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Escapers #06 Walkthrough

Escapers #06

[REPLAY] 58Works - Escapers #06 Cottage is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by 58 Works. You are locked in a room and you have to escape the room by finding and using items with clues. Good luck and have fun!

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Escapers #06 Cottage Walkthrough
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New game! Let's see

found 2 wooden crosses (put together, used) 2 cocktails and a fish

this is so the right game to prep my night out

with you lis, have that too, but off to real exhibition ith art and cocktails, so, I've actually escaped this one first!!!!!

I expect a full walk through when i get home....

much love and luck all!

I'll try ;)

found a stick, pencil, ball and green fish (all used)

I opened the glass door, but I can't quite figure out what to do from there.

i have 2 fish and not a ball

hey juan, how did you do that?
(i'm kinda stuck..)

manubo, where did you find the fish?

red fish behind the caoch weiht in the flower


where is the green fish and the ball??

got it, tnx! now opened the glass doors

ball is in the water, look to the right

The shape of the country is a hint of the order of the color of fish.

out already juan? Fill us in!

The cabinet that had the blue cocktail has a hint to open the locked drawer outside.

how about the green fish? has anyone opened the table between the chairs?

timo, use the pencil on the ball.
haven't opened the cabinet(s) yet


tnx Juan, got a yellow fish now!

open yellow fish and have a kay open the dor and mix in the bottel cocktail. sorry im german

The picture on the canvas will give you the 4 digit code to the locked cabinet.

wath im doing with the picture

so i have a yellow fish and the red and blue coctails left... what now? can't open the cabinets next to the door.

Zoom in on the yellow fish and you will find something inside it.

i can only come up with 3 digits...

aahh, thanks, but now i have to solve the calmari-picture

hehe, got it

Maybe you should recount the squid?

Where is the stick?

and i'm out :)
great graphics, bit of a strange ending, but great game!!

im out

good morning - how did you figure out the code?

stick is in the view with the purple picture left of the wooden vertical balk

for the code: count the arms

how to get digits from paper? Working on the table-cabinet with no luck:( Man, I suck today!:(

Aha! Thanks you Gewittermond :oD

but still, there are three animals, how do you get 4 digits?

It is one number per animal, but not necessarily one digit.

the first one has more than 9 arms ;-)

which cabinet are you working on Timo? the number-coded one next to the door or the one outside between the chairs?

missed that! ;)

Where do I use the handle from the cupboard?
It won't go on the glass door.
Am I missing something?

got rescued by the big fish!!
tnx everyone!

Beautiful game, if a little short :o)

All of them, but in particular the one outside. Maybe it's just me, but is this one really hard?

as this is my last day in work for this year, i want to thank you all for your company in all the challenging games this year and wish you a great christmas next week! (Ok i'm in a real christmas-mood today :) )

You must open the glass door before you can find the place to attach the handle.

hi, can you tell me where is the red fish please, i don't find it

@ Timo: count the shells in the 9-compartments-cabinet inside and you get an order (1-2-3-4-5) in which you press the buttons outside on the cabinet, then it will open

As for the locked drawer outside, look at the cabinets that had the blue cocktail for a hint.

the red fish is in the wall on the left side behind the couch (near the bottom)

thx gewittermond

OML!!!! I'm stupid! hahaha Thanks!!

sorry juan, you are giving great hints and i'm spoiling it, giving the answer. i'm sorry!!

Do not worry about it. I only try to give hints so everyone can figure it out for themselves.

my code is 1058!

yes i think that's the right way but i know that sometimes you don't get it, even with the best hints :) (perhaps it's just me ;-) )

I opened the glass window, I can see a trap-door, but I can't do anything else...
And I don't know the code for the cupboard...



- Click on the right plant and to the side of it on the fence is a small wooden cross get it.

- Go back and click the chairs.

- click the left chair first and under the cushion is another wooden cross get it.

- click the right chair and the cushion will rise and to the side of it there is a red cocktail get it.

- zoom in on one of the wooden cross in your inventory and attach the other on and you get a star.

