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October 13, 2008

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Codename: Ferkata Hill Walkthrough

Codename: Ferkata Hill

Codename:Ferkata Hill is another new point and click type room escape game by Pixelatrix games. Who's disappearing the Ferkakta bloggers? Why are you in a basement with no memory of who you are? Who's the mysterious I.N.? And can you prove your worth to Cousin Sylvia and Uncle Richard?”Good luck and have fun!

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       Anonymous  10/13/08, 6:02 PM  

NO WAY!! I'm never first!! WOOT!

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 6:04 PM  

That is, three games where I'm in the first wave. WOO! LET'S GO! =D

Oh yeah, wow..K, Im stuck already..I have a phone number, dont know where it goes yet..

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 6:06 PM  

I already have some of it done...

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 6:07 PM  

I'm stuck at the gears

hi vbr,
have fun..i have to leave for a while
last night(for me) we didnt post this game.(weird)
see you all next games.

How did you get off of this floor emshipp? Did you use that number somwehere?

Hey Shuchun, good to see you..Maybe see you later on..LOl depending on how long game is..I cant play long tonight either. 5am comes really early

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 6:10 PM  

I keep getting a "big Boom" button...won't let me move it a bug??? jeeze

Okay Shuchun, see you in the next games..After tonight I'll be back Friday..Hope to see you then..

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 6:11 PM  

You just have to play with the gears until they work. When you have the right gear over the right spot, it will kind of jump around, like it doesn't want to be near that spot. Does that make any sense? It acts kind of like a magnet that doesn't want to go next to another magnet.

I cant get off this floor..

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 6:11 PM  

when you see the big boom, back up and look around the room. there's a ladder now. climb on up!

Hey everyone, wow, finally I can help out in anything or get help :S

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 6:15 PM  

Thanks! That was getting annoying!

Makes perfect sense emshipp08..thank you, on a different level now..

Did the gears, wandered in the allys, lots of notes, nice dog, something in a wall bites you. Stuck there.

Me too!! hemingway

lol.. same empty vodka bottle and flattened soccer ball.

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 6:24 PM  

yeah. I've got a few numbers and codes, and I found a strange little story in the doghouse, but I'm stuck there, too.

Been dumpster diving to..

I havent seen a doghouse yet..

i am only seeing black screen...whats going on?

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 6:30 PM  

You need to find th elight switch Lani :-)

oh! thanks! i thought it wasn't loading properly!

Are we talking about the same game?! I don't see a dog house or a gear or a ladder....

what do you mean guys buy Big Boom?!

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 6:33 PM  

This is so agravating! I want to find something to wear to enter the spatula place, or somewhere to enter a code, or chalk so I can finish the game of tic-tac-toe. SOMETHING! >.<

So if you got to the doghouse, did ya find the lost dog "no reward" you keep

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 6:35 PM  

You need to find the gear puzzle, look up I forget which screen...when you solve that you will get the button...back out and you will get a ladder to the street...Can't help with the street yet though...I'm STUCK!! Found the resaurant but I'm not dressed well enough apparently...LOL

ok this is really terrible...i'm stuck already and i've not done anything. i've been wandering around in circles and can only find and empty vodka bottle and a phone number

Spalax, I think in the basement you go all the way to the right, then do as devildolldee said..

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 6:39 PM  

found a business card in the trash with a code...nowhere to use it though!! AAARRRGH!

finally! found the gears!

Tried to get the red sweater in dumpster to wear for restaurant but it had been cut with a knife..

Yep, me to devildolldee..Nowhere to input the number yet..

ok im starting late again lets see if i can escape

K, I finally found the dog and doghouse..

are the numbers a 5 6 and 8? i found a place that is missing these three numbers

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 6:45 PM  

Okay, I've found something. When you get to the locked door, you can go left and right. If you go left, you see some letter code or something. If you go right, you see a place where you can enter a code. It's set up like the numbers on a phone are set, but 5, 6, and 8 are missing. I've tried a lot of codes, but nothing yet.

LOL..what to do with the poem in the doghouse?? Also, cant keep the lighter..

