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The Nymph's House Walkthrough

The Nymph's House

The Nymph's House is another Korean point and click type room escape game by Banjang for bangtal.com. In this game, you have to search the room to find items and some clues for solving puzzles and escaping from the room. Good luck and have fun!

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good morning!

       Anonymous  10/15/08, 6:17 PM  

been waiting for a new one

Good morning, although it's late night over here

       Anonymous  10/15/08, 6:18 PM  

pretty late here too

umm, im stuck! (surprise surprise!)
i have 2 candles, baking soda and a puzzle piece

I have one candle, baking soda and the puzzle piece, but three numbers/symbols...

       Anonymous  10/15/08, 6:22 PM  

spoon in canister in drawer when you zoom in on sink

       Anonymous  10/15/08, 6:22 PM  

spoon in canister in drawer when you zoom in on sink

the numbers/symbols go in the oven looking thing next to the sink

       Anonymous  10/15/08, 6:22 PM  

you can take a spoon full of baking soda

and use the spoon with the baking soda

how do you zoom in on sink?


has anyone figured out why u can lift the bread and the plate?


       Anonymous  10/15/08, 6:26 PM  

found another puzzle piece at base of table

nope... where did you get second candle? anyone knows what symbols we should use for 4 and 5?

OK, got it...

i lit the candles!

       Anonymous  10/15/08, 6:29 PM  

i have only found the symbols on doll and chair, where are the others?

       Anonymous  10/15/08, 6:30 PM  

nevermind, found pliers too

on the milk in the kitchen cupboard
i never found the other 2 but there were only two symbols left so i guessed

where did you get pliers? we can turn the water on

where did u find the pliers kt55b?
i have sugar now and opened up the picture on the wall to put the puzzle pieces in

       Anonymous  10/15/08, 6:33 PM  

on top of bookshelf

anybody here??

hey marcela

yay! i got the key off the witch!

What was the story with the bread again?

figured it out

only one puzzle piece missing!

now wat to do with the sugar and baking soda?

that's the question... we can turn on water, but I can't put anything into the sink

       Anonymous  10/15/08, 6:39 PM  

watch the bird

i need one more puzzle piece and have 4 empty spots in my inventory?

i bet that puzzle piece is in the locked cupboard next to the door

so sugar and soda still unused, one key left to find...

Hey! where did you get second candle?

have u noticed you can zoom in to the bottom of the door?

in the oven, you have to put in all symbols

the second candle is in the oven thing in the kitchen

yes, you can zoom in but not put anything there

       Anonymous  10/15/08, 6:45 PM  

we can get a close up view of the bottom of the door...

the witch is crting and im gonna cry with her cos im just running around in circles trying to find something - anything!!!!

were is second candle

       Anonymous  10/15/08, 6:48 PM  

screws on top of bookshelf?

if you look the bird, he will show you the steps in the puzzle, so i click the same spots, but nothig
so sorry for my english

       Anonymous  10/15/08, 6:49 PM  

There HAS to be a reason that the baking soda is in the spoon, ive been trying to heat it but no dice

missah, your obviously in Oz. Which side? I'm Perth!

       Anonymous  10/15/08, 6:50 PM  

marcela, wait until he is done, then follow his steps and he will fly away, then click the same places again

       Anonymous  10/15/08, 6:51 PM  

ooooo open red book on bookshelf

oh kt55b thanks!

hey cathy im in qld

but book doesn't help

       Anonymous  10/15/08, 6:54 PM  

yea, i realized that, i just got excited :(

hmmm, this is getting annoying

i know, i was thinking i should have a nap and when i wake up, ill be free from this room!!!!

there is a big spoon on the left side of the closet(where you see milk)

omg thankyou shuchun

made a key!!!

and out!

Oooh, magic. Put the sugar cubes in the spoon, then add the baking soda. Magic ensues....

       Anonymous  10/15/08, 7:00 PM  

put sugar in ladle, mix baking soda in and..... KEYYY

thanks for that tip, shuchun

hi gamers, great a new one im behind so less talk more searching :D

yay finally out with a happy end!

       Anonymous  10/15/08, 7:00 PM  


alright, time for bed now! see you

what are the numbers symbols that go in the oven

No problem.
i only got 3 puzzles..where did you get all 4 puzzles,please?

look on side of book case

two puzzles on the round table with bread, one in locked cupboard, and one in boxes behind witch

the symbols for the oven are...

purple, blue, yellow, red, green

thx a lot.

help! I feel so stupid but i can't figure out the bird/boxes

nvm I finally got it

This is probably a silly question, but where is the sugar?

NM - the power of posting...I found it, lol

hey guys where are the other puzzle pieces i have the ears and that is about it, can't see the ones on table and can't open the boxes where do i click... help please


i can't figure out the code to the door thingy help?

miller- under the table cloth, at the base of hte table, in the boxes by the witch and locked in a cabinet

thanks, i got the one under tanle clotch and made the witch cry to get the key, um the door thing goes, purple, blue, yellow, red, green

thanks but i meant the door with the nymph on it

good question, Stephanie - where is the sugar. I have searched everywhere!

and the location of the sugar would be helpful, i can never do these things without hints haha

       Anonymous  10/15/08, 7:23 PM  

It would really help if you find something, just jot down where you found it. That way you don't have 5 people asking the same thing.

1st-purple-on man on shelf
2nd-blue-on rocker(they use upside down 5's as 2's
3rd-lime green-milk
4th-red-top of bookshelf
5th-green-left side of cabinets

i think these are right???

