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[REPLAY] House Escape is another point and click type house escape game developed by Pixelatrix Games. What do you do when you find yourself stranded in the middle a blizzard in June and your car won't start? There's nothing to do but hoof it and look for help! A light over that hill looks promising...but will you find succor there, or are you about to sleepwalk into a slowly-unraveling nightmare? There's only one way to find out, and sitting here reading this isn't it! Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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House Escape Walkthrough
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i need some serious help !!

i have a knife, and a butterfly coin. obviously i have found the 3 keys to get into the rooms and kitchen. i cant find the key for the basement. i used to statue. dont know what to do with the coin or knife. im at a loss and about to give up. i need some help !!


r g r
g r r
r r g

r=red, g=green!

romy: only input the ones for the green since the circles are already red and you will get another key

okay been threatening to leave, and now I really am!

How do I use items, trying the key on upstairs bedroom but when I try to take it it just goes back into suitcase

I enjoy this game and its sick humour.
But I can't find the key to enter the basement.
What's the code for Mona Lisa's safe ? I don't understand the radio, not at all.

I klicked the signs behind the Bed in correct Order, but nothing happens. :-(

oh please tell me how to use items in the suitcase!!!

Oh jeee, the safe is now open with the circles. I had to click only the places where the green circles are, you can't see the green places.

I finally understood that I had forgotten to take the needle.
Mona Lisa's safe is now open.

out !! hopped on the train to new york !!

You have to use the rag on the bit of blood above the bowl- the line in the 'V'. Then put the blue stuff in the bowl. Then enjoy the ending!

figured it out after 30 minutes....any hints as to the key to the kitchen ...third key i think?

anyone here?...looking for the paper to pour vinegar on that turns into poem, not sure if I have unlocked that room yet...so far unlocked kit, bedroom and something and bloody pic rm

Hi everyone, I'm the person behind PixelatrixGames and I want to thank you all for playing "House", what a thrill! I hope you enjoy it!

i'm back. i'm looking for the "room w/ the office" so i can find the poem, but i can't find that room!
any help?

walkthrough please?

found the office!! I kept passing it!

reddc what do you need?

Out eventually. It's a long game.

I played Ferkakta by Night before starting this game. That makes this game even creepier!

i'm looking around in the verrry creepy, bloody basement (been covering my eyes LOL everytime i unlock a new room......)

should i go through the hole in the basement wall? I have rag and blue essence, but no bowl

the rag is in the drawer in the outside hallway in the attic! how did i miss that for so long?

A full walkthrough Michele

A full walkthrough Michele

there are bowls in the cupboard in the kit. but i cant take them

finally out! Great game. So happy to have a full house to explore instead of just a room :)

@reddc I don't have time to write a full WT tonight, dinner plans, sorry. But if no one has by the time i get back tonight i will try......

What am I missing about the gray box with the alphabet buttons and the butterfly on the top? I have entered the word from the cookbook in the kitchen (apocalyps) but the box won't open. What am I missing???

you're missing the "e" at the end of the work, you didn't spell it correctly

This comment has been removed by the author.

BTW all, i donated a small amount. figured i owe this great gamers something for all the time it get to play :)

Thanks Michele, I wasn't looking for one word to be a sentence.

wow that was CREEPY( shudders)... i'm going to go to my deep dark room and take a nap! that was so scary. good game thou... i hate it when things pop up out of nowhere, it scares me...

how do you find the tissue???

Wow! That was a great game. Logical flow, sense of fun with enough scary bits to keep you on edge.

I can't find the first key :(

first key , look in bowl on table in living room, rag is in table draw in hall up in attic

Grey butterfly box code : apocalypse

Couldnt post last night when I was playing, wouldnt let me log on, but I just wanted to say what a great game that was, realy well done with some great dark humor.

first time poster

weres the first paper with the rings on it

i clik on the paper and it wont let mi pick them up

ive plaed the piano and the painting fell down wat do i do now

Which painting in which room? I am deaf so I will not hear it falling down if it does.
Have I to have a needle before playing the piano, if yes, where can I find it?

the room upstairs with the piano the painting is right beside it, and no you don't need the needle to play the piano, you'll need it later.

How to play the piano? Do not understand rgr, grr and rrg.

you have to play only the bloody ones they are three, I forgot the order but try all the combinations, I think it was from right to left

and you're welcome

Yes!! The painting is down, thanks!

out!! thx for your help!!

OUT!! Thx for your help!!

its the BEST game i ve ever played lol

best game ive ever played lol


Explore everywhere...codes at END of walkthru.

