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T2B Escape 3

[REPLAY] T2BProject - T2B Escape 3 is the third episode of the Japanese point & click escape game series developed by T2BProject. In this game, you are locked in a room and your goal is to escape by finding and using items and hints for solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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       Anonymous  9/23/08, 3:48 AM  





hi all, found wood, and 2 tiles with animal faces...

and a red coin

3 tiles..put wood in fire place...coin goes in both vases??

there is a stick on the right side view of the fireplace click on top left bricks

I find a long stick, and a hammer.

there is a pic of a lamb under left lamp?

where is the hammer?

Is that a sword in the fire place?

oh, ones Im not too late... :D
Hi everybody!!

Hi saintj.

im thinking we need a blue coin??

where is hammer? Got 4 tiles, long stick, red coin (used). Noticed triangle shaped elephant on right side of drawers

still cant find a hammer!!!

where is the hammer?

Hi all, found a lever behind the knight on the left side near arm. But I don't know, what's it good for...

and a sheep under the left lamp

pink/red coin fits in both vases

about the lever. I think we need to put something heavy onto it to make it stay down....but what?

I find the hammer on the lamp

aha, found hammer, look up and use stick.

Hey guys. Look up while at the door

Hagel, could you give us a clue where to find the hammer??!!

       Anonymous  9/23/08, 4:14 AM  

Got a brick and a key

Hi everyone. This has nothing to do with the game, but has anyone ever noticed that in almost every game the clock read 10:10?

have managed to knock a brick from left side view of fireplace

Saintj, while facing the door with two tables next to it, click towards the ceiling. There is a luster.

I have a stone, matches. Who know where is the thierd key

got the shield off

Found key and brick (for the lever) on the right site of the fire place, use hammer!!

seems Im a bit slow today LOL!! :))

where are the matches?

got it

Hello, I've found a lever behind the iron man

What can I do with the armament?

The matches in the drawer.

Hi all ... just starting.

any idea where the last animal card is? i have 5

is there anything to find in/on the picture???

oh found it...

any1 with 3rd key?

there's a card where the hammer was

got three boards with pictures of animals, long stick and a red coin... there is also a picture of an elephant on the side of the chest of drawers, and a picture of a sheep under the bottom of the left hand side lammp near the door. Where are the keys????? lol

3 slices, 4 brown squares, one stick, and a red round thing

       Anonymous  9/23/08, 4:24 AM  


The animal cards go in the box in the second drawer. Zebra is square, Lion is star, Monkey is music note, Cat/Fox is the X, Ram is circle. I don't know where the other card is.

will the dragon light my matches??

Where is the long stick??

anyone figure out how to use the matches?

where 2 put the oil...

i have the sheep, donkey and elephant card left to go in draw 2. not sure which symbol they match with?

right side view of fireplace click on bricks

where did you all find the other keys???only found one!!
sorry, kurt dont remember where I found the stick :(

Behind the dragon is the blue coin. I have a shield, swaord an two coins and a dragon card. Who can help?

nuno where is the oil?

only have shield and sword left, also the match box
do we need to fight the dragon haha

stuck with the sword and shield and picture of dragon put the matches on the picture of the dragon now showing three arrows

red key was selotaped somewhere i think, book?...

behind dragon? where?

i ve been trying to light the f... for ages..how do u do it?

hi first time post...for animal cards..have a look at book..some animals have symbols...also where you've seen some animal pics notice the shape you saw them in.

put the sword in armour now have key

I got the thierd key from iron man

Hi all, first time posting...for cards...have a look at book again..some animals have symbols...also look at where you saw some animal pics and the 'shape' they are in.

how do you get the blue coin from behind the dragon?

nvm, found it while posting... :D

I can't figure out what this lever is about....

oops...double post!

Now, i have two blue coins, a red coin , a black coin, a sword and a shield, I'm stuck.

i have 5 tiles, a shield, a red coin and a box of matches left. HELP

put the pill from the draw in the flowers and get key for clock completley stuck now

jo5350 , you must make fire then you can get the sword and then the coin behind the dragon.

how exactly do i put matches on dragon?

theres a board with elephant picture behind the statue of armour, whilst in the view of the handle, look down to the right corner, can just see the board

wood in fire place, stick, sheep - donkey - lion block, red coin placed into red flower stand but can take it back ? Got hamer from up doors, got brick put on back side of armor and took also the elephant picture at the right down side, got shield of armor, ... still going

thanks Hagel

you have to get the red dragon picture from the wall and then put picture inventory and add matches, the clock has something to do with the flowers near the door where you put the markers in but cant work it out yet

Do you need the oil from the box at the drawer withe animals

Got key, out of where i took brick, left side of chimney,

any1 know what to do with the dragon picture ?

