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Remote Escape

Remote Escape is a new point and click type room escape game by Marc Baldwin. In this game, you are in a room and you need to escape the room by finding and using items with solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Remote Escape Video Walkthrough
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Let's get going! :o)

Got a few items and off we go.

Wow posted at same time and neither of us said the dreaded f word.

ok, box cutter, screwdriver, coat hanger, and 2 projector slides. hmmm...

yes jacky, and thank goodness for that! :D

7 items so far...coat hanger, screwdriver, box cutter, 2 projector slides, magnet and camera. Haven't found where to use them yet though!

use the knife on the top left drawer to get a key

Mmm I'm missing the coat hanger and then I'll have the same amount of items.

Need a fuse...

Have 2 projector slides, remote control with ariel (no battery) knife, screwdriver, magnet, fuse and a key (used)

3 projector slides now, still can't find the coat hanger.

i also got what it seems to be a car?!

hello all!!! I love to play these games when everyone is here!

Missing quite a few of these later items, but have my projector set up (with 2 slides), which gives a colour code...

...which I'd already used! Ha ha!

The fuse is behind the garbage can by the sofa. In the corner

i found 3 slides!

where's the projector?

Found the coat hanger and car now.

found battery for remote an third slide

I have hanger, screwdriver used, knife used, key used, wireless camera, projector and slides used. got the fuse in the box

projector is in the top right drawer

No remote or car for me yet. Did find 3rd projector slide, but it didn't add anything new. Have a screen that says 'no input' (thanks to the clue on finding the fuse).

put the projector on empty shelf and the slides in it...

Key on right leg of the table :o)

Ok, have car in gap, but still no remote to navigate it...

the coat hanger is an arial for the remote control

the car will go in the small space by the door

hmm need key for top right drawer

where is the remote at?

battery in the fire alarm

And OUT!! :oD Nice, simple game

forthe remote look carefully the table view, there are 2 another keys

put the magnet on the car.. hmmmm now what??

I can't remember where I fond the remote now. maybe in the cupboard next to the one with the car?

Out! Pretty nice little game.

My remote won't work even with a battery in.

you have to put the hanger on the remote

I put the hanger on the car.

No, I meant I put the hanger on the remote and it still doesn't do anything.

camera goes on car with magnet

camera and magnet go on the car. battery and coat hanger go on remote.

and out...great game

I have magnet on car, camera on car, the TV is now on but I can't figure out how to navigate the car. *sigh*

and out.. cute game, but a little too easy. :) good luck all

watch the tv to navigate

elvis - click with the remote control on the screen

I'm out, great game.

I been doing that... I'll try it again.

Well now it worked, I guess I didn't wait long enough or click the right spot. Thanks :)

I love the stats! I escaped in 2,176 seconds and clicked 1,849 times LOL!

i cant c anything wot im confused if ur 12 or older add me on msn zoe.blakey@virgin.net im 12 btw

is any 1 there

where is the remote

i cant find the coat hanger?

i found a key at the socket under table and another key at the right leg of table. both are keys for the cabinet over the sofa.

but i can't find the keys for the drawers

i cant find a thing its dark any ways if ur 12 or older add me at zoe.blakey@virgin.net

got the remote does anyone know where the camera is??

hi every 1 did u add me

This comment has been removed by the author.

got coat hanger, still need camera and 3rd slide etc...

g'day people....gonna try this one

I'm stuck. I have the magnet on the car, and the hanger on the remote and the batteries, and 2 keys, but no camera, and i only have 2 slides.

I didn't even use the projector to get out, I used the painting and the size of the squares haha

Where is the key to the top right drawer?

the screen with the not doppler picture there is a hole in the wall to the left, i can only guess that those are the keys to the drawer but i cant figure out how to get them out.

cutupangels89: actually those are the keys to get out of the room. The key for the drawer is in the drawer on the left. You have to use your knife to remove the top lid :)

we have to use the car to get the keys, but we need the romte from the right drawer... did you check under the green chair for a slide?

knife on the top left drawer, the only one you can open and you'll find the key to get the projector

yes i have the slide from the chair, and ty for helping with the key situation. im kinda new to these games and these actually have been my first posts lol. so forgive me if im a lil slow haha

now if i could just learn how to navigate that darn car...

my first posts, too angels.. and thanks Jase.... finally out... I suck

It keeps telling me i wont be able to see where the car is going.

Angels.. you need the camera... did you get all three slides yet?

out, but never used slides or utility knife and never found whatever goes in the inventory slot above the car.

oh well, fun anyway. thx to all who posted hints.

I don't have the camera, and i only have 2 slides, i have the one from the chair and I actually do not remember where i got the other one. Lol.

just found 3rd one.

every 1 add me at zoe.blakey@virgin.net

where is coat hanger plz?

where oh where is the camera!

haha got camera now. thanks for the help. XD

nevermind, ive found it... trying for camera now!!

