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The Several Journeys of Reemus Chapter 1 Walkthrough

The Several Journeys of Reemus Chapter 1

[REPLAY] Zeebarf - The Several Journeys of Reemus Chapter 1: The Royal Journey is another point and click adventure escape game developed by Zeebarf. After getting summoned by the King, Reemus and Liam embark on a journey to the Royal Palace. Unfortunately things don't go as smoothly as planned. Good luck and have fun! [Suggested by Peke]

Play The Several Journeys of Reemus Chapter 1

The Several Journeys of Reemus Chapter 1 Walkthrough

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Nice game, thanks for posting it.

no problem,have fun all.

Nice, finally I got here before someone posts a walkthrough...let´s give this one a try

i'm stuck in scene with a kind of catapult...

maybe I need a stone but I cant' find it

hi first time posting but been playing for ages now im stuck after finding that man need to do that wheel but cant figure it out

flora the stone is on the well if that helps

the green stone? How I can take it?

theres something that looks gold try using that

ok thank you

you can use that stick to get the stone, if you place the stick in the sand, you can use the catapult
im actually stuck in the cave now, anyone being there?


hi all

i'm stuck at the wheel too
got the chain around it but it isn't turning right...all i have is the axe? at this point

yes, get out of the cave!

I´m stuck at the chicken scene..

use the axe to chop the barricade

rr2 is the bar still across the door if so u need to axe that to turn the wheel

no the bar is gone ...i chopped
it with the axe

have you attached the chain

i've got 'that thing' tied and covered by a kind of curtain, dont know what to do now

take the plank of wood away from the door

the chain is around the wheel ,but it won't turn any further ,seems like i could do nothing any more

That´s weird...I managed to get that doggo monster away, but reemus doesn´t want to get out of his hiding place

stuck animal color wheel any help?

m here too.. lets play :)

so you use the metal pole of the wheelbarrow and put it in the wall the put the wheel on then use the axe to take the chain attach that to the door then the wheel then axe the plank of wood on the door hit it 3 times till it falls off then turn the wheel and the door opens hope that helps

now stuck at the cabinet

all its says is
that the door is heavy i need a way to pull it ...bar is gone ...wheel is in place with the chain ,but i still can't pull the door..hmmmm what did i miss

its ok got it

the owl picture goes at the top

rr2, I just clicked the chain and it mowed and opened the door

ive finished at last

by the cabinet:

it says something about a crow and the red dawn, so turn the wheel till the crow is above, the colour is red, and you have half the circle with stripes (dawn)

I cant get past the first scene, with the snake... pooh me!

stuck in the magic kitchen right now, a mouse on the ground, and a bird outside, dont know how to catch him

Ive done it by accident!

finish, very nice game!

out! i liked it

dumb me! how do u get past the 1st scene :(

I really enjoyed that - bring on the next chapters!

kool.. im done with the first scene :)
now the 2nd one!

iv got the cloth tied to the catapult.. the golden stick thingi in the sand n the catapult pulled down.. now wat :(

That was weird!!!! Good fun. Action a little slow, so you may have to wait for something to happen.

You need a stone in the catapult...use baton to dig the green one...

great thnx! m in the chicken scene now..

i can't get past the first scene either...

i got it. my game was buggy. had to reload :)

LOL the easyest game ever!!

I'm stuck on the circle with eagle dog cat and rabbit...:-(

Dont know what to do,
the pink animal jumped to the right green thing,
got the snake under the tree,
the grey animal is at the other side ... what do i do ??

I found one ending, cannot get the second one...

Got the snake hypnotised by clicking the lowest yellow ball,
then clicked the snake and she wrapped her tale around the tree.
Verry funny game :D

Yeah, finally got the man up, i was thinking the other way around :D

Okay, I flew away. I know there is a secret passage, but cannot open it. Any ideas?

Jitta ... do you understand the wheel with the animals and colors ?

