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Test Kitchen Escape 2 Walkthrough

Test Kitchen Escape 2

[REPLAY] 58Works - Test Kitchen vol.2 is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by 58 Works. In this game, you are locked in a kitchen and you have to find and use items with clues to escape the kitchen. Good luck and have fun!

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Test Kitchen 2 Walkthrough


First... let's play...



       Anonymous  10/22/08, 2:06 AM  

Im early too, but not sure if it is good.. love all the comments, guess there are none at this time..Buy the way im danish.. so hallo everybody..lets play

Need to download FIRST. Nice fun to all.

greetings from hungary

knife in flower

lights on

Nice looking game so far. Got the knife, frozen block and something that looks like a key or a drain stopper that I pulled out of an ashtray looking thing....

Bottle of boose under the leftmost burner on the stovetop, im trying to figure out how to melt this frozen block....

Very slow downloading...stuck at 44%. Pity I have an hour to kill before dinner.

got tomato juice, bottle of gaz, 3 bottles of booze

a lot of hints in the game.
colour of drinks on shelf, signs at the dispensing head. found a knife.found also a safe and some ice-cubed note in the fridge

The tomato juice can be poured into the wine glass you find on the floor....nor sure what that does yet

`safe under stairs

must be a barfly game. found some bottles

knife in cabinet, take hammer

sorry: key in cabinet

use hammer on ice cube

just starting. see if I can catch up!

where is the wine glass?

safe behind boxes

wine glass on left side of cabinet


got safe code

gas tank goes under bar,tap beer to half filled glass with tomato juice

mixed tomato juice with beer. yikes!

mia:would you mind sharing it?

another part of map in coctail shaker in sound box

Szia Béla! Hi all!

I'm not sure which cabinet you mean for the wine glass

For the english speaking, "sound box" = SPEAKER lol

szia Slani

key from ashtray behind flower to open drawer in the kitchen´s back where you got a hammer to smash the iceblock

have tomatojuice and beer in the wineglas, but dont know what to do with it

chabui - go as far into the kitchen as you can. Once inside click to the bottom right and that shows you the left side of the cabinet on the floor.

thankyou found it so many corners!!

look at the poster

found another part of the map bihind the slide door upstairs

another piece of map is inside the sliding door type wall safe upstairs. There is a box inside, code is Red, Green, Purple, Yellow, Blue same order as the drinks lined up downstairs on teh cabinet.

Pour the tomato/beer drink on the piece from the sliding door and it will turn into another piece of the map.

speaker? where

use the tomato juice cocktail on the part of the map with the eye on it

Mia, speaker is at the top of the steps, its the one youre looking at as you go up the stairs. Click on the circular metal part towards the top and it will come out. The shaker is there, open it for a piece of the map.

Hi all, looks like we will need to know our whiskeys :-)

how do you open the sliding door?

bottle from safe under stairs goes to lift thing at the end of kitchen

Need 2 more whiskeys...

Got safe code for under stairs from poster!


Hi everyone. Can anyone tell me where the gas canister is?

Any one use knife yet? Have put map in box upstairs.

mia - click the bottom of the sliding door it should open easily.

ok so far I've got 3 pieces of the map (the same you have I think),knife and a bottle still unused...I can't find a use for them!!!any help on how to go further?

have two whiskeybottels. is there more

up stairs under the further est away speaker.

hera used knife on speaker to get cocktail shaker

Looking for the last bit of the map?

PS:where is the last piece of the map? I have the one from the ice cube,the one from the shaker and can't remember where I found the first piece but it has "speyside" written on it...

hera, where's 4th map piece???

found bottle of something by bar seats

Trying to remember.... have you got something out of stove hob?
One in ice, one in speaker, one in colour box and other could have been in plug thing i found somewhere..

4th piece is at the end of kitchen. put two bottles ih holes.

4th piece is when you put liquer bottle (clear) and black bottle in the thing at end of kitchen. I can't find the last whiskey bottle

No...that was the key.

we can open the sink but I think it's no use,at last for me...I can't get the water...

When you are upstairs, use the view so that you are upstairs but looking down by the 2 posters on the downstairs wall. Look UP and grab the red box hanging from the ceiling.

One bottle ist next to bar stools, one ist left of the book shelf.

the water turns on it goes with the key mold?

but looks like need 2 more whiskeys and still have knife in inventory.

I need one more whiskey! Please help!

And beer fridge not open yet....

put water in key mold then in freezer

I can put only black bottle at the end of the kitchen,and I have another bottle which doesn't want to be put there!where do I found the right bottle? (the one I have is a bottle of "glen garioch" or something like that...)

thks hera..took a bit of searching to find clear bottle!

One more bottle is in the hearth, left cooking place


cant find the bottel next to the barstools

power of posting!found the stupid bottle

Out! thanks everyone

Which view of bar stools is the bottle?

Make the key with the red key mold using water then freeze it for the beer fridge?

bottom left corner when facing bar/beer fridge

Mould taking a while to freeze......

Got the bottle!

beer fridge has last whisky bottle

That will give you the fourth bottle for the box upstairs where you put the completed map!

any idea where the map pieces go?

