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[UPDATE] Closure is an amazing platform puzzle game, based on a great concept and with nice puzzles. Use light orbs to light up the ground to move around and try to complete all levels. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Closure Walkthrough

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Is this suppost to flash like crazy all the time? It doesn't run properly..I think :(

erm, bit weird, dont think ill continue with this one

What's with the annoying flashing??
Seems like today isn't a day of good games :S

It's supposed to be used with Flash 10. Upgrade!!!

I dont get it... What I am supose to do? Just flashing and flashing. My eyes hurt.. This is veri good game for epilepsii... I see a few points red, green and blue... But I click everywhere... Nothing happend. So.. whats the point?

It's an artist vieuw... but artist are often alone in their flashes...ahem...I mean MINDS. If only I could have click somewhere else that in another link... But maybe is it just my brain who is ...flashing.

If that game is to remind me that I'm stupid... well..I knew it ... and more since I find that arrows must be used.

So ARROWS to walk... keyboard arrows. I'm stuck now in level four or five.. hum ... .

I laayk this game

Hmm I'm stuck on the level where it says "come on" and then a big wall. And some kind of a fire hydrant.

For pass level you often to take ball with space and to let it down few steps after... (take a ball make something move and let it make something else... ahem... sorry ... not very clear .. but I hope it helps). Sorry can't remember what to do on the level where "come on" is written... but I think you have to jump over the wall ... (up arrow).

For level with a great K in the middle and four balls around it.
Take first ball and place into stand... wait till the other side ball comes near to your feets and jump on the wall that the second ball brightens (jump when the wall is not too high of course).. than take the ball (2nd) walk to next side of wall-bridge... jump and let the ball down in front of door... (I hope others balls are not necessary cause the door opens and we can go to next level... so).

       Anonymous  1/25/09, 6:06 AM  

For the level with "Come On", pick up the light orb and walk up to the wall to light the orb on the other side. Back away from the wall and drop the orb just far enough away so that you can jump over the wall. Pick up the orb on the other side and place it in the stand. Follow the stand. Take the orb and walk through the door.

I'm stuck on level 22, the level with the three hanging ceiling lamps... Is anyone else this far along?

level with first stripes (rayure- hachure in french)... no drop zone in stripes.. At the beginning go left with the ball, fall on another platform where is a stand ... put your ball there and prepare to jump... You are lifted up take quickly the key and run and jump following the ball.. when you see the door ... let the key down as quickly as you can and take back the ball as soon as possible... Not so difficult but good to know it... lol.

22 levels.. ahem .. not yet.

And by the way... ?? How do you know how many levels had done ?? I see nowhere a number... I couldn't say how many I have done.

       Anonymous  1/25/09, 6:26 AM  

If you stop the game and restart it again (close the window and reopen it, something like that), it allows you to pick the level by number... That's the only place I've seen level numbers though.

Thanks JOmitch. I thought it was something like this... and now I stuck in the level where there are one bright ball and one dark... a "machine" comes and highlight a large wall.. but I can't jump enough next to .. I put darker in stand... and I'm stuck... I put brighter in stand and I'm stuck too.. (and it becomes difficult to explain all what we have to do... looool)

Now I understand the deal is to put the bright ball into the machine (if it wants ... hurry machine)

Yeeee-Es I did it !!!

Stuck on level 12 .. enough for today. Good luck to all.

       Anonymous  1/25/09, 8:48 AM  

And out! 30 levels in total. Very well done puzzle game, imho.

       Anonymous  1/25/09, 8:51 AM  

Hint for level 12: Watch the paths of both lamps when you place the light orb in the first lamp.

Now I'm stuck in level 14. I got the key and the lamp but door doesn't open... Are there two lamps needed ? Than how ...

       Anonymous  1/25/09, 7:02 PM  

Yes, you need both light orbs, both the one on the bottom left where you start and the one on the bottom right. The lock (and the door) won't open unless completely lit up by both orbs.

OMG ! of course I knew two orbs were needed... but my brain couldn't imagine how... and suddenly...a part of my brain realized how easy was the answer. Just JUMP DOWN before I'm getting defenitively stupid...
aaaaaaaaaaand I made it !
Now let's see level 15.

