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Ticket Escape Walkthrough

Ticket Escape

[REPLAY] Gotmail - Ticket Escape is another Japanese point and click escape the room game developed by IDAC for Gotmail. In this escape game, you try to escape from the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Ticket Walkthrough
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       Anonymous  10/2/08, 8:20 PM i alone here? lol

your not alone now

im here too :)

Cool! I've never been so early!

wow, me either

       Anonymous  10/2/08, 8:27 PM  

ok, cuz im gonna need all your help lol!

How is this one?

the message on the cellphone means:
--you have to find 12 stars

--you will get the other code for the safe in the closet after you send the message(after finding 12 stars) on the cellphone

--the last step
dont forget to take your ticket before you go out

almost my lunch time..have fun all.


did you found a red thing?? what's that?

Goodie we havent had a gotmail for ages.....

       Anonymous  10/2/08, 8:29 PM  

as usual, we need a screwdriver for the batteries out of the back of the green clock...

Scuchun they usually have an English version.....???

You can get a screwdriver head from the flashlight, but I think it needs another part. Where did you find the cellphone?

       Anonymous  10/2/08, 8:32 PM  

i got out some nectar or something with the silver thingy...

sorry,recently it doesnt offer english version.

ah. found the head in the pot of dirt.

oh wow, i was just thinking how gotmail hadn't pit any games out in awhile yeah!!!!

       Anonymous  10/2/08, 8:34 PM  

then use the same silver thing to clean the shovel in the plant, which we can dig in the pot of dirt with!

use that on theother plant and get a spade

       Anonymous  10/2/08, 8:35 PM  

and there is the handle to the screwdriver

where is the head?? i've clicked everywhere

gla just starting

yay, great minds think alike

       Anonymous  10/2/08, 8:37 PM  

what is that red thing i just put the batteries into?? lol

i put the batteries into the flashlight and lit up the floor behind the books.

haven't a clue what to do with the red thing

       Anonymous  10/2/08, 8:39 PM  

put batteries into flashlight and the red thing?

       Anonymous  10/2/08, 8:39 PM  

A gotmail game!
they are my favorite.

       Anonymous  10/2/08, 8:40 PM  

Hey Suchun,
Thanks for always being there to help.
rite nice of you.

pame, the head of the screwdriver is with the flashlight, i think, and the handle is in the pot of dirt.

how do you input the code in the safe?

what silver thing?

red thing is a battery charger
you can put the batteries into the red thing and then put it into the cellphone

yeah ... thanks!!

       Anonymous  10/2/08, 8:40 PM  

nope, nm....just into the flashlight

k, where's the cellphone????

hi alice
my pleasure..but almost my lunchtime so i will leave any minute..have fun this game is not difficult and not easy

       Anonymous  10/2/08, 8:42 PM  

i cant get whats inside the lapm, where you can remoe the bulb...can anyone else?

cellphone is in the desk

I would have thought that the heart key worked on the top drawer of the chest near the books, but it doesn't. Any clue what it opens?

stupid me - couldn't figure out how to remove the metal things. got it now

wich heart key??

       Anonymous  10/2/08, 8:44 PM  

found 11 stars, but cant find the phone lol, and another star...

the heart key you get way later, after you've gotten the needle-nosed pliers, the other screwdriver head, and gotten into the other closet with the big brown box.

wow, you're way ahead of me. some help here?

okay guys ur talking about keys and heads etc.. I've got red thing, flashlight and part of screwdriver, watercan, help:)

what do you do with the cell after it's charged?

you can remove the charger and read some ...japanese?? xD

im stuck!!!

after getting the cellphone

problem is I don't read japanese

I'm stuck too! Where did you guys find the heart-shaped key? Are we supposed to open the second closet?

i've gotten the phone charged and i'm stuck. can't get the second closet opened. I've thrown the cell phone at it a few times though. getting frustrated

Shuchun said...
the message on the cellphone means:
--you have to find 12 stars

--you will get the other code for the safe in the closet after you send the message(after finding 12 stars) on the cellphone

--the last step
dont forget to take your ticket before you go out

almost my lunch time..have fun all.

i need 1 star

someone said cell phone is on desk, but clicked all over and no cell

Keep finding stars, but cant collect them?

       Anonymous  10/2/08, 8:57 PM  

am stuck with charged cell phone as well, and still cant figure out how to get whats inside the lamp!

that's exactly where i am

Michele you need to open the drawer with the screwdriver to get the cell phone

you have to open the top drawer with the screwdriver

stars: both paintings, floor behind red and blue books (light up with flashlight) and click on the red and blue books, they open up...lo and behold 3 more stars. 14 total

still one star missing

sorry, green and red books.

for some reason, my cellphone won't charge.i put the batteries in the red thing and tried to attach that to my cellphone.

thx all, where's the other part for the screwdriver?

