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123Bee Living Room Escape Walkthrough

123Bee Living Room Escape

123bee Living Room Escape is another new point and click type room escape game by 123bee.com. "You are caught in a living room and you are supposed to come out,but unfortunately door was locked. Room has various objects and clues.Use them to open the door which will help you to come out from the room." Good luck and have fun!

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lets play!

any1 here??

first time posting

just started

cant find anything!!

found a knife and cut up the furniture but found nothing in it

       Anonymous  10/6/08, 2:47 PM  

there is thread on the lamp on the right and i found a knife which i can cut the couch with but it doesn't give me anything

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i hope this one isnt buggy like the others. ive done the same... got thread, knife, cut up the couch... nothing else

turned on the fan :/

same here too

i have exactly the same knife and thread

yay I've actually joined a live game :)

I'm always way behind you guys

can get a side view of the fan... wonder if that means anything

got a stick~ :D

sliced open the red curtain... its a bit pixaly, but near the top of it

theres a key outside the door

i lost my stick :( just when i thought i was getting somewhere

you can see a key through the letterbox, on the welcome mat

attatched the curtain rod to the bucket, then to the fan... now im stuck again. anyone gotten further?

       Anonymous  10/6/08, 2:56 PM  

After you slice open RED curtain (forth line from right) there is a spring in the rod

aha! put bucket in bath (with stick), turn the fan around and you get a box

could someone describe where i can slice the curtains???

haha.. the tv looks like an iTouch

it looks so violent when we cut up the furniture. where's the thread? is it a spool of thread, or just one thread?

I hope the owner doesn't come home soon - I've made a real mess of their furniture. Just blame it on the dog

im sorry bozm didnt read your post

phew out. anyone need help?

yoshi, the thread is on the lamp. at the top threaded on the lamp shade

Got a stick from top of the door, thread from lamp and knife. Now, pretty much stuck

josman, get the knife from the bookshelf

oh whoopps, you got the knife... use the knife on the red curtains

i've got the knife whitch i enjoy cutting things with. got tread and turned on fan. what now?

emosugarkitty - cut open the red curtain and get the curtain rod from it.

does it really make a difference whether the fan is on or off?

shellie how do i get the box? i did everything you describe with the fan... should the fan move or something????

cool thanx

Got the magnet and attached it to thread but can't seem to do anything with it. Ideas??

turn the fan on, (make sure the bucket is in the tub and the curtain rod is attatched to the fan) then click on the right of the fan and you will get a side view. there is a switch on the side of the fan which makes it turn

"post" your magnet off ;)

wow. it's really pixely

I can't manage to get the string and magnet together. I would assume once you do that you can get connect it to the stick then grab the key

I can't get the bucket :(

random, its a bit of a pain, but i lined up the left hand side end of the thread with the middle of the magnet... in between the U bit of it

ahh my tread dissapeared when i tried combining it to the curtain spring. -_-

Got it. you have to get the exact spot

well, it's not letting me add the stick to the string and the magnet (unless I'm not clicking in the right spot)...

bit behind..... just starting

stick is not needed for magnet

thanks shellie, but how do i get the bucket in the tub?? sorry for my stupid questions :)

my thread did the same

Can seem to attach magnet and thread to the stick. Can't do anything else and can't get key with just the magnet and thread. HELP!!

oh! i'm out! you don't need the stick. you just have to click the right spot on the door. (don't remember where I clicked though)

thats where the stick comes in :)

and they arent stupid questions, i was madly clicking everything so i fluked it, no genious involved in my escape lol

got it, sorry shellie :)

hey guys anyone still playing?

Well... that wasn't all that exciting :(

click on the hole of the door (before view with the welcome mat and the key)

dont apologize freaky :D

I don't get it Yoshikawa Kaouru. Do you mean you have to attach the magnet and thread to the door or door frame?????

i agree random :(

josman, shove the threaded magnet through the post slot (whatever that thing is called)

in the view with the door, click once on the door (a corner of the sofa should still be showing) then, while holding the magnet/string combo, click the hole in the middle of the door with the grey part of the magnet. hope that helps!

how do u get the magnet?

Got it now!! Thanks Sheille. I think I was being to logical about the solution and always tried to use the magnet up close.
Pretty short game compared to others from 123bee.
See you around!

hi guys, I to have a rod, sping, knife and thread, how do you put the bucket in the bathtub?

phew! out at last

Thanks Yoshikawa!!

yeahhh im out thanks shellie ;)

Bet, attach spring to bucket and then view the fan and atach the spring to fan (I think I used the stick to do it). Then turn on the fan and be sure to see it from the side so you can turn on the motion switch of the fan.
Hope this helps.

