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Riddle Odyssey Walkthrough

Riddle Odyssey

Riddle Odyssey is a latest riddle game by Morv. You have to solve riddles to get to the next level. Get through levelsls by clicking or typing in the answer and confirm with "enter". More instructions in game. Please don't share any level passwords. Good luck and have fun!

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       Anonymous  10/14/08, 12:04 AM  

omg. first. never been first before

This comment has been removed by the author.

second =] we can help eachother txaudy =]

       Anonymous  10/14/08, 1:21 AM  

hello! what is the answer of the 3rd one?

       Anonymous  10/14/08, 1:22 AM  

would some1 pls help me?

3rd one is next, it is in the eyes

i can't get number 5

me neither, any1 got it?

got it, it is a singers first name

       Anonymous  10/14/08, 1:38 AM  

thanx, adamw

whats number 4?

       Anonymous  10/14/08, 1:39 AM  

well, i feel stupid. stuck on 4 :(

Yeah well I still can't get 5 even with the hint. I found a drummer but his name doesn't work

4 - we pay the bill every month for this :) electri....

artist is babatunde
cd name ancient spirit

Stuck :S What city has no people?? Help please.

       Anonymous  10/14/08, 1:50 AM  

i found Ayeni Babatunde, but no help :(

Never mind, got it

hi!i need help on the 3rd one

For the third one look in the eyes and you will see some letters that make a word

6 is tough

type babatunde ancient spirit into google

I am stuck on 8 now

still cant get n5 help please!

I got number 5 but now I am stuck on 6 in know it is supposed to be an anagram but there are a lot of possibilities

want to share bob? on 6

adamw any hint or answer on 6?

clue with six is first find "the answer is" then work out the anagram

       Anonymous  10/14/08, 2:02 AM  

did anyone found 6?

thanks adam found it :)

ooh i got 6 yay and for some reason i have skipped straight to nine

lol bob :D i am stuck on 7 now . adam?

cant figure out 7

got 7.check the words vertically on right

thanks nottypomy now i am on 8!

Still with 5 :(
I googeled, but still... Help

Ah, i typed the 5th answer with the capital letter! That's because it didn't work... jeeesh :D
(sry for my english)

9 is way too long to decode

@evita - the answer is Patrice, because in french the name is tablature of Patrice

nr 8 please...

thanks tete, i found it:P

anyone figured out the 8th?

8 google a famous roman cipher
anyone decoded 9?

8 is realy long to decode

help buy 4

What is number 8? Julius dont work for me??

9 - What is it that is deaf dumb and blind and always tells the truth

Sounds like my hubby after a few vodka' Just joking

thanks done 9

I'm stuck on 8 still,any help please.

oops wrote 8 instead of takes quite some time to decode
now on 10 for nr9. hope it can help

8 is his second name, kinda already says it in the hint too, bit silly
nr 8

8 is a cryptogram.the first word is the.figure out the pattern and you will get it.

any hints on 10

is any1 ther??
stuck on 10.i think the answer is supposed to be a number

I'm just looking at 10 now.

i am on 10 too.

i can't figure out nr 9. Got the morse, but what am i going to do with the translation?

its another it for answer

what do you see in the eyes????

i need help on the 6th one. the anagram please help me :)

       Anonymous  10/14/08, 3:52 AM  

help with 10!!! it's driving me nuts

fandango can you help me out with six

I've tried counting shapes on number 10, every number I put in is wrong.
Must be a three digit number for the answer.

6th-take out the answer is and sove remaining letters
10th i m still doing but if you read comments below on game page the developer says that top left corner is 47

       Anonymous  10/14/08, 3:57 AM  

which 1 is 6 tropical?

       Anonymous  10/14/08, 3:57 AM  

which 1 is number 6 tropical?

mahalo for your help

i mean solve remaning letters

finally got 10!!!!!!

       Anonymous  10/14/08, 4:05 AM  

please help nottypomy help with 10 driving me mad!!!!!

10 is driving me mad too.hint please.

yes nottypomy!

the number is less than 110 but still 3 digit

got 10, it is a 3 digit number


arrgghhh notty u beat me 2 it

I'm stupid. I can't get through 7. A lie? Santa Claus? I type this and nothing.

       Anonymous  10/14/08, 4:12 AM  

Thanks for that!!!!!!

whats the next 1 all about?

       Anonymous  10/14/08, 4:13 AM  

safinka words on right of page read downwards

11 is webdings in word.still decodng:)

stuck on 12

fandango :) thanks i realy couldn't see that.

Got the first line ALMOST.on 11,This is going to take forever

       Anonymous  10/14/08, 4:28 AM  

decoded but don't understand am i just stupid?? any help

got 11, stuck on 12

Done 11.

type it into google fandango

       Anonymous  10/14/08, 4:31 AM  

thanks for that god i'm stupid

any1 done 12????

whats a repunit??

stuck at 12 to.
I even tryed braille

repunit has something to do with the radius

for what wikipedia says its repeating 1 like 11,111,1111 so on
so second prime repunit should be 111
neutral element is 1 i think and i2 is -1
dont know what golay code length can be???

the second prime is 11 isnt it? 1 then 11 then 111

sorry its 1,11,111.2nd repunit would be 11

yeah the number doesnt work tho, tried the braille and u get A is A

adamw but a is a doesn't work for me

       Anonymous  10/14/08, 4:46 AM  

a nutral element? number in periodic table?

mayby is isn't "a is a" but "1 is 1"

no sorry a is a doesnt make sense to me, thats what i meant,

all periodic table elements are neutral

neutral elements are noble gases helium,neon,argon...

that makes this even more complicated

it has nothing to do with gas but found on wikipedia that neutral element is identity element. this has something to do with methametics and not with chemistry

       Anonymous  10/14/08, 4:54 AM  

what about there number in the table ie H=2 ar=18 etc

what is golay code length??