       Anonymous  10/2/08, 9:00 PM  

when i separate the 2 books i see 2 stars, but it takes me too ?!?!?!?!so ive seen 13 start, but i didnt think the ones between the books counted??

well i've seen 12 stars but i don't think anything's changed

well, I had 14 total for some reason. See the stars, click on cellphone. go to closet with locked safe. click on it with cellphone. it's open. get pliers.

my safe won't open. I only have 1 star between books

       Anonymous  10/2/08, 9:04 PM  

ahhhhhhhhh! click on the middle of the japanese text in the middle of the phone screen and it changes show how many start you have seen, then in the lower right of the screen click on the white japanese writing to send the message that you have found all the stars!

Michelle read previous flashlight and pot (need shovel for the pot)

       Anonymous  10/2/08, 9:06 PM  

ugh but my closet still wont open!

thanks goodies. got it now

i only had two between bookshelves...i am missing a star..?

yay i'm out!!!

       Anonymous  10/2/08, 9:09 PM  

yvw, now wanna help me get my closet open? showed i had found 13 stars when i sent the message, so how come i cant open it?

i'd love to stay and help but it's very late. Night all. thanks for the help

k, goodies. get pliers and use them on lamp. get screwdriver head and use that to open closet

       Anonymous  10/2/08, 9:11 PM  

awwwwwww lol...but congrats! and nighters

       Anonymous  10/2/08, 9:12 PM  

ty ty ty! and omg lol i was trying to open the other room, not the closet with the locked safe in it!

wow, that's kind of not cool. I asked like half a page ago why my key won't work, i help out w/ stars and all that, and then leaving without helping? bad form.

sorry trish, mused have missed that. heart key works on the door. open it and there's a 2nd key behind it

what's the lightbulb for? anyone figure that out?

pull it out and use pliers on stand

Where's the ticket?

trish you get the key after you've opened the coded safe? hmmm.... that last star is being quite elusive.

tick is in top drawer i think. can't really remember

nvm. found it!

wow! i can't do ANYTHING until i've sent out the star email huh. drat.

       Anonymous  10/2/08, 9:17 PM  

use the 2nd key to open the bookshelf drawe, which gives you the ticket s you can get out!

i was missing a star too. i went through and clicked on all of them and suddenly they were all there. wierd

       Anonymous  10/2/08, 9:17 PM  

well....first you have to use the screwdriver to open the piggy bank, then you get the ticket

i forgot about piggy bank. like I said, very late here

congrats goodies for being first and sticking with it to the end.

       Anonymous  10/2/08, 9:19 PM  

and im out, thank you all for the help!!!!!

thank you whiterat. I had tried it on that door before, but I guess I hadn't clicked just the right place.

christine, I had to reload the game. The second time, I only found 11 stars. But that was enough anyway. Apparently you don't have to find 12, just however many your room has. Try sending the email and then using the phone to click on the grey safe.

bye now

thanks trish! ok, so i'm at the second closet now. that's open. there's a strange box on the bottom. am not finding a piggy bank, heart shaped key, or anything else mentioned too.

once again power of posting.

use the pliers to open the box, inside is the heart-shaped key

for the message of the cellphone
--after charging the cellphone
--click the left button of the cellphone and then click one more time to check all the text
--after you read all the text,find all the stars in the room(for me,12 stars)
--after you find all stars, check the cellphone will see 12 個 in the right button(送信)
--click(check) the cellphone again to get the code message

**i think the stars are random every time(second time for me , i got 9 stars)

where do u get the pliers, and that silver thing?

Wow! I actually signed on when other people are! Okay, I'm starting in. Good morning everyone!

       Anonymous  10/2/08, 10:03 PM  

Woo Hoo! I love Gotmail games!

Thanks for the cell phone help. I never would have gotten out without y'all.

where's the shovel?

What a great game

And out! GotMail games are some of the best!!! Hope to see lots more new games soon. Thanks to everyone for wasn't too hard to escape, once you got going.
G' is almost midnight in So. Calif. and I'm tired. More escape tomorrow!!!!!

