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Ferkakta by Night Walkthrough

Ferkakta by Night

Ferkakta by Night is another new point and click type room escape game supported by Pixelatrix games. You're a lowly Ferkakta Central Services trainee, you're working the graveyard shift, you're blogging as hard as you can, yet you still can't satisfy the big boss. But a story is breaking and if you can be the intrepid blogger who gets the scoop, who knows what's in store for you? Maybe you even get to keep your job. Good luck and have fun!

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whats with the spider web

Thanks ruff, done that and stuck again..I have many unused items.ladder,bone,fish,torch(used i think)

can sum1 pleaseee tell me the code for the crypt. only managed to get 3 letters, I,E,O

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 1:02 PM  

I put the cheese in the museum and I don`t know what to do now, stuck

ty ruff! it worked. now stuck at the damn slider puzzle. i hate these things....

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 1:05 PM  

I`m out! Thanks everyone! It was hard.

lol..crashnburn, I had to start that slider puzzle over 5 times before i got it right..dont like those either.

where is the rope and slider puzzle

Ania what did you do after placing the cheese?

zach, the rope is behind the door after entering letters you found..the dreaded slider is past that..follow the arrows.

ok got letters KCSOOEI. i just cant make a word out of it, please help

I can't seem to find the candle room. help?

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 1:08 PM  

vbranam I send the e-mail at the office

Omg, Im out..Day Shift here I come...cute

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 1:10 PM  

cazzamoo it is very sweet, something to eat

cazzamoo: from earlier post, think of something that goes with milk and is a sweet treat. move the letters around until you spell it.

LOL.I finally went esle where ania,and got out..Thank you

cazzamoo, the letters are kiescoo..re-arrange for a sweet word

please gimmi a clue, ive been sat an hour with it now and gonna give up soon,lol, just first 1 or 2 letters pleaseeeeee

This was another fun game..Thanks for the help everyone..Thanks for finding and posting megipoland..

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 1:13 PM  

The first part is cook...

Went away for a short break and you are all out now. I gotta go too.

ahhhhhhh, ty very much, that was drivin me insane, i had ice**** in me head, no wonder i couldnt do it,lol

what's with the room with de black square hole and ancient bloggers? (sorry for my bad english)

how do you get the sword

Oke, i cant figure out the word for the door in the tomb.
Can anyone help?

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 1:21 PM  

zach you must find the shovel at the right


some help with room with black square and room with candles? can't find candle room, don't know what to do with room with black square.

Where do you find the letters??
If they're the red ones in the the catacomb thing, then I only have 3...

Hallo Eva!
Bin gspannt obst das liest;-)
Lg Regina

ok i have put the cheese back in museum wots next?

Duh, oke thanks.
Got the word, i wasn`t thinking.

neva mind i done it,ty for all help

What do you do after you put the cheese back

got it.
send an email and you done

cool game all done

NOT cookie

i cant do it need walkthourght



I can't find all the letters, are they all in the maze?? and what do we have to do with sword and torch??

Please can someone explain at last how you solved the angels problem ?...

pascale: if you put ladder over big hole in the middle of the road, you can reach the code for the angel door!

grrrr I'm giving up soon! don't seem to find all the things we need, like the candle room, the slider puzzle, where to put skull with rope, even when I read all the previous comments! so frustrated...

power of posting! ;) found everything of course...

Ok so I got the letter code in the crypt and go through the door and get the rope... now what... there are no other arrows in this room...
I don't seem to be able to do anything with the Skeletors...
HELP please

Thank you, leithian. The problem is that I can't see any big hole...
Well, it too late, and the game is too difficult, I give up.

know what you mean pascale, it's sooo confusing, I'm just too bad with remembering the directions!!! I think the hole was from the entry left right right left...

penny I don't know why, but the arrows to the other parts of the maze appeared when I left and then reentered the maze! I think this game is a little bit buggy, my bag disappeares sometimes too...

Ok Duh to me...
For anyone else as silly as I am... you need to put the ring on the skeletors... I was missing half the letters from the code... DUH!!!! I didn't have the C or the S...
So now I am out.

Can anyone help me get to the candle room. I have been there but for the life of me cannot find it again.

nm found it finally

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 9:43 PM  

I am still stuck in the mansion and I think I'll just wait for someone to post a walkthrough. It is a good thing that you can save your game.

where in the world is the candle room?!

This is embarrassing but I don't know what crypt with a letter code you are talking about. Where is it?

The processes for getting passwords and clues are long and tedious, and involve going through maze. For simplicity, the passwords and codes would be given without details of how they have been derived. Write a post here if you want the details.

