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Korean Folk Village Walkthrough

Korean Folk Village

Korean Folk Village is another Korean point and click type room escape game by Arin for bangtal.com. In this game, you have to search the village to find items and some clues for solving puzzles and escaping from the village. Good luck and have fun!

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you know i really need to try some Korean food.

and this game is not working. It just starts completing the game by itself really fast.

oh... that's nice. hahaha

@jorge,any problem to load this game?

it's working fine for me...got bread
made origami

the game loads all the way, but it immediately starts playing by itself. You have to click the screen a few times and it will stick on a screen, and then you can start playing.

ok,i see so you still can play this game because the original link has doesnt work. i search this link to post.

woops.. apparently its not bread.. it's Yut.. one of the games

Hello, just started

what a cute game

I've already used all my items and left with the rice cake, not sure what to do with it.

where did you find bread?

same here dreamingdead

hi people. So far I have sand, a board, and a rubber shoe.
Board goes on ropes at tree to make a swing, sand goes in pit near the trees.....now I am stuck.

Cool. I'm out

ahh finally game complete. not that difficult

how to get rice cake?

got it

Got hammer, paper, some more paper, made and origami thing. I cant work out what these coloured envelopes next to the tree means. I guess I am not as smart as some. I will keep clicking.

if it moves, then you're done w/ that stage.

what to do with soft rice cake?

need to make rice cake steamed w/ pine needles (songpyun)

i tried to get pine needles from the tree in the park, but i can't, or should i get it elsewhere?

I smashed the green rice cake with the hammer, I cant find out where or how to steam it with pine needles, nothing else seems to combine or is clickable.

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  10/6/08, 11:20 PM  

also stuck with soft rice cake...

Ok, I found a paint brush and painted a mural, then attached it to the screen. Nothing seems to have happened. I am finding this game a little difficult to navigate.

How do I make origami? I can't find anything else than shoe, paint brush, mural, board and sand, all used. What now?

       Anonymous  10/6/08, 11:32 PM  

get paper from cupboard

I got hammer, finally, but where to use it?

Then what after I get paper from cupboard?

Found where to use hammer.

       Anonymous  10/6/08, 11:40 PM  

click on paper, then item to view up close, and follow the directions from the game book.

Ok, what do I do with the soft rice cake?

       Anonymous  10/6/08, 11:54 PM  

i'm still stuck there. anyone else care to share?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Grrrrrrr my computer crashed, I have to start over. Redroobar the brush is in the building on the right, where the desk is, you have to turn to the left, I think it is.

this game makes me ill ;-)

the navigation is horrible and i don't know what to do with the brush, ricacake, rubbershoe and the big paper thing.

greets, kartoffel

i have the origami star (used) korean paper, a paint brush with ink and sand. I can't find anything else. Oh and I found the shoe and put it back and fixed the swing

just found two more areas... got a hammer now

@Shellie, i must put the shoe back?

thank you :-)

Hello 1st time posting. Can someone please tell me where to use the hammer. Been clicking everywhere!

no worries ;)


theres a room to the side of one of the huts with a green thing on a makeshift table... use the hammer there

The house in the middle blue shoes go left at the door (where the shoes are)

       Anonymous  10/7/08, 12:23 AM  

Hey shuchun good to see you.
could some one tell me where the board is please?

hello koralle, use the hammer on the green thing in the top room (go in and then klick left side)

Looking at the fast forward we have to something in the field and crosses on the game....still dont know what to do with the rice...

in a sandpit i think... in the main screen where there are the 3 huts, click to the left (not on the hut) and it will take you to a new screen. click in the sand

       Anonymous  10/7/08, 12:25 AM  

POP. just found it

well i have the soft rice cake, korean paper (still) and an inky paintbrush... no idea what to do, so I'm hoping someone has a brainwave ;)

thanks shellie but...ermmm... can't even find the room...

This comment has been removed by the author.

face the top hut and click on the left side, as if to go around the back of it

       Anonymous  10/7/08, 12:28 AM  

thanks shelli, not stuck with just a rice cake. have done all the above,

Shellie you can lay the paper down on the desk and use the paint brush (ink on side)

@Shellie, where do you found the ink for the brush?

thanks redroobar

the ink is on a desk in one of the huts. Can't remember, but again you may have to click on the right or left edges to see the right screen

its the bottom right hut

       Anonymous  10/7/08, 12:30 AM  

This game is not working for me also. The screen keeps jumping to the next so fast and it won't stop. I've tried reloading this 3 times already and get the same results. An alternative site?

where do i have to click on the desk? its not letting me put the paper down... please tell me its not a bug

oh! thank you so much. i found it and i have now a paper with an orchid

meatbun...click like crazy on a scene...this is a fast forward of the game to give you clues....

