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Escape from the Oval Office Walkthrough

Escape from the Oval Office

Escape from the Oval Office is another new point and click type room escape game by Shatteredgames. "Help George Bush escape from the Oval Office! Click on objects and parts of the room to interact. Click on blue boxes behind inventory objects for more information." Good luck and have fun!

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Ah looks like a good game..let´s see..


hi-nice to see you here...

Can't believe I'm here at the beginning of a game.

It seems that the two of us have to deal with this game by ourselves.

found a knop,key,legs from the eagel on the ground and dart

use key on horse picture

my game is loading very slowly.internet must be slow

I have key (used), bird's legs (used), valve, scissors, dart, screwdriver, photo in frame and a balloon. Also "Wow2000".

klick on photo-you get arrows for the eagel

Finally a normal game :)

used dart with baloon-get eagels head

"W" is missing from the keyboard.

Hi all!

Has anyone found the key to the bathroom or the code for the drawer? I'm stuck.

Hi all - just trying to start, but the only thing I got ist a green screen ????????????????????????????

get an document-but can´t read it

An incriminating document under right book shelves.

Stuck too. Any ideas for the scissors and valve?

Anyone else having a hard time getting the objects into an "about" view? I think there a few bugs in this game.

Found olive branch inside a book.

get the olive branch

I hate dragging objects. I can't tell if I'm doing anything right.
I keep trying to shred the paper, but it won't let me.

hi all, a live game, finally!! will try to catch up with you!

it is in a book in the right shelve

Taking a break and found this so I got to catch up. Good afternoon all.

mlmaietta, don't click the object, click the frame around it to inspect object.

Hi everybody, going in now!

found the shield above the door.

Thanks, Ruff.

Hey guys, I must leave for a while. I'll come back about 30 minutes.

Joey, above which door and how did you get there?

nvm, power of posting. LOL.


Need wings and the circle thing, and the key to the bathroom.

Let's play :D

Anyone found use for the document?

no-have anyone found the wings?

Ok right now I have, document, balloon, and Scissors....HELP!

I'm officially stuck. I have the valve, the scissors and the incriminating document in inventory. The TV, with "No Input" on wall above fireplace and the note with password being "Wow 2000" by the computer.

I've tried cutting the document and shredding it, no luck.

jayvelo the green screen is the loading screen... it takes a moment to come up.

To see about items click Blue are around the item, not the item.

Maggie77 which book, I'm clicking like crazy ;)

Hi All!

Inside the balloon there's a part for the puzzle. You need dart for breaking it.

When you click desk, there seems to be wings next to chair in door of desk. Looks like wood. I'm not sure and i dont know how to get them.
Sorry can't explain better :(

inside the framed picture there are arrows!

Need Wings and a place to use the scissors. Also the password Wow2000 is not working on the computer...

@Roxi - TY for Your hint, but I´m waiting more than 10 minutes now - don´t think, that´s normal :-(

@roxi:right bookshelve, first shelf from the tpo-blue book in the middle

Power of posting, now have head..

Which book is the olive branch in?

Also anyone found the wing's or circle yet?

I also tried using the scissors on couch, no luck. :(

@abi have you found the W for keypad?

where is the shield?

shild over the door

Got to go. It's our independence day here in Finland and the program from president's party starts now. Will be back later. Have fun with the game!

thanx maggie!

Thanks Maggie77 :) Ok now I'm caught up, I'm going to try to shred the curtains with the scissors :D

Folks I'm afraid this has turned into a pixel hunt. I hate those, I'm going to wait for you to find those little buggers.

has anyone found a use for the scisors

@roxi: i tried that too. Didn't work for me.

Paulina, it's above the main door. You have to click to the left on the very top. It's not easy to find the spot, just keep clicking.

Thanks bloob that will save me the pixel-hunt;)

thanx, i got it now.
and i was just wondering, maybe the pswd isn't wow but mom. but it won't let me try it..

hi, found right wing. In room with sofa, get closer view of sofa. click around bottom of coffee table and will see edge of wing.

Even tried to open bathroomdoor with scissors. On the picture of the eagle it says UNUM. Does this mean anything?

@ jean: thanks! I'm gonna try right now.