Hellooooo, is anybody still there?

how do you get magnet and how do you attach spring to bucket???

thanks Jusman, I will try it

ok, tried to click on bucket with spring, and nothing happened, then tried with rod and nothing, zippo what im I doing wrong??!!

I have the bucket attached to the fan but I can't get the fan to move

yeah!! OK, got the spring to the bucket and the fan!! Ok, now what do you mean by the side of fan, clicked on the side but nothing happened, it is not turning side to side is that what is suppose to do

bet is your bucket in the tub?

hello, i can't cur up the red curtain, have clicked everywhere can someone be more specific on the spot please really appreciate it

on the top of the curtain, right side

thnaks for that. i tried but i guess its a bit buggy

yeah your right, cause im trying it again and now it doesnt work. buggy game

i'll have to come back later. it just won't do it but thanks anyway

ahhh got it, you dont need to click on the curtain, you have to click between wall and curtain, on the right side

its almost the middle not the right side

i must be really thick still can't get it. my first time posting.......can you tell me why there's a trash can at the end of my post?

got it! thank you so much!

       Anonymous  10/6/08, 4:13 PM  

I'm out. Thank you to all that provided hints!

       Anonymous  10/6/08, 4:37 PM  

hey bet. i was having the same problem as you. i overlooked that there is a stick above the doorway. use that stick to put bucket in the tub. that might help you out. this was a very nice looking game, graphicly that is. but very poor with content. hope these get better.

This game is very buggy.. Restarting with hopes of better luck finding the right pixels.

Short & fun, thanks for posting clues everyone!!!

i have to say, i get really frustrated with games that make you have to get things in certain order, and make clicking sounds everywhere, and don't change your cursor to a hand when you hit a hot spot!!! argh, there got that off my chest! :)
I'll cont.. plying

hi vinouche, if you want to delete your comment you have to click on the trashcan ;)

out!, but quirky game

that was extremely pixely, and I wouldn't have made it without the tips posted here. great artwork, but too buggy. I've noticed that with a few games from this site.

hi, came back and tried again, and YES I GOT IT!! Thank you all for all your help.

got the fan moving, but don't know how to get the box. Bucket is in the tub.

       Anonymous  10/6/08, 9:00 PM  

where is the dang spring. i have clicked all over both couches


Oh good grief! This was just one of those games...I have a few strands of hair left-eeeck! lol!! It wasn't difficult to figure out what needed to be done, but the bloody pixel hunt for just the right spot drove me to distraction...thankfully, I finally made it out the door!!! LOLOL Just think, we can look forward to these "gems" every Monday & Thursday; unless, of course, we put ourselves out of the misery that is 123Bee!!!!! See you all back here on Thursday? (evil chuckle!!!) G'night.

Hi is anyone playing? I'm just starting now

Where is the magnet? I have the bucket attached to the fan and the fan running.Now what?

any body is here?

Me, what's up?

anyone here?

Love the graphics. Very well done. BUT...its waaaaayy too pixely. The scenes with the knife are almost too easy. I drag the knife onto the scene, and dont even have to try to hit the right spot for it to start cutting. But I've been trying to get the bucket moved(after spring is attached at both ends) and cant find the exact right spot!!! I've even restarted the game 3 times and cant get it.
I've seen a grabby hand pop up a few times but cant find it again. It literally must be on freakin pixel I have to find...aggghhh

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

wow once again 123bee.com puts out a bad game. Too much pixel hunting for my taste. I mean even the the cat escape, grape escape, etc. game have some pixel hunting but not to this magnitude.

hi everybody i found the walkthrough :
Take a knife between the books at the bottom bookshelf
Take a thread from the red lamp
Cut the red curtain with knife
Get a curtain spring
Take a stick about the door
Click the curtain stick to the tub behind the bars
Then click the stick to the bucket to move
Click the fan and then curtain stick to combine
Click the fan button to make it work
Go to the view of the bars and when the fan moves the wast will come outand the water will drop
Take the box
Click the thread's right circle to the magnets right side to combine them
Go the door
Click the thread+magnet to the mail slot
Take a key
Click the key to the door and you're go out....Congratulation

This comment has been removed by the author.

Awesome!!! I'm a intellectual, thanks to the walkthrough Chantal put in here :D

Was a hard game though !

@ Chantal ... forgot to mention where the magnet was,
its next to the plant in a wooden box :D

And also when taking the thread, you need to put it at the right side of the magnet.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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