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Esklavos Chapter 17 Walkthrough

Esklavos Chapter 17

Esklavos C17 is 17th chapter of Esklavos point and click adventure game created by Federico Rutenberg. In Esclavos C17, you have to point and click on right places to collect some things and solve puzzles in order to figure out the game. Good luck and have fun!

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       Anonymous  10/9/08, 8:47 AM  

new game!

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 8:56 AM  

Game won't load for me.

found a disk and discplayer in tower (second floor) and a doll

please refresh it many times

where did you find the disc?

scalpel on doll=parrot

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 9:03 AM  

how to get the card and the planes

I have a glass of water..and watered plant, but nothing seems to happen

disc at point where you can go to the three towers

Now I have a lens..parrot...scalple..and asyringe.

plaied disc...with parrot on player..gives you a song with number..code maybe?

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 9:08 AM  

use lens on paper w/ small writing to get number can put parrot on beam to make uro look up but still cant get card and planes

crowbar above plant

Crowbar in the room with plant.
sorry for my english.

OO work to do.
Open circuit lid with crowbar.

Use parrot on the radio with disc and note the numbers.
Use parrot over Uro and read the planes.
Use numbers and planes to circuit lid.

When de Uro look up, click on planes.
Here is a picture with planes.


#s from parrot
17 14 18 5 19 12 20 2...
21 11 22 13 23 8 24 9...
25 10 26 3 27 6 28 16...
29 1 30 4 31 7 32 15...

but what to do with them????

Lens on pocket of cover in the room with the Uro.

The lens on the paper with the small reading gave me the number 3167

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  10/9/08, 9:30 AM  

connected all the dots and now got computer screen working gotta take photos

Tosca, I have different numbers. And my computer is working now.

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 9:32 AM  

hmmm seems the numbers are different for each game
my numbers for the parrot are different and so are my four from the paper

Ok I will delete them

hi!,i cant seem to get the code from paper with small writng using lens.any hints on wher to look??

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 9:36 AM  

cant seem to get the pics right

ther is pic of both cameras,a box near door,guy who picks it up and red faced guy who leavs to the right when train thng leavs

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 9:40 AM  

2 pics of the cameras and one of the guy picking up the package and the other 2? Have tried the package and the truck and the package and the 1st gray guy ????

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 9:41 AM  

Having trouble on the computer mission where you have to get past the guards. 3rd mission, I believe.

im stuck on that 1 too


       Anonymous  10/9/08, 9:46 AM  

eh stuck on 3rd one :(

for mission3,
click on left rope of hanging barrel to make it fall on grey guy.then click on right side of thng above the other one at door to make it fall on him.then click on stand of barrel near platform to make it fall on platform.then shoot on oil that falls to blow up the place
hope that helps!

shoot to the cord of the left of the tank that is hanging to the left of the screen.
shot to the beam that is on top of uro
shoot to the support that maintains the tank that is to the right of the screen
shoot to the liquid of the tank.
Please let me know if you understand me.

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 9:50 AM  

ah thx nottypomy

how to read code on paper with small writing using lens.all i see are boxes

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 9:54 AM  

nottypomy I put the lens over the paper and moved it around till I found a 4 digit number. got the flask now what???

power of posting.just spotted it:)

ive been stuck at the ship for a while cant get it to start

Out...Great End.

ive got the empty flask but i still cant get the engineer card

how did you start the ship?

how did you pass the second mission ??

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 9:59 AM  

what do you do after you get the flask?

@notty you need to put some things into the flask

for the second mission, shoot the box over the armed guard and shoot the guard in the window

thanks dnelson87 :)

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 10:04 AM  

omg I refreshed the wrong pg!!!!
will have to start over :(

np esra, just hurry up and get to this ship so u can help me lol

thnx dnelson.its not easy catchng flies.how many do i need its still says empty flask

For the ship look behind the planes, there is another paper with a clue.

nottypomy: You need 3 flies.

i fed the plum to parrot and now i have a lorrito fatter!!! now what??

@notty I think 4

thanks claudia ive been lookin for a while

paulina what happens to a full parrot? Especially when it is over head?

paulina: Use parrot over Uro.

ok got it!! now off to catch some flies!!

Where is the parrot ? I can't see any bird in this game.
I connected the circuit, but it doesn't work...

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 10:14 AM  

computer is much easier 2nd time around

Yay! The last time I checked the game was only 70% done.

i still couldn't get the flask. It says uro could see me. I send the parrot but nothing changed?

i can't catch the flies.. i want to cry...!!!!!!!