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

1967 seconds 1729 clicks... someone has to talk to housekeeping, no way should that fuse have been left there... enjoy people

o common!! can someone please help me to find stupid camera

I still can't find the remote or a key for the right side cabinet (where remote supposedly is?) Can someone tell me exactly where to click? Please?

click red square ,green square, blue square...see what happens

I'm out. That made my brain hurt. It was a long night last night lol. I haven't slept so my brain doesn't want to work.

To get the camera you need the slides and the not doppler picture thingy.

4926 seconds [[Lol]]
1481 clicks

Camera was behind the "not doppler" screen. The three slides, put in the projector, give you the order of colors to click. However, I found it by accident before I even got the projector, just by clicking colors at random.

gellka i think you have to check "not doppler" projector will help with code

Moog! Thank you sooo much :)

Jeez, the magic of posting. I finally managed to click the right space to get the closeup of the sockets. Durrr...


open top left drawer and take screwdriver
click top of drawer and take safety knife
open top left drawer and click in it with safety knife and take key
open fire alarm with screwdriver and take battery
go right and click right chair and take slide
click right table leg and take key
click plug socket and then open the right socket with the screwdriver and take key
click bin at the very left of the screen.
take slide from door handle and coathanger from bin
go right
click under couch and take magnet
click brown vase and click corner of carpet and take fuse
click on top of grey cabinet and take slide
open both left and right doors of the cabinet with keys and take remote controlled car and remote control
go to cabinet with books and open top left drawer with grey key
take projector
open fuse box under tv with screwdriver and put in fuse
place projector on shelf next to the "not doppler" picture
put the 3 slides in the projector and notice the letters RGB on the screen next to the fire alarm
click Red Green Blue on the not doppler picture and take camera
put battery in remote control
put coathanger on remote control
put the magnet and the camera on the car
put the car in the gap next to the vase near the door and push in the car
go to tv and use remote control on tv
go back to the gap and take the keys from the car
use keys on door and you're out


thank you so much for the walkthrough
I put the car but didnt click it to put in the gap damn

wow walkthrough already.

nice game. i liked it. couldnt have done it without the walkthrough though =]

What a gr8 game ... out !

Ahhhhhh!! How do you turn on the lights. Or am I just having a glitch? The screen just sits there dark, with the message "I've lost my keys again." Help.

probably just a glitch..happen to me but worked when i reloaded it..where is the grey key..for the drawer?

1,540 seconds and 968 clicks without using a walk through. Woot! I'm getting better at these darn things.

That was fun! Thank you Laser for the walkthru!!!

1008 secs, 555 clicks! (used some of ur hints tho.

i'm proud of both Jackie and Divinyl, and i love a walk through, thankyou everyone! but i can't locate the 'fuse'. i believe it's behind the pot next to the couch, but i can't see it or click on anything in the space... any tips to where i'm going wrong?

i see someone's said the fuse is behind the garbage can it the corner, it it the one with the coat hanger in it? can't see fuse there either?

fuse is under the carpet, in corner behind pot next to sofa, not bin in corner.

woo 1706 seconds and 776 clicks, i like easy ones like that as i'm new to this site

this is kinda...awkward.

i love how this is supposed to be a game of thinking but people choose to use the walkthroughs anyway.

*points to self*
i hate being lazy haha.

hey ppls i just started game with no help easy!!! lol im out!!!!!

Hiya Everyone Here Is The Walkthourgh For This Game Hope U Enjoy!:

Click on draws

Click behind draws to get knife

Click back and click top left draw

Pick up screwdriver

Use knife to lift up bottom of draw and get key

Use key to open right top draw and get projector

Use screwdriver on fire alarm to take cover off and get battery

Click underneath right chair and get a slide

Click right leg of table and take key from the leg

Click on the plugs and use the screwdriver on the right one to get key

Click on bin, then click on bin to get coat hanger

click on pipe to get slide

Click underneath the sofa to get a magnet

Click on the cabinet, use keys to open both sides and get car and remote

Click top of cabinet and get slide

Click on pot, then click on corner of carpet to get a fuse

Goto the screen, click on the white box by the screen, use screwdriver to open it and place fuse inside

Placed projector on shelf, then place slides onto projector

Goto the projector screen and note RGB

Goto the picture frame and click Red, Green, Blue, collect camera

Place camera, magnet on car

Place battery, coat hanger on remote

Goto pot by the door

Push car through the gap

Go to the screen and with remote in hand click on the screen, watch car collect key

Go back to the pot by the door and take key from the car

Use key to escape

1128 seconds
455 clicks
that makes it sound easy...

Where is picture frame?

971 seconds and 793 clicks.

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