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Casuality is a new stickman type point and click adventure game from Bored.com. Can you figure out how to kill all of the stickmen? There are 4 levels to this complex game, and use your intelligence and mouse! Click Click Click!!! Good luck and have fun!

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Right on time! Let's start

never been in this early!

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I shot all the birds in the "game over" screen. I won.

hmmm well killed 4 people not sure about the others

Done! Finished all 3 levels!

Can't get the boss or the computer guy, can get the boss up out of his chair but that's it, and the comp to flash red.

and get the com guy to break his pc now

To get the boss out, let the guy from the elevator get to his floor. Click on the guy while speaking to drop papers. After he is gone, click on the painting.

thanks hernan now just the comp guy got him across the screen now.

anyone playing?

finally got all five :D

Dicconzane how did u get the comp guy?

now stuck on 3rd level, must be slow

hoorah all 3 over, anyone need help?

Yep, how do u take down the comp guy in lvl 1 ?

to get the comp guy, get him to break the computer by clicking it three times before the guy gets up to the office above then wait for the lift to reach the ground before clicking the wire, the comp guy will fall into the lift.

How about the gut on the toilet level 2

you need to click the two little cracks on the toilet ceiling before the guy tries to jump

Did it :)


are we supposed to have fun while killing all these stickmen:)))
whew its hard puzzle anyway

don't know what you mean cassi... I only let out one or two maniacal laughs.

Level 2
How to kill the man in the drain?

I can't figure out how to kill the guy in the sewer on level 2. Any help? Thanks!

Still there, Tosca? If you figure it out, don't forget me. You think he'd die of the smell eventually but I can't figure out how to make the cover fall on his head.

Make the guy's helmet fall off in drain, click the guys head on the john, flush the toilet.

Need help with level 3 -

Make the guy's helmet fall off in drain, click the guys head on the john, flush the toilet.

Need help with level 3 -

maniacal laughs ?? loll dicconzane:)))

not my favourite type of game.
nice killing to you all.

for level 2:

press the lower break on the roof of the toilet and on the 2 cracks before the guy on the roof jumps


Another halloweengame in witch you must kill the guy. 3 levels

Thanks casey

but before that make sure the guy in the toilet poo and releas in...

Nevermind, got it and was just called a mass murderer by the game...great. haha.

how to pass level 3?

Thanks, Casey! Only killed one guy on level 3 so far.

Level 3 - Click the light tower, make the guy run and knock over barrell before car gets there. When he runs past the two standing in the back click the top barrell to squish him. When the truck rolls up let the gate go up then click the wire below the gate to make it drop again, the car blows up. you will then see two guy start walking, Click on what the guy is holding - the one that comes from between the two buildings. See flash then the other guy walks over to him. Click the yallow boxes and watch the grand finale.

Casey, thanks to you, I, too, am a mass murderer. Thanks a bunch!!


How to kill the guy in the toilet? Please?

Michi - Click the little cracks at the top of the john before the guy jumps off the top. Make sure he dumps first to take out the guy in the drain though.

How do I kill the guy with the sandwich in level 2?

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This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Whoops, somehow posted the same thing 4 times. :(

click on guy with sandwich to make him drop it.he will then get up.after that a skydiving guy will come click on the front tip of its wing to make it fall crashing down on sandwich guy

how do i blow up the car in level 3
i tried wat casey has written but nothng happens to the car!

power of posting!!!!
just got it done

wow!!!im a mass murderer.that was fun:)

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idk how to get the boss to die :(. i got everyone else though

got it:D

I cant get the computer guy-he wnont fall in the elevator. Howd u do it?

This game needs to be longer ^_^

need help Level one cant get last four guys...at the bottom to do anything except the comp guy will get up..

Don't push the button, push the wire and it will break.

Hah funny game. little late tho

am i alone again!

Joni- wait until elevator is at ground level..computer guy gets in elevator and both fall down the elevator shaft.