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 10:19 AM  

I dont suppose there is an easy way to catch the flies

Out! That was a good ending.

yay!!! i finishd the game
by the you hav to catch 3 big flies i dont thnk the small ones count

who do i feed the flies to???

put the flies in the coat of the uru

This comment has been removed by the author.

esra did you feed the plum to the parrot? You have to free the prisoners to get the plant food to get the plum to get the flask to catch the flies to get the uro to leave to get the card to get to the ship to......see a good ending.

how did you get the flask ?? pls help. ı send the parrot over the uro, but didn't get the flask. how will I get the flask?

of course! they are moths not flies!! tnx btw

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  10/9/08, 10:27 AM  

grrrrr can not catch the flies

Finally, I found the scalpel and the parrot, I have the series of numbers, but that doesn't help much.
I can't use the parrot over Uro.

I used the parrot on the beam, and it worked (I could only see the plans).

pascale, read mighty1 comment above to get flask

Pascale look at the top right hand side of the plans for another letter.

I'm not able to do anything with the parrot...I'm trying to send him to the Uro but it doesn't work,and I don't understand what beam are you talking about...

made it to the ship...now what? can't turn on engines.

This comment has been removed by the author.

and out! really nice
i'll be around if you need any help

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 10:43 AM  

How in the world do you catch the moths?

I'm having trouble connecting the circuits. What do I do?

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 10:45 AM  

greenmama I used this to figure out the connection http://flickr.com/photos/30339695@N07/2926284663/

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 10:46 AM  

AndreaPMomma if you figure out how to catch them could you let me know?

to catch a moth : drag and drop!
not very easy you need to have some patience!!

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 10:47 AM  

I'm clicking like mad but apparently I'm not fast enough...

I have that, have the numbers from the parrot, watered the plant, know the code from the "too small to read" paper, but the connections aren't working.....

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 10:49 AM  

ah I'm just not fast enough

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 10:49 AM  

Patience? What's that? They don't even come close to my mouse

how to catch a moth part 2: what worked for me was to move the cursor outside the border and surprise-attack them! hope that helps

how do i catch the flies?

how do i catch flies?

that's enough. ı stopped playing because of those stupid flies.
thanks for your helps.

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  10/9/08, 10:54 AM  

Do we need the flies or the moths?

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 10:59 AM  

thx paulina have caught two moths but that last one is being a booger

Oh là là... it sounds very difficult.
Thank you nottypomy...
I'm experiencing difficulties with the first mission... I'm giving up. This is too difficult for me.

just the moths. never mind the small ones

ok,plans seen,computer on, 3 mission completed...but I still can't send that stupid parrot to the uro and get flask...how do I feed the parrot?


just hang in there. you'll get it in the end. don't let a moth defeat you!!!

@simona : have you watered the plant yet? and freed the slaves?

still loading Zzzzz

paulina any hints on startin the engines pleeaase???

Simona, to get the flask you first need to feed the parrot. In order to do that, get the hormone the slaves gave you with the syringe and use in the plant.Irrigate it and.. have fun

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 11:10 AM  

if I had a newspaper they would all be dead! lol

@ malfi : 2nd floor where uro was, under the notes for the planes, there is another note

got a bird, a glass, a bistoury and a it injects

where can I find the disk?? any clues on what do I have to do??

gr8 music in th disk

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 11:19 AM  

omg I got the last one!!!

and out few!!! diam moths lol

Thanx Paulina

Nice but long ending. 2 long hours and im out. And greetings from Finland.

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 11:28 AM  

ok how do you start the ship

how do I fix the computer?? HELP PLEASSEEE

I got 3 moths by
1.Zooming browser screen to 300%
2.Then scroll screen to center the collection jar to bottom center
3.Keep cursor just outside of lighted area, swoop in, drag and drop MOTHS into jar.

Zooming up the browser screen makes the moths bigger and easier to drag and drop. It' still difficult to do, but not impossible.

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 11:32 AM  

luly you have to get the numbers from the radio and then look at the plans and connect the dots basically

help see the code with leas...
is it written or do you have to follow the lines to form the numbers... ive been woring on this for an hour,

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 11:36 AM  

pull the orange dots to the where the numbers are ... if you have 17 and 6 pull the orange dot from 17 spot to the 6 spot hope that helps

can't hear the numbers, don't know why

you dont really hear them you se them... is the parrot ontop the radio, otherwise its plays the wrong song.. hope that helps


for 4 number code move lens sumwher around bottom left corner the number is quite small

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 11:47 AM  

finally finished...to start the ship go back to where the plans are and find the clue under them

Why cant i find the number...
I looked all over the bottom left


tkns for the hint for compu

in the 3rde mision I killed the 2 guards but what do I have to do to pass the mision??


where and how do I get lens??

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 12:34 PM  

Thanks to Paulina for the fly hint. The sneak attack worked. I was about to quit and was completely frustrated. Thanks!!

