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5LDK Garage Escape

[REPLAY] Rikaizm - 5LDK-Garage Escape is another point and click escape the room game developed by Rika for Rikaizm. In this game, you are locked in a garage and you need to escape the garage by collecting items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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5LDK Garage Walkthrough
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anyone playing with me?

am i alone??Aaaaa!!!

It scareds me to be alone...Can anybody please come and play with me???

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 7:22 AM  

morning Maggie77 Im just getting started and dont know if Ill be much help

hi! I´m here too
morning?? is it morning there you r???

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 7:24 AM  

Hey Maggie and Evlwoman! i'm here with you too!!!

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 7:25 AM  

yeah Im in texea

Mmm.not alone anymore...it´s ok.but i´m no help eather...clicking everywhere and all i found is a paper with"Rif.grd" on it...

Oh I´m from Germany.here is 4.30p.m;-)

ohh here it´s 16.30 pm :-)

hi!new game

i mean 4.30 pm, I´m from sweden :-)

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 7:29 AM  

k found a key on top of one of the windows and a ladder, lightbulb, binoculars and a broom (I think) in a closet. used the ladder to put the bulb in a socket and got a heart

hey. really tough game

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 7:30 AM  

i think the note might say RIF.3rd. whatever that means... also there's an empty spot for a light bulb on the wall and a couple of things that look like notes, one on a wall and one on a light fixture on the ceiling, but i can't get them.

ladder? what ladder

i dont like how everything is in japanese.i can never understand anything

screw this. next game!!

and the way the arrows work is a little weird... :(

i found a mobilephone, it´s under the car

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 7:33 AM  

there is something on the side of one of the lights on the ceiling above the car but I cant get it

i'm with you phresh. :(

all i have is a key and note.the navigation is a bit confusing

whre is the ladder?

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 7:34 AM  

thanks evlwmn. got the key and stuff. also, the note on the light can be viewed with the binoculars. it's says "pink"

power of posting
try the key on the grey door behind the car to get ladder

where is the bulb

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 7:35 AM  

notty - use the key on one of the closets, and when you open it, it will have two views, one for the ladder and another for a bunch of shelves.

jeez. the arrows really DO screw you up.

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 7:36 AM  

ladder is in the closet but I think you have to have the key to open it and the key was on top of a window by the back of the car

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 7:37 AM  

ah yes it does say pink and I found the phone as well

i must be the slowest one here. what key?

Oh it´s so confusing-how many arages are there--2?

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 7:39 AM  

oh thats not a phone

use the latter an a garage door-get a god key

what??? a second one??? im screwed.

i got a heart after putting the bulb in the lamp

get a key-cart outside...

But where is the bulb?

i got a yellow key after putting the ladder at the garage door

thnx blondzombi didnt know about the second view

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 7:43 AM  

bulb is in the closet you opened with the key

where do you put the ladder? the big gray door with three windows? it won't stick for me. any hints?

evlwmn - if it's not a phone, what is it?

all i've found is a piece of paper, i see a card on the seat of the car but can't take it, already stuck grrrr lol

SSSSSSSSSLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOWWWWWWWWW DOWN!!! Im hearing stuff about three keys and a ladder. all i have is the slip of paper. HELP ME!!!

behind one car there is a place for a code...

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 7:45 AM  

when you see the surf board in the closet, click a little to the left of the bottom of it.

on the right side of the garage-door...

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 7:47 AM  

it was the piece of paper...I also got the gold key from the garage door and if you use it on the glass door you get some sort of small box from the window and then look through the window w/ the binoculars and see the word rose

used yellow key to open door to garden

i get in the room with the glasdoor :-)

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 7:48 AM  

phresh, the original view, a view of the right side of the car - where if you click the down arrow you see inside of the car - don't click down, but click the pictures above and to the left until you have a bottom view of the pic and then click around (I think on the top) until you get the key.

use binoculars on note on wall and got a bunch of numbers and flower names

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 7:50 AM  

then I turned and used the binoculars on what I thought was a white brick on the wall and it has colored numbers on it and flower names too

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 7:50 AM  

thank you, maggie

thanks so much. im alive.

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 7:50 AM  

hmm that box of mine is a key card I think lol

found another heart too

Does anybody know what to do with the heards?i have two.found the second in the garden use the shovel with the grass...

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 7:51 AM  

okay, but there is a phone under the car

found credit card or something... what to do...

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 7:53 AM  

hmm how to get the phone under car

WHOAH!!! i didnt know that there was more to the surfboard closet!

use creditcard on grey door in view with garage port

got the phone
get out of the garden then go ahead click around the bottom area of car(the cursor changes to hand) then click again around the bottom and you will be in view of phone

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 7:54 AM  

got the phone

evlwmn- theres a broom in the surfboard closet. how do i get the view for under the car?

@EvlWmn.on witch wall do you see theres numbers?

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 7:57 AM  

found where to use the card but now we need a password

sweet. thanks. how to escape garden???