I need an red coin and two blue coins, who know where they are

and OUT! :^)

got 4 animal bricks, missing the 4th one ... any1 idea where to find that ?
Got sheep, donkey, lion, ... missing 1, elephant.

got cat block and red key in top drawer

Mieke there's one where you get the hammer from.

notice that in the picture book, the fox standing on a clock with 4 flowers.
the clock shows 10 and 2

tried to put coins in 10 and 2 positions in the 4 flowers vase but didn't work.

After opening the clock, put the pendular to the left and right. Remember the times shown. Afterwards, put the red coins like seen on the clock on the red table and the same on the blue. The door will open, but I can't get out...

How do you make fire with the dragon or get the dragon picture off?

got red and blue pieces in the right spots now the door says have no power

Second drawer, found matches, ewww what to do with the 6 block,
(star,square,triangle, circle, x and music key ?

Where is the blue coin ?

Missing 1 animal to get the 3th key i guess ... got sheep, donkey, lion, elephant and cat, what do i miss and where to find it ty

I have five animal cards, the shield, matches and red coin. Any help how to proceed?

and we do have to fight a dragon... but i don't know how to

       Anonymous  9/23/08, 4:49 AM  

Out! Use matches on the picture for where to hit the monster. Scary!

You can go out with the sword

cok, me stuck!!
got the hint from the dragon picture, but no clue what to do.
also, still stuck with only 2 coins (red &blue), and no key for last drawer or clock...
Pretty please!!
Thanx in advance :-))

out defeated the big dragon what a nice game

Out withe a red dragon i see

as usual, just found key.....lol

C'mon guys...how do we get the dragon picture off the wall?

how to hit the dragon? (got the hint where to hit but cannot)

Yeh help linda NOW!!!!!!!
& me plase....

lindab: to get the dragon picture: fire the fireplace (put oil (from the animal box) on it, then the matches)

LindaB: Use the sword at the picture to get it off.

       Anonymous  9/23/08, 4:54 AM  

Get sword in inventory first, then go to dragon picture, lower corner, it should have a different appearance.

thanks for the help, can some 1 help plz

thu, you must make fire the you got the dragon picture

ok, i must have missed any hints on how to get the sword, i've been playing since game came up...?

       Anonymous  9/23/08, 4:56 AM  

Hit where it makes a "slash" sound, not a "clang" sound.

could someone help me find the coins - have two blue and two red

all this agony coz I never opened the oil.........

Whats the 4th animal ?

i am missing one animal tile...i have ram, zebra, elephant,cat and bear, help.

where is the lion card then?

@ mrs.joe ... where did you found these coins, i got 1 red thats all.

mrs.joe , you need not more coins, look at the clock there is a hint

How do I fight the dragon? I've used the matches at the picture, which shows three points to hit the dragon. But when I use the sword at it, nothing happens... Somebody?

oops, i mean lion, not bear, which animal am i missing?

mieke u get the blue one from dragon pic

ok, i'm missing the monkey, anyone remember where they found it?

Please tell me - where do I find: the coins, the zebra card?

Ok, nxt question (usually after posting question, i get the solution..lol): how to use the 3 coins???
i did try to put them in both flower potts (10:10), no clock-key...

Thanks Nuno.

LindaB ... i'm missing 1 animal too, the 4th one you too ?

Lindab, I don#t precisely remember. maybe from the left table with the flowers?

TY hagel

mieke- do you remember where you got the ones you have?

aha! it was the one in the chandelier!

Ok being very slow. I blam ebirthday celebrations at weekend.

I have ram, lion, elephant and cat tiles. Can't find any more.

Also have shield stick and one red coin.

Have opened first drawer but cannot find second key.

Can anyone help me with any of the above.

First time poster, long time reader over here! ;-)

Mrs. Joe, I have the same problem, only two red and two blue coins. Can someone help us? Please? And maybe a hint how to put the coins. I've seen the hint in the clock, but I am still in the dark over here...

10 ; 10 on clock, how to place 4 coins? tried to replicate!...

power of posting now have monkey tile too


Monkey is in the fancy lamp above the door.

click on the clock pendulum for hints for coin placement

I cannot find the zebra tile. Any help, anyone?

Also, I only have one red coin...can't find the others.

got it

PLEASE, how do I get the key for the clock?????

put sword in his hands...

LindaB: Use the sword at the picture to get it off.

animal cards

behind statue look to right
in chandelier
under table with drawers
in top drawer?
right side of fireplace

that's all I can remember

Yeah, mrs. joe, those are the ones I've found....the zebra still eludes me.

