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Retro Room Escape is another new point and click type room escape game from Bored.com, author of Bad Reception and Storage Escape. In this game you are locked in a room from the 70's. You need to find a way to escape by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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       Anonymous  9/19/08, 10:22 PM  

uh, first?

yep maybe i'm second hehehe, good luck

       Anonymous  9/19/08, 10:28 PM  

ok here we go......

i'm here but head hurts. not sure how long i'll make it lol. so far i have 3 blue pieces, 2 green (one in a glass), a thumbtack, a slide, and matches.

wow lots of random things. i have a projector? a knife, more green and blue things.

got green block out of ice

I should be in bed , but....

making numbers out of the blue and green blocks on the wall. i think.

       Anonymous  9/19/08, 10:33 PM  

wow, im actually here in time...

working on confusing puzzle on desk....

Whet we put three slides to projectors we can open the safe
my code is 846

ok put all of the blocks on the wall and activated the blue and green plus signs. got another projector and set it up with a slide. still no clue about the 1-9. is it only the numbers 1-9 for the whole puzzle or just each line? hmmm

i know better but i'm working on the math puzzle

       Anonymous  9/19/08, 10:38 PM  

finished puzzle on computer

im out !
682 seconds

got out with 859 sec and clicked 1705 times.. lol First time w/ no help. :D

ACK! what's the code for the puzzle on the desk? is that where the last slide is?

       Anonymous  9/19/08, 10:41 PM  

once u pick up an item, how do u get it back to the arrow?

k...just hit the spacebar to put an item away

space bar

yahoo got a slide

help with the number puzzle pls?

       Anonymous  9/19/08, 10:45 PM  

and ailent tangest, each connecting line must add up to 18. so if u have 4 and 8 in one line, the third # would be 6. and u can only use each # once.

I,m out!!

       Anonymous  9/19/08, 10:47 PM  

melted thing in ice w/ matches

middle line silentangst is 279

       Anonymous  9/19/08, 10:49 PM  

im missing a green piece, and i cant get the other drawers open??

FINALLY! My brain hates numbers. Especially when I have a headache.

       Anonymous  9/19/08, 10:50 PM  

ok im stuck.
have 3 green 4 blue shape, knife (used), pin (used) and matches (used)

       Anonymous  9/19/08, 10:50 PM  

and what's with the clock?

       Anonymous  9/19/08, 10:50 PM  

and what's with the clock?

       Anonymous  9/19/08, 10:52 PM  

place the shapes in the pics above the couch...then thats where im stuck as well, but i do have one yellow piece in place....

giveusthegoodies, did u try the picture?

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  9/19/08, 10:53 PM  

four green! yay! (in pics of colored squares)

how do you unlock the drawers? i'm still missing one yellow block :(

       Anonymous  9/19/08, 10:54 PM  

clicked on a stupid add.
going to dinner.
good luck
will try again later.

       Anonymous  9/19/08, 10:54 PM  

the colored blocks pic? if thats what you mean, then yes, i got that one already

the one on the clock then?

       Anonymous  9/19/08, 10:57 PM  

anyone do anything with the balloon, or the hot spot under the desk??

       Anonymous  9/19/08, 10:58 PM  

yep, got the green from the clock, the front left leg of couch, and the blocks pic....

other is in the balloon

out...1368 seconds 834 clicks... i'll stick around for a little bit...

       Anonymous  9/19/08, 11:02 PM  

ok, think im missing the pin/thumbtack to pop the balloon lol....hints?

I'm out!!!

check under the desk drawer

       Anonymous  9/19/08, 11:04 PM  


got one yellow piece & all the blue and green pieces, finished the computer puzzle and set up the projectors, opened the safe....

now what?????

       Anonymous  9/19/08, 11:04 PM  

nvm, found it under the desk lol

HI, I am missing a blue blue 1 any hints?

did you check behind the box?

nuno, look behind the couch for other blue one

I found another yellow randomly clicking on the wall of sqaures...

       Anonymous  9/19/08, 11:09 PM  

the weird little figure on the desk.. his arm is a blue block.. if that helps ?

Got that 1 HELP

       Anonymous  9/19/08, 11:09 PM  

nolies...im stuck where you are, clicked everywhere and dont know what to do next lol

Thank you notliesjustlove

       Anonymous  9/19/08, 11:10 PM  

ooh thanks mina :)

weird game...

ended waaaay sooner than I thought it would.

       Anonymous  9/19/08, 11:11 PM  

other yellow is 7th row down 3rd one in on wall of squares..ty mina for the tip!

what now?.........

