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November 1, 2012

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[REPLAY] House Escape is another point and click type house escape game developed by Pixelatrix Games. What do you do when you find yourself stranded in the middle a blizzard in June and your car won't start? There's nothing to do but hoof it and look for help! A light over that hill looks promising...but will you find succor there, or are you about to sleepwalk into a slowly-unraveling nightmare? There's only one way to find out, and sitting here reading this isn't it! Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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I'm starting too!

Found a key..

how exciting

hey guys, starting too!!

woho never posted before. this is fun

morning! game time :)

Ok lets see......


takes ages to load...

only found a key until now, how about you? anything else? oh and the book in the bathroom.... very funny game!

I am here to play with you!

let's load it.

hi all

Upstairs, in a room, fireplace is unlit.....Scared me to.......

hello to all. first time poster, long time follower. thank you all for your help over the last year. lets go!

Ok, I gotta go. I have cleaning to do......

oh boy, looks like a long one:) have to get rid of or contol some demons i think the book in the bathroom prob. is a key to some formula, wath ya all think?

got a statue now... I'm at loss how to use it! and I'm a little bit scared! ;)

got paper w/ picture of three colored rings on it

stuck with key,statue and bloody knife.

same as you regi... the key can be used upstairs!! it's for the bedroom!

ok shield of knights have different colors and symbols, correspond to book in bathroom, ya think?

where's key and bloody knife? statue?

in our suitcase, we also have colored tees, and yellow rubber ducky in same colors as book
fire, water, etc...

statue is in one of the rooms downstairs on the table with the boxes,knife is under bed.dont remember key..

put statue on the red box in the bedroom to get another key.

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 7:38 AM  

just in time for new game!

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 7:39 AM  

waiting to loaddddd, if ever

on the tv it has a phone number to buy different colored essences,(which also correspond to bathroom book formula) anyone try calling that number yet?

yes but the phone is dead...

Found third key in room with blood on painting,very scary!!!

yes, did you see dracula too? ;) I'm in the kitchen now, veeeery scary and mysterious... and no clues! ;)

how do you get into the bedroom??

kathrin, you need the key, but I don't remember where I found it, sorry!!

weren't we supposed to find the butterfly code in the kitchen? can't find anything!!

yes i did,leithian!

Used Viniger on paper in roon with office. Got a a poem.

Radio in the kitchen sounds like it says something about a credit card, anyone hear that also?

oh guys, what a shame, i hate to leave the game when everyone is actively playing :( but have an appointment. good luck everyone have fun!!!!

thanks casey! but stuck again, did you find out where to use knife?

does anyone know where to use the butterfly-coin?

nope, tried in on almost everything now. even the radio, but no success!

can't understand anything on the radio casey! but since english is not my mother tongue perhaps I'm not trained enough

Don't know where to use the knife yet or the butterfly coin, I found a grey box with a butterfly on is and the entire alphabet, not quite sure what that is for either, maybe something to do with the coin.

and did you notice the bloody handprint on the "blue curacao" bottle? what to do with it, can't take the bottle...

Yea I noticed that too. Maybe has something to do with the room that has a hand print on the door knob.

I'm about to start cutting everything in this house including the stupid butterfly taunting me. haha.

im totally stuck. i have about a million things like codes but cant figure out how to use them.....

Ohh I am stuck after reading the poem.

yeeeah casey, been trying that too lol wanted to take the insect spray to get rid of the annoying butterfly but no go...

well crashnburnbarbie, you're definitely smarter than I am, cause I don't have one single code.... lol

or even something similar to a code... only the two letters for the butterfly code, the three rings and the phone number...

there are two papers with three rings on it

yeah regi, they look like they form a complete "code" of some kind but where to use it?

did you see the orange butterfly move?theres an orange butterfly flying in the room too.

the symbols from the knights shields plus the poem has to mean something, but what. my brain is still in bed being lazy... lol

crashnburnbarbie,i think the code has something to do with the bed and the hole in it.

hey all just starting...i am having trouble loading the game though

all those meanings plus the ones in the book in the bathroom - I think I'm still asleep too. Have accomplished cutting pretty much everything in the house - got nothin.

really? where is the second paper with the rings on it? only found the one in the bedroom!

leithian,the second paper is upstairs,in the table with the picture of the little boy,not in one of the rooms,outside!

leithian..i think it was upstairs in a drawer in hallway table

there has to be a third paper,if you look at the shape of the one in the bedroom.

thanks regi! I swear I tried to open the drawer before! ;)

thanks too crashnburnbarbie, found it!

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 8:18 AM  

where'd ya find the knife

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 8:19 AM  

nevermind found it

I'm still trying to find the butterfly code in the kitchen, it HAS to be there, like said on the note!!!

