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Halloween Pumpkin Room Walkthrough

Halloween Pumpkin Room

[REPLAY] 123Bee - Halloween Pumpkin Room Escape is another new point and click type room escape game by 123bee. In this game, you are trapped in a Halloween Pumpkin room and you have to escape from the room by the finding items to solve the puzzle. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

Play Halloween Pumpkin Room Escape

Halloween Pumpkin Room Escape Walkthrough

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Wow, First one here...?

hi, first time posting so may not be much help!

       Anonymous  10/27/08, 8:08 AM  

Hello I'm on site 123bee and first one there... How far did you guys get?

I assume you have to spell Halloween Day. I have Hal-owe--d--. Not sure what to make of the game above the door yet.

       Anonymous  10/27/08, 8:09 AM  

I'm missing a L,E,A to finish off Halloween Day like the poster as well on top of the pumpkin fireplace I have one pumpkin not sure if I need a second... Also I need to find out how to open the third box, but haven't found it yet

hi to all...

       Anonymous  10/27/08, 8:11 AM  

I have a knife, two pumpkins one I already carved and made it look like the poster, a candle and most of all the letters, can't find anything else. Also open two boxes which one required solving of a puzzle

I'm missing an E and the A

I thought the pumpkin I picked up went on the shelf under the letters I picked up, but guess we have to carve our own.

       Anonymous  10/27/08, 8:14 AM  

Where did you find the two LL? Did you open up the third box?

denta b, where did you find a pumpkin to carve?

no, only opened the box on the left, can't open the other 2

       Anonymous  10/27/08, 8:18 AM  

It's under the second box on the floor, you have to do the puzzle first. Where did you find the second L.. One was attached to the pumpkin stem and I don't know where to find the other one.

       Anonymous  10/27/08, 8:20 AM  

i have all the letters but the second "E" and have placed them. i have knife (used) and candle. i can't figure out the 6 pumpkins puzzle. help?

A is on the left 6 pumpkins on the shelf. I just started, so I'm not as far as you guys...

can't remember where I got the second l. What is the placement of the pumpkins in the game?

       Anonymous  10/27/08, 8:21 AM  

Smallest pumpkins on top and largest pumpkins on the bottom, the only way you can move them around is clicking on one pumpkin and then clicking on another pumpkin that is not the same one you already clicked on and then you can move arraignments. Where did you find the A and the L?

Need last E & A

       Anonymous  10/27/08, 8:23 AM  

The first row of pumpkins is the asian looking pumpkin,then the wooden looking one, then the other one. if not then switch the second and third around.

I don't have the A and one of the E's.

I need 2nd L and 2nd E - any clues?

       Anonymous  10/27/08, 8:24 AM  

greenmama... What shelve and what pumpking? Is it behind the pumpkin or in the pumpkin?

should we have 3 pumpkins? there is an empty shelf. Still unable to find second E and A. And cant open right box. Only have the knife left in my inventory.

missing one E and last A, any ideas?

denita, on the top left shelf with the 6 pumpkins (above the poster). Then the top row, middle pumpkin, will turn around. I need the l, e, and other a.

There is a flaw in the game, I just got a second O

For last A use the knife on the top of the pumpkin below the empty shelf

I need the second E, second L, and the second A.

which empty shelf?

       Anonymous  10/27/08, 8:32 AM  

I still need an Y,L (second one),E (second one)

which empty shelf- the one above the fireplace? doesn't seem to work for me

       Anonymous  10/27/08, 8:33 AM  

Never mind greenmama I already had that A before I forgot there was a second A I needed to find buy already found it... Did anyone find the "Y"? Also did anyone open the third sliding box?

       Anonymous  10/27/08, 8:33 AM  

for the second L just click on top of the pumpkin you placed on shelf

       Anonymous  10/27/08, 8:34 AM  

to get the "A" put the pumpkin you found on the bottom midde, on the shelf above the pumpkin furnace. then click on the top of the pumpkin

thanks Kay

nevermind- just found it- now just missing an E?

hi posting for the first time played the game but its a bit buggy

Still missing second E and can't open right box.