I found these nr-s about Golay lenght: 12, 23 and 24 + second prime repunit should be then 11 x(times) a neutral element -(minus) i (unknown nr) squared.
Sry, but i don't know how to put maths terms in english :(

       Anonymous  10/14/08, 5:02 AM  

wikipedia says the perfect golay length is the number 23 spooky!!!

23 + 11 * ? - ? squared = ... ?

the squared no. should be -1.i hav done that in maths

neutral element is 1
so neutral element - i2 = 1 - -1 = 2?

       Anonymous  10/14/08, 5:15 AM  

this doing my head in looking everywhere can't find any answers the author of this game is wicked!!

i give up its to hard.

Indeed... i'll come back later... :(

Anyone playing?

       Anonymous  10/14/08, 8:29 AM  

stuck on 7. put in the words from the right "the truth" is that not it?

       Anonymous  10/14/08, 8:31 AM  

ok got it nevermind

       Anonymous  10/14/08, 8:52 AM  

ok back again any idea about music?

used password


took me to lvl 15

Still stuck on 12!

entered the creators name on 15 then 15 again?! then 16, then back?

16 "you" gives the same end?

help!!! still stuck on lvl 12

12 = answer

but...jumps to 15! Then there are 2 questions for 15!?! and if u give the same answer to 15x2 & 16 u get back to #14!?! dont get it!

Hi, im new and i dont get number 15

Hi! I'm stuck on number 2. I feel stupid.

Is anyone still here?

This comment has been removed by the author.

i entered the password answer and got to lvl 15!
now i m havng the same problem as just gettng lvl 14 15 16 repeatedly

Ellen just click all the things you can and see if it works thats what i did

Also on 14 on the bottom left corner it says the answer is the answer and ive typed in 'the answer' but nothing happens

i thought 15 was cabbace, cuz that's what the red notes spell, but no dice!

i dont think anyones completed it yet

I am stuck on level 5 please someone help??

       Anonymous  10/14/08, 3:40 PM  

See Megipoland's comment for 5.

I think there's either a bug or there are no levels 16-20 because the only answer it accepts for 'who is the art director' etc., is 'morv' but any answer for 15 will get you the 'punk'd' screen.

Not a good game.

if anyones here im stuck on 7

please help with those webdings in # 11

cant im stuck on 7

This comment has been removed by the author.

loomo, I will try to help

help on 7 letters vertical on right side

its the newspaper about martians abducting earth the clue is: a lie?
and i think the answers the truth but it wont work brb dinner

try with no space

oh ty but im kinda confused on 8 clue: 1 ceaser salad please

well ill wait until someone who can tell me how to get 8 comes along

THERE is a pattern to the letters , think it is 3 letters less for each or something like that
First word is the
by the way the answer is in the clue

ya but i cant read the morse code on 9 my eyes ae going crazy!!

what was the clue for that 9?

its i cant hear

ok i think it says what is deaf,dumb, and blind and always tells the truth?

scroll up to chuckegg"s post at 11:52 for words to google from mores code

loomo, google the riddle and you will find answer

i know but whats the answer?

trying not to just give you the answer, think of something you look in

need help here on 15 , song writer?

got it but 10? wowzers im confused

loomo getting it or need more help?

give me info on 10...I have a short memory

more help please

its a ton of circles and it hard to describe the clue is: easy as 123

loomo gotta just give you this one cant remember the details ...109

gotta go now have fun!!

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

no! kathy!

is anyone still playing?

ok one more loomo

where are you, needing help with which one I mean

taking a short break , back in 5 min
if you need more help let me know

well i figured out what the images on 10 make out... but i dont get it

do you mean 11?

is it the web ding?, thats another riddle to google nd find answer
something you look through hint!

ok ill look it up hey what are you on?

and im now on 11 and need help im not a stupid person but i had a long day and its night and my brain isnt working that great. but ty so much for all the help

never got 15 but have quit playin for now

i did give you a hint for 11


easy as 456? what am i supposed to google?

dont quit once im on 15 ill help you

I think 12 is a humdinger
I did writ that answer!! down :)

loomo what 3 IS CLUE EASY AS 456?

sorry, meant what # is 456 clue

are you on 12?

yea im on 12 sorry if i dont answer for a while my computers actin up


I think you will go straight to 15 from 12

gotta call it a night, if you get 15 leave a message and I will check tomorrow
Been nice chattin

ya been nice and ty

Ok, so the first # in 12 is 23 because that is how many numbers there is in the code. The 2nd prime repunit is 111 since 11 is the first (1 is neither prime nor composite) I know i to the second power is negative 1, I'm just not sure about the neutral element. I tried both one and zero but neither worked. :(

If we think of the neutral element as a property (identity) it would be 0 (additive identity) or 1 (multiplicative identity).

If it is braille, I got the first and last number but I'm not sure about the middle. Anyone still playing?

Morning! What about lvl 15? Did anyone get it? Started all over again...

Level 15: you find a word, cabbace is not the one though, the last c is not right. Google that word, it's the name of a song, write down the band without using space :)

completely stuck on 17 now, no idea what kind of cypher that is. I'm gonna try some more though.

help me uy nr 4

Manubo, if you read the comments, you'll find the answer there

i give up :(

hey guys... you get 2 words out of the notes on lvl 15..simply google it and watch the hint again..thats it..have a nice day

i need a hint for lvl 16

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