How to get it? THe last bottle

Have bottle from stovetop and the one next to upstairs bookshelf, but the final scotch bottle missing! Aaaagh! Help anyone??

How did you get mould out of freezer? mine stuck!

Out...thanks to everyone


how long for the water to freeze

Thought it would be beer fridge...but where's key to open it??? Thanks for any help!

You have to leave the key in the fridge awhile to freeze.

that's the top door of the fridge?

Went for a walk and got it!

That was a very good for a nice glass of wine now...thanks for the hints.

Yes liked that game, thanks everyone.

help! I have 3 empty spaces in my inventory and I assume that 2 are for the bottles you have to place on the map,but I can't find them...I've found only one bottle in the cooker...

yea! out finally thanks everyone

Help with beer cabinet anyone??? Please!

Dideedi, you need the frozen key to open it.

Most stuff is covered above :-) good luck.

hi everyone

dideedi, go upstairs, turn until you can see two posters downstairs. then look up and cut red mold. fill it with water, put in fridge and take a walk until it's frosen. that's key for beer cabinet

just great. first time publishing and everyone is already out

Did it take forever to load for u guys??

I'm out!thanks everyone!it was nice

Can someone tell e which box to put map and bottles in? I've been trying the one on the table upstairs but it doesn't seem to work. I've still got 2 empty spaces at the end of my inventory ... what goes there?

did it take forever to download for u guys?

Kirsty, yes it's the box upstairs on the table.

Monica, yeah, it took a little time to load but it was steady.

       Anonymous  10/22/08, 3:24 AM  

Went upstairs, then down stairs then the key was

Thanks Martin ... but my map & whisky just doesn't want to go in! Can anyone help? so near so far ...

       Anonymous  10/22/08, 3:27 AM  

kirsty did you rember to use tomatojuice whith the mappiece with the redeye?

Kirsty, you have the box open? Selected the map from your inventory and clicked on the blank area of the box where the bottle sits to place the map?

Ur kool Martin! 40% complete people!

Yep ... got 4 pieces of map and three bottles of whisky in my inventory but just won't go in box! Did you ever have anything in the last 2 spaces?

kirsty, combine map pieces.

Kirsty, have you put the map pieces together? must be on dial-up or it is just really busy...or you have maxed-out ur account and have had the brakes put on. lol.

Doh! Thanks Kylann! Out at last :O)

where is the tomato juice

tomato juice is by the cocktail cupboard in a little fridge,filled with ice cubes if i remember well

thanks never saw the little fridge must have mist it

Where is the bottle at the stove?

Finally OUT!!!
Thx All

the bottle in the stowe is under the first burner on the left,the one that is not lighting up

WHERE IS THE F?!*ING TOMATO JUICE? and what little fridge? where? aaarrrggghhhh...

never mind :D

A belated thanks to ivan!

cant find black bottle anyone know?

nevermind i got it under stairs.

code for safe under stair is on the poster - 4 digit code

the black bottle in the safe - you have to take it quickly

square bottle of wine is under the bar stool, at the lower left corner

find a place with square hole and round hole....come on you still have you think? black and white......

3 bottles of scotsch whisky - in the left stove, left of the bookshelf inside the beer fridge

tomato juice? in the small ice box

still finding way to melt the ice? just smash it with hammer

but where's the hammer? check the ashtray on the color glass shelf there's a key for it

the upper floor left speaker...there are something interesting inside

take the gas cylinder, that's liquified Carbon Dioxide, use it below the drink dispenser

check the plants, you should find a knife. it is for cutting something, check the ceiling when you are at the balcony looking down to the two posters

fill that key mould with water, freeze it sometimes and you can open the beer fridge

upper floor safe...ok you can't open it thru the handle, but can you try the opposite side? remember the sequence of color wine glasses? that's the code

up till now you should have 3 pieces of map and a piece of red eye paper. pour tomato juice into the wine glass and add some beer from the bar table into it, then pour it onto the red eye. ding ding ding!!! you got the final piece of paper.

fit them together to have the complete map, put them onto the box upstairs, fit in the correct whiskeys......

and out

Is anyone still here? I feel dumb... where to use the frozen key? I tried everywhere on the beer (in the view where we put the gas canister)... is there another "beer fridge"?

power of posting... never mind, I was so stupid...

just starting here

Great stuff! Thxs for this one! Caribbeangreetings

Wonderful, wonderful game! Looks extremely nice, is suitably witty and fun to play. Awww I love it :D

After all of that, I think I need a drink!

       Anonymous  10/22/08, 12:11 PM  

Yay! I loved the first game and so glad there is a second!

       Anonymous  10/22/08, 2:59 PM  

ha that game was awesome, i live in scotland :) not a whiskey drinker tho...

Help. I have 3 pieces of map, one of them was the piece with an eye shape which i turned into a map by pouring the tomato-beer onto it. Where is the bottom-left piece?

Nice game. Im finally out. Thanks all for hints.

Hi Guys!

Awesome game! But I want to take all the booze with me!!

the damn ice-key never gets done.

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