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 6:48 PM  

I think the code is 01582, but it's missing buttons

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 6:49 PM  

found the code on a business card in the trash can by the restaurant

does anyone else get only a black screen after the game starts all i seem to get is that just after it says where am i? then nothing

nevermind i used tab and found out how to get it going :D

i had the same problem. you have to turn the light on

addicted, click on the middle of screen

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 6:51 PM  

Look for a light switch...POP! LOL

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 6:51 PM  

that's what I thought too, devil.
addicted, you have to move your mouse around until the cursor changes. then you click to turn the light on.

I cant get back to that locked door emshipp..

this game is very strange...whats with the story in the doghouse?

Say, from you remember which direction?

in the dumpster there is a book, and at the bottoms of the pages are the numbers 728 926...wonder if this is significant for the wall with missing buttons

Found the door..Ive tried 4 numbers i got in different places..Dont work..

5, 6, and 8 are missing..All my numbers have one of those in

Omg, do yall remember how many gears there were??

we've not been able to pick up anything in this game. it seems unlikely that we will find, pick up, and put into place the 3 missing buttons

There's the comment in the tunnel, "...when 1 equals 0" and the doghouse "instead of 5 sheep there were 3". Using 01582 as the code, I assume substitute those numbers?

No, it simply means we dont need those numbers..Looks like how many gears were in the basement maybe..

there are 12 gears...i went back downstairs and now have to put the gears into place again

their are 5 rows of gears


hopefully this will help

You may be on to something there chris..along with gears hes talking about his mother teaching him with.

lol..lani you done that pretty quick..

are those cats in the wall that bite you?

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 7:12 PM  

I believe it wild haggis...

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 7:12 PM  

the bingo poster in the basement has some bold characters:
M, U, B, !, R, S, 3, N, C, R

if you go by phone standards, the numbers for that are:

K, I tried using a phonepad for the letters ferkakta,,that would be 33752582 and with the substitution chris reminded us of..that would be 33732382..but there's no 8..its not working

vbranam1, I'm glad you are still here!

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 7:20 PM  

This is getting really old...

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 7:20 PM  



in the basement was a phone number - 696 1568

but on the paper on a wall outside rounding up bloggers, the 8 has been crossed out and a 4 replaces it... does that add to chris's theory?

Hey Ruff, good to see you..

how did you get that/??


Yep, that got it..THANKS devildolldee..

Something wrong with my game. It's all black. Can't do anything.

Well Done!

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 7:24 PM  

The code is 10347. Why the #%@$#!, you ask? Well, start with the code on the back of the business card:
Now, we need to find a substitution for every digit. So:

- 5 becomes 3 per the story snippet in the doghouse.
- 8 becomes 4 per the crossed-out phone number on the misspelled sign.
- The only code-like thing with a 2 is the 27 written underneath the Tim + Olivia graffiti, so I guess 2 becomes 7.
- The snippet you find in the hole in the wall says 1=0. So the 0 becomes a 1 and the 1 becomes a 0.

Aaaack! There’s more of this game!!!

ruff, find the light switch

Thanks shellie. I restarted the game several times and thought I should quit.

Turn on the light middle,I think someone said use tab,or move around and watch cursor change.

anyone need help with the blue dot/red dot puzzle?

Well before in these games we foundlit colored balls behind paintings, now what..for the blue and red balls

i got the top right dot to turn green but thats it

It just keeps going...

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 7:30 PM  

Devil, you're amazing.

I climb the ladder and it goes back to big boom. I can't escape it. It then sends me back to the screen to the right of the ladder. Is this a bug?

yay! i finally figured something out all by myself!

nolegrad, climb the ladder then select a different directional arrow.

only click the blue balls
top row far right to start, just keep trying, only clicking the blue balls

i found an elevator, but i'm scared to get on there and end up back in the basement!

I pushed the big boom button to back out, went left, climbed the ladder, then went down once I was at the top of the ladder. Saw a new view, but then it went directly back to big boom. :( I may need to start over. UGH :(

vbranam1, I am leaving this game for tomorrow. I am getting really tired and my brain is not working anymore. I gotta go. Good luck everyone and good night!

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 7:36 PM  

LOL ok, blue dots

0= don't press
a number is the sequence, got it?

