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[REPLAY] Ghost Scape is a scary point and click adventure style escape game. You investigate a strange run-down house, you get locked in and there many strange sounds and occurences, capture evidence of paranormal phenomena and find your way out, if you can. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Ghostscape Walkthrough
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Exciting... ghosthunting... let's see....

       Anonymous  10/25/08, 8:39 AM  

I' with you, katjuh

Hi all. Love games from bubblebox!

       Anonymous  10/25/08, 8:50 AM  

hi all

heyah just starting!

Hi there! First time posting!! Hope you guys can help 'coz I'm usually rubbish at these games...


The code for safe is written on the bedroom's wall but i dont understand. Please help!

       Anonymous  10/25/08, 8:59 AM  

@ guliana: I have the code but the safe won't open :(

       Anonymous  10/25/08, 9:00 AM  

the symbols stand for the numbers

I think 8697 but doesnt work. Use ladder to go to the attic.

       Anonymous  10/25/08, 9:05 AM  

yes, I noticed that, but it won't let me open the damn safe...

i opened the code got new key and candle now:)

maybe upsidedown??? (sorry for my english, hope you can understand me)

kat, please be kind and help a poor girl :)

       Anonymous  10/25/08, 9:09 AM  

@ guiliana: yes, I can understand you :), good idea btw

if u open inventory there is symbols for code:)

       Anonymous  10/25/08, 9:11 AM  

the first code was 6294

i feel stupid! thanks Kat!

not sure if u have to find a piece of paper first
its 6294

omg i was shocked in bedroom
im alone here and its nearly midnight!

now i've got all pages and that 4 items duno what to do with them:S

       Anonymous  10/25/08, 9:18 AM  

haha, I thougt that that 9 was a 4, lmao :D

oh i have to go around again to take photos:S

Need another painting, candle, and moving chairs... oh and a ghost. i'm lucky Kat, here it's6.24 pm

       Anonymous  10/25/08, 9:28 AM  


Thanks megi, very nice game.

where did you find all the messages and the ghosts? i miss one ghost and 2 messages

       Anonymous  10/25/08, 9:34 AM  

I'm missing one set of remains

       Anonymous  10/25/08, 9:34 AM  

If you see dried blood on the wall, wait a second and a message will appear

u guys out
im still here ,capturing
so scary...

       Anonymous  10/25/08, 9:38 AM  

got it! I'm out. Fun game!

thanx for the tip echild! now i'm only missing one ghost. any luck with the remains?

I am feeling rather dumb, but I can't seem to move anywhere. How do you get past the boarded up door at the beginning....what am I missing?

jade, did you find the crowbar?

there is a red crowbar around there
to open the door

still looking for one more ghost, a chair and a cup
getting bored:S

missing one ghost. heeeeelp!!!!

kat, did you get the cup from the pantry?

well am i missing something i didnt use a ladder yet
need one more red candle one more ghost, 1cup 1 chair

ladder is in kitchen i think.

       Anonymous  10/25/08, 9:51 AM  

hey everyone, has any body cracked the celler safe yet? tried all dates on notes but no luck

i did paulina
did u use ladder, i didnt

ok done with cup
now one ghost one candle one chair:S

       Anonymous  10/25/08, 9:55 AM  

how do you get into the pantry?

now done with chair
one ghost one candle!!
sorry if i talk to much but im scared its midnight here!

u need a key alice
from the code box :)

kat, did you go to the attic yet? use the ladder. there you'll find another case

       Anonymous  10/25/08, 9:58 AM  

afraid of that. cant figure out code. did upstairs but cant do one in celler hole. thanks

kat, how are you doing? i'm still stuck with the last ghost

       Anonymous  10/25/08, 10:02 AM  

please help can't figure out code to get pantry key :( thanks

omg ty paulina
finally OUT
took me 69 mins lol
was killin the bugs tho haha

alice, where exactly are you? i can't remember where i got the pantry key from :(

long game but out on my own!!!

kat, where did you find the last ghost?

alice did u open any case yet?
if u open inventory there is symbols for numbers
hey paulina im out but i will stay here with u:)

       Anonymous  10/25/08, 10:06 AM  

just smashing bugs. have opened celler . found box in seller. have been upstairs found safe box. been in 2 rooms upstairs one still locked. opened upstairs code box.

my last ghost was in attic:D
when u put all red candles

       Anonymous  10/25/08, 10:06 AM  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
       Anonymous  10/25/08, 10:06 AM  

hey ... im stuck too .. wheres last candle and ghost?

haha! i was afraid to lit the candles in case it ended the game and i haven't found all the items yet!!
ty kat!!!

i was stuckin with that too but im out now hehe
use ladder to attic u will get a candle n a ghost:D

haha paulina
thats cute:)
we r out!!!

