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Santaclaus Boy Escape Walkthrough

Santaclaus Boy Escape

Santa Claus Boy Escape is another new point and click type room escape game by 123bee. This game is specially developed for Christmas celebration. During the beautiful season, a Santa boy is trapped in a stranger's house. No one is there to help him out.The only way to escape from the house is by using different objects and clues. Good luck and have fun!

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Santaclaus Boy Escape Walkthrough

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Me??? First??? let's go....


Got three figures from various draws. Placed them with the crib.

Secret floor panel by xmas tree to find joseph

Yeah! A new game!

Ok put all figures with crib and got key to draw underneath. Got xmas decs for tree but so far none will stay on tree

i knew he loved us..New game!!!

got three statues in the nativity scene... where's baby jesus?
Anyone figure out the tree?

hope this game is not buggy.the other was giving me problems

decs go on tree but switch needs to be in OFF position.

got xmas decoratins.hope thers no particular order to put them.so far can put middle ones

got lights on tree and it spells christmas merry christmas. Now the squares on the cabinet are colour changing. Guess its time for the code breakers.

cant put last xmas dec.its small red one from right box

got a candy cane follow the colors of the bulbs on CHRISTMAS going left to right in the grid

Stuck with letter, all my other items used.

hi all!! Starting now

Ok got note. (opened small cupboard with candy cane.)
Cant do much but read the note.

What do you mean left to right?

Notty I had to spin around the room before it would let me put the last bauble on.

the colors going down are the same colors that go into the grid reading from left to right

grid is:
Red, Purple, Green
Yellow, black, light blue.
Dark Blue, Brown/gold, pink

got a Mary(used),Shepred(used),Caspar(used), now stuck!! help me!!

I put colors onto the grid, but nothing happens. I must be interpreting the colors wrong.
I have:

red dark purple green
yellow black light blue
dark blue orange light purple

but I'm not sure about the purples, they are so close in color. And I dont actually have a black, but a kind of gray. I've also tried it vertically but no good :(

the tree has to be lit :)

got joshep, and got key

used key and got three boxes with gems(?)

I swear as many times as I've done that with the colors, I rotated the pink around again to the same pink and it opened. >:(

This comment has been removed by the author.

i hav a feeling this game is a bit buggy.that last bauble went on top of another one but when i switched on it arranged perfectly

does left to right mean per row or coloumn

Luly you are missing a statue

ok so STILL no idea what to do with note. Might be a clue to code. But i cant see one jumping out at me. I tried 241208 24122008 as code.. oo. pos american date. lemme try

ok just read comments above.sorry

How do you read in columns or rows?

ok so not 12242008 or 122408 either. Oh well. Back to the drawing board.

I'm sure that the second colour was dark blue.

Out... Cute but short

Thanks aidie for the date hint

where shall I put the light blue ball?? Can't find the right position

yay, new game, hope the link is ok and it's not buggy... ;) just kidding!

Hi all, out. such an easy game. Guessed code, I would just like to say thanks for all the help in the past

Aldie You are not far off with the code. Try the numbers the other way. The date is incorrect.

bit buggy but not that much of a problem to the game

@aidie try the next day to the ones you are trying

Click like a mad person with the balls to get them to go on there and spin around the room for the last one.

Also the colors listed above is the order I used, not sure why its not working for some of you.

Also I love Christmas for its theme in family and togetherness... xmas eve is nice but not as nice as xmas itself wink wink

ok so what is the code for the door

yess!!! Out on my own!!!

Why give the hint of before xmas if youre just going to make the code xmas day lol. Duur. Never mind. Out. And thanks

For the those who are not familiar, check out how the dates are printed on the blogger!

please just give it up. tried every way???


251208 not working

In the US we tend to place month/date/year but in other parts of the world the date come before the month and year.

Try the WHOLE year ;P

thank you, thank you, THOUGHT I tried everything..

I felt stupid when, don't ask me why, I kept putting in 2009!!!!

thanks for your help everyone, just a question: was baby jesus in the crib, didn't look! but since I escaped, I guess it wasn't important!

so how's this game coming along? i'm excited to see if it collects over 500 posts too???? being i've just walked in and it's 4am (to joggers on the street: i said g'day they say good morning and i was surprised)i'm hoping y'all have a good walkthrough by time i wake up! luck to everyone of those abused brain cells out there... I love it!

Hi @all,
I´m totally stuck...everytime I try to solve the colour-code it just doesn´t work.
The pink part always switches to red when I zoom out :-(
Any ideas maybe..?

im right where u are cassandra! same problem!

and i also have a red button looking thing on my christmas tree, but it doesnt do anything!

So at least I´m not alone ;-)
Are we doing something wrong or is the game buggy?