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 7:58 AM  

Maggie77 the brick wall outside there is a white brick near the top left

where do you use the card?? use bi-nocs from closet to see alleyway. bunch of stuff on wall...

thanks.found it...

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 8:00 AM  

use card on gray door next to the large garage door

card used on the door right next thr garagedoor...

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 8:01 AM  

the "broom" is a shovel, to dig in the garden by the door

throw the paperlap in the garbagebin outside, and u get a new heart

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 8:02 AM  

codes so far:

53 (pink)
67 (purple)
42 (red)
19 (yellow)
rose 773
tulip 215
pansy 895
casablanca 406

whats up with the hearts??? hinda random in this kinda game...

can´t evan see the phone.have i use something with the ground?

can someone plz tell me where the credit card is?

i can find and see the codes but how do i use them???

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 8:05 AM  

blondzombi at least we have the same codes ... I wondered why I could click on the trash can so I highlighted the paper w/ Rip on it and now its in the can so I guess we dont need that lol

card is outside in a window

catflap could you enlighten us

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 8:06 AM  

oh and I just realized it gave me another heart for that

@catflap.that is right.Not posting but the first one who be out:-(

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 8:07 AM  

go in the garden and the card is on the left, on the window ledge.

I tried 53773 for pink rose, but that didn't work. hmmmmmm....

someone who could get a hint to the code whick is behind the grey door next to garageport???

i used the broom on grass in garden and got a heart, also seen the word "rose" on a pipe, put bulb in lamp and got another heart, anyone have a clue for password ?

Some help for you Maggie77

Code for door opened with card is

i still don´t see the phone.how can i come in this view?

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 8:08 AM  

we still have a bunch of blanks in the inventory. catflap, if you're really out, give us the code to the door.

as you walk in from garden, click the right arrow. second view of car. Why???

i think we need the other card from inside the car, door probably requires two codes

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 8:10 AM  

sorry catflap, and thank you. there are a couple of people who fake OUTs. sorry!!!

Inside the car is a woman's bag of no use that I found.

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 8:12 AM  

argh another password after pinkrose???

for phone, when you return from garden, click the up arroe then click bottom of car i think twice the phone is there

thnx catflap.i was trying the numbers and not the words

I ended up with 3 blank spaces, 4th, 6th and 9th on second row.

You get the second code from the phone which must be charged first.

Thanks everybody.finally found phone...

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 8:16 AM  

thx Catflap now I gotta find that charger

what is the machine with green flaps in the closet for ? i thought to hook the phone to, but that doesn't work

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 8:17 AM  

i think that's a printer...

where's the charger? i clicked all over the car. please?

@catflap.Sorry-I mean no harm...Can i say that?i don´t know...please don´t miff...

charged phone after you enter pink rose in door

When you click the button by the electrical sockets a panel on the floor opens behind the 2nd car.

when you come back from garden, click the right arrow, the charger is on the floor behind car

Maggie77, I am not miffed at all.


Found something new 2nd time round, use bag from car on wooden door.

yay out!!!
I would help If you need elp but after these hints I highly doubt you will

That is another way to end game.

got car keys

oops its a remote control

Still 4th, 6th and 9th slots empty on 2nd row though.

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 8:23 AM  

thanks again, catflap. i'm out with two blank spots. and couldn't get the bag open.

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 8:25 AM  

catflap, i think you're missing a heart - 1 for light bulb, 2 for trashcan, 3 for digging by the garden door.

i still can't get inside the flipping car grrrr lol

I can't use the ladder and I have only one car.

hmmm.. is theres more than 1 ending to this?

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 8:27 AM  

Im out thx for all your help

Thanks, threw paper in bin and filled 9th space with heart.

friwi, you use the ladder on the right hand side of the large garage door...there's only one car

Sabrina, which one is the garage door? The ones I can see are too small for a car.

feel dumb.cant get into car

That frustrating.how can i get in the car?

the large whitish door with three bluish looking windows on it

Hilight car key and click on bag in car.

the big one with the three green windows in it

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 8:31 AM  

friwi, the garage door is large gray door with three little windows.

notty, did you get the keys?

i can't get in the car either

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 8:32 AM  

click on car w/ remote control at the open window view

thanks catflap- i tried to use key with car door all the time...

where's the car key ??? please

Thank you, Sabrina.I thought it was a wall.

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 8:34 AM  

once you enter pinkrose to get through the door with cardkey, you'll enter 67406 into the safe, that has the car keys in it. when you're in the original view of the right side of the car with the windows on the left, click the down arrow, hightlight the keys and click on the bag in the passenger seat.

it was as simple as clicking

thanks everbody...finally out...