Shellie is it the Korean paper or the origami? There are two types

Shellie, first put the brush on desk (right side), after that put the paper in the middle of desk. now klick the brush....

ahhh ok, ill put the brush down first. ive used the origami paper

that feels really pointless :/

all ive got left is the stupid soggy rice cake

       Anonymous  10/7/08, 12:38 AM  

I'm with you shellie,
whats with the sand? filled the pit, but for what.
stuck with soggy rice cake

thanks guys finally found that room... been clicking like mad. Also just found another room - seems to be prepared for a feast.

apparently there is also a "loaf of bread" arond the place too. well, its a game piece that looks like a loaf of bread

when you go back to the view with the sand pit, the plants have now grown and you can dig out some powdered sesame.

       Anonymous  10/7/08, 12:41 AM  

Haven't found bread. Can't figure out what to do with either game.

my plants are still seedling things with two leaves :(

       Anonymous  10/7/08, 12:42 AM  

My plants wont grow :(

*tries to throw rice cake at plants*

       Anonymous  10/7/08, 12:44 AM  

It's 3:45 am. what am I doing playing this game at this hour????

I've placed the rice on the plates in the feast room but don't know what to do next.

where the hell is the bread please? i klicked like an idiot at all places :-D

Shellie did you finish all the games - the swing, yut and the origami game?

origami, sandpit, swing... cant find the yut piece (bread loaf)... i think thats it

Kartoffel there is no bread - there is a piece of wood used for a game called yut... i think it was in the blue cabinet

sorry purple cabinet

blue cabinet?

omg i just found it. its in the cupboard with the origami book. i just didnt click the right place to get the lump of wood out to move the top drawer

       Anonymous  10/7/08, 12:51 AM  

I got it but still cant play the stupid game.

NOW my plants have grown up :D

oh thank you both :-)

wow finally done it

the rice plants would have grown.. pull out one of the pants and there would be a key and seaweed powder

thanks for the help, i never would have gotten through that one by myself

I've done the swing, placed origami, filled sandpit, put yuk thing in place, and put rice cakes on platter... What else needs to be done? I'm clicking everywhere and nothing is happening!!!

use key to open drawer, combine seaweed with rice. layout rice/seaweed on one of the plates and left the incense beside the 'pot' on the same screen.

       Anonymous  10/7/08, 12:54 AM  

ok you don't have to actually play the game. Duh

thanks mouse.... never saw the key!!!

Finally out ... was taking ages to find my way around the rooms thanks everyone esp Kartoffel, Shellie and Mouse for that final bit.

the key is in the soil where you pull out the 'rice plant'. think got to click twice on the soil to reveal the key.

       Anonymous  10/7/08, 12:59 AM  

which platter, where?

In one of the huts... the top 1 I think... but first you have to combine the sesame with the rice cakes

       Anonymous  10/7/08, 1:04 AM  

thanks karkoffel, cant combine and have inscents. do you have to combine them in a certian place?

       Anonymous  10/7/08, 1:04 AM  

POP, Was trying to combine them in the wrong order.

       Anonymous  10/7/08, 1:06 AM  

Out, thanks for the help. Good nite all.

alice click on soft rice and item to get the big pic, then add sesame seeds and keep clicking till you get rice cakes that look like peas in the picture. Those you put on the platters. For the incence you put the stick next to the pot and light candles

ok i have thekey, but what now? i'm totally stuck. lol i feel so stupid^^

Where the heck is the hammer and the rice cake?

Also, can't figure out where to put the yut game piece.

Hmm, talking solely to myself, I see. What a lousy conversationalist I seem to be.

If you're still here, go back to the desk where you painted the picture. Click on the drawer and you'll see the keyole.

wow this game really frustrates u all.. where u guys stuck at?

hi. i am stuck with rice and a paper. where is the brush, key, pine needles, bread?

hi. i am stuck with rice and a paper. where is the brush, key, pine needles, bread?

Some one help me ...How do you load this game?

can someone please help me with the pine needles, I can not find them at all.

i cant find pine needles either.

