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Charisma Escape Walkthrough

Charisma Escape

[REPLAY] TerminalHouse - Charisma Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Gump for Terminal House. In this game, you try to search around the room to find items, clues, hints and solve puzzles in order to escape the charisma room. Good luck and have fun!

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Charisma Walkthrough
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       Anonymous  10/31/08, 5:14 AM  

im here with you, lets see what we can do lol

       Anonymous  10/31/08, 5:18 AM  

ok and stuck with a paper and a puzzle piece!!

       Anonymous  10/31/08, 5:20 AM  

ahhh, blue key between the books..

look at paper, see numbers, every line needs to add up to same amount, then in order of picture in safe, get key

       Anonymous  10/31/08, 5:21 AM  

goes into right cuppboard, by books,to get cd...

Why i can't find anything??? Just a paper in the bin. (hi all!)

Put the cd in player but nothing happened.

       Anonymous  10/31/08, 5:23 AM  

star piece, by right speaker, near books...

used blue key rh cabinet, got cd, a piece of paper from trash bin with chess pieces and numbers, also a star, now i'm stuck.

no, wait, i've understood the chess figures

what is up with the duck and flower

put key from safe in trapdoor, can't open, anyone?

HI all! here we go!

after inserting the key in the trapdoor, pull the lever inside the safe

Hello all, got cd, there is a code in the image to open the safe, you get a microphone head, and a cog thingy.

thanks already started over, thought bug

little help with the safe code please.

missing one shape (square) for the weird looking box.

to open the safe, look at the CD.

every line needs to add up to 24, then put in order like picture in safe and press enter

code for safe, from CD image, click the numbers shown, clockwise or counter-clockwise.

2-> 7<- 8-> 5<-

Hello escapers !!!

thank you João

I am stuck on the paper with the chess pieces.

put cd in but doesn't give me numbers, what to do?

piece behind flower - where is cd?

look at the cd

sorry got it, different for everybody, what to do with lemonade?

there is also a coin in the safe, look up..

I got the pop machine and drank the pop now I don't know what to do. Thought it would make my voice better to sing.

       Anonymous  10/31/08, 5:44 AM  

whe doing the combination safe, moves the amount of clicks left and right, not where you think the numbers are on the safe...took me awhile to figure that out lol

gave drink to guy, but now nothing

made flower sing, cute game

how do you make the flower sing?

second coin, drink, flower, mic

Nemi, you were smart to find that coin in the safe, I would never have looked up there...thanks :-)

what language? lol

anyone needs help?

That guy has to stop drinking blue drinks, look what it does to his hair.

I need help getting second coin.

       Anonymous  10/31/08, 5:50 AM  

drank blue drink, poured green drink on yellow flower...and p;aced microscope on end of tripod...

on ceiling safe with code from cd

Thanks! I'm out

time for walkthrough?

How do you make the flower sing? I can get the guy to sing, I wish I hadnt, but I cant seem to work out what to do with the flower...LOL

Suspiria666, check out lower safe

I have two puzzle pieces, a CD, and the note that got me into the safe. I used the key on the floor lock but can't get it open?! :S

       Anonymous  10/31/08, 5:52 AM  

microphone* not microscope lol...guys sings, flower sings, and duck sings! out lol, ty for the help all!

dani go back to safe and pull lever down

Nevermind! Now I have a... vending machine?! Ha ha ha

Could someone please tell me how they got the flower to sing and the duck to sing, please? I am sick of hearing this bluehead guy trying to win a Grammy....LOL

well now we just have to wait for a new game =o), have a nice day all ! The sun is shining and we have 6 degrees outside, nice !

give the green soda to the flower and drink the blue, then klikk microfone.... you`ll see the rest :)

Hello??? my flower wont sing...any tips please?

nemi I have given the flower the drink, but only the guy sings, nothing else...could it be buggy?

Oh never mind, I kept clicking and FINALLY they all sing.....really odd song too...LOL

How do I enter the safe code? It's just random clicks?

I had to put the CD in the player before they would all sing! lol this is sooooo my jam! :D

Cute game. Thanks for hints. I love the singing flower and duck, lol.