Found the bathroom key under left couch cushion, "w" in the bathroom and wii remote. Can't get the password to work on computer.
(first time posting)

forgot to add to get closer view of sofa, click on upper right hand side of sofa.

You shread the document to get the wreath for the rug. you need the handle from the locked cabinet drawer to make the shreadder work

ok, found the key to the bathroom under left pillow of the couch. sorry for my english

buuut how can i get closer look of couch/sofa?

NooooOO!!!!! I just accidently refreashed the wrong page! Grrr... Ugg! I'll just come back later. Good Luck Guys, thanks for the hints!

Use Wii remote on tv itself, then click arrow with the 1 to move it around to find the code....4202 which is for the lock on drawer, get knob for shredder...shred document.

when I try to get closer look of sofa only the cupboard gets closer, I think it's buggy... anybody has the same problem?

at the view with sofa-how can i get a closer look?klicking everywhere-but nothing happend...

Same here. Cant get closer look

i cant get close view of anything on couch and i have clicked like mad.this game is very buggy

same here leithian.. :(
it's probably buggy

aaaah clicked refresh button by mistake!!! have to start over again... ;)

ok-we have the same problem-have to restart i think:-(

Well, i'm off. Got to cook some diner here:)

DON'T RESTART...I got the wing too

same again:-(

leithian, I have the same problem! can't get the zoomed-in view of sofa

aha! you can zoom in on the framed picture and click to get the arrows

maggie, it's taking ages to load the game again!!! got the same prob? uuurgh I hate myself for pushing the refresh button, sometimes I'm just drawn magically to it! ;)

for close up of sofa try clicking the line (not the outside one) on the right hand corner of sofa

What you do is click the VERY bottom of the table, right above the bar that gives you messages. click around the bottom till the closer view comes up, it's hard to find.

oh well, I'm glad I'm not the only one playing all over again!

tried another link--same:-(

how do you get the wings, and whats in the couch?

If you click the bottom of the table, the triangular part that the legs attach to, close to the white box and off to the right of center you'll get a close up view and you'll see the wing.

Now where is the left wing and why can't I get the password to work? I tried Mom2000, Wow2000, 0005moM, 0002woW and nothing is working :(

thnx chickie have the right wing
now gonna try for key

this game is seriously buggy!
after putting the "w" in place, i went back to the bathroom and there it was again!

I think that is won2000

Ah. Used second "W" and swapped it with the "N" on the keyboard. could password be WoN2000?

thanks abigail, can't seem to find the wing though... but sure found some pixels! lol

I even tried pswd= it is Bush after all

i get this very weird zoom in of table on back when i click on corner of sofa.its like the table behind just got enlarged and the the whole room is still the same
definitely buggy

Ah...just a bug!

am i the only one where it doesn´t still work to zoom?

hi, I have document, something like a handle and scissors! need wings and a code from lock! besides, There's one letter w missing in computer, so I can't put the password in comp! have any sugestions?

Got it! Thank you chickie! (I got the cabinet exploding behind the couch also, but clicked the wrong place)

maggie, I found the wing, I clicked the carpet under the right foot of the table... hope that helps, was clicking madly most of the time!!

but where did you guys find the key to the bathroom??

cupboard enlarging instead of zoom on sofa here too

or rather I should say how? cause I can't lift the left cushion of the sofa!

thanks-but the wing is not the problem-can´t get the bathroom-key...

finally found the key after much clicking around couch in zoom view of couch

How to get the W out of the toilet? I only have got the scissors and the handle..

help where do you find the bathroom key and where is the wii remote

Leithian, Are you clicking almost at the very top edge of the white box?

ups sorry maggie, misunderstanding!!
yes abigail, was trying that a million times but still didn't found the right spot...

LazyElk, are you saying the password is Bush? I can't get anything to work.... and if I have the correct password do I click the blue Log On button on the right?

Still can't get bathroomkey... Is it in the coffeetable view where you found the right wing?

Still can't get bathroomkey... Is it in the coffeetable view where you found the right wing?

Yay, I finally found the ring thing!

i have used the wii remote on tv but what to do there??
i still hav not found handle for shredder too

Leithian, I really wonder then if you don't have a buggy game going, it only took a couple minutes for me to find the right spot.... it's easy to find it but if you click too fast you click right back out of the close up view.

where in the coffee table

sleepyjean how did you swap the second W and N keys?

