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Find Dwarfs 2 Walkthrough

Find Dwarfs 2

Find Dwarfs 2 is the second episode of Find Dwarf 1 point and click type room escape game by Nekonote. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding more than 25 dwarfs and the door key. There are 40 dwarfs in this game and 4 possible endings in this game. Good luck and have fun!

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let's try

I'm here with ya =]

i have key and 23 dwarfs, what is the mission?

To get the key and +25 dwarfs.
I have the 25, but looking for the key =\

hi all!

hey!i'm first........

you have to find key and more than 25 dwarfs, i've got 26 now, but can't get out

Can i get a hint for the key? I have 34 dwarfs =[

So, I've got 27 dwarfs and looking for key, how many do we need?

i have keysign in inventory, does everybody or does it mean i've got the key, can't click it

There are 40 total to find :) Out with perfect end!

Out with 35 dwarfs. The key is red. Good luck!

I found 40 and the key and got a perfect end. How is everyone else doing?

xxxmich3113xxx: key behind the 3 piece moving magic box (you'll find 2 cuties there too).

i can only move middle part, and stuck on 35

wow, I still can't find that key! lol.
idk what my problem is =p

38 and out cant find other 2 :-(

where is that key exactly?

The key is behind the umbrella holder, not the 3 piece box.

I'm still looking for it too =*[

OMFG! Thank you woo !

Out with 40!

anyone, where is that ---- key

yeeeees, now still only got 37, not nice

thx for the key hint

now i got 39......god where's the final cutie????

I did find the key, but only 36 dwarfs and can't think of any other place... got the tricky ones... any suggestions?

okay, missed that moving part of the red boxes... now I got 39. On to the last one! If anybody wants to share their tricky dwarfs... I'll share mine!

Yay, found it! Out with all 40!

I only found 36 dwarfs, 4 are still AWOL.

Out with perfect end :D

those last 4 are very elusive! out with 36.

Bah! Only 36, any hints for the last four? Please. :)

Yay! Found all 40!

Sandra, recheck boxes that can move or may have lids!

Are there any changes of perspective that I've missed? Apart from the four walls, I have looked at the window and behind the umbrella stand.
Just four more to find.

heeelp...still looking for the las one...what am I missing?I've looked everywhere,at least I thought...

karen,are you still there?can you tell me where did you find your last dwarf?maybe is the same for me!(I'm desperate...)

I also found only 39, 8 in the 1st location, 13 in the 2nd, 10 in the 3rd and 8 in the 4th if it may help someone, does anyon have any hints about the last one? one fell down from the window for me, when I closed and opened it fo several times

Power of posting I found it! ))) the last one for me I found was in the 1st location with the door - it was on the poster - the dot between 11.18 - Great game, wow!!

same for me lamei...I'm stuck on 39 and I can't remember how many dwarfs I've found in each location...if this may help,you can open the coloured box with the man sitting on it...sorry fof my english

lamei are you still here?how many did you find in the cupboard next to the pink doll with balloons?

ok I understand I'm the last one here...the only one who can't find the last dwarf!I give up...out with 39

Out with forty! Rewarded with yummie strawberry cake and whipped cream and compliment 'you are perfect', hehe. Not bad at all to begin a monday with.

Have fun!

Found them all. Yay!

Lamei, there is actually 9 in the first location. :)

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Out with 34 and red key is behind umbrella holder

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Cute game. Out with perfect end and 40 cuties.


till now found only 32 still trying nice little game

Such a cute game.. I love it!! Got all 40.. The hardest ones were the 2 under the mouse thats under the basket..I think we had to have all just right..umbrella up,mid part of box to right,lid off,picture down..??? or was that a coincedence..Fun, fun game..

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Found all 40 and out with perfect end !!!

First Walk through sorry for the bad English.

Found 9 On the first scene:

1:Clocks Hand

2:Pin Holding the Paper on the wall

3:between the numbers 11.18

4:Lift corner right of paper

5:Open that thing with the snake

6:Move Snakes Head

7:Top right of door (looks like one of the circles in the wallpaper )

8:Open drawer there's one inside

9:Hanging from drawers right side

Found 12 on second scene:

10 & 11 :Lift left cane there's 2 in there

12:Move cape (looks like a circle in the wall)

13:On top left of magic box

14:Click the paper on the wall into it falls on the floor

15:Lift Pan lid there's one hanging from right of lid

16:close lid click middle of pan there on on top of the rat

17:Click on the rat and he runs there's one behind it.

18,19,20: Magic box click the middle part there's 3: one hanging,one smashed and one standing on top right.

21,22: Click bottom left of were the cane is there's 2 little ones
click the rat and he get the key.

Found 10 on third scene:

23:Click on one hanging from the curtain string

24,25,: Click on the string to see the curtain.open the curtain
there's one on bottom left of window,one hanging between the strings of the curtain.

26: Close curtain there's one on left side on the window frame

27: Click the curtain several times a little one falls go down.

28: One behind top right the first big box on the left

29: Lift small box there's one underneath

30: Click on the rope looking thing there's one

31: Click on the toy on top of box
so that he falls

32: Click on top of where toy was standing there's one inside

Found 8 on fourth and last scene:

33: Click the blue balloon there one hanging from it between balloon and string.

34: Click the orange balloon It'll pop one falls on the floor

35: Move red ballon there's one behind

36: On the shelf move (what looks like a toy house) there's one hanging

37: Move books on bottom shelf there's one behind

38:Move pic with lion there's one on top left

39: Click right of doors where the cake is there's one by the right candle

40: Open second door there's one by the rat

And your out

I hope I helped =)

Have a Great Week

Thank you Michele. I kept opening that basket and moving the cape and still couldn't see those little buggers.

@ Michele ...
I found 38 myself, looked at your gr8 walkthrough and found the lost 2.

I'm having a Happy Monday, because i'm perfect at the end thanks to you and want to share the cake with you :)

Hi Diane look when you open the lid it tilts to the side right ? the little Dwarf is hanging on the lower side.
And the one behind the cape you click middle left of the cape,the Dwarf it mix with the wallpaper it's a little brown spot.
Hope that helps !!!

Mieke Thanks I would love to share the cake with you !!!!! hehehe

Thanks Hope I was able do help.

It won't let me pick up the one posing as a candle, no matter how much I try. It did that to me on the last game like this. There was one that just refused to be picked up. I think I finally got that one after trying forever.
I give up. At least I know where #40 is.

darn found 38 and went to check the door and i ended the game!

yeah!!! out with all 40 and strawberry cake

Yeah!!! Great little game...thanx Michele...I was missing the 1 hanging off the drawer after you open it... :))

url changed, and the site is in...Japanese?

working link:


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