       Anonymous  10/27/08, 8:36 AM  

Kaye I found a second "A" for that pumpkin I put on the bottom shelf above the furnace not the second "L"...

       Anonymous  10/27/08, 8:37 AM  

I finally found the "Y" yeahhhhhh

       Anonymous  10/27/08, 8:39 AM  

yeah, sorry, meant to type A

Has anyone opened the box on the right yet?

       Anonymous  10/27/08, 8:40 AM  

Second L is in pumpkin left of sliding puzzle. Where's the W?

       Anonymous  10/27/08, 8:41 AM  

Second L is in pumpkin left of sliding puzzle. Where's the W?

Still looking for the second E.....

W is lowest left pumpkin - think you need to use knife

How do you open the 2nd box on floor?

       Anonymous  10/27/08, 8:43 AM  

for the "W" use the knife on the pumpkin without a mouth. he is one the left.

       Anonymous  10/27/08, 8:43 AM  

Kay the "W" is on the left the pumpkin all the way at the bottom next to the sliding door. Click the pumpkin and it will turn around and then I believe you click the knife on it and it will carve it out for you...

second E is on right wall second shelf far right pumpkin. pull stem.

cant find the 2 L's nor can i find the second A

       Anonymous  10/27/08, 8:45 AM  

out without opening third box.

ny1 who hasnt found the Y its on the bottom right corner of the glowing poster

anyone found the o?

       Anonymous  10/27/08, 8:46 AM  

Does anyone notice when you see the poster that is flashing down below it is a red thingy that is flashing as well but it's so small... I tried to click on it but nothing happens.

I need the "Y"

O is on pumpkin above glowing poster.

Nevermind, THanks!

       Anonymous  10/27/08, 8:47 AM  

Thank you for the second E...I'm out

Thanks magge.How do you open the 2nd box on floor.

While looking for Magem's second E (tx by the way) found 2nd L. it is on the right, the stem of the pumpkin. 3rd box anyone??

redsox O is in the pumpkin above the glowing poster

       Anonymous  10/27/08, 8:50 AM  

what happens with the 6 pumpkin puzzle because i have put them in the order mentioned but i don't notice a change.

Clicked out by mistake, now can't find the second L, can anyone help?

madbox, you should have heard a dinging sound, open the second sliding box.

oops, found it and out

       Anonymous  10/27/08, 8:53 AM  

didn't work. can someone explain the order of the pumpkin puzzle better?

I still can't find the L & E......

bright orange w/slotted eyes, dark orange with big eyes, medium orange w/big smile. order for pumpkin puzzle.

greenmama, Ls are in the pumpkin to the left of the six above the door, and the brown one in the middle of the right wall, at the top

       Anonymous  10/27/08, 8:58 AM  

Where do I find the N?

need E now, ty geegee

E is in the bottom right pumpkin of the eight on the right hand side wall, you have to click it a few times

Thank you again geegee

missing both E's...anyone help?

Thanks for all the help. This was a great game......

Nevermind found them now

How do I open the right box.... PLEASE!!

I'm out, guess right box is just a red herring.

       Anonymous  10/27/08, 9:09 AM  

Can someone please tell me where I can find the N?

Anyone know where the N is?

Madbox ... in the pumpkin puzzle, the brown pumpkins with large yellow eyes are in the 1st column. The round orange ones are in the second and the pear shaped ones are third. Try to judge which are the smallest ones of the pairs and put them on the top.

       Anonymous  10/27/08, 9:24 AM  

Is anyone still playing? I just need the "N" and then I can get out...but I have no clue where it is...

Somebody help me, please!

I can't find it either angel!

       Anonymous  10/27/08, 9:32 AM  

I'm going to search some other sites and see what I can find out. If I find the N, I'll post it here...I'm just hoping someone who already found it gets here first!

Good luck Kirty!

anyone can tell me whr d candle is?

I am confused about the location of the L's. found one in the pumpkin over oven, can't find the one on the right. can someone be more specific?

lindab try right top middle one ...

       Anonymous  10/27/08, 9:39 AM  

The N is on the stairs behind the 2nd pumpkin from the bottom on the right. Just drag the pumpkin to the left and there it is!