Got all the blue balls to turn green, new door

Yeah, I had to start over. It works now. It's a bit buggy

im up to a maze puzzle no idea how i found it but i think i need to move the red ball through it a bit tricky moving the ball around but i think i figured it out dont touch the sides

lvl 2 QnA:

Yes until you get to the multiple number answers, then:


After that new door from the balls, click the handle tokeep changing shapes till the door opens..Now at the elevator

if you get on the elevator and go to the basement, there is a cage with a skeleton and also a box of knives, with the second one missing

omg, what is ferkakta time calculated in guys?

yep i got the red ball now

*sobs* another alarm code

vbranan, I wrote the answers to floor two... look up

Well I went to the 2nd floor and now have to answer computer questions..Like what time is ferkakta time calculated in...Dang i cant remember

the paintings aren't changing! you're going through doors to other doors! each time you can go left and right and find offices!

wow im so glad there is continue i accidenly clicked out of the window i was scared i'd have to start all over but lucky for me no

Thanks Shellie, I didnt even see that post..Whew, thank you very much

dont thank me for too much longer, im stuck on lvl 3... another alarm code. at least it has all the buttons

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 7:49 PM  

Ugh. Good thing Pixelatrix games let you start up again where you left off. I'm going to bed, but I'll be back to finish up tomorrow. Night, all!

I was just trying to post to ask you if you had that code?lol conflicting blogs(same time)Thats where Im stuck now also..

Goodnight emshipp, thank you so much for your help..If i dont get done seen, Im going to bed to..Getting late here..


for the quiz so far say yes to everything and then #3 and then #6

k, for the code I tried the same phone number found all over the place..Last number found was in the toilet in womans bathroom..same 696-1568

then #4

then 3 again

are any missing bloggers named petunia by chance?

lol, shellie..(petunia, sylvia, and Uncle richard)

that number isnt working for me vbranam

ok so all yes and then 3 6 4 3 5 3 (so you guys don't have to sit there guessing and starting over a million times!) :)

lol well it says "hmm?" after waffling on for so long about petunias, so i thought that the code might be an answer, about petunias... or something

I'm desperate!

No, its not working for me grasping at straws now,i guess

was there anything in the book of trolls, or delinking for dummies that stood out? I'm gonna re check

I read the diary on the roof and still dont have a clue..It mentions only number 3

0826 code for 3rd floor

crap i found another code in Beta's office. click the middle of his desk and you have to light up 3 shapes

Tech Support room on level 1 has a computer requiring another 5 digit code.

s = square, t = triangle c = circle

to unlock the comments box

thanks, nolegrad..lets go see what we can get into

another site said you don't need the password for the computer to escape. Don't waste your time on that

well i found the crazy uncle :/ not much to do up here though

oooh found the missing knife,cant pick it up though.

your welcome. do you guys need the conference room code?

anchovies and babies...good grief..

The code given after the ball maze game is 0625. That gets you in to the Conference room, but nothing is in there!

Ahn V. Cho is the killer!

OH WOW! I must be tired! I made my most hated error in the english're welcome!

Fifi funicula loves plants..cant do anything in her office..

where do we go now we know who the killer is?

ok so we need to remember the flag colors of each person

lol.nolegrad, I do it all the time..

I am getting pretty tired and I got to get up at 5 am. Do yall think we are close to being done.. Otherwise I'll have to finish friday..

i should hope so. miss imogen is after me, ive traisped through the sewers and im back in the basement looking at another damn code >:(

Conference room is all smoked up.

:) Thanks for understanding!!! ;) wow was that maze thing a pain in the butt!

im at a codebox with AVC scribbled on the side (Ahn V. Cho?) apparently the code is in a safe place.. but I haven't found anything resembling codes. just scraps of info here and there

I cant get anything from the employees sugestion box on 1st floor. Dont know if we even need anything from there though either.


OK folks, I need to go to bed! I'm exhausted and have to be at work early. Have a nice night.

where is the box with avc on he side?

Goodnight nolegrad, thank you for your help.Im right behind you..

penny, its after the sewer maze... nite nolegrad, thanks for the help

Okay, that's it for me guys..Bedtime..Its been fun..Thank you all for the help..Please post as to how you get out..See yall Friday..

nite vbranam, thanks for the help

how do you get to the sewer maze?
I'm in the office building having noted everyone's flags... I wsn't able to work the code in ahn's office but got into the conference room but couldn't do anything ther..

