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Super Sneaky Spy Guy - Sneaky Castle Walkthrough

Super Sneaky Spy Guy - Sneaky Castle

Super Sneaky Spy Guy - Sneaky Castle is another episode of SSSG - Super Sneaky Spy Guy point and click adventure game series created by Self Defiant from Melting-Mindz. With the style of original SSSG games you are being sent to Sneaky Castle to find some hidden treasure. Good luck and have fun.

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These are still my favorite of all games.


fourth! lo0o0ol

hmmm, hiya, i need a bit of help, i got the flower (used) and gave it to the cat, and the door opend... now wat do i do?

heyy everyone! new game! anyone there?

I dont know
I found a sunflower and putit in some dirt but now stuck.

I got a purple gem

adeline im where you are and im stuck too

so do I,from the sunflower.

do we do something with the levers?

I got a blue jem with the levers in the castel.

grrr so the dirt earlier cant find it now, i saw all these levers, ubt hav no clue wat to do?? any ideas peeplezzzz?

stuck. inside the castle but cant do anything. found a locked chest so i guess we need to find a key. i wonder what tht lever did

have you found the place w/ 4 levers?

where did you guys find the purple and blue gems????

nooo. where r the 4 levers?

i found a telescope

rrfr from the catipult you go forward, right,right,forward,right.

ok. i must be really slow. all i did was give the flower to the cat and got into the castle. help

where is the telescope.

if your standing at the big open area, go straight 3 times and youll come to an area with a fence on the left side, look at the bottom at the red bricks and youll be able to move a little section and the telescope is behind it

wheres the blue gem?

ha ha ha. I was just there when you said that!!!

nice find, greendy

adeline...how did you find a blue gem by the four levers?

you get the blue jem with the levers.

adeline. that takes me to where the sword is in the ground

ok say the levers are like this.
1 2 3 4
you put down 2 and 4.

4 levers in what order?

I pulled the levers and didn't get a gem..anything special we have to do?

greendy which open area? where the catapult is?????

Hi everyone. Has anyone found a map? These games normally have them and it would be so much easier!

is there a certain order we have to move the levers?

whops your right you go forward then right again.sorry

wait so from the catapult u go forward then right twice?

adeline what happens if you pull the levers in the right order?

isyg, its a really large open area, its kinda close to the entrance but passed the catapult

found it. thanks adeline

under where the square is when you do it right it should open and...
presto you got a blu gem.

Is anyone else gettin that blue gem besides adeline? I'm pulling lever everywhich way but, nothing.

ok have telescope,red,purple,white,&golden gem.pulled levers in order any help.

what order redsox

ok the levers are in a row like this..
| | | |
1 2 3 4
pull 2 and 4.

I wonder if I missed something and you have to do something else first before the levers work?

i cant get the blue gem either, adeline are you sure its 2 and 4?

I did 2 & 4 and nothing

I have pulled the levers in every order, but, no gem :(

thats what I got maybe it is different for each game?

what happens when you pull 2 n 4. does the gem just appear? n found a sun flower. what do you do with it?

I did pull that lever outside in the starting.

ok I pulled 2 &4 and out them back up and pulled 1 &3 and got gem.

I pulled the lever outside the gate and also the lever inside somewhere before the four levers...still nothing

is adeline the only one who got the gem????? n people who have other gems then the blue one can you please tell me where you found them

anyone know how to get the sword?

okay..finally got that blue gem...had to go back to the single lever(inside the castle), pull the lever again...then went back and pulled 2 and 4 and presto...

you know where the bricks were the teliscope was? when you use the telescope with the pictures there are holes and you can put the gems in them. there are six.

redsoxfan...where did you find all your gems?

you do need to pull the single lever first, then do the 2,4 go left back to 4 levers and then 1,3 door opens with blue gem

is the single lever your talking bout the one where if you go foward from where you got the telescope?

I found a bomb!!!!!