Also, has anyone found a use for the scissors yet? I've tried cutting everything, I can't help but think the curtains need to be cut....

I can't get the key from the sofa either :o(

sweeti...i clicked on n with w but swapped back reckon it's a bug

for bathroom key go to zoom in view of couch(where you find the right wing).click like mad in the center of left cushion

ohno abigail, I hope it's only me being dumb, because I just won't start that game all over again! ;)
but have to ask again: with "white box" you mean the wii???

Ahhrr..it sucks.restarted 4 times-nothing...

help! hi all, how to get the W from toilet??

Thanks Notty :oD Got it finally! Must've been the only pixel I didn't click! Now...how to get the W? Lol

I'm really beginning to think this is an unwinnable game. Even when you put the password in and click log in nothing happens. I would feel better if it would say incorrect or something.

nottypomy, that worked for me, thank you so much!!!

abigail thanks too, but still didn't found right spot, very mystical.... ;)

Hi, I'm back! How's it going?

Abigail, sorry for the misinformation. I meant I tried "pswd=" because bush isn't the brightest bukb on the strand. I did try bush and w bush but to no result

finally got wreath

Leithian, the white message box, it sits at the bottom of every screen.

the W pls!! how do i get it from toilet. have scissors and valve...

ok-finally have it...I love you notty for that hint...

All I need is the left wing,
Has anyone figured out the computer yet?

bulb apparantly I'm not either :)

haha see abigail, it WAS me being dumb..... I'm so sorry, just wasted your energy!! thank you very much!

your welcome
for the w key click on the left corner of wall behind toilet on (the white thing on wall)
put handle and turn the it

I'm giving up. This game is so full of bugs that it's impossible to get through. I'm joining tanja and the other million Finns watching the presidential gala on TV ;)

Sue, click somewhere on the left of the toilet tank. You'll zoom in to a scene where you can use the valve. Turn it to drain the water from the bowl

Leithian, the white message box, it sits at the bottom of every screen.

can you read me?? lol, or you all dont know how to get the w?:-)

Leithian, the white message box, it sits at the bottom of every screen.

what is the password to the coumpter

yes thanks abigail, just didn't get you when I was looking for the right spot, guess I read your posts too quickly, but found the spot some minutes ago!! now for the password...

use the blue valve on the left lower side of the toilet after it is on turn the valve. zoom out then take the w key from the toilet

oops, sorry:-) thank you people...

No problem Leithian, after all the times I got help here it was great to help someone else out for once! Now if I could just figure out what the scissors are for and what the password is I could die happy...

I quit! I've spent over an hour on this game and still can't get bathroom key. Too many bugs and too much of a pixel hunt for me. Bad game!

I was thinking Al Gore actually won 2000

yeah would like to help you people out some time too but I just don't see that happen in the next 100 years! ;) especially when I don't use my brain, so thanks for your help abigail! gonna need you around again, so don't die even after finding the password! ;)

Maybe Nikki can delight us and tell us where the ringthing is lol.

i just realised this but you can right click and zoom in

Exactly the reason I drove 4 hours to vote this time. I wasn't taking a chance on not getting counted!

Oh nevermind got it. Schredder didn't work before I swear haha

cassepied, you think that's the password? that would be really funny... but how can you input it?


Diane...check out my 18:07 post

open the sidebord-get handel

I typed in won2000 for the password, then the blue button on the screen. A little hourglass came up, then nothing else happened.

use handel with shredder-shredder document-get ring


I gotta restart as I just couldn't get the stupid key out of the couch!

No, I've tried everything even the word Florida!! Maybe the yellow paper doesn't hold the key to the password..It's got to be about GW being stupid.

I didn't "get" and hourglass, it was a little thinking hourglass. then, nothing.

won200 doen´t work for me...did you write it spezial?can´t klick the blue button either...

hm maybe we first need to complete the eagle?still missing the left wing!

I guess I have to threaten the game somehow. I said I would restart the game and I click the couch one more time and got the key!