       Anonymous  10/25/08, 10:09 AM  

Well gotta go.
Ill finish it later.
Maybe someone could do a walk through or tell how to find celler code?

       Anonymous  10/25/08, 10:12 AM  

kat .. i already have the candle from the attic ... its the one in the box isnt it?? where did i miss one then

hmmm i duno then
just check around there again
did u get one in bathroom?

       Anonymous  10/25/08, 10:16 AM  

Done...took about 45 minutes. I like this one a lot - everything is there, laid out and makes sense. Good Luck!

       Anonymous  10/25/08, 10:18 AM  

no i havent :D ty kat .. im out

       Anonymous  10/25/08, 10:27 AM  

found code for celler.couldnt tell what it was untill i zoomed in.
2 ghosts to go. but no time. gotta go

i'm replaying, maybe i can post a walkthrough :)

Hello all, first time i am witting here :). I am out :) without yours all help

nice paulina
im still around here

i need one more moving chair.i got the one in hallway and dining room.
where is the last one???

OUT in 31:22 mins only missing a couple of items total score 293050.
First time out of a game like this without any help!

nvm found that last chair!
finishd the game and out in 40 mins=)
gonna play the other games now

where is the last ghost?

i thought that i have to find all items
thats why took me so long:(
well i got it all:D


ok here's what i have so far

messages :
upstairs by the painting
dining room
wherever you see blood on the walls just wait for the message to appear (thanx to hint by echild!)

orbs :
dining room
one of the bedrooms
downstairs by the cellar

chairs :
dining room

cups :
dining room

ghosts :
left bedroom
attic after you lit the candles (ty kat for that)

pictures :
lounge (3)
dining room (2)

remains :
downstairs by the cellar
downstairs by the pantry

codes for the cases :
bedroom 6294
attic 9385
cellar 7832
left bedroom 1006

I looked in the kitchen but I can not find the ladder. Does anyone know where it is?

how can i lit the candels?

Omg, I loved this game..My score was 324000 and it took 83 min.lol
Great game..Thank you Megipoland

I opened all 4 cases, but I can't find the last candle.

did u get one from bathroom gaby66

Out with all items and no help... really enjoyed that!!

Thank you Kat. I didn't see the candle in the bathroom.

Hey Jade!

great game for halloween season! Bring on somemore!!

This was a GREAT game! The ghost in the bedroom closet almost gave me a heart attack! Thank you for the hints Paulina!

I don't know if it makes the ending different or not, but there is also a noose in the attic that you can take a photo of, and at the end of the game my newspaper talked about the woman murdered her husband and then hung herself.

these are from the people who make the night before and the morning after.

where are all the diary pages???

These games are soooo good! Only one orb was missing when I finished. Thank you for a pleasant Sunday morning start!

PS who is doing the spam! Get rid of them. I like this site because we dont get stuff like that.

i need the 2nd diary page, does anyone know where it is?

omg, so glad to have sweet dogs to look at after that game! Thx for all the hints for the codes. great game, but verrrrrry crrrrrreeeeepy

Superb game! Nice to have codes that didn't require degree is some absurd form of math.

Cool game. Perfect for Halloween. I completed the game without help, yey!!!

Keyrt, I noticed that too and read the newspaper when I got out of the house.

I was wondering why it wasn't on the list yet you can take a picture of it. Guess it makes a difference after all, huh?

       Anonymous  10/26/08, 1:09 AM  

Nun sandra ich weiss es wie es geht

awesome game!!! Got out with no help, and missing only 1 cup...yeah me.