You have to click on the elevator wire to make it fall once both guys are in the elevator

GRRRR so frustrating. Level 3, did wat cassey said and the damn van does not blow up, doesn't do a darn thing! Anyone else like to explain it?

Figured it out. wud have been nice to explain the timing of cutting the wire!


Level 1: Immediately click on the guy standing on the edge of the building, then click on the pole next to the other guy on the roof. Sometime during that a man will come out of the door and go to the elevator. After he is in the elevator click on the guys pc a few times and he will break it and lean against the elevator door. While the guy upstairs is talking to the boss, click on him. He will fall, knock down some papers and then go back down in the elevator. When he reaches the bottom the other guy will fall into the elevator. Before either of them has a chance to get out click the elevator rope. Then click the light avove the two guys and it will kill them both. Click on the picture in the bosses room and he will get up to fix it slip on the papers and crack his head open. Level complete.

Level 2: This level HAS to be done quickly. First click on the construction workers helmet then click on the two cracks above the guy on the pot (they are right by the walls and are pretty small). Then click on the brick on the ramp. Then click on the guy on the pots head and he will lay a log. Flush the toilet. The plumber guy will freak out and kill himself. The guy on the roof should run sometime during this. The roof will cave in (killing toilet man), the guy wont make his jump and get impailed and the brick will fall on the guy that needs to pee. Click on the guy with the sandwitch. When the hanglider comes by click on it's tip and the guys head a buch. He crashes into sandwitch man. Level complete.

Level three: Click on the search light. The man will go knock down a barrel, turn around and walk past a stack of two barrels. As he's walking past those two barrels click on the top one to knock it down on top of him. When the truck comes up to the gate and lifts the gate, IMMEDIATELY click the large wire going to the gatehouse.If you timed it right the car will blow up. When the guy walks out from between the two buildings, click what's in his hand. It's a gun, and it fires off. The other guy comes and stands by him. Click the yellow box, and watch it all blow up.

Congragulations, you are a mass murderer!!!

level 1:click on the guy standing at the edge of the roof then click on the needle thing then let the guy from the elevator go then click 4 times on pc then when guy from elevator is close to white thing click him then the boss will get angry then when the guy falls click elevator rope right away then click light then click picture on floor 2 then the boss slips on paper and dies from loss of blood

level 2:first click on brick then the 2 cracks then click guys head in restroom then click rope then click building guys helmet quickley or nothing will happen if correct he will ceack his head then the guy runs and falls backwards on poll then click on guy eating then when the airglider guy is there keep clicking on him then pointy thing will kill guy eating

level 3:click on light then click on barrel when guy walks right then army car comes then when gate opens click black lever if done correctley car will crash in barrel and blow up then 2 guys come then click on the one who came from middle then they will say huh? then click on box then they will throw a gernade then light house blows up then varous things crush them

congrats you are a murder!

the end.

how do u do lvl 3??

how do u do lvl 4??

LVL ONE first click on the guys computer screen until he leaves and leans on the elivator. when the man comes out of the office(door/first floor) let him go to his boss and when he reaches the desk click him and he will knock over the papers and leave. when the man get at the bottom of the elivator the computer guy will fall it the elivator. while both of them are in the elivator quickly click the cable supporting the elivator and they will fall. then click on the light above the 2 men talking(first floor) and they will die. then click on the picture in the bosses office. while he goes to fix it the boss will fall and die on the desk. Lastly, on the roof click on the man on the left side of the roof and he will fall. then click on gray stick thing(idk what it is) next to the last guy and the lvl complete!

finally ive been trying forever to beat the last level

congratulations u are now a mass murder

how do u kill the guy on the pot?

i think its funny that ppl keep asking how to do levels yet its posted about 5 times in the d*** thing hahah lmfao

I have done all of it if u want cheats go 2 http://www.cheatbook.de/wfiles/causality.htm
Thats how i found out

dammit i am doing all the things u guys wrote but nthng changes as if my mouse click dsnt do anything. i tried clicking the computer and the guy talking to the boss nothing happened. im still on level 1

I finally finished all levels! It's easy... if you know proper timing...

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