The recipe for the key/bread is on the left side of the bookcase. How do you get the locked pink cupboard/closet open?

i'm not sure what one you meen, all i need now is the puzzle piece in the locked cupboard, what cupboard is it and how do i open it,


i think you get the code in the oven and get the 2nd candle and light it and put it beside the 1st and then you get a coin in the bottom left drawer and you stick the coin in the snowglobe...

i only got 3 puzzles..where did you get all 4 puzzles,please?

what is the code to the door with the nymph on it, and how do you light the candles

sugar is in the snow-globe, after you get the coin from the fireplace.

Can't figure out the picture of the nymph code.

oh i'm silly the oven duh

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

have to light the candles then you get the code for the door

um..... how do i get water on the spoon

the code of the nymph picture/puzzle will appear after you have the 2 candles in place and lit under the silver table with the brown drawers.

Phillipa you click the middle of the cloth where the plate was

OUT! I just needed to light those stupid candles haha

philippa first click in the bread then in the plate, when both are in the air, clik in the table cloth in the middle.
you could lift now the table cloth

Thanks guys you have been a big help, i just got out,

This comment has been removed by the author.

Im out finnaly

what do i do after i click the boxes the bird lands on?

make the bird go back to his cage then click ALL the boxes he lands in front of/on
including the last one
if u do it exactly rite, the last box should contain a puzzle piece

sweeti wait until he is done, then follow his steps and he will fly away, then click the same places again

Help please! I can't put sugar on the spoon. How do I do that?

bird is back in its cage.. i click 5 boxes they turn redish.. and nothing happens...

you must to use the big spoon, in the left side were you see the milk, in that spoon yo make the mix

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  10/15/08, 7:47 PM  

I'm having trouble combining the sugar and soda to make the key. I found the recipe which is on the left side of the bookcase. The laddle is that spoon that was hidden in a box inside the right drawer of the kitchen am I correct?

sweeti you must clik six boxes, dont forget the last one when the bird ends

u have to include the 1 he sits in front of at the end
there ur puzzle piece should be

How do you make the man cry?


You need the ladle on the left side of the green cabinet.

meatbun66 you must to use the big spoon, in the left side were you see the milk, in that spoon yo make the mix

Wow, thank you so much tallie and marcela! I was trying to put sugar on the small spoon.

       Anonymous  10/15/08, 7:51 PM  

Marcela, I did not see your post until after I posted mine. Thank you very much for the hint!

Thank you everybody!

you are welcome meatbun66

yay and i am out with happy ending!!

Where do I use the pliers?

ur welcome Nathaniel.
this is the first game I've posted on here because I just figured out how

good loock everybody, Im out

there screwdriver in this game? Someone found?

How do you put numbers in the door with the nymph?
I mean the ones thata are at the candle thing

where to use pliers?

use them on that thing next to the nymph door, you get a rope


were do you put the puzzle pieces at

were do you put the puzzle pieces at

out ... finally .....

i got it im out good game

hey everybody...don't leave me hanging here...where do you put the puzzle pieces?

becks you need to put them behind the pic of the girl

the game's not loading for me ;o(

where match lit

never mind found it

out happy end!

where match lit

ive got 2 candles, 2 puzzle pieces, pliers (used), soda, rope and big spoon. Where is the sugar? Where is the code for the box next to the pic? How do I light the candles?

nvm, got it sorted

still missing a puzzle piece, got the 2 from the table and 1 from locked cupboard. how to make the bird do anything too?

im out it!!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

1. Open right side pink cabinet to get candle no.1
2. Go right. click on bread, plate and cloth (in middle). Collect puzzle piece #1. Click down on same table to get puzzle piece #2. Click on chair, you will find blue square no.2
3. Go right screen. On sink click in centre. Open right side drawer to find a cover thingy. Click about item to open it and whoa! you get a spoon.
4. Same screen open green cabinet and take soda. Click about item and click on spoon to get soda on spoon. Notice Milk with no.3. Click on left of green cabinet to get a big spoon and notice No.5 in Triangle. Also notice Oven where we need to put 5 signs.
5. Go right again. Click on dolls on top shelf. Notice the purple moon with no.1 on doll #1. Click on top of book shelf and get pliers and notice no.4 in red circle.
6. Go back left to sink screen. Click oven. Put signs in following order, Purple moon, Blue square, Yellow house, red circle and green triangle. Button flashes green. click door and get candle no.2. Click sink again. CLick gas stove and light both candles.
7. Go to right to bookshelf screen. click on candle stand in grey. put both lit candles on stand and drawer opens to given coin. also note the numbers on the other drawers. Put the coin in snowman and get sugar. Click on left side on bookshelf to know how to make key. Click on big spoon, sugar and soda. get key.
8.Use key on left cabinet to main door to get puzzle piece #3. Now go left to screen of girl and a fallen thing. Click on fallen thing. Click pliers and get rope.
9. Go to screen of witch and bird. Click on rope and tie the witch to get key to cage.
10. Open cage. Click on bird. Follow sequence of boxes on which bird sits. They turn purple if you have clicked right. Get the last puzzle piece #4.
11. Click on right screen of picture on wall. Input the code from drawer, in my case it was 5872531, dunno if its same for all. Put puzzle pieces and get key. Go to main door...Happy ending!

Nice game. I'm out with Happy Ending. Thanks all for hints.

EWWW Happy ending!! My favorite.

I don't know about you guys, but I feel sad for the sad witch. He just wants to be involved in the escape game as well. So what do we do to him? We tie him up and make him watch us as we ransack the house looking for fun clues. Then we take him out side and tie him to that tree.
I can only imagine what comes next....A torch and flame..that's what is next!! You animals!!!

Gr8 game with a full inventory !

Out with Happy ending :D

working link:


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