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Trapped Part 3 - The Labyrinth Walkthrough

Trapped Part 3 - The Labyrinth

[REPLAY] RabbitTell - Trapped Part 3: The Labyrinth is another point and click escape game developed by Rodrigo Roesler for Rabbit Tell. The final chapter in the series. Do you think you know the place David's in by now? Think again. And help David to get to the bottom of this story while reality crumbles around you. Good luck and have fun!

Play Trapped Part Three: The Labyrinth

Play Trapped Part Three: The Labyrinth Walkthrough
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I have been waiting for this game...the previous ones have been very good.

Hi Redroobar, said hi on the last game but think you had finished already. Beautiful day here aye.

hey you guys, lets start...hope to be of help

ok seems im stuck already, tried chucking the frog down the well to get whatever is down there. seemed like a good idea at the time......

found candy can, termites(yuck!) and writings...can't get back in..n stuck

Hi Cathy...yes...you a Perth girl? Also talked to Diane E and Kaos from Perth!
Yes I left the last game to go back to work!

Certainly am a Perth girl. Any clues as to what key opens the drawers in the bedroom? got a heap of keys but none work

Got keys now...

used knife on candy can found 2 keys-red one for the door...finally back in

ive got a book, empty lighter, knife, frog (??), key, empty candy can, termites, writings, assasin key, dog key, toy cannon, red thread, torn picture and sick man key. and stuck!!

same as you cathy..

Hi Cathy, sorry forgot, havent spoke for a while. Not often on live games! I will have to go shortly, so good luck....this looks like we have to find all the keys to the story...as least you can save it!

no probs red, im off soon too. catch you again some time.

i'm stuck in the bedroom too

found king key

Got the king key in the room with the dead body...use the termites...

       Anonymous  11/30/08, 11:57 PM  

anybody got the key off the rabbit? and what about the threa and the cannon? totally stuck now.

i got the key off the rabbit but broke it.. stuck again

Just how many Perth players are there? lol

I'm not from perth, wrong side of the country for me =P lol, im a nsw girl

Aussies...we're a slack bunch. At least it's just gone 5pm so I can 'officially' knock off now - ahem

lol yeah but we're good at being slack, and mum always said to do what i'm good at!!

I hope the wishing well gives us some clue...all stuck from past fifteen minutes

       Anonymous  12/1/08, 12:07 AM  

i found a note outside the gate but its too far to reach.plus i found a spool of thread in front of the tall closet.

haahaha...wait a minute, I'm self employed. DOH!

lol just dont let yourself find out that your slacking off and you'll be right!

Yay a new game :) and live too :) lets go

Stuck with 6 keys, not counting the stuff I started with, 2 candy cases, a fixed photo, fridge magnet, a small bag and a plastic toy cannon that I put a ball bearing type thing into...

hi all! where is the toy cannon?

and red thread too...

cannon is in the room with the body...in the toy chest

i'm stuck with 6 keys, plus the broken one, 2 candy cases, the fixed photo, cannon with the ball and spring in it, and a plastic bag.. used the thread and magnet

can't get the key off the rabbit :( can someone help?

the small bag has a coin in it, use that to get the key

where did you get the bag?

from the kitchen i think

thank you martin. also, can anyone help me find the ball/projectile as well? thanks!

Has anyone been able to open the dresser in the bedroom yet?

yeah i've opened it, the key for it is in the room with becky

thx shaeness... now have a better cannon and I forgot to examine the bag to get the coin...must be getting tired.

I'll be right now, found a bottle of alcohol...and cereal and a hammer, no screwdriver yet.

how do u get key from rabbit??

where'd you get all that from?? i'm still stuck

Sorry but I must be really behind and bad at this...can someone help me find the kitchen? The only rooms I have are the bedroom and the garden. I can't get the metal from the wishing well. I cant use the knife on the beehive because it says i need to hide. I'm so lost =(

nvm.. got a sticky hand from cereal box

use maid key to enter the kitchen (i think)

shaeness, how did you get a key with the coin?

threw it into the wishing well and wished to get the coin

ooops, I tossed the coin into the fountain but I don't think that was one of the questions. I selected 'I want to know the answer" and it replied "42" rofl

Used the alcohol to fill the lighter and melt the toy cannon into one of the candy boxes

does anyone know how you catch flies?

The melted plastic is to fix the broken key but haven't figured out how yet...

lol maybe you can go back and try again.. i got to a room under the well, maybe the coin will still be there.. mine had disappeared though. got another key from becky after i got the note and talked to her again, key got me into some kind of hospital room, the room under the well and the bathroom.. got, er, poo, from the toilet, put on one of the candy cases.. stuck again

make a print of the key in the poo

shaeness, I'm pretty sure the 'poo' is clay and you put the broken key into it and then pour in the melted plastic to get another key. I'm not there yet but I'll try and catch up...damn alcohol...