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 8:34 PM  

The code for the AVC box is 24817 - from the story in her office about the anchovies.

nite vbranam1 and as always thanks for your help...

ahh i was missing the one... in the conference room, click and hold the matchbox and move it to the candle, then let go

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 8:39 PM  

Ok, I give up. I didn't write down the flags and I'm too tired to go back and look at them all. :P

i really should have paid attention to all those flags/paintings

penny, you noted the flags, can you help please?

nm, i went back and took note of every flag in each office, but now i dont know where to put them as there are more spaces than flags

and I'm the only one playing arent i?

thanks shellie... now wondering about position of flags
hmmm. I'm missing two
The purple and green diagonal one belongs to f. augusto...
yellow and red is viola
pink yellow is impedimentia but i don't think we need her
moses is the four quadrant one
mojo is vertical lhs green rhs orange
ahn is top half green, bottom lhs pink rhs orange
funicula is top lhs yellow, rhs purple bottom half pink

I'm missing blue and white and pink and white who are they

I suppose you read the same poem as I did about the alpha dog??

looks ike now I'm the only one playing....

devildolldee is a plagiarist. The comment she posted w/timestamp 04:24 is a direct quote of Reka's comment on FreeGamesNews (posted a good half hour before ddd, if you translate the time zones).

I've no problem with quoting comments from other sites, but give credit where it's due, folks.

sorry, weas trying something with flags, it didnt work XD

blue/whit flag is Tech Support and Pink/White ...I've got it written as IS... its the room with the kinky handcuffs hung up... first floor on the left

so I think I have tried everything too with flags I have moses and mojo and fortuno and viola in the four central squares... then have had ahn and fifi out on the edges and swapped the other two pieces around from top to bottom but no success

Ive triedto do it as if it was the rooms/floors that the flags where on... no avail going across nor up :(

Flag spoiler alert!

found screenshot on nordinho... I'm on right track with the four people in the centre and ahn and fifi on bottom row in the corners...
pink flag is top left blue and right top right

WHY is the 3rd floor code 0826?????

sorry that should have been blue and white top right...
glad that's over.....

blah... done it with help from nordinho... they actually have a pic up.. i dont know who to put a pic up otherwise i would do it

3rd floor code is 0826 because it went from 0 to 8 in 2mins 6 secs...

hey Shellie... don't feel bad we were almost there by ourselves... welll with the help of everyone... but... you know what I means

Thanks, Penny, but I think I'm too dense for this. WHAT went from 0 to 8 in 2:06? I believe I've read every scrap of writing in the game, some of them dozens of times, but I don't recall anything like that.

THis is the code for the flags....I got it from nordinho, hope it helps!

I have entered all the rooms except the locked offices, what are we supposed to do, now ? I can't see anything in the conference room.

I with you Pascale, no clue either...its driving me nuts..

hi all im back for a second try lets see if i can progress more than earlier

ok i guess im all alone

aha you need to light the candle once you get into the confrence room then you can get lost in the sewers like i am :D

i hate getting lost there are just so many rooms and places and clues and ohh my head hurts

and out the bloggers were alerted

wow that one was sooo hard i could not have done it with out the help from everyone both on here and on and i also think that a map would have been really useful

I got out of the sewers, but don't know the code for the door.

How do i put the flags in order?

Pascale the code to the coderoom of the basement is 24817.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks a lot, Feminin21 and Evelyn !

Where to input the code 10347??

Finally, I freed the bloggers. It's such a difficult game. Thanks for all the hints contributed by other fellow bloggers. Frankly speaking, I have never taken so many pages of notes for one game.

anyone there? where's the dog house?????

omg i'm going around in circles in the sewer and don't know what i should be doing!!! someone pls come and rescue me from this exhausting hell!!!!

geez that was weird, as soon as i posted that, i found the ladder up to avc door.... hummm........

finally out! what a work out! needed hints nearly every step of the way. very difficult game, but great nonetheless........whewwww i'm tired from running around all the sewers

Finally out..phew. Thank you all for your comments...I did try to start a walkthru, but was exhausted! (Have done the House one, which was a challenge).

I know something about it. I'm making one in polish now and can translate it. So let me know, if you have yours.

Thanks for the hints! I needed a bit of help with some of the codes (I still don't get where 0826 came from) and I *almost* had the flags but not quite.

(Once you *know*, it's obvious that Vickram [who doesn't have an office with his name on] must be tech support, and Impedimentia must be the Alpha [because she's the only one left, and because her office suggests a, er, dominant personality]).

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