The candle is inside the top right pumpkin. I think you have to cut open the top with your knife, then you can take the candle.

thanks angel... i have put the pumpkin on the shelf... are we supposed to make two of them? m stuck now:(

Tejas, not there for me. Maybe I got that one. Is the other one in pumpkin above the oven? Cause I think I got that one, i'm cofused!

Thanks angel!!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Tejas, w is on the pumkpin on left with no mouth, use your knife on it

Bottom left

now i have all the letters... and i have put the pumpkin also on the shelf... now what !!!

ouch! i am so dumb it hurts! m out finally!!! yipee!

I need another L....not in 1 on middle-top-right and not in 1 over oven. I got 1 in one of those places, but can't find the other...:(


Knife is in the eye of the fireplace
H: move logs in the fireplace
A: Lefthand wall, top shelf, spin middle pumpkin
L: front wall, single pumpkin on top, click stem
L:righthand wall, single pumpkin in middle top, click stem
O: lefthand wall, single pumpkin above poster, nose
W: lefthand wall, very bottom pumpkin, use knife to cut mouth
E: front wall, second shelf, slide second and third pumpkin
E:righthand wall, bottom shelf with 4 pumpkins, click stem of pumpkin on right
N: 3rd pumpkin down on righthand of steps
D:left box on floor
A: Puzzle above door, place round pumpkins first, then rectangles, then pear shaped. collect pumpkin, Open middle box on floor, collect uncarved pumpkin. Place carved pumpkin on bottom shelf above fireplace, click on stem.
Y: bottom righthand scroll of flashing poster

Candle: righthand wall, single pumpkin on top right

Put all letters on top empty shelf next to door. click uncarved pumpkin, then use the knife to carve eyes, nose, mouth and stem. Place candle in pumpkin, then click stem to close it. Place the pumpkin on bottom empty shelf next to door. You are out!

hi, found all the letters and put them on the right place...
now what - nothing happend?

I opened the middle box without doing the puzzle... I used my knife on it.

uhm this pumpkin puzzle isnt working for me. anybody here?

weird. i never solved the puzzle and i still won

Found all letters, carved pumpkin, but candle won't go in, what am I doing wrong?

pinky, you have to open it's top either. by the way, how do you managed the puzzle? the solutions posted aren't working for me

I found all letters and placed them accordingly on the wall, but nothing happened...no plain pumpkin to carve!

nvm...I got out. I never played the pumpkin puzzle.

Was anyone else unable to get the candle into the pumpkin? I cut the top off, carved the eyes, nose, and mouth yet the candle refuses to go in.

Must be a buggy game, but I cant get the candle to go into my carved pumpkin. The puzzle over the wall gives me nothing, regardless of placing the pumpkins as instructed in the walkthrough. I cant even get the lid of my caved pumpkin to fit back on top without candle. Nice game, except for the bugs, so I havent managed to escape. :-(

had no bugs at all, thanks for the walkthrough, only needed it for the puzzle (how did u find out the right order ? there is no hint at all?? ) Grreeeetz from austria

Gr8 game ... i enjoyed it very much !!!

what am I doing wrong got all the letters near the door, then clicked on the only uncarved pumpkin there is but the knife is not doing anything to cut it?

same here reddc, except that i havn't got the letter 'a' in 'day'. you have to carve the lid of the pupmpkin before puttin candle in, trust me it does go in. anyone playin this game anymore cos im stuck. i cant work the puzzle out either??

right ive had enough for tonight. my status is, still unopened third box, there's one uncarved pumpkin left on the left wall top shelf an the knife wont cut it, still havnt figured out puzzle above door cos everyone whos gave instructions for it hasnt worked for me, and im still missing the letter 'a' in 'day'......anyone??

Wollybop the puzzle near the door put the two round pumpkins on the top shelf next to each other, then the two rectangle, then the two pear, a pumpkin should appear in your inventory, take it and place it on the bottom shelf above fireplace, then click on stem and a light will appear pointing to the letter A on the top shelf, hope this helps.

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