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 8:36 AM  

off to rake leaves - as long as there is not another game waiting. have a great day everyone.

i still have two empty item slots, and can't open the purse

sabrina, me to
2 empty slots and can´t open the purse

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 8:43 AM  


Im´out :-)
Go inside the car, click to change view to the rat instead, insert the carkey, and you´re out :-)

if you use bag on wooden door thats one end
use keys on car in car wheel view to get out thats another end
there is still one more end as there were two empty slots in inventory

i got out with the car, still had two empty slots, but didn't want to look anymore lol...bye bye everyone

Thank you all. Finally out with two blank slots and the three hearts.

uhh...wha.?? man, do I feel dumb. I can't for the life of me put the ladder anywere. I've read all the way through all these posts, and no one else seems to have a problem with it. Am I putting it against the garage door itself? or somewhere on the right where there's another closet-type door?

hi lokk at the right side of the door then click on the upper border,as you would take the key.it soom in.then lighten the ladder and click there again.

i mean look-i hope you understand what i wrote.sorry for my englisch...

hi all, still missing item 4 and 5 in second row...someone know anything?

not 5, nr. 6

@maggie - you are my hero! I swear I had clicked on every square inch of the whole door, but I guess I missed that one little place. TYVM!!

I played it several times-have the same problem too.i stop trying now.good evening to you all who where still here...

jburd-you are welcome!!!;-)

Hi everyone, first time posting here

I've clicked every pixel under the car, but still no phone. Do I have to click the right arrow after returning from the garden first?

So others don't get confused, I have to correct some earlier posts and say there's only one garage. Not two. All of this happens in one place with one car.

@Bernard...when you come in from garden you go 1 step forward, it neans you take the up arrow, then you are closer to the car. then search floor near wheel, you can click closer to bottom of car, then you can click under car and take it. sry my english i am german

EvlWmn1001, where did you find the key and the ladder?

Out, but not perfect end...
There's something I haven't done yet, therefore missing one heart.
I've changed the light bulb, cleaned the leaves in the garden, and what else?

in the original first view you can click the "white" window above, there is the key, then open a grey door to find the ladder

Ah, never mind. You have to throw the garbage (the piece of paper with "Rif.3rd" written on it. I can read a bit Japanese so I noticed the hint the when I replayed it.

did you find ALL items bernard?? I am missing number 4 & 6 in the second row!!

Oh yes, I noticed that, too XD.
There's still one thing left to do!

and what? :-))

I have car key, key-card, purse and the 3 hearts left, missing 2 items, Dont know what to do where...:-)

Still searching for it...

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 10:18 AM  

was gone for a while and have come back to see if I can find those two missing items

Lientje077 hope you found what you were looking for

Ok, I escaped by driving out, and got "Weren't you trying to get into your house?" ending.

       Anonymous  11/23/08, 10:28 AM  

I just escaped the same way

Hi, guys, Im late just starting, too im having a problem trying to place ladder on wall, maybe my game is buggy

walkthrough please?

yay happy end! have the first heart selected when you click to go in the door, the second selected when you click the arrow, then click around a bunch with the third heart selected till you get a view of the stairs, then click stairs


Bit fiddly navigating, so if you get lost just click around, until you find the view described.

Opening view in car and cannot get item. Click down arrow and view two panels. Click top right panel to get GREY KEY.

Right arrow view of grey door. Use key and click around closet until you get LADDER, BINOCULARS, LIGHT BULB & SPADE.

Exit closet. Left arrow x 2, (grey wall) select ladder and click top to get a GOLD KEY.

Down arrow x 2 and left arrow (end of wall). Click wall light and put in bulb from closet. FIRST HEART.

Down, left, up view of ceiling lights. Click light and use binoculars to read word. Make a note.

Down x 3, left to glass door. Use gold key and exit. Collect CARD from window ledge. Use binoculars on right grey window and read word (make a note). Down x 2 and right use binoculars to read poster on wall. Right use spade on leaves to get 2nd HEART.

Enter glass door and back view of car. Pick up paper (use later). Up arrow and view of car door. Click under car twice to get phone.

Up and down and left x 3. Exit glass door again. Right put paper in bin and get 3rd HEART.

Exit glass door and forward twice and right to other grey door (not the closet) and use card and enter the two words you have found. Enter closet and click switch.

Down arrow and go right x 4 facing wooden door. Down arrow back of car and right to find phone charger.

Left, down, right x4 to grey door again. Reenter code and examine phone, click charger and put in socket. Examine phone and press black button and screen a couple of times to get the numerical code (from the poster in the garden).
Enter in safe and get car key.

Exit right (back end of car and panels on wall) down and view inside car. Use car key to get purse.

Exit down, right x 3 to wooden door. Select purse to open door.
Now use the hearts.....
Select heart to enter, 2nd heart to go right and 3rd heart click around until you find the stairs! (Thank you Marsha!)

fve of god i cannot put the code. i put 53773 a thousand times but nothing happens. what am i doing wrong?

cannot find any phone charger behind car?

cuity, put words pinkrose into door with keycard

i cant find anything

i had a different ending where I drove the car away (i used the key in the car)

Now that was a very good game !!!
Thanks for tips and walkthrough !

I certainly agree with the Russian saying: Repeating the mother of the teachings. Only the EG has become frequent with repetitions. It leads to reflection. Is it possible that there are few really interesting and exciting games?

warning: east asian rubbish!

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