Thanks for the hint on "using cellphone with the safe"...
OUT ^^

The graphics of Gotmail games are very very smooth and nice. we are not only enjoying the problem solving part, we are also enjoying the visual effects

simple walkthrough

1. red device under desk
2. water-sprayer under couch
3. torch behind the clock inside left white wardrobe
4. + head screwdriver metal piece inside the torch
5. collect the water from the bell-shape plant with the water-sprayer
6. spray on the shovel behind another plant and take the shovel
7. use the shovel to get the screwdriver handle in the plant pot inside the wardrobe
8. open the desk drawer by + head screwdriver, take the cellphone.
9. open the back of the green clock with + head screwdriver, take the batteries.
10. open the red device, put in the batteries - it's a charger
11. re-charge the cellphone
12. red the text in the cellphone - Shuchun has explained the meaning - and you can now start to find the star marks
13. the no of star marks vary each time. but they are all in the following places:
a) fish picture
b) tiger picture
for the marks on the picture, you have to actually click on the star marks otherwise it won't count
c) there are red and green books at a gap. lit the gap with torch (make sure you have put in batteries and turn it on)
d) there's a paper with star marks between the books
14. send the message and check for the reply, you'll have a code.
15. use the cellphone on the safe, it will turn open. take the plier
16. pick up the - head screwdriver inside the lightbulb stand
17. open the right wardrobe with - head screwdriver
18. open the black box with plier. pick up the paper (it tells you to bring the premium ticket) and the door key
19. open the door, take the drawer key on the handle
20. open the locked drawer, pick up the silver pig
21. open it with the - head screwdriver, take the premium ticket
22. out!

Wouw, very nice game again from Gotmail. While ago. Hope to see new game soon.

Paul and other gamers, thanks for tips and walkthrough. Most of the games I need some information but I'm getting better each time, hihi

Regards, iris

Great thats made my day!! I love the IDAC/gotmail games, thought they had stopped making them.
Hope they finish the daydream eventually,

Does anyone know who the author is to Dr. Stanley's House. That game is awesome, I would like to play more like that.

thank you Gotmail for another great game!

that wasn't so hard after giveusthegoodies posted how to actually use cellphone w/closet--thx!

also, u have to actually click on the stars to 'see' them.

that was a lot easier than the other ones :p

absolutely loved this game! Fun, innovative and relaxing! Give me more like it please GOT MAIL.

I've found seven stars (three on each picture and one between the books) and I've followed Suchun's directions to a t but the safe won't accept my cellphone. Any advice?

Hi- I've enjoyed all the GOTMAIL games. This was a nice one, so I went to poke around their website. I don't understand most of the Japanese, but from what I can tell, they've shifted their focus to build mobile phone escape games. Since the last game and this one, they've released quit a few of mobile games.

I have been wondering if there is any room escape games for the phones... I think we should encourage other game makers to do the same! Imagine playing them anywhere!!

I've been playing these games for more than 2 years. Although I am really bad at it, I still enjoyed the playing each time.

Keep on the good work!

Use the torch on the gap where the red and green books were in. There is a star there.

Any1 playing ?

I'm missing the last star, got 11.

3 from fish picture, 3 from tiger picture, 3 on floor, 2 between books ... thats 11.

d) there's a paper with star marks between the books (from walkthrough).

I clicked the 2 stars between the books, but always getting another site, just missing 1 ... thanks for the help.

my life stinks( grunts) i forgot my password so i had to make a new one. anyway new game yay.

my life stinks( grunts) i forgot my password so i had to make a new one. anyway new game yay.

just got home from school (sighs) yay new game! i love coming home to new games

yay out! thanks for the walkthru paul! sory for the double post. idk

I didn't need 12 stars :D, got 11 and got out ... gr8 game !!!

Thanks Japanese friend for the translation. I found 8 stars. I finished the game . If I could not , I would not sleep this night. I am still could not sleep because I love her

Thanks Japanese friend for the translation. I found 8 stars. I finished the game . If I could not , I would not sleep this night. I am still could not sleep because I love her. Eda seni çok seviyorum sen ne kadar boranı sevsende .

ok I have totally lost the plot on the walkthrough what does the following mean exactly:

c) there are red and green books at a gap. lit the gap with torch (make sure you have put in batteries and turn it on)
d) there's a paper with star marks between the books
14. send the message and check for the reply, you'll have a code.?

Gotmail and you guys rock!

Funny, am I the only one who got 15 stars? 5 on the floor, 4 between books, 3 on the tiger-picture and 3 on the aqarium-picture.. The cell phone gave me the number 15 too.

I have been trying to plat Ticket room escape. When I click "play this game" my brouser freezes up and then I get an error message.
This has happened on some other games, but not all. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this?

any body is here?

Oh, this was a great game! Thanks!

caught this one from the replay

thx Gotmail for all your premium quality games ☺
always a joy & also a challenge to play them

How do you get the reply on the phone? I've clicked the white button that appeared after finding the stars (there was a tiny star on the sea picture that needed clicking for me). All I see is Japanese on the phone.

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