1. Take bag. A bag is now shown on top left. This is the inventory bag. If you need to use any item, just click open bag, drag the item from bag through the down arrow to wherever you want.
2. Zoom in waste bin under desk, take yellowish map. A map now appears beside your inventory bag. To go to other places, click open map, then the destination.
3. Now click map, go downtown.
4. Click garbage bin, take donut and fish.
5. Go right, then up arrow on left of Fred’s Bar. You are in front of a wall with “FRED SUCKS” graffiti.
6. Click left. Open dumping bin, take chicken and bone. Return to wall with “FRED SUCKS” graffiti. Click up arrow to go in the narrow alley.
7. Click entrance key pad, enter 3725. Enter. Take key.
8. Click map/mansion. Click bag, drag key to down arrow then to lock.
9. Click dark space above leaf on right side. Click dark space between leaves near bottom middle area. Enter guard house.
10. Click coffee machine and red button to make coffee. Click cup, drag donut from bag to cup. Click panel beside monitor. Click red right, purple left, blue middle and green middle. Leave guard house and enter mansion.
11. Click left once, then go upstairs.
12. Click dresser, open third drawer to get matches.
13. Click left, the up arrow on left side. Click left curtain and get ring. Return to dresser area.
14. Click right, then up arrow on right side. Open cupboard to get torch.
15. Open door just outside the cupboard area.
16. Number the rows from top to bottom as 1 to 5. Click row 5 orange, row 1 orange, row 2 yellow, row 3 green, row 4 pink and row 5 yellow. Enter room.
17. Open dark pink box, take key.
18. Click map/cemetery. Drag key to open lock.
19. To avoid getting lost, it's better to start from the entrance for each new item. Now go left, left to take ladder.
20. Click map/cemetery, go left, right, left to take shovel.
21. Click map/cemetery, go left, right, right, right. Drag shovel to sword. Take sword.
22. Click map/cemetery, go left and straight. Click pattern on tomb. Click top right, bottom left, middle left and top middle. Enter.
23. Open inventory bag, drag matches to torch.
24. Click hole to go down. In the bottom of the stair, pick up skull.
25. Click right, left and into room beside letter “E”. Click panel, enter COOKIES, enter room and take rope. Click down arrow twice to return to letter “E” area.
26. Click right and right. Click skeleton door. Drag ring to slot. Enter room
27. Go left, drag sword to break web. Enter and go upstairs.
28. Open bag, combine skull and rope. Click up arrow. Use skull/rope in opening. Click skull to go up. Click right and right.
29. Click hand skeleton and do slide puzzle.
30. Take cheese, click map/downtown.
31. Go straight and into museum. Put cheese on stand.
32. Click map/cubicle. Check mail, click reply and then send.
33. Done. (Remarks: There are a few items in your inventory bag that have not been used. It’s because some of the items are supposed to be used for getting clues and passwords.)

i've no idea what i'm supposed to do after the lock with the coloured balls - help me someone!

where are the 3 pictures that have colored balls behind them? i only found two
1 above fish bowl and 1 above plant

Michele, the colour balls picture: one on ground floor near the far end, one upstairs and the last one is in the ground floor room next to staircase. You need to enter code 69415 (derived from FIDO) to enter room. The picture is above sofa inside room.

ruff THX! i had the fido clue and forgot all about the door w/ the snoring person!!!!! i've been here reading and re-reading posts to try to find it arghhhh duh!

You're welcome, Michele!

Need Help with the Angels Please ( Hello)

To enter Angels' room, click top right, bottom left, middle left and top middle.

Gee! Thx Ruff ;)

Ruff, i see the order for the angels by your post, but can u tell me how you got it? it's no fun just to click w/out knowing (but thx gd you posted the wt!:)

Michele, there is a big hole on the ground in the cemetery. If you use ladder on that hole, pick up the note, you will read TR, BL, ML and TM on the note.

I was stuck when I was playing the game. I got help from others too. I skip many steps in the walkthrough. If I put everything in the walkthrough, it will be twice as long. Also, it is very difficult to discribe the cemetery maze for getting the letters COOKIES.

thx again Ruff, did it and now i feel satisfied lol!!:)

Ruff, it's GREAT that u posted the walkthrough just the way it is! :) i just figured if you were still around you would answer me for fun! thx!


Thx,ruff,great walkthrough. withought your help i cant finish this game.

how do you enter the graveyard

You're welcome, Shuchun. I could not finish this game all by myself too. My walkthrough was just a consolidation of the hints submitted to this blog. Shuchun, thanks for posting all the great escape games.

Jim, I think you might have already finished the game by now. If not, you need to get the key inside the colour balls room to open the lock of the cemetery.

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For the code with letters... Hint.. Mhmmhm, My favorite is Chocolate Chip ________!

Great Games - love them!!

Help!! Where can I find that torch?

Or how can I light the matches or sth? I click and drag and do anything, but it doesn't work...

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