I am S T I L L working on the flies.....URGGGGG

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 12:41 PM  

hang in there MarinesMOM07 it took me forever to get em

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 12:50 PM  

alright, someone PLEASE give me the code. I can't find it for the life of me and I'm getting a headache looking for it.

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 12:53 PM  

the codes are different for each game so you have to find it... sorry

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 12:55 PM  

thanks, found it. locations are apparently different for each game too.

I love Esklavos so much!! I can't believe they came out with a new one!

My trick for the moths: right click on the screen (holding down), when a moth is under your cursor, quickly left click and hold and drag to the jar. Hope that helps.

Been looking for over 2 hours for scalpel. Does not appear to be one in my game. Any hints?

       Anonymous  10/9/08, 1:49 PM  

scapel is in the 1st aid box

Daniel, in the first aid kit on the wall. On shelf below syringe. Move mouse slowly over area until you see 'scalpel', then click

ive got 2845 from the code any idea what orange bit i should connect i am so lost:(

ive got 2845 from the code any idea what orange bit i should connect i am so lost:(

hey all, i'm doing mssion 2 and i shoot the guy in window and shoot the box above guard, but then i still fail. what else do i need to do???

hey you guys, for the circuit you need to listen to the parrat as he rattle off numbers and hen you connect the circuits according to the numbers. the previous post give an address for the picture of the plans
etc 17+ 5 means connect circuit 17 to circuit 5 etc

I took a long break, how did you connect the circuits? I got the numbers from the planes, got the #s from the parrot and radio, but the computer is not coming on?


I did that, but it's still not working.......

circuit numbers
17>5 18>9 19>7 28>16 21>14 22>15 25>8 27>10 26!! 29>12 23>3 30>6 31>13 32>2 24> 25>8 26>11 28>1 29>12 20>16

made a typo at 26 26>11

I have different #s from my parrot. Are they supposed to be the same? or are they different for each game?

don't know, but you must go with the numbers your parrot says. here is the link for the picture of the plans w/ the circuit numbers http://flickr.com/photos/30339695@N07/2926284663/

I already have that, is there a special place that I need to connect them? Is there something I may have skipped that I need to do before I connect them?

NVM I got it, I must have had something in the wrong place....

so this just s***Ks!!!!!!! i was frantically trying to capture the moths and my cursor moved somewhere out side of screen and i lost my game. Wahhh well i'm not starting over moths too frustrating on to next one...:(


Can't find the four numbers on the sheet of paper. Kinda stupid...

I found what maybe looks like a 7? But there are no numbers next to it. Any tips?

Aha! Found it! Here's a tip for future players, Notice how the lines work like boxes? Trace your lens across those boxes, it let's you know what you've been over. Also, the numbers look like they're typed, not drawn, which helps to know, and mine replaced the line they were on, so it looked normal when zoomed out.

i can NOT catch any of the moths!! i cant zoom and no chance can i get even so much as one of the stupid things!!

and to make matters worse, in madly clicking around i clicked on a link and the game has close.

i give up! second game today i have given up on!

very sad now :(

well decided to try again and managed to get the flies.

out now!

For the moths:
Right-click on the screen, then left-click and HOLD on one of the moths to drag it to the flask at the bottom of the screen.

Good Morning
Help with mission 3. I shot the left side of the rope, barrel falls on guard. Shot so the 2nd barrel falls on platform and the oil spills. Shot the oil and starts fire. Mission Failed. What am I doing wrong?

Finally got it. Wasn't shooting far enough to the right.

It seems that I have lost my BUG JAR. After I watered the plant, my jar is not in inventory

This comment has been removed by the author.

If anyone is still playing this, where do i get the lens from?

can someone please post walkthrough?

its just that easy, to catch moths, as in real life, they need light, so what u need to do is, draw circles with ur mouse, over the light, making the moths get out of the light, now they will try to get to the light square, thats when u get them!

This is a long walkthrough:
1. Click elevator, click panel, press 2
2. Enter room on right, click pocket of cover to get lens
3. Return to elevator lobby, use lens on paper on wall.
4. It’s difficult to explain where to look for the code. If you look at the set of nested rectangles (let’s call them A) on the bottom left corner of the paper, there is another rectangle (B) positioned on their top right. Move your lens around B, look for a 4-digit code on top right of B. It’s for freeing the slaves later in the game.
5. Pick up disk in front of room on the left, then enter room.
6. Get crowbar from the building support on the left. Pick up fabric doll from the floor. Exit.
7. Enter room to the north. Pick up big jar. Open medicine kit, take syringe and scalpel. Scalpel is easy to miss, so move your mouse slowly around the medicine kit. Use scalpel on fabric doll to free parrot. Exit.
8. Take elevator to first floor. Use big jar to get water.
9. Return to second floor, enter room to the left.
10. Use water on plant. Click audio player. Put disk in audio player and put parrot on it.
11. Before pressing the switch for the parrot to sing the codes, it’s better to write down the numbers 17 all the way up to 32 on a piece of paper. Leave some spaces after each number for filling in the matching codes from the parrot song. Since the codes are different each time, I cannot list out the codes in this walkthrough.
12. Press the switch on the audio player and read the lyrics. The parrot will sing 17 and #, 18 and #, 19 and # … all the way up to 32 and #. Fill those numbers on your note.
13. Exit the room and enter the north room. Use crowbar to remove circuit lid.
14. Pull the wire ends on the sides (17 to 32) and connect them to the plugs around the centre (1 to 16) according to the parrot’s song.