- go to the door and put the star in the slot above the door and go in.

- go left once and in the bottom right cupboard is a blue cocktail get it.

- notice that the shells have a certain amount in each shelf make a note of how many are in each - its a code so to speak.

- go right twice and if you look carefully on the beam to the left of the window is a stick take it.

- zoom in on the stand and take the pencil.

- go left once and on the bottom left cupboard open it and take white fish.

- go right once and at the bottom of the wall next to the sofa is the red fish, zoom in and use pencil to remove the loose bit of the wall to get the fish.

- go back outside.

- zoom in at the cupboard between the chairs and the code for the shells that I told you to make a note about earlier comes in handy here, the shells tells you which order you press the buttons to get in.

- get the yellow fish, and zoom in on the yellow fish from your inventory and click on it and you will get a key.

- zoom back out to the starting position and go left.

- click on the right side as if your going down the stairs if that makes sense.

- use the stick to get the ball.

- zoom in on the ball and use pencil to burst the ball and get green fish.

- go back in side and go to the cupboards by the door and use the key you found from the yellow fish on the top cupboard on the left and get bottle.

- zoom in on the bottle and mix the cocktails in it.

- go to the purple picture and put the mixed cocktail over the picture and 3 fishes will be revealed.

- now this may get a little confusing ill explain it the best I can without giving the answer.

- count the legs on each fish, that will give you a number not necessery a 1 digit number, just a number and once you have counted the legs on each fish you should have 4 digits make a note of it. (if you want to cheat someone posted the answer earlier)

- go to the cupboards by the door again and the bottom one on the right is where you put the 4 digits you got from the fishes legs get the handle.

- go right twice and click just to the side of the plant and you will see a picture of italy that is a clue.

- open it and you will see 3 slots in the shape of fish, if you look in your inventory you have 3 different coloured fish, now you need to think about this what do the colours represent?? the clue is the picture, once you have figured that out put the fish in the right order and the glass doors will open.

- click the floor just outside the glass doors and put the handle there.

- open the hatch in the floor and get the shell.

- go back on so you can see the view of the sea.

- highlight the shell and click the dark line in the sea, which will move and you will see its actualy a whale.

- go back outside and turn left and click the whale and your done!

the best escape game ever posted!congrats!great graphics!

Lovely game...beautiful graphics...nice sounds...feel like I've been on a holiday:} And thanx for the hints guys (girls too)...never could have counted ten arms on the squid...urgently need glasses, lol.

Just started and I have to say: what a beautiful game! I wish they all looked like this <3

game says timed out , Can't load it ,dang

got in at nordinho
Here I go!

And out. Awww, such lovely graphics and a very logical game. Not too difficult, just suitable. Love it.

Thanks for all the hints, guys - especially 1) how to find the red cocktail (next to right chair) and 2) the # of legs on everything - I couldn't count them correctly, no matter how hard I looked!

OMG! unbelievable! I really solved this one completely by myself! How incredible!

this was a great one

this game was pretty fun up until you had to figure out the 4 digit code. I still can't see 10 arms on the squid

that was a cool game...not too hard but nice graphics

all I am getting is a blank page with a little square box in the top left hand corner of the screen, the stupid game won't load, anyone know why this happens?

really nice game. logical and nice graphics. liked the ending:0) (much better than being sliced inhalf by lasers!)

reddc, i had to refresh just once in the beginning

You stated that the clue is hidden in the squid picture to figure out the order to place the fish in the italian box. I don't understand. Be more specific please

Meat, the colours go in the order of the Italian flag. Nothing to do with the squid pic.

code for handle is 1058

fun game and really easy

I'm trapped on a dock with this beautiful cottage? Heck, just leave me there!

gr8 game ... when will the next one be here ? Out without help.

hi,I can't put together the crosses.i nearly threw my laptop out the window!how do you actually combine them?thanks

hey,got it now...thank god!

Pixel hunts: 1) Right, in water, when looking down at dock. 2) Bottom left of striped couch.
Bonus hint: squid have 8 arms and 2 tentacles.

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