Click on the correct white rectangle with the hint from the green and blue numbers.

help i am stuck how do i open the safe where is the third slide?


       Anonymous  9/19/08, 11:13 PM  

locked drawers, and right side of desk were just fakes lol...i kept looking for a key! but anyways, im out, and thanks all for the help!

3rd slide is in pc after u solve the puzle

it's already tommorrow...i gotta hit the sack...good luck all

?where are the pieces for the puzzle on computer

Fun game. I got out quickly. If anyone needs my help I'm here for a little while longer

what puzle pieces? click arrow...

where dou find the numbers for the pc?

you have to do a bit of math logic in order to figure out the computer numbers puzzle.. if you want the missing numbers, just let me know

and where is the other slide for the projector?

hershorn would like the missing numbers

where did you find the first two slides?

if you are looking for the 3rd slide, and you still havent' completed the number puzzle on the computer yet, then do that first, because the third projector slide comes out from a slot after you finish that puzzle

my goodness ,I forgot

no havent completed the pc puzzle

bashfog, some numbers are already given in the puzzle.. look at the 1 and the 8. there is a blank square between those number. Put a 9 there. on the left side of the 9 there is another blank square..put a 7 there..beside the 7 (on the farthest left) there is one more blank square.. put a 2 there.
the blank square on the top left is 5, the blank square in the top middle is 3, and the blank square on the bottom right is 4.

sorry, reverse the positions of the 3 and 5!

where do you find the numbers needed on the pc? I put the shapes I FOUND OVER THE THE COUCH.

what are the numbers

you find the numbers on your keyboard lol, you just have to click the blank squares and type in the numbers

uriel, look at my previous posts


no, the laptop automatically says "complete"

ok do I hit enter or something

no, you don't have to hit enter or anything else..just click one square, type in a number..click another square, type in the next number, etc etc..when you're finished, the laptop says complete and you get the 3rd projector slide

mine is still showing numbers

you might have typed them in wrong..did you look at my post right after the explanation of where to put the numbers? i told you to switch the positions of the 3 and 5 (so put the 5 on the right, and the 3 on the left)

I have 3 5 1 top line, 2 7 9 2nd line 684 3rd. line. Is this right

yup, that's correct.. if it's not working for you, then you might either have to refresh, or go to another view of the room, then come back to the laptop and see if it works


Now how do I open the safe

sorry found the number for safe

did you use all three projector slides on the projectors? because they give you the password for the safe

Out thanks alot

no problem :)

       Anonymous  9/20/08, 12:08 AM  

I'm out too with no help for once!

       Anonymous  9/20/08, 12:28 AM  

Can someone please help me with the safe? I see numbers in white and black. Which is it?

       Anonymous  9/20/08, 12:47 AM  

so...everyone's out 'cept me then?

This comment has been removed by the author.


get slide and green block from under couch
take blue block behind couch
take glass from desk
take arm from little man on desk
take matches and blue block from deskdrawers
use matches on glass
take pin from under desk
solve game on computer:
take slide
get green block from painting next to desk
get slide from under doormat
get blue block behind boxes
get slide from clock
get projector from top drawer of cabinet next to safe
get knife from behind cabinet
use pin on balloon to get green block and take blue block from wall
use knife on boxes and take another projector
put projectors on shelves (above desk and next to door)
put a slide in all 3 projectors
notice number 846 above couch and enter this numer into safe
take yellow block
put all green and blue blocks above couch and notice the numbers they make:
3 right and 5 up. click this square on the wall of squares next to the safe, starting at the bottom left square
pick up yellow block
put both yellow blocks in their spot next to door
click the door and you're out

That was a very nice and Easy game..

i don't see a pin under the desk...can anyone help me?

       Anonymous  9/20/08, 7:36 AM  

out without help 629 secs. 751 clicks

found it...nevermind

Nice and Easy game ... out.

YAY!! Another game through without any hints :D

The only thing I don't like in these games is how the view angle changes, but in general very nicely done :)

       Anonymous  9/20/08, 3:25 PM  

Still need one more green piece, where are they all?

       Anonymous  9/20/08, 5:50 PM  

I'm out! 284 seconds 226 clicks!

I escaped yuppi , but it takes more than 1000 seconds.

i cannot find pin!! hlp plz

escaped in 1351 seconds and 1093 clicks!lol! :]

anyone here?