Alternate link:


Use the last item you get form the drawer in the middle hut.
- and out

out finally.

i cant find brush or needles...HELP!!!

i have rice cake and the bread looking thing... plants havent grown.. cant figure out where to use the bread looking thing!

where is the yut board and pine needles???

I'm stuck like Sweeti...
Plants don't grow and I don't know what to do with the "yut".
I wonder why the white origami keeps falling on the pink one. And I can't get any pine needles : I've been clicking frantically on the tree (that doesn't look like a pine at all...).

can someone help? i'm stuck with green rice thingy and paper...

for the yut, click on the left house. go in once and then click to the right.

pascale i found out they arent pin e needles.. where we dug up the board is plants.. after we figure out where to play yut the plants grow we pull one and use the seeeds with the soft rice cake..
and i think find a key after the plants grow too.
we have to play yut to get the plants to grow though!

thanks little miss.. i would swear i clicked there a million times!.
and out

where is the brush? what room?

Thanks a lot, little miss !

no problem. but can somebody help me with the brush?? i feel really stupid right now :/

Sweeti, your are right !

Little miss, go into the office (right house), then turn left. Take one of the brushes on the wall.
Ink is on the desk.

thank you pascale! thought i clicked there already :D

Sorry, im still stuck with yut game and rice bowl, how can i play yut? Help me please!!

for the yut game. go to ghe right hosue. click on it once. then go to the right. place the yut there.

when you have finished all the games the plants will growe so you can pick one. than you get the seeds. place them in the rice bowle.

but if i ahoose the right house, i cant go to the right ;(.
I have the yut game in the left house on the right.
In addition dont have tug of war, shuttlecock, tuho, and kite, these are the games that i need to play?

Sorry about my english...and thanks in advenced for your help

i found a blue thing in the purple cabinet where there is the book. i clicked on it 2-3 times and now there is a little hole.

yeahh i found that too, and in the firdst draw appear a piece of the yut game

sorry i did mean left house :)

im out i can believe it!!!

thanks guys!!!!

Walkthrough: (hope this helps someone, places can be confusing)

1) From main screen: Click top left
Sand / rice field -- Click sand to gather some up.

Get board.

2) From main screen: Click top right.

Use board on rope to make a swing.

Click under see-saw and get shoe.

Click left and use sand in pit.

3) From main screen: Click house on bottom left.

Go through first door Place shoe.

Click to left to get hammer.

Enter house click left and get paper.

Go back and click right (purple cabinets)
• First cabinet has papers, examine papers and fold (1, 2, 4, fold in sides) get pasteboard dump
• Open last cabinet. Click on inside of last cabinet and remove the stopper.
• Open top drawer and get game piece

Go to entrance and click right place game piece with the game.

4) From Main Screen: Click House bottom right

Go inside and click left, you will see a cabinet and paintbrushes on the wall, take the right one.

Main room click desk. Use paintbrush on ink pad then place paper on desk. Use paintbrush on paper. Take mural.

5) From main screen: Go back to house on bottom left and place mural in the blank spot.

6) From main screen: Go to top House

Click left from entrance and use hammer on rice pattie, take soft rice cake.

7) From main screen: click top left and go to field.

The rice should be grown now. Pick one and use with rice cake. Close until its "a rice cake steamed on a layer of pine needles"

Examine hole and get key.

8) From main screen: click house on bottom right.

Use key in desk drawer (where we made the mural) and get incense.

9) From main screen: click house at top

Place steamed rice on the table with the food. Use the incense next to the little kettle. Click it a few more times to light and your done.

Thank you Julie for your walkthrough! It was very helpful. Now I'm out too. Cute game.

       Anonymous  10/7/08, 2:20 PM  

Julie, that was an excellent walkthrough! I was able to play...thank you redroobar!

Thanks a lot for the walkthrough I am stuck on two things

1. get pasteboard dump? were is this as only got the paper? 2. and do I need it to be able to get the rice from the field as it is not letting me pick any up?

did everything up to picking up rice. but my rice doesn't look grown and i can't pick it up

whoops, my mistake, forgot to use my game piece, so now i'm out....but kinda wished a door would open:0) creature of habit :D

you need to go to the right of the middle house and click right and place your origami piece with the others on the ground before your rice will grow, also the key is in the hole where you picked the rice.

@ reddc ... i'm having the same problem, i did see in the game, it moves 3 steps forward ... at the field i see its grown, but it is not letting me pick any up?

Any help is very welcome :D

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