First time poster

read the book about vegetables in the kitchen. The first letter form each sentence spells an interesting word... then open the butterfly box :)

thanks sooooo much alboski

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 8:22 AM  

has anyone used the knife yet?

alboski you are a genius!

got new key from upstairs bedroom thanks to alboskis code cracking skills :)

ive tried that code on the box by clicking on the letters but its not doing anything ????

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 8:32 AM where does the new key go?

key opened the brown box downstairs

got an item which opened the wall behind the bed

now I'm stuck looking at 6 symbols on the wall that make a sound when you click them. They all correspond to the symbols on the Knight"s shields

andreapmomma, it goes upstairs, opposite of the bathroom

alboski, look at the poem again!!

the symbols correspond to the colors of the knights shields,we need a color code,tried the bottles inthe kitchen,TV,stuck now.

andreapmomma, sorry, which key do you mean? the one from the brown box or the one from behind the bed??

the order of the symbols is in the poem. corresponds to color of knights shield. click on symbols in correct order and get a new key.

if you need order i will give it to you

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 8:39 AM  

I forgot about the brown box, I'm in the room across from the bathroom now...trying to figure out the piano...

put the sewing needle on the radio!!

found final piece of paper with green/red rings on it but dont know where to use it???

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 8:41 AM  

Got the piano...made me jump :-)

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 8:42 AM  

I found where we use the red and green circles, but can't get the circles to change colors

Yeah, Im at piano..If we have to play, I will be lost right here!!lol

help with piano please. i never paid attention during lessons... lol

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 8:44 AM  

I think the order that worked was the far key on the right, then the one next to it and the far one on the left...I never took piano either, just started hitting the keys :-)

you don't need to change the colors, just press the ones that are supposed to be green

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 8:47 AM  

Which order do the rows go in?

my heart stood still for a moment, man that was scary!! tried the new key... ;)

Whew, got lucky random clicking the piano..left right left right and in the middle..

r g r
g r r
r r g

r=red, g=green!

hi!just starting.this is taking quite some time to load

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 8:49 AM  


crashnburnbarbie,where did you find the third paper??

man, james room is so creepy!!!! I'm glad it's still bright day lol

Ooooh, that was the key for James's room..Look hes made a picture of himself holding the bloody knife..

LOL,,Found his pet skull "Murray"

use the knife with the teddy bear

This comment has been removed by the author.

I'm in the attic now, anybody there? stuck! and really scared by now! ;)

i heard the code for the attic in the radio:666466,but it doesnt work for me.

Dang, the attic is creepy to..What about the puzzle om the "Mona Lisa" painting??

no regi it's 8466

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 8:58 AM  

My attic code from the radio was 8466. Loved the predator painting :-)

third paper was in james room in a basket i think.

Oh,thanks leithian!;-)

what order do the signs on bed go in

Regi, the third paper of rings is in the room on right of green knight..Its in the drawer under the wicker basket with pics..

I'm in the basement now, what am I supposed to do? I only got a tissue left!

thank you,crashnburnbarbie!

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 9:01 AM  

help! stuck on the piano, what is the order of it.

Regi, same room wth piano..

Have bottle of blue essence and cloth now.

Did yall do anything with the knitting needle yet?

vbranam1 put it on the radio in the kitchen!

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 9:04 AM  

Where did you find the bottle of blue essence?

have to go now..

lisanek, as far as piano. I just randomly clicked the keys really fast until I heard a big thud..picture fell off a key there after clicking circles that are green.

click symbols in this order by their colors on knights shields:

Thanks leithian, gonna head back there now..

nik-nak007 where is the blue essence from?

out! thanks for all your help!!! will stick around for a bit if anyone needs help.

leithian- i think blue essence was in kitchen. pretty sure it was in bottom right cabinet with cleaners.

hm, do you mean the "blue curacao"? I now, it's not a cleaner, but it's the only blue bottle I see!

I'm in the basement but I think I need red essence. Any clues where to get it? I tried to get some blood on the cloth, but that doesn't seem to work.

Don't worry, I worked it out

don't get it, sorry crashnburnbarbie!! can't seem to find anything either by the cleaners or the alcohol bottles! feel really dumb!

Use the butterfly button on box in attic and get another key..

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 9:15 AM  

ok got the pix of mona lisa down entered the code got key, now what?

ur not dumb, i may have already forgotten where i got it. crap, i was sure i found it somewhere in the kitchen. anyone else remember? i will go through it again.

i cant open the grey box in the butterfly room.

I can't seem to work out the piano. started to just hit everuthing at random but that does'nt seem to work

Omg, basement is very bloody!!!

Out! I think the blue essence was in the attic in the scull box

lisanek, use that key from mona lisa in the attic..You have to move things around from the piled up stuff on desk to uncover the butterfly button box in the back.

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 9:18 AM  

How did you get in the skull box? My tissue is now missing as well.

thanks wavey. hope thats it leithian.
virtiz- hit bloody keys only from right to left. you will hear a crash, back out and see painting on floor.

