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Outi Escape Game 2 Walkthrough

Outi Escape Game 2

Outi Escape Game 2 is a new point and click type escape the room game from Mugichanamoto. In this game you try to search around to find some useful things and solve puzzles to escape. Good luck and have fun!

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first and already stuck....

let's start. hope someone will come, im sure i'll need help

so far, i have a torch, a shovel, something like a claw arm and something i used to cut the lawn

oh, and i made the flowers bloom

key(used) bone (used) and a lots of coloured flowers. Stuck.

found a key, but can't reach it ;o(

how did you get the key?

give bones to the dog and click click click on shine (sorry for my english, hope u can understand me)

where is the bone?

use the shovel near the dog - on the strange patch of ground for bone


thank you, crymoon. giuliana, did you find the second key? it's hanging on the line with clothes (sorry for my bad english)?

found it but i can't get it. look at the left of the tree next door. You'll find something.

found some kind of sheet and cleaned the window.

hii I found a garden near the wall

cut grass. The house'owner have to pay me.

hm, can't figure this code out: 2=? 4/?

@selinbattal: you can make the flowers bloom if you water them

there are a few hints on the board in the house. i think the language barrier is a big problem here.

I have so far:
found a kama under the wooden terrace und cut the grass;
found a shovel near the door and dug a patch near the ground to get the bone to give it to dog to get a key.
found the second key on the line which I cannot get;
found the wateringcan behind the rear garden and watered the flowers.
used the key from dog house to get into the shed where i found a cloth and a locked box.
cleaned the window and seen some strange painting with trees on it - probably corresponding to the numbers seen on trees
am stuck :)

@crymoon: so am i ;o)

Oh yeah and found the flashlight behind the first blue pole to see anything in the shed

i'm just wondering why we had to cut the grass!?!?

Maybe so that teh key when it falls down eventually isn't lost in it.. :)

The symbols on the paper on the wall of the shed correspond to the symbols behind the window.

Language is definitely a problem here

hm, i think we need someone who can translate the foreign words for us.

in the picture in the house there is the code for locked box. quite sure about that. The only thing... I can't find the fish... I feel so stupid!!!:(

this one's too difficult for me

in box code
first rate the blue flowers
sorry my english

I found the code
count trees and blue flowers

I have the same as Crymoon and
also can't find any fish.

Were are our Japeneze game friends to help us??

I thought to get the key on the washline with the long "hand" but no luck there eighter..

8 blue flowers (the nose is blue)
2 tree
2 : 4/2
dont work

On the trees you can see 4: and 2=?, I suppose that one of the code number is 2 ---> 4:2=?

Now we have to find the fish to get the second number and to look at something blue for the third.


code last one on the tree

why 7 megi???

what the hell is the thing in locked box?

i just put 8 in the first one (blue flowers)
and 2 for the 3rd one for the trees (4/2=2)
the 2nd one i jst tried all the numbers and 7 worked

have no idea what i found in the box

nvm. now i know. take the key

out.. better.. IN. thank you

combine the new found thing with the long white thing and cut the line to get the key. and out!

i still don't know where we got the code for the box from, but the game was ok

it was a silly game!

The code was one of the most absurd but the game quite nice.

thanks for tips on the code. Nice game! See you guys at the next game..

i really liked this game one of the easiest i have played for a while

I think there is another end to this one, at the end I got 4 Os and 2 Xs with ??? b4 them, so I guess that I have to do two more things to get the perfect end, plus i never used the napkin thingy from the bin in the dark room. Just a thought, I'm probably wrong.

To get all O at the end, u have to do all the 5 chores.
1) Cut the grass
2) Wipe the window with the cloth
3) Water the flowers
4) Click on the clothes after u get the key from the line. It will arrange itself.
5)Stack up the books in the storeroom

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 3:05 PM  

I keep getting an "error forbidden" message when I click on the link provided. Is there an alternative site?

i get the message that the page cannot be displayed :( guess i cant play this one maybe i will try again later or another link will be available to play

How do you get the laundry of the line?

I really need to know how you got the 2nd number for the code.

could someone pleas post a walkthrough?? I'm stuck now for a long time...

Nice and fast game. Thanks for hints.I still don't know how we got the second number thou.

for the second code:
the brown fish is a kind of japanese snack called "taiyaki" and tree=ki so taiyaki - ki =taiya
taiya means tire
in the storage we got 4 tires plus 3 tires of tricycle = 7 tires


the code for the safebox is 8-7-2
8-eight blue flowers
7-see above
2-on the trees 4 divided by 2 is 2

Used shoe looking thingy on the tree reacher thing (the rod with the claw), used it to cut the wire, folded the clothes and got the key, used on door

good game, just needed help to cut the laundry line :D

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