Hey all, 1st time live game. I hate to sound stupid, but WHERE IS THE KITCHEN??????

lol it said it was cr ap, but yeah that worked

what is the use of damn dinning room??

What dining room? HELP!!!!!

i was just thinking the same thing ziva lol

you can put the mirror fragments into the stones under the well... but can't figure out for what...

u'll get there, first u have to find kitchen (need maiden key for that)

gk911 you need to collect different types of keys, they open the doors to different areas of the house

I have assasin, dog, sick man, and king keys. There is only 1 door. I am SO confused.......

ok shaeness, where did you find that crap?

the mirror pieces move when you re-click them, now to figure out what pattern to put them in..

Where is maiden key???? I hate to bug you guys, but I do love these games, despite my frustration.

in the toilet in the bathroom, used the plastic bag from the bin in the kitchen to get it out

Help! Why can't I get back in the house? I have 2 keys from tin & termites & now feel stupid. :( I did try using the keys...

i left froggy at the window in the hospital room but it doesn't want to fetch the paper.. think we have to somehow catch the flies so froggy will do it

What bathroom? I can only find one door, and it goes outside to fenced in back area with that crazy rabbit with the key ring in its nose. Oh, and WHAT KITCHEN?????

has anyone figured out how to get the flies? i'm thinking thats how to get the froggy to go down and get whatever is in the lil tunnel...

Nevermind, I'm a jackass.

the keys can be used on the same doors, but still take you to a different room.. you just need to find the keys

can use knife on beehive... but he says need something to hide from angry bees... anyone found anything for such purpose?

beehive u reach from the bathroom

and for the flies we need some container that is bigger than that candy can

flies in the cereal box...

Hi! Can someone please tell me where the maiden key is??

OK, thanks for the help.... I am SLOWLY figuring it out. It really is a great game. I am at work (911 dispatcher!), in a LITTLE town, and things are slow right now, so this is great. Anyway, thanks. Long time lurker, 1st time poster.

got half of the clue for mirror pieces..

maid key is by that little girl in library..i think

lighter on writings give secret message.. no idea what it means

what writings?

he says he doesnt wanna burn it!!

what writings?

something about shadows.. I found another note at the stones at bottom of well.. so now my note says "there were bricks that weren't bricks, where she went to lay her wishes"
should be refering to the well

mine said he doesn't want to burn it before.. but I tried again and it said the heat revealed secret writing... maybe you have to do something before..

guess i'm kinda slow...can't find that note...

has anyone been able to use the sick man key yet? i just realised i havn't.. lol

No shaeness, I've been wandering around trying to use it...and thx for the hint Sharon but I can't find the note either...:-(

I'm out!!! Yay!!!

i found the writings but cant do anything with it

Hey guys- can't believe this came on when I was in bed! Been waiting aaages for this! Gotta catch up now!

I have:
full lighter, knife, frog, candy case, candy case full of melted metal, 3/4 picture, cereal, sticky hand, tape, note, writings, plastic bag
front door
broken glutton

No idea what to do next :( help?

Good luck jess

You've got to follow a trail of notes starting with the one ninted at in the writings So have seen (or read) anything anywhere about red & white and kings & queens?

One more time..... what key gets you into the bathroom? Hospital room?

you need to find the rest of the picture and tape it together.. get beckys note and talk to her for other items

the buffoon key gets you into both

gk911 - you need the Buffoon key to get into the bathroom/hospital room area

anybody know how to get into toilet???

the buffoon key does that aswell

I nhave the note taped together, but she isn't re-appearing to talk to her again. What am I doing (or not doing) wrong?

have you got her note from outside the fence yet gk911?

No, I don't. Let me work on that one, but wouldn't mind a hint!

Finally got that taped together

Gotta go, so close yet so far...thanks for all the help ppl. I'm glad this game saves!

found the note about red and white and king and queen? but don't know what it means.. haha

where is the hammer please, this is one item which is really holding me up.

I have it taped, and i have the note from outside the fence.. now what :/

Ok, nothing in my inventory works to get the note, so a serious hint would put a smile on my face.

examine the cereal box gk911, that should help =]


Did you find a book anywhere mentioning red & white kings & queens? If so go read it again!

Nevermind xD

Now I REALLY feel stupid. I am assuming the cereal box is in the cabinet in the kitchen.... that I can't get open. DRAT.

have you checked the couches from the room where you first talked to becky in?

On my way.

i'm usually really bad at these games, it's good to finally be able to help people instead of the other way around =D

How do u enter the kitchen? I am only in bedroom and lawn...

Could someone please tell me where the hammer is

stuck...got note in bedroom, library and kitchen...where is next???

i havn't found a hammer..

Theres no hammer. Which bit are you stuck at?

Got another note from couch, but still no Becky. I guess she is really p----d at me.