There are diff things, a circle and a wheel sign ... what do i need ?
I got a red wheel with bird on top,
a dog in a blue circle,
the cat is half pink circle and bunny is half yellow wheel.

Can any1 please help me ?

The clue is about the crow in the red dawn. Put the crow on to, get it red and in the dawn....

crow on toPPPPP

I already have that, ty Jitta,
the dog is in the blue circle,
but how i get the other ones correct ?

I'm stuck in the first scene, what do to??

forget my first post, I got the first scene

Still stuck on the animal wheel,
any1 got hints ?

Hmm, what to do in second scene, I've attached the rope to the bucket.., and no??

what screen is it Kurt ?

I've done the second scenen, now I'm stuck with the door scene, wheel was attached at the wall and chain too....

Is your crow red, and in the dawn figure (half circle with rays)?

@ Kurt ... did you take axe to cut plank at door ?

Yes Jitta it is


thanks, I past these scene!

yeah got it know, tyvm ... kiss for Jitta :D

np yvw Kurt, i try to help if i can remember the screen :D

At the testtube scene now,
i think i made the worng potion,
help ! Do i need to do things in order of the scroll ?

LOL ... the cat scrared the hell out of me ... To be continued,
weird end :D

can someone help me please? stuck at the scene of the door.. the wheel is on and also the chain, but when I try to make them turn it moves just the wheel so the door doesn't open!

Is there an alterntive link? I can't play any of the games on NewGrounds.

Got an alt ending
make the plant bigger (purple potion)
cage falls off, put cheese on lever.
Give mouse wings(green potion)
mouse flies up opens secret panel, gives you noodles, place noodles in pot, click bird, catch bird, and i thing you can work the rest out from here.
Cant wait for the next chapter

ok had to restart.. maybe it's better to say that you need to cut the bar at the door AFTER you attach the wheel and the chain...

I cant get past the first level any help please ?!

anyone there need help with first level please

Which bit kelly?

first sceen

cl snake tail
cl yellow thing on tree (closest to tree)
cl snake(hypnotised)
cl snakes tail to attach to tree root.
cl green nodule on tree(upper right)
creature moves over
cl lower green nodule.

thank you so much

Your Wellcome,

if you need help on the other levels just call out.

great graphics and a better storyline than some films i have seen recently. lol

I need help in the blacksmith scene cant get the hook off the wall

never mind got it

Easy game ;)

       Anonymous  9/8/08, 10:21 AM  

stuck at potion part...

       Anonymous  9/8/08, 10:24 AM  

I have cage down, grew flower, put cheese on the hatch, bird eating seeds on the floor. can't seem to click on anything but the jam, pot and potions. what am I missing?

       Anonymous  9/8/08, 10:26 AM  

maybe a glitch?

       Anonymous  9/8/08, 10:39 AM  

nevermind..was a glitch, all I had to do was pour some green potion on the floor where the mouse is supposed to be and it then appeared.

What a cute and fun game..Looking forward to next part..

I was waiting for a sequel, and its finaly here! i loved the first one, and cant wait to play this one!!!

       Anonymous  9/8/08, 2:09 PM  

I`m out. Funny game.

great game

hint for the chicken scene? They are hiding inthe barels. Got towel on creature, what next?

nvm got it

i stuck in the well what i have to do?

me too, wow. dit ya already catch the big fish? made a rope to the bucket, but now i am verrrry stuck... anyone help please?

Down the well?

cl on the fish that jumps highest
cl green plant above you
cl on the fish that jumps highest
cl on the blue guy
cl white hook lokking thing on the biggest green plant( lower left)
cl lilly pad on the left 3 times
cl on big fish tail
cl on fire ant things (upper left)
Bucket will lower click on it.

Hope this helps

Thanx Kippers

finally out :) looking forward to the next episode.

       Anonymous  9/9/08, 8:55 AM  

i need help, i can't get out of the well scene. i tried clicking the big fish's tail and then fire ants but nothing. HELP ME! im stuck, i've started over 3 times!