- 1 animal pic at right top side of chimney,
- second pic at the right flowerstand with blue dot on stand,
- 3th behind the armor, right downside
- 4th in top drawer
- 5th look up at door, in right up black lampholder
- 6th i forgot, any 1 want to mention

can anyone, *Please* say where the zebra card is, and where can you find the coins. PLEASE?

nice 1 TY every1

Nadav, I just found it. Look at the blue flowerstand, topview....

cant remember where cards where..sorry

Wooh, got out, slayed the dragon. Victory! ;-)
Put the coins in the left vase the same as the clock shows with the pendulum to the left. For the right vase, use the hint of the clock with the pendulum to the right.

Have the tiles but still can't get into second drawer. any clues?

ok, now facing the dragon...arggghh

egeltje: I have only 1 red coin and 2 blue ones. i tried to put red&Blue and the other way round into the red vase, at the same time as clock shows, but nothing....what am I missing??????

how do you get to the dragon game?

dicconzane, look at the book in the first drawer again.

Emily, can't seem to trace the spot. where exactly?

@ dicconzane you get the key for second drawer in top drawer

saintj - you need another red coin. sorry can't remember where

by looking page after page in book

I am still missing the lion card and have only one red coin. Any hints please?

Nadav, when looking at the topview, look for a discrepancy near the top right edge.

Where do i find 3th key ?

finally out, nice challeinging game. thanks everyone for help.

I am stuck with the dragon picture (arrows showing), shield, sword, red coin, two blue coins, and a small round, dark blue thing....any help?

mieke - once you get the sword, use it on the knight. Watch his helmet.

3rd key was in the aromors' head after you give him the sword.

PLz Can some one explain or tell me how to open the clock plz!!!

Emily, we need another red coin...

P L E A S E,somebody where do we find it???????????????????

For the cards ;

- 1 animal pic at right top side of fire place,
- second pic at the right flowerstand with blue dot on stand,
- 3th behind the armor, right downside
- 4th in top drawer
- 5th look up at door, in right up black lampholder
- 6th under table with drawers
where you find the wood.

emily, put the b;ue "pippl" in the flower vase.

Thank You Emily

Danke! I knew that flower couldn't be for show...

i meant blue pill, you guys will get 2nd red coin soon after that.

Go out with the sword you can play with the dragon. A nice game :)

Can anyone remember where the monkey card is at?

@ nana2cami , dont know where exactly where wich animal is, but look up in posts, i wrote where i found them :D hope that helps

nana, it is in the chandelier, use your stick again to get it.

monkey card in chanelier

Saintj, once you get the clock open, look for the coin near the pendulum.

Anyone else know how to kill this stupid dragon?

I'm clicking where the arrows point....nothing.

Is there a trick to it?

Thank you!!!! I have been clicking all over, but not using my stick.

Thanx Lindab!!
But I really have my very blond moments...
I put the blue coins in red as in blue vase, at the time of the clock, but still nothing.. Im going to give up soon....

Saintj, you need to open the clock first.

It will give you instructions on where to put the coins in both the vases.

Thanx Emily, but how do I open the clock...I thought once i put the coins in I will get a key..?!

::facepalm:: Oh my god...I'm out.

That dragon thing was dumb....I think these games would be easier if I spoke Chinese/Japanese. (I tried to click the English version, server was down)

I don't know if I died or I "vanquished" the stupid thing.

Oh well.

saintj put the pill in the vase to get clock key

emily, for dragon, hit where slashing sounds not clinking sounds, keep hitting you will beat it

Saintj, do you have a tiny little blue thing? (dark blue, not as big as the blue coins)

You need to put that in the flower vase to get the key for the clock.

Link not working, anyone got an alternative link?

I can't get out with the sword, what am I doing wrong?

Also, lindab, I don't have sound on my computer, unfortunately, so it was really all a matter of guessing for me.

this dragon is going to be harder than I thought... no sound on my pc... either that or I have a special invincible dragon.

oh my god...I forgot about the
'real' vase, I thought only about those 2 pools.... TY,TY,TY!!!!!!!! :-))

Can anyone tel me roughly where I ought to be clicking for slashy instead of clangy sounds... no sound on pc means I'm clicking randomly to no avail.

dicon: left and right wings, both eyes, then it will take you to underside of neck

@ dicconzane ... i clicked the left downside.. pic came off

mrs Joe ... did i do it the wrong way, my pic is in the inventory ? Didn't do anything with it since.

the picture is showing you where to attack dragon and it will stay in inventory even after defeating dragon

i cant find 2nd blue coin i got the one from the dragon pic but cant find other. anyone know?

mrs Joe, i'm lost, by answering i forgot to play and i'm behind now :D

I got shield, matches and dragon pic in inventory, what should ik do next ... sorry to ask.