Enter house facing stairs. Go right and see knight with RED shield. Make a note of colour and symbol.
Note brown box locked. Take statue from table. See note covered with ink on desk. Exit door facing BLUE knight and note symbol.
Key 1 in candy bowl. YELLOW knight note symbol. Locked door by plant pot. Exit door by knight.
Go right and see WHITE knight and note symbol. Right twice and up stairs.

Lets explore first. Door facing stairs is locked. Right GREEN knight and note symbol. Left door is a BATHROOM. Read book and notes symbols and essenses cures. You wont need this until the end.
Exit and opposite door is locked.
Right stairs and ATTIC door locked.
Right to table in window. Open drawer and find PAPER 1 note colours of circles.
Left door with bloody hand is locked and opposite room is James's room.

Open door opposite stairs with KEY 1 (from dining room). This is a BEDROOM. Open drawer PAPER 2. Make a note. Knife under bed. Something on headboard. Note in jewelry box about code in kitchen. Place statue on red box. KEY 2.

Exit and turn right to door with bloody hand (BUTTERFLY ROOM). Open with Key 2 from bedroom. Take coin from picture. Note PURPLE knight and symbol. See grey box with the alphabet. Get KEY 3 in fireplace.

Downstairs to dining room (blue knight) and use KEY 3 to open KITCHEN door.
Get vinegar from cupboard. Read book on table. This is the code for the butterfly room. Note the first letter of every sentence to make a word.

Exit kitchen to dining room and out to hall by yellow knight. Go opposite room to lounge and wipe note on desk with vinegard. Note the colours in order (you have the symbols from the knights shields)

Exit up stairs to BUTTERFLY room (with bloody hand) enter and carefully enter letters of code on grey box. Get KEY 4. Exit and down stairs to lounge (red knight) and open brown box with KEY 4. Get a knob. Look familiar?

Up stairs to bedroom opposite stairs and place knob in headboard.
With the poem colour order and symbols from knights tap the keys in the correct order. Get KEY 5.

KEY 5 opens door opposite bathroom (green knight). Get knitting needles. Open drawer under basket for PAPER 3 and note colours. Piano play bloody keys only from right to left. Picture falls and reveals the circle puzzle. Tap only the 'green' circles from the paper codes. KEY 6 .

KEY 6 opens JAMES ROOM. Get coin from rocking horse. Use knife on teddy. KEY 7.

KEY 7 opens ATTIC door. Get cloth from drawer. Click cat mouth on Mona Lisa painting revealing another safe!!!!! Go down to kitchen and turn on the radio. Place knitting needle on aerial and tune in. A four digit number is revealed.

Back up to ATTIC (phew I am exhausted!) and enter code on Mona Lisa safe. KEY 8.

Use KEY 8 on opposite door in attic and place skull coin (from James room) in box for blue essense. Left to pile of furniture and move to reveal butterly box. Use coin to get KEY 9.
Exit and all the way down to the kitchen and use KEY 9 on door down to the cellar/basement.
Go through hole in wall. Remember book and getting rid of demons and the essense to use? Use cloth to change symbold and blue essense in bowl. You can now go into the sewer. Explore until you find the ladder to exit......


BUTTERFLY CODE (apocalypse)

BEDROOM knight shields/poem - red top right, blue next left, green circle bottom left, violet one above green, yellow diamond bottom middle, white bottom right.

PIANO room circle code top middle, far left middle row, far right bottom row.


oh my...it was pretty scary!!!now I have a stomach ache after playing...

This comment has been removed by the author.

I am going to scream I am right near the end and I cannot even save the game I have the blue essense rag and demons, what do I do next?

reddc hope you got out..once you are in the hole go left until you reach a symbol on the wall and a bowl.

does any1 know wer the cloth is pleeeeeze its doin my head in lol.

I love this game... but I'm about to give up. I can NOT for the life of me get the circles above the piano to change!

Oh my... nevermind... got it... lol

thanks redroobar brilliant game thanks for the walkthrough going to try it again but when I have more time as it is a long game.

What an interesting game~! And thanks for the helps from all of you. :D

I especially love the reference to Silent Hill. (the game feels like Silent Hill in some ways too). This must be somewhere between SH1 and SH2, which is really nice. Seeing James in his youth (or rather, his room) is creepy...

4. Get a knob. Look familiar?

Up stairs to bedroom opposite stairs and place knob in headboard.
With the poem colour order and symbols from knights tap the keys in the correct order. Get KEY 5.

I cant do anything,
all symbols are grey, is that normal ?
What do i need to do ? TYVM for the help.

So there's how it must be done, u should first clear the sign on the wall with that cloth u've found and THEN fill the bowl with the essence :)

Hi, is this live

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