       Anonymous  9/22/08, 3:14 PM  

out in 573 minutes with 916 clicks, my first that i finish on my own

woo!! first time, 834 seconds, 991 clicks.
i like these games.

lasers how u get the slide from clock i nd help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

any1 on hellooooooooooo

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302 seconds
258 clicks.
second time.
no hints.
anyone need any help ?

Thanx everybody

       Anonymous  2/10/09, 9:05 AM  

483 clicks
711 seconds :]

thanks 4 the hints xD
470 seconds
641 clicks

       Anonymous  3/2/09, 3:17 PM  

this was rather tricky... but after about the 200th time i got it! wooo hoo!

       Anonymous  4/8/09, 3:01 PM  

I'm out! I'm out! I'm out! I'm out!


Okay so most of the pieces you can find by clicking around, I'm not sure what good the green and blue pieces did but ones in the balloon (pop it with the pin) and ones in the glass of ice (melt it with the matches). One piece was camouflaged as the 1 in the 12 of the clock. Another piece was in the puzzle figurine which you can break loose with the pin. You put them on the two pictures above the sofa, but this didn't seem to be necessary to winning the game.

To unclick an object press spacebar

You need to find 2 yellow pieces to get out so...
one of them is in the safe and one of them is in the wall of white rectangles.

I found one in the wall of white rectangles by clicking around repeatedly towards the end of the game, near the bottom left.

To get into the safe you need to get the code, which you'll find on the projector screen. To get the code on the projector screen you need to find 3 slides and 3 projectors.

2 of the projectors you'll find around the room. The other projector can be found in one of two brown boxes near the desk, which you have to open with the knife(you should find that in the room easily in the beginning of the game).

Once you have all the projectors, you have to set them up, which can easily be done by clicking on a flat surface(usually a shelf).

Three slides also have to be found, 1 I believe is on the ground near the sofa a second comes out of the computer disc drive thing when you solve the puzzle correctly (fairly simple) and a third is under the door mat.

Once all of the slides are in the projectors(slides aren't specific to projectors) then look at the projector screen and you'll get your code to open the safe. One yellow piece is in the safe and the other is in the rectangle wall, as mentioned above.

I played the game and won the first time(looking at these hints of course but they didn't really help me so I decided to post this to help all of you future game players =]) Hope this helped.

p.s. escaped in 1907 seconds
clicks 2442

I know, but hey at least I got out ;)

       Anonymous  4/8/09, 3:13 PM  

Okay guys I just played it again.
So here's what I have to change.
The blue and green pieces ARE important because once you put them all in you get 2 pluses one green and one blue. Only when you get two pluses can you pry open the white rectangle (near the bottom left) and get a yellow piece.

All of the piece locations mentioned above are accurate however, there is a green one in the abstract picture I forgot to mention and another one behind the sofa. A third one is near the boxes where you'll find a projector (mentioned above)

P.S. I'm pretty sure the safe code is 846 no matter what.

2nd try Time: 263 seconds
clicks: 341

       Anonymous  4/8/09, 3:15 PM  

Another note (i know this is getting long-er) Even the code is (I think) 846 no matter what, you still have to set up all the projectors to open the safe. Same with the puzzle pieces to find the yellow piece on the rectangle board.

ive done the whole thing but was just wondering once you put all the pieces in the picture i mite be over thinkin it but the 1st picture looks like a 3 and the second like a 5 did that have any relavance to anyone? i did try clicking on the 35th box but that did nothing i just had to randomly click to get the last yellow piece

where is the yellow peice that goes on the bottom part of the door

i tryed to do the bored wall 7th down 3rd in but didnt work

       Anonymous  6/5/09, 1:28 AM  

197 seconds, 210 clicks :)

       Anonymous  6/5/09, 1:30 AM  

and cole you have to finish the blue and green pictures and have both those colors light up on the pluses on that rectangle wall before itll work. :)

       Anonymous  7/4/09, 1:41 AM  

ahh helpp whats the comp math fingy
need help!!!!!!!!!!!
my numbers in the comp are 1 in the top right hand corner
8 in the bottom middle and 6 to the left of 8
help ASAP!!!

What is wrong with this thing? I think I know how to continue, but when I melt the ice and get that green block, I can't get out of that screen and that match just keeps on burning??

i am out

dont know if any1s still interested but the numbers that those blocks make tell u the coordinates of the white rectangle where the 2nd yellow piece is, if u treat that wall like a graph. Also, didnt any1 notice these mistakes: @Isaac said "out in 573 minutes" and in @metal-monster's chain letter it says "Nowhere comes the fun part" lol. just being picky.

working link:


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