan and how do we ban him? He keeps putting these lists on our comments pages!

:0( I can't fix my rocket.....

nvm, i'm dense

well that was different

Actually the Moderator has to Ban ppl like this & remove those types of comments, i guess someone is not doing what there suppose to do.

Anyway, what a dumb game.

Lol. I'm okay here. Out in 4 mins and 23 seconds. xD

That was a good time-waster. And it was pretty funny too.

5 minutes and 57 seconds XD

This game is So weird.... but funny ;)

How do you even play this thing?

who stole the fricken cookie!?

Good game. It's sort of like Wario Ware.

Do more!

Strange game...isn't it?!

how do u play this?
im on the how joo make a'splode part...
wat do ya do ??

curious for answers still...

thnx bye xoxoxox

Fun I got 1min 35

best game evaaaa,,,,,haha dont make me explain

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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