Cass lol, I did Texas and Florida too. If we could figure out where to use the scissors we might find a clue to the pw.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

won200 doen´t work for me...did you write it spezial?can´t klick the blue button either...

Nikki-I figured that was the kind you meant...I've just gotten a whole lot-o-nothin when i enter anything(including won2000) I was just impressed something besides nothing happened

zoomed in on paper re: Bin Ladin and typed in all the numbers of dates yadaya..didn't work

Sorry for the last comments-my account doesn´t work correct.it sends the same massage over and over again...

shadysmith, I think you're right.

It only gave the hourglass once. I tried again after that, and it wont do anything.
I wonder if the chair has anything to do with anything though, just because what is says when you mouse over.

Drag the second key over to the bathroom door. W key is in the john. Remote is in the cabinet. Code to the lock on the drawer is on the TV. Am trying to enter the password on the computer, but it won't respond.

I think it's funny that WoW2000 is a compilation of Christian music. I'm trying religion type words for the password since in the game George "only reads the bible", when you click on the bookcases. Nothing has come up though yet.

found the remote in bathroom cabinet..was that posted here?

On the tv, all people have nicknames Bush gave them, so maybe we need a NICKNAME for Bush for the computer!
Nicknames of his staff:

* Quasimodo, Big Time, Darth Vader - Dick Cheney, Vice President of the United States of America [10] [11][8]
* Izzy, Altoid Boy* - Special Assistant Israel Hernandez (*for his role as provider of breath mints to the President on the campaign trail)[12][13]
* Boy Genius, Turd Blossom - Senior Advisor Karl Rove[14][8]
* Condi- Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice [8]
* The World's Greatest Hero - Secretary of State Colin Powell [15]
* Big O (current), Pablo (former) - Secretary of the Treasury Paul O'Neill [16]
* Fredo, Speedy - Attorney General Alberto Gonzales[17][8]
* Danny Boy, Dan the Man - Deputy Chief of Staff Dan Bartlett[12]
* Ari-Bob - White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer [18]
* High Prophet, Hurricane Karen - Karen Hughes, Special Advisor; Director of Communications under Texas Governor George W. Bush [19]
* The Blade, My Man Mitch - Office of Management and Budget Director Mitch Daniels[20]
* Big Country - Director of FEMA Joe Allbaugh[21]
* Brownie - Director of FEMA Michael D. Brown[22]
* Tree Man - Unnamed forest service official [23]
* La Margarita - Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings [24]
* Brother George - CIA Director George Tenet[11]
* Tangent Man - Chief of Staff Andrew Card[25]
* Sweet Jan - Justice Department liaison to White House Liaison Jan E. Williams Acosta[citation needed]
* Tiny - Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage[26]
* Light Bulb - National Energy Policy Development Group Executive Director Andrew D. Lundquist[27]

Password must have something to do with TV screen or not

what is the deal with the man in the window?

got the w twice and the bathroom key twice but still no left wing!!! this game would be so much more fun if it wasn't buggy and a pixel hunt... still nothing for the password from my side.

maybe it has something to do with "his pet goat" from the book?

I have no clue about the password either....have tried everthing I can think of.

managed to see coffins through window but doesn't seem to help

And where to use the scissor?
Gaah driving me crazy.

hehe..tried villiageidiot but that didn't work

When you mouse over the computer chair it says. Man thats a nice chair.... I wonder if i could.... So i think maybe something to do with that. I have tried the scissors on it but nothing unless its because its buggy and a very specific spot you need to use it.

I know there are many nicknames out there but most are inappropriat to post here. Does he have one for Jeb who "got him Florida"?

Anyone seen a bible?

dang missed the whole tv thing..I think it is not clue for password:((

its a story.my pet goad-tried 911-because he read it out on this moment to children said michael moore

I've tried the scissors on the chair, the phone, the silver clicky ball thingy, the curtains, I wondered about a password from the pat goat mentioned in the book and I'm at a standstill.

mo, I think he's wondering whether he could take the chair with him... ;) but tried the scissors too on the chair!

Someone please help, I cannot enter computer password. I type WON2000 on the screen and click the blue button, nothing's happened.

Ruff.....you are stuck at the same place as the rest of us.

Maybe we need a Mac keyboard to type the password :[

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