Someone mentioned a hammer much earlier - how else am I supposed to get into the cupboard in the kitchen please

nvm...used lighter...got another one...

canon+spring+ball..use on cupboard

Never mind, the cannon!?!?!

Find the toy cannon, spring and ball bearing - aombine them and then use the cannon on the kitchen cabinet door


have anyone found second piece of mirror riddle?

petal.. I can't figure out the glass placements!! what is the alignment of the actual stones with the drawings on the notes?

Ok, got glutton key copy, used it... got the buffoon key, used.
I have mirror fragments now. How do i get the flies? Where do i go from here

i'm now officialy stuck.. last thing i got was writings form the dog, and cant find anything else..

Ok, I need help finding becky. Have the photo taped etc but how to find her

for flies use honey and cerial box

Honey... where do you get honey?

big becky in bedroom..waiting for photo

Philippa, have you got her note from outside the fence?

go to the bathroom an use knive on beehive

ok...does anyone know where is second part of mirror puzzle????? please!

Im now in the bottom of the well. Have no alcohol, no mirror and very stuck.

Živa, you have to follow the clues on your notes... when you get to the red and white, king and queen one, look for the book for the clue.. it will lead you to the note behind the mirror in the toilet, and leads to another note and so on.. at the end u will get the half for the glass puzzle

oh by the way.. for those of you in australia, go outside and look at the moon.. a mate just called me and told me this wont happen for another 6 or so years.. the moon, venus and another star or something are making a smiley face =]

...there's no beehive in the bathroom -.-

Ok, have honey, crap and found bathroom. Need alcohol please ta

OH now I know what you mean. ok thanks

I'm out! great game!

look outside the bathroom window

And I am just not getting the hint about the red king and queen etc.

Gotta go.... major wreck to handle. Thanks for the help. It was fun getting to be "live". Be safe all. Glad this game saves!

Yea, stuck again, what else is new. How do you see the invisible writings on the paper? and where do the flies go? D:
thanks for your help, btw

I only have one note from the dog where is the other one? can't find it.

bees go into the hole in the hospital(white room) using buffoon key, you need it to get something with the frog, look into the hole before you place flies

put flies in cereal box first use some honey

Hi all, tryin to catch up :-)

The alcohol - where is it please.

I have alot of writings and a drawing, wat does the drawing mean??? anyone???

the drawing is where you have to put the mirror pieces down the well

i'm stuck w/ the note that says there were not one but two signs of her visit. what's the other sign besides the labyrinth symbol in the bedroom?

alcohol was in the kitchen, i believe

oh, also? does the sick man key take you anywhere? i've been unable to use it.

I only have half the drawing

and i'm out!! good game, thanks for the help guys!

i didnt even use the sick man key the whole game

where can i find the writings? only get the one from the dog

they're clues, you need to solve the clue on the one you got from the dog to find the next one

Have found the dining room, but need second half of drawing for mirror fragments and the second set of fragments. Also cannot get a message from the books with my lighter. Time for bed I think.

I got one half of drawings from the hole in the wall with the frog... where's the other please

stuck already with clue about high walls and dimm light i think it is down by well but can't find a writing

is anyone there?????
i need the ball for the cannon.can't find it

it is in drawer in becky's room

ok.how do i get into becky's room

use assasin key

just realised first room was becky's room.feel reeaalllyy stupid now

is there anybody else still stuck with writing with high walls

Where are the termites???? HELP!

mirjam are you still there
i have made the mold of glutton key but what do i pour into it to make the key

termites are outside next to the bee hive

you have to melt the cannon with your lighter

Where is the bee hive, all I see it the statue and dog house...

thnx.now in dining room

bee hive is at the window

what do i have to do in dining room?

there is nothing you can do at the moment in the dining

how do i get the second set of drawings and fragments

       Anonymous  12/1/08, 3:11 AM  

Hi Guys,
How do i get the note behind the fence?

did you get note from dog?

u need sticky hand in box of cereals in kitchen

if you mean the one with says sumthng about the walls too high and lights dim,then yes

@ca3na,use sticky hand you get from cereal box

the writing is a clue which you have to solve to get the next writing, i'm almost there but now stuck

I am so stuck, same as you Mirjam. I have the writing which talks about the "walls were too high, the light too dim" and have gone down inside the well to find the next writing/clue. But I have looked everywhere and can't find the next writing! Please please help me find this...I have searched other sites too, and still cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong. Please help!?!?

I.m stuck at the rabbit part who can help me here?

the writing is in becky fathers pocket

there is sumthng about using lighter to see some writings
which one is that because i have not done that

ca3na you need to complete the cannon and use that one on the closet door in kitchen

it is the note with between lines on it

       Anonymous  12/1/08, 3:24 AM  

@Mirjam, you can get the key from the rabbit with the coin and wishingwell.

       Anonymous  12/1/08, 3:25 AM  

Oke, that means i need to find a spring....... Where please?

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