Glad you all liked it so far, I am the creator (also of tombscape/the night before/the morning after/icescape etc)

Just one tip dont forget to READ the diary pages in the inventory for a little more backstory (if you're interested that is ;-))

Thanks again for playing!!


This comment has been removed by the author.

Okay, I beat the game!
I beat it with
317, 950 points at 92.01 minutes!
Thanks to the creator of this game!!

Is anyone playing ? Can you please tell me where the red candle is in the bathroom? I've clicked everywhere in there!!!

Never mind ... just found it in the window

Where is the pantry key?

found it

Man... Is It Pop-Up Ghosts?...

[Long Story Short-]

I Will NEVER Trust My Friend On Youtube Again.

I'm with you, Kelsey.

I don't like pop-ups.
So reply please =]

Ohh, This Is Pretty Hard.
Trying To Do It With No Help.

LOL x]

how do you get past the part when you 1st come i? i clicked everywhere and i can't go anywhere!

coolgirl5553 = pickup the crowbar in the bottom right corner, then click it to activate it and click on the 4 pieces of wood on the front doors!!

Where is the 8th orb. please help me and how to lit the candles?

ok im stumped. collecting stuff thats fine but how do i get into the pantry, cellar and bedroom on the left upstairs? i cant find anymore cases with keys.

I've finished this game! :-)

yeeeiiii!! i escaped without help. wooop wooop! :D

Wow, first game that i did not need any help ;) veeeery niceone, but hey: scared me when the green arrow was like: go into the hole... hahaha nice

Thanks for a great game. Not for those that scare easily. Opened the wardrobe and instant goosebumps! Still managed a snap though. Thanks again!

wheres the attic???!!!!!! found ladder

man! that game was soo scary!!

got out in 30 minutes =]


where is d bathroom

where is d bathroom

hi everyone.So confussed! cant figure out where the 3rd diary page is and i dont know where last candle or ghost is!Someone help please!

that game was awesome i finished in 22:41 minutes and total score of 2525000 thanks for walkthrough guyz :D

       Anonymous  6/22/09, 10:16 AM  

where is the ladder

       Anonymous  7/18/09, 9:13 AM  

the remains (bodies or skeletons) are 1 in the cellar, 2 in the hole in the cellar, and 2 in the hole in the pantry

       Anonymous  7/18/09, 9:15 AM  

so, you'll have to find the key for both cellar and pantry, lol,

This comment has been removed by the author.

once you get in get the crowbar and open take off the planks and go in...DOOR SLAMMED SHUT!!!!!go upstairs and go to the bedroom in the right the code to the code is 6294 and you will get the cellar key and a red candle and go outside the room and go to the bathroom...DOOR SLAMMED SHUT!!!!!!!go to the right and take the red candle and go to left and get the bathroom key and get out of the bathroom and go downstairs and use cellar key to go to the cellar(duh!)the code to the case is 7832 and you will get a red candle and the bedroom key(left)go upstairs and use the bedroom key on the left and the code to the case is 1006 you will get the pantry key go down stairs and go to the right and go to the dining room then go to the kitchen and turn left and use key to open pantry and use crowbar on the door and go in and take the red candle go back to the kitchen and there will be a ladder...take it and go upstairs and put the ladder and climb up to the attic and the code to the case is 9385 get the candle and click on the pentagram(the red star thing)all the candles will light up and a ghost will appear...take a picture of it and you will get the front door key!!!!!!!!YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!go downstairs and use the key to open the door and read the newspaper and go back to END THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!P.S. you're on your owm to find the 5 diary pages,the other 4 ghosts,the 8 orbs,the 5 messages,the 3 moving cups and 3 moving chairs,8 paintings and the 5 remains!!!!!!!!!!!!AND dont forget the dagger of hatred,the amulet of blood,the ring of insanity and the book of spirits!!!!!!!

by the way...if you think bubblebox.com created this game well....YOU'RE WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!it was actually created by Psionic in www.psionic3d.co.uk

Hey u guys should all try ghostscape 2 i haven't finished it yet but it's cool so far i finished ghostscape a long time ago and can't really help with the questions - can't remember

does anyone know how to light the candles

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