Wavey, how did you get the skull box open??

no crashnburnbarbie, I'm really stupid, I didn't open the skull box lol! not that I know how to anyway...

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 9:21 AM  

thankx , got that now heading for the basement

andreapmomma- you should have gotten a skull button from james room on rocking horse.

thanks wavey and crashnburnbarbie!! but how to open the box?

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 9:22 AM  

Missed that, got it. Thanks!

oh thanks, I'm really slow! ;) but been playing this for over 2 hours!!


Missed that too..Thanks guys, now have the blue essence from the skull box..

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 9:27 AM  

ok how to kill the evil guy

that's the question! ;) stuck with the blue essence, can't get it in bowl!

lissanik- try using cloth and essence on symbol on wall and bowl beneath it

wher is key to james room??is it the one from box behing bed

tip for killing evil guy: use cloth on wall first then you can use essence

yes, figured it just now! thank you very much crashnburnbarbie!!!

I'm in a sewer now and can't get back...

I dont have a bowl..Did yall get that from kictchen?? I tried to pick those up over and over but couldnt..Is this the correct bowl?

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 9:33 AM  

thanks crash. now i need to find the way out from the stream of water

phew, made it out!! ;)

leithian, go back through the hole

vbranam: bowl is already in basement under big symbol on wall next to candle.

yes lisannik, it's really confusing!!!

k, thanks crashnburnbarbie..

out!! very strange end but funny!! thanks everybody for their help, I really enjoyed playing with you all!

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 9:35 AM  

ok got ticket and guess that means i'm out

Okay, am following you so far. Got a round yellow thing from the alphabet thing using the word spelled from the first letter of each word from the book about the vegetables. Used that above the bed and now have another code to solve that has the symbols that the knights have on their sheilds. Maybe someone else can do something from here. Have not used the knife or the butterfly medalion.

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 9:37 AM  

thank you all for your help, sweet game!

sooze: check one of my earlier posts for symbol code above bed

hope to see you on the next game crashnburnbarbie, thanks for your help on this one!

LOL,,Im out..yep funny ending...This was a fun game..Thanks for the help folks..Thanks for finding and posting Shuchun..

i cant open the butterfly box.. i have to word spelled right but it wont open!!

anytime! you all have helped me a ton over the last year while i played catch-up and got addicted to these games! see you soon.

wher is the cloth????

OMG I thought I was with you guys until I posted my comment and then there were 100 more posts than when I started. LOL. I am up to the music room with the circles and now am trying to remember what they were because I never wrote them down.

       Anonymous  10/13/08, 9:46 AM  

So what do I do with the blue essence??

sooze: leithian posted the code for the circles. just check those posts and you will find it!

Hahaha. Great ending. =D

wher do i use key from mona lisa???

blue essence = pour in bowl..that will kill the demon.

use essence in basement

is any1 ther?i dont hav the cloth.thought clothes would do but not working

@ sweeti: use the word: apocalypse for the green box, it works.

Anyone use the needle? I can still click on suitcase but my screen says House, aftre buying a "ticket to anywhere but here" "really fast"! - different endings maybe?

the sewing needle is used on radio to get code for safe behind mona lisa picture

@ sweeti: Sorry, I mean the grey box not the green (butterfly box)

yay finally im posting. its been a while. anyway. about to play. hope if i need help some of your comments will help me. is anyone else playing ?

hi just leavng.could you post wher you find this cloth cuz its only thng i cant find to finish the game.the comments will help you all the way:)

thanks crash. I can feel I am almost to the end. Just don't know where that darn skull box is that everyone is talking about. Have been to hell and back (i.e., the basement, lol) Any help?

ok im starting now. took a while to load. if i dont write a lot im sorry. i usually concentrate on the game so much that i forget everything else.

Where can I find the key for James room? And I have got only two papers with red and green circles, so I think I can't play the piano because I need the third paper?? Is that right??

ok first time posting...but already stuck! i've got 2 coin a napkin and no idea what to do!......HELP!

nightlady: read the posts from the beginning and they will guide you through. Very inticate game and not one you can play in less than a few hours, so make sure you have plenty of time and patience!!!

hey anyone here??

this game is toooo long

okay got the blue essence and the rag but it won't let me put it in the bowl. Must be missing something. Can't believe I got this far and cannot finish, but thanks for everyone's help. Could not have gotten this far without cha' you betcha!!!!

where did you get the rag/tissue/cloth? I can't find it anywhere!

diane: wish I could remember, ut I know I got it fairly late in the game and I think it was with a key. It looks like a collar and I didn't even know what it was for a long time time people were talking about it. Good luck, I am stuck at the end.

....and I obviously cannot type, spell or think after being in this game for almost 4 hours. I am giving up. Good luck!

I can't find the key for James room. I played piano and the picture fell down. In the safe I can only see red circles, I need the third paper, but without the key for James room ... Where is the key, please.

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