You can use your telescope to reach high up places.

sorry i'm late

yes, I believe so isyg

thanks the 2, 4 then 1, 3 did it for me!

isyg - yes

finally got the blue gem. where did you get the other ones???????

WOW you can uncover alot with the telescope!

adeline,put the bomb on catapult and what picture are you talking about?

Ya, where did you get the other gems?

at the place with the single lever inside the castle.

have red and blue gem. help with the rest

where did you find the bomb???

with telescope go back out of castle and to the right and the pointer will turn into a hand on the last castle view.use telescope there and you get a red gem.If there is a hand instead of a pointer and you click and it does nothing use telescope.

Just need last gem and the order....

the place with the single lever there is a dark window, use your telescope there.

There is a deep slot on the concrete wreath on one of the walls.

L'm with you Hera but where do you put the gems?

found a key!

redsox, i tried that and it does the same thing as if i wasnt using the telescope

Some one posted that..one screen forward from where you found telescope. Use telescope on square designs.

have 5 gems. where is last one. i hve orange white red purple and blue

got a harp.

Same isyg. Where is the harp??

and out with sneaky treasure!

nevermind found it, wheres the white gem?

you get the harp after you put the orange blue and purple gems in

white gem is in chest.

chabui where is the last gem???

Looks like white gem won't
go in the hole?

Where do i put the gems?
And i have blue, red, yellow and purple gem am i missing a gem?

hera i realized that too. did you find the last gem yet???

No, trying to find use for harp. Have some of the bars down in front of chest too.

Hi, is any one still playing?

feminin21 go to the place where the single lever is them use you telescope and click the 4 designs

found green gem.get sword and put on wall beside where you put harp.

Where do i put the gems?

Hera how many bars do you have down?

Where to put gems is posted above.

i used the harp.

you put the gems on the side of the castle, have to zoom in with telescope, I believe it's right after you find the telescope, only have purple gem, where are the others

need the last gem for wall?

Got 2 left.... Where to use harp??

What happened to the person that said they were out?

Hera i have seen your post but still don't know where to put it.
One screen before where you find the telescope.
I only see a wall with 3 doors and windows.

From big open feild go straight,straight,right and use on pic on wall in front of you.

Has anyone got the sword un-stuck yet??

where do you use sword??? from open area go foward twice then go right. the use your telescope and click on the white thing on the right wall. use harp there

after you use harp go pull sword.

One screen forward :-)

sorry hera use it on the right wall.sword goes on pic in front of you.

I must still be missing 1 elusive gem because I have one opening left...the white gem doesn't fit the hole

i cant use the sword any where. redsoxfan where did you use it. i tried the pic on wall but wont let me

Thought had tried that with harp...try again!

isyg...use the sword on the wall to the right of where you used the harp

nvm got it

Hera give it to the girl.
Isyg you put it in the blank spot in middle.

how do you gert white gem in hole???


Still short a gem as white doesn't seem to fit!

did anyone get the white gem in the hole???

ok white gem doesn't go in hole and cat don't want it where to put it?and it wont cut bar.

Does the stone girl you give the harp to give you something? cos still says wants to hear music but harp gone from inventory....

No hera I got nothing,just to pull sword.

okay...I found out how to get the treasure...let me know if you to know...

HOW?????????? PLZ TELL

are you sure...I don't want to spoil it for everyone..

can any one please tell me where you found the harp

Yeah! Tell :-)

dont worry you arnt!

walkthrough PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay...what I did was I took my white gem, went to the place where the treasure box is, and inserted the white gem into the small hole..

Let me know if that worked for you

Just say it Becks, Please?

How it says the bars are in the way.

HELLLOOOOO, please where is the HARP!!

what small hole??? you mean the treasure box behind bars right?

its says that the bars r in the way

Thanks...but I have one small problem...still have one bar blocking it!

the treasure box I found had no bars in front of it..it's in sort of a little cave, with a fence on the left

lol, I cant find my way back to the treasure box...grrr.