Opened the door with the sword, see dragon. That's it, can't do anything else. Tried hitting the dragon as the picture shows, NOTHING. Any help.


take red coin from left side of fireplace
take sheep board and stick from right side of fireplace
go right and click left arm of knight
take elephant board from bottom right of screen
go right and click the right flower stand
take zebra board from behind flower stand
click above door and use stick to take hammer and monkey board from lamp
go right. click under drawer and take tree slices and lion board
use hammer on left side of fireplace. take brick and yellow key
use key on top drawer. take cat board from drawer and read book.
take red key from last page of book and notice the animals and shapes in the book
use red key on second drawer. take matches and put animal boards in box:
monkey-music note
take oil and pull off lid
put wood in fireplace and pour oil on wood
open matchbox and use match on wood
take sword. use sword on picture above fireplace and take dragon picture and blue coin
use matches on dragon picture
click on the left side of the knight and put brick on handle
take shield from knight and put sword in his hands
click his head and take key
take sword again
use key on bottom drawer and take blue coin and pill
open bottle and take out pill. put pill in vase below clock and take green key from flower
use key on clock. take red pill and swing pendulum left and right
left: 8:15
right: 9:00
go to the door and put the red coins in the left flowerstand in the 8:15 positions
put blue coins in right flowerstand in the 9:00 positions
open door and fight dragon
use shield on his fangs
use knife on his eyes and wings (turn on sound)
take paling from under dragon

My first walkthrough! Hope it helps everyone!


1.Click right upper side of fireplace to get a board and a long stick. Flip board around to see animal. (Ram) Go back.
2.Click lower left side of fireplace to get red coin. Go back.
3.Turn right.
4.Click behind suit of armor. Notice lever. In same view, find another board in the lower right corner. Flip over. (Elephant) Go back.
5.Turn right.
6.Notice red and blue flower stands. Note the position of the flowers. When looking at the top of the blue flower stand, find another board. Flip over. (Zebra) Go back.
7.Click on the left lamp – notice picture of animal underneath lamp, as well as the shape surrounding it. Go back.
8.Click above door. Notice chandelier.
9.Use long stick to get hammer.
10.Use long stick again to get another board. Flip over. (Monkey) Go back.
11.Turn right.
12.Click underneath chest of drawers. Collect tree slices and another board. Flip board over. (Lion) Go back.
13.Click on the right hand side of the chest of drawers. Notice animal picture and shape. Go back.
14.Turn right.
15.Use logs in fireplace.
16.Click lower left side of fireplace. Use hammer to get brick.
17.Click in spot where brick used to be. Collect yellow key. Notice animal picture and shape. Go back.
18.Turn right.
19.Click behind suit of armor. Use brick on lever. Go back.
20.Collect shield.
21.Turn right twice.
22.Use yellow key on top drawer.
23.Collect board and flip over (Cat or Fox)
24.Read book. Notice animals in book and note shapes associated with them. Collect red key at end.
25.Use red key on second drawer. Collect matches. Open matchbox.
26.Go back to drawer. Open box.
27.Notice shapes – think of the shapes associated with the animal pictures. Put the boards in their proper places in the box.
28.Collect oil. Open oil. Go back.
29.Turn right.
30.Use oil on logs. Use matches on logs.
31.Collect sword.
32.Collect dragon picture.
33.Collect blue coin behind dragon picture.
34.View dragon picture. Use matches on dragon picture. Note position of arrows.
35.Turn right.
36.Give sword to suit of armor.
37.Take blue key from helmet.
38.Get sword back.
39.Turn right twice.
40.Use blue key on third drawer. Collect blue coin and bottle with a pill in it. Open bottle, collect pill. Go back.
41.View flower. Use pill on flower. Collect green key.
42.View clock. Use green key on clock.
43.Open clock. Collect red coin. Move pendulum according to instructions and note the time for each. Go back.
44.Turn left. View red flower stand. Place red coins in positions corresponding to the time when the pendulum was moved to the left. Go back.
45.View blue flower stand. Place blue coins in the positions corresponding to the time when the pendulum was moved to the right. Go back.
46.Click on door.
47.To vanquish dragon, use shield to obstruct sharp fangs. You MUST have sound turned on.
48.Use sword on places corresponding to the picture where you hear “slashing” instead of “clanging”. Slash in same spot until the dragon yells. Eyes first, then wings, then you are able to hit it under the neck.
49.Once you are underneath the dragon, pull out “palling” in its stomach. The dragon will thank you and….
50.You’re free!

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