-look in bin get paper
-go right, look at flower, look behind flower, get puzzlepiece
-go right2 times, look between books, get blue key
-look left of right speaker, get puzzlepiece
-use blue key on right cabinet, get cd
-look at cd, note number of dots per line, from outside to inside, put cd in cd player
-turn lower safe right left as many times as it says on cd
-get microphone, puzzle piece, and look at ceiling get coin
-go right, look at paper in inventory, make every line add up to 24, note numbers, put them in order of picture
-go left, put code in upper safe, push enter, get pink key
-go right, use pink key on trap door floor
-go left, back in upper safe, pull lever down
-go right, get yellow key from money return place
-go left, use yellow key on left cabinet, get box
-look at box, put puzzle pieces in, open get coin
-go right, put silver coin in fendingmachine get bleu drink, open (man drinks)
-put gold coin in machine get green drink
-go right two times, open green drink and give sunflower
-put microphone on standerd and click it ones more

I need the star piece. Someone said it is near the books? Is it a pixel hunt?

OK, neve3rmind. I found the star piece. I ended up giving my green drink to the sunflower...and I drank the blue one...but I'm not out? What did I do wrong?

good morning

What the hey???? Can't get the duck to sing???? HELP>

Hmph. Apparently, you have to put the CD in the CD Player to get out of the room, and get the awful music.

The safe won't let me click right/left the number of times required. It automatically changes direction on its own. What am I doing wrong?

aaaa neden ingilizce bu yaaaaaaa bişe anlamıyorum

ahaha,nice game!I'll add a sunflower and a duck to my band,it' gonna be SUCCESS!

I love these people's games! They are my very favorite.


i have put in every combo for my safe numbers 1 6 3 5 6
can someone tell me what i am doing wrong? all my rows add up to 24?

this time they dont have a vending mechine lol

oh no they got...lol

dianne, look at the picture above the chair and use the number as shown for the chess pieces for opening the safe.


nice & fun game.thx for the posting,megi.

Nice game,isn't it!

       Anonymous  10/31/08, 9:24 AM  

the code for the upper safe is 92663. lol

shreklittlething, the safe code is different each time.

This probably was the funniest game I ever played! Thanks to all of you (creators, producers, megi for posting it and everyone else for the hints)

Does anyone by the way know a link to a site with other games from this creator?

ps happy halloween to y'all!

Oh my god someone HAS to do a transcript of that song. Did you read the translated lyrics? Hilarious!!

lol that was great loooove the duck

Loving this song, ahaha, nice game!

I forgot to put the CD into cd-player and needed to start over.

Code for top safe changes every game.

Enjoyed this game a lot :D

Oh I give up! My code is correct but cannot open safe. I went by the order on the picture above chair and even did it backwards and nothing.

       Anonymous  11/1/08, 8:59 AM  

ha ha-- best ending ever! yeah oh! ba ba baaa. wow. That'll be in my head all day now.

It's kind of rare that I finish without comment help. Great game!

That was a cute & fun game..Thanks for the hints folks. Thanks megi

help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help

im stuck on the code ive worked every line out to 24 but what do i put in the coad lock thingiee?

lol so cute!
pa pa pa ....

I think I have the most idiotic question in the history of room escape games....oh geez!!! Loaded the game, I've clicked everywhere on the word "CHARISMA", but game doesn't start.....oh help me please! This has never happened to me before...(shaking head in disbelief!) So when everyone gets off the floor after laughing hysterically (I'm deperate... lol), would someone offer a helpful suggestion?@#! I am most grateful...

Claireeee....your post says it all!!!!

Oh...p.s. I'm playing BOAT HOUSE right now...that game loaded okay and was kind enough to give me the option to play "new game"...lol!!!! I really do know how to use a computer...honest...did anyone else have trouble loading the game? Seems like everyone was able to play...this is the first time I actually want to get stuck!!!!! Oh well...suggestions and thoughts are welcome! Thanks everyone!

out! but that has got to be the most irritating song i ever heard

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can't see it making number one in the charts lol

You have to put the replaced numbers in the paper in order of the symbols (chess guys)on the picture on the wall

where is the gold coin? can not find it any where i keep randomly clicking but to no avail help please

super-pa-no pa-pa-pa pa-pa-pa lol!

The code for the upper safe is different for everyone(in principle).

The picture above the chair shows the order the numbers need to be in.

E.g you want the first number and look at the sentence with the crown. Add the numbers and the crown represents the number you found minus 24.

The sentences that have two symbols make it harder. You may need to try two numbers to find what is correct.

I got 5 1 3 6 6

1) between the left two books
2) on left side of right speaker
3) on the top of inside the safe
4) behind flower
A fun & trippy five star game ruined by pixel hunts

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