You get harp after inserting 1st 3 gems. Most of the game is answered above.

becks where did you find this treasure box??????

must be the same treasure but I have no idea why the bars were gone for me...have no idea what I did, but I do remember that the bars have been gone from my treasure for some time now.

Becks, do you mean the small box where we got pink gem??? or the big one behind bars??

isgy, I can't tell you how I found the box because now that I found it, the directional arrows won't work for me.

Which means we've missed something. hmmm..

I'm restarting on another page to see what I did

Thanks Hera, ok one more question, how do I get the blue gem, tried the 4 levers but nothing, any ideas??

isyg...the treasure box is in the same place where we picked the sunflower at the very beginning...yep, you must've missed something.

Thats is in earlier posts too. Putting levers 2 and 4 down then back up then 1 and 3 worked for me.

ok. but there is one bar in front of it so i cant get to it

Okay, I have one bar left to get to the big box..I have only placed 5 gems, it wont accept the white one..We only need 6 gems correct? including the white one that doesnt work yet..

May have something to do with single lever where you put gems too.

where is the yellow gem?

Same place as you vbranam1. Seem to be stuck now.

im gonna give up. bye! good luck!

vbranam...have you catapulted the bomb yet?

Until we place the last gem in, we cant get the last bar down..So, why wont the white gem go in place???

yup tried 2, 4 down then up then 1 & 3 down, and when I put down levers, when I go back they are up again... Thanks Hera, I will try putting down the lever by gems first

Yeah, thats how I got the yellow gem, was from bomb

wvdonnaj, use bomb on catapult for yellow gem.

vbranam...the white gem goes into the treasure chest, I didn't need the sixth gem in the hole to get the treasure

that was orange gem, just found the yellow gem with help from another site

Yes, thats what I had to do to Bets, lower lever by gem place then go lower 2 and 4.

But how did you get the last bar down Becks?? I thought gems in place removed bars from the chest.

found yellow gem outside above lever, click blocks

Am running out of time to solve this and have been over every thing again. Bound to be something bleeding obvious!

so did I...thought I needed the white gem in place, but it fit into the chest...I truly don't know what I did to get the bars up..whatever it was, it was accidental...I'm trying to replay now, but I'm already forgetting how I did things...

Hera how did you got out! i have tried everything but i still have the last bar in front of the treasure.


Thanks wdv. It just says block is a bit strange??

NVM... got it!

Sorry about that wvdonnaj. Your right because that was the first gem I found along with that pink flower.

You still here with us Becks? Gotta know how to get that last bar down.

ok, now got 6 gems in, and even tho I can't see any bars, it says still blocked.

Okay...this is interesting..I just replayed, and as soon as I put the harp in place, I passed the treasure chest, and all bars were gone.

Hera you said you got a harp after inserting first 3 gems..I put in all 5 and I cant get the harp.Is there a trick to it?

Becks i tried over again but again stuck with the white gem and one bar.

Well that it then we got to have the harp?

I reckon might be bit buggy.
Don't think the harp thing went right in my game. and now no bars to see but says there are!!

But where is the harp?

vbranam1 how did you get the sword if you did not get the harp?

game is definitely buggy...I now have one bar left...a minute ago, no bars..

I just put them in the left side holes. Can't remember which colours. I'm starting again.

as long as I'm this far...for the second time...can someone remind me where the key to the little chest is?

i must be blind, have all gems in wall, bars are down, i heard mention of a key for the chest with the white gem. can anyone remember where it is

The right colorcode for the harp is yellow blue purple at the left side holes.

LOL, I dont have the sword or the harp..That seems to me my problem..Looking for the harp now.

me and you in same way beck lol

the key is at the upper left of treasure with bars. You have to use telescope for it.

Cant find red gem or key. Any help?

Oops i mean upper right!
Sorry you guys.

found my key!!!

OMG, got the harp, it was out of view from pc screen...DUuuhhhh!!!

thx fem

got it

let's just clarify...there is an orange, blue, purple, red, green, and white gem, correct? I'm stuck now with one white bar left..

This time got strength of 10 men when gave harp!

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