I was stuck too - but what you have to do is click on the big spiky green thing on the lower left wall and then click on the left lily pad three times *right after* you fall in the well. (Before you do anything with any of the fish) It seems that there's a glitch (at least for me) that if you wait to do it till after you've hooked the big fish, it won't offer the option of tying the bucket to the big fish's tail.
Hope this helps!

I'm stuck with the wheel on the wall with the rabbit dog cat and crow on it. Does anyone know how to do it?

That was a well thought out game. Nice cartoon like graphics.

Has anyone ever read Glory Road by Robert Heinlein? The guy in the game looks exactly how I envisioned Rufo. Any comments about that anyone?


       Anonymous  9/14/08, 8:43 AM  

Here`s the walkthrought:
1 scene) you have to click the blue thing on the bottom left it`s a snake than click this swinging yellow ball and in the same moment click the snake swing the ball couple of times the snake will be hipnotized click the snake again and it will be tied to the tree then click the top green something at the tree the violet monster will go in there and eat it. Now you must click the green something above the snake and you will see what will happen
2 scene)click the orange thing on the ground and the yellow magic wand than click the green stone from the well click on the magic wand again and the sand next to the tree than click the orange thing on the tree and than the green stone click the stone again and you will got the rope from the bell click the rope 2 times and you`re out this scene (click the square with the words they say)
3scene)click the jumping fish than the green plant above click the second jumping fish than click the blue guy click violet plant on the water than the white thing from the wall on the left click the violet plant again than click the big fish tail click the little bird on the top left wait a moment than click on the yellow basket
4 scene)click the wheel click the white thing 2 times now it`s in the wall click the wheel click the axe cut the chain from the well click the chain 3 times than cut the barricade 3 times the with the axe than click the wheel
5 scene)click the seeds on the floor click the hen than click the chicken from under the table click the wheel on middle top you must drop the blue sheet on the monster than tie it with the rope (click the rope on the ground)click the barricade from the door and click the door
6 scene)go through the door you`re in the blacksmith`s shop click the sword put it in the fire than use the hammer on it now turn on the machine click the sword and now it is ready to use it on the hook in the wall where is the lamp you must cut the hook click the thing with the long stick put it next to the machine take off the stick click the stick now put the hook on the top and take it open the attic with it
click the something round on the wardrobe you must tourn 3 wheels so the bird was on the top in the red demi-sun than click grey thing top left take the rope click it and out the next scene
7 scene)click the spoon from the cage the bird run out click the violet box on the shelf there is some water you must put on the pot which is on the table click the yellow thing on the shelf and than the blue jug the mouse come out fron the wall look at the paper on the wall and try different combinations of the colours and try it on the mouse when the mouse dissapeared make violet liquid (red and blue) use spoon on the pot and give the liquid to the flower on the shelf it will grow and the cage falls down there is now something in the wall where the cage was before click it put the yellow thing from the shelf on it the mouse will come out make the green liquid (yellow and blue) and give it to the mouse it will fly up to the wall and something opened click the pink thing open it and take the noodle it will be cooked in the pot take it from the pot and you`ve got the rope
make the orange liquid this time(red and yellow) and put it on the flower it will fall down some seeds the bird flew down and you can catch it with the rope make the violet liquid again and give it to the bird and you`re out. I hope it will help you. Sorry for my english.

in the last one, you can give to the mouse the green and then the violet liquid, and you are out...

       Anonymous  5/5/18, 7:18 AM  

caught the 2nd chapter from the random section & decided to play all episodes in order

thx for all your creations, Zeebarf ☺
& thx for the WT, ania

Does not load - says it is loading, but 5 minutes later is still loading. Several re-starts - nothing!

Still not loading!

Next Day - Still not loading!

Chas, try another browser - it loaded fine and quickly with Opera for me (desktop pc with windows 10)


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