Numbering of the outside wires of the circuit board:
left (top to bottom): 17, 18, 19, 20
right (top to bottom): 21, 22, 23, 24
top (left to right): 25, 26, 27, 28
bottom (left to right): 29, 30, 31, 32

Numbering of the inside plugs of the circuit board:
left (top to bottom): 1, 2, 3, 4
right (top to bottom): 5, 6, 7, 8
top (left to right): 9, 10, 11, 12
bottom (left to right): 13, 14, 15, 16

(*Someone has posted a chart on http://flickr.com/photos/30339695@N07/2926284663/)

15. When connection is completed, click computer screen. Click “start training”.
16. Take pictures of two security cameras on top of screen, wait for the truck to pass, take picture of the red-face guy coming out behind the truck, take photo of the parcel in front of the door, then take picture of the guy who opens the door to collect parcel.
17. Start Mission 2. Shoot rope holding crate (directly to the right of the bullet counts and timer). Shoot the guy behind glass near the right side of the screen. Shoot the rope above the hostage.
18. Start Mission 3. Shoot left rope that was holding the suspending barrel. Shoot right side of the beam above the guy in doorway. Shoot support of barrel in the center to spill oil. Fire at the oil to blow up the place.
19. Pick up soldier card from the computer. Exit room and enter elevator. Insert card to the bottom slot and press 0.
20. Click computer and enter code 3167 (or whatever numbers you’ve found by using the lens on paper). The fan gate is now opened. Click fan and talk to slaves. They will give you a vegetable hormone.
21. Go back to level 2, enter room on the left. Use syringe on hormone, then on plant. Pick plum and feed it to the parrot. Exit room.
22. Enter room on the right. Use parrot on beam above the guy in lab coat. Click on
“planes” (supposed to be “plans”). You will see the C64 computer connection chart. Click on the bit of white paper that is sticking out behind the chart. Take note of the switches’ positions which will be used later to start the space ship.
23. Take empty flask and return to the room with the plant.
24. Click the source of light on the wall. Now you need to catch three big moths.
25. Catching moths is probably the most challenging part of this game. I found that it’s easier to catch moth after I have rounded them to the centre of the screen. I move my mouse in circle around the outside of the screen, then slowly reducing the “radius” of my circle until all the moths are grouped together in the centre, then I’ll left click the group of moths hoping that I’ll catch one. If I have caught a big one, I’ll just drag it to the jar. As soon as you have caught the third big moths, you’ll leave the moth task automatically.
26. Exit and go to the room to the right. Use moths in flask on lab cover. Take engineer card. Exit.
27. Enter elevator, insert engineer card in top slot, press 3.
28. Click ship. Use switch patterns you have got from “planes” to set left and right panels. Use top pattern for left and bottom pattern for right. Now the middle panel will show “levelling”. Adjust levelling switches until all lights are lit. Press the red button to start space ship.
29. Drag plasma cannon to shoot Okrul. Virop will be shot and fall down, click plasma cannon again to finish job.
30. You have completed the game. Watch the ending if you wish. It’s a nice ending.

I wonder if this was the last episode..? I like Esklavos.

dammed the stupıd moths....!!!!gave up...:(

i love esklavos games, but i bailed because of the moths. i was going to start again when i saw the wt. posted by ruff, but i still don't want to deal with the moths.............. i hope the next one doesn't have something like the moths in it :(

Thank you, Ruff. I too gave up at the moths. Couldn't have got this far w/o you. Challenge would not be the word I would use to describe this level. Maybe boring. Great walkthrough!

To easily catch the moths maximise the game ( I switched from 100% to 200% )

nope. Tried that. I'm bailing. Too bad...might have been a good game, but doesn't look like many will play it. have fun.

r we supposed to look 4 a 4 digit code for the paper with the lens


When I click source of light to see the moths, all my inventory disappears from the bottom.

DIANNE the tip of the catch of moths is very good!
They were trapped in the nu :-)

I think I'm going blind. I can not see the 4-digit number somewhere!!

That moth task is bullcrap. Stupid stuff like that is what makes me Red X a lot of esklavos games.

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