Sarah, I think the red button on the christmas tree activated the colour-puzzle

i read earlier that ppl were saying the game might have been a lil buggy! yeah, u were right about the button!

Sarah and Cassandra, are you sure it's the right order of colours? it's red, PURPLE, Green
Yellow, black, light blue.
Dark Blue, Orange, pink!

im pretty sure everybodys balb colors are different, but mine go: red, dark purple, green
yellow, black, light blue
dark blue, gold, light purple

i even tried switching the colors of purple but no luck!

       Anonymous  12/8/08, 9:31 AM  

Sarah / Cassandra:

I was having same trouble as you. I double-checked my Xmas tree. Switch purple and yellow, enter pink in last square on grid and trap door will open with a key.

Yes leithian, I´m pretty sure they´re right-I checked loads of times. I also tried alternative colors, but it didn´t work either :-(

thank u Lethian and sharron! still no luck w/either, hmmm.....where abouts on the floor does the trap door open?

       Anonymous  12/8/08, 9:35 AM  

Sarah, before switching my colours, I re-clicked a few times on the red button at the base of the Xmas tree. Don't know if that will help but I'm sure my yellow and purple balls switched which is why (I think?) I couldn't get cupboard to open.

Sarah, are you talking about the trap door next to the christmas tree? it's the first tile next to it on the right!

you are an angel leithian you rescued me twice in two days.

Doesn´t work for me either...thanx for your help anyway!
I´ve no idea what else to do

Lethian, im talking about the trap door that opens w/the key when u get the color pattern right! i just cant seem to get it! tried to do what u and Sharron were saying but nothing seems to b working! :(

thank you both for trying to help anyways!

       Anonymous  12/8/08, 9:40 AM  

What a bummer! And so close to the end, too. Best of luck to you both!

Going in...

oh hi trev! ;)
Sarah, I'm sorry, but the panel should open in the right down corner of the grid, you should see it when you get the combination right! sorry it's not working for you!

Thanks Sharron, I now even tried to reload the game, but it still won´t work. The pink square keeps switching to red as soon as I zoom out...pitty!

Cassandra, i just reloaded and did it again, it worked the first time! weird! and yeah, i think the game is a bit buggy!

and now i cant figure out what to do w/letter or code on door! lol!

ok, im finally out! thank u all for the help!!!

nice Sarah! guess it's really buggy, restarted and had no probs with the colour grid, strange...
see you!

And out, short and fun.

That was a nice game...thanks everybody for hints-I was alittle too late for playing with you...

I've used all my keys and ornaments so what do I do with the candy cane?

use it as a key...

So, could somebody please tell me the password? I can't seem to figure it out...

Never mind, I got it! ;)

hey all that was a really cute game...thanx for all the help along the way!!


1- click on stocking view and take Mary from 1st stocking on left
2- click on wreath view on fireplace and take Sheppard from cross
3- go right and click floor panel on right side of tree…take Joseph
4- go right and click on dresser view and click middle drawer for Caspar
5- place all characters in crib on top of dresser in crib…then take key from crib
6- unlock top drawer of dresser w/key and take all three trays of Christmas ornaments then go back left to tree view
7- In tree view starting from top left or right of tree place left or right tray ornaments as follows:
Green- r
Light blue-t
Dark blue-m
Reddish purple/pink-s
Now do the same thing for the right side of tree

8- Now place the middle tray ornaments in the middle of tree from the top as follows:
9- When placed in correct order tree will flash and you will red button go right twice to panel view of coloured squares
10- Click each panel starting from top left in same sequence as above noted Christmas ornament colours ie…red, purple, green, etc… you need to click the squares to change their colours
11- Take key from panel and open top drawer in cupboard panel underneath and take candy cane go left to nativity scene again
12- Use candy cane on small locker on floor and take note
13- Go right to door and enter code 25122008
14- Done
I hope I didn’t miss anything. Cheers!

jumes, thank you soooo much, could not have done it with out you

i'm playing and i didn't have to worry about placing balls in any particular position on tree. after i randomly placed all the balls i just clicked the red button and then all went into position and merry christmas!

Hi Michele - that's what I did too and it automaticaly arranged them for me.

hi martin, sorry i finished and never looked back at the comments. see ya next game!

you all have been a great help to me when playing these games and just want to thank you all.... but f**k all of you who take up my time... there is a word that starts with an f and end in uck what is it firetruck.

thanks for the help everyone!

Jusme ... Thanks for the nice wt.
I came out tremendously.

did the password change?? ive been trying 25122008 12252008 122508 20081225 20082512 abd nothing!

what the heck, i tried it again after like the 1546346984982 time and i finally got it lol maybe it was a glitch

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