YEAH; finished it. 30 levels. IMO it doesnt get harder than level 25 tho :)

Level 21... and of course...Stuck. But what are my neurons doing ????

not really difficult when it is done ... but what a long way to idea comes in my mind...... and now 22

Ok ... think ... black and white.. and now level 23 .

Phew... run run jump run.. and now level..24 ! Anyway the wind blows..

gre-nadine, could you post a walkthrough for level 10? I've been stuck on it for awhile and noticed you just posted a "yes, i made it!" kind of comment. any hints?

oh Elisabeth... I've just finish level 24.. I'll try to came back to level 10 (but it's not very clear how to choose levels in this game ..).. As soon as I found I'll made a walkthrough for level 10.. I'll made my best.

Thanks, gren-adine! If you close the window of the game, then re-open, you can scroll through the levels you've already completed with the left and right arrows, up to and including the level you were last on. So at any time you could close out, go back and look at previous levels, then close out again and then select your 'newest' level again. Hope this helps :-).

level 10 has stumped me. if this is a sign of things to come, i am in trouble.

I got level 10!!

Begin by placing the dark orb into the stand on the left. The moving lamp will come toward you.

Pick up the light orb quickly and walk over toward the lamp as it moves toward you.

As soon as the lamp is in the place where it moves up and down a few times in a row, put down the light orb, pick up the dark orb from the moving lamp, and replace it with the light orb. In this way you can walk above the lamp as it finishes its path toward the door with the light orb in its center.

It took me one or two tries to get the timing right, since you have to pick up and put down the light orb before removing the dark orb from the moving lamp. But I think when you are in the midst of switching out the orbs, it stays going up and down for some extra time? Not sure. I hope this helps!

Oh and at the end of level 10, remove the light orb from the moving lamp after it stops, so that you can illuminate the entire door and walk through it.

Elizabeth! You are awesome! Thanks for the help. And indelible grace rocks =)

You are going to laugh... I'm stuck to redo this level 10... looool..

But I see you got it ... and made a walkthrough about it by yourself... another LooooL.

Well.. now I'm gonna try the famous level 25. (and now a scary looool).

Level 12 help? I don't know whether I'll be able to post my own walkthrough for this one :-P. I think my brain is tired.

.. well this level 25 need concentration. I'm hungry so I got to go.. I guess you'll attempt the end before me... ha ha..
Have a nice moment.

Level 12. Start by placing the light orb into the lamp. As it lowers, follow it down to the next level and grab it. Walk to the middle of the screen and place it into the second lamp. Follow that lamp to the right. Hop onto the ledge and ride up to the top. The door is to your left.

I kill me. Got Level 12. Spoiler!

Place the light orb in the stand (duh). Follow the first lamp along its entire path if you want. Or, remove the light orb when you're in the center of the screen in the middle of the long walkway. Either way, wait for the lamps to return to their original starting places. The second lamp starts about where you are, in the middle of the screen.

Place the light orb into the second lamp. Follow it to the right. Jump onto the vertical wall segment before it is too high for you to do so, and ride it up as it is completed by the moving lamp.

Remove the light orb from this lamp when you have gotten to the top where the door is. Go through the door! You could prob get through the door real quick without taking the light orb back out, but this seems like it would be tricky.

Level 13: Spoiler

Place light orb into stand or lamp. Pick up dark orb, follow lamp across to right. Jump over first stair while you can, place dark orb in this stand. Proceed up the stairs. Jump over stand with dark orb. Replace with light orb in the same stand. Pick up key, jump down to the left. Remove light orb from original stand, wait for lamp to come back to starting point. Replace light orb in stand or lamp, follow lamp across to the door which should be lighted by the other stand.

oh my goodness. Level 14 made me shake my head when I figured it out. Gren-adine, I see what you mean about how part of your brain all of a sudden went "duh!"

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This comment has been removed by the author.

Help on level 22?

Dang. I'm on level 25 and I think I know the idea of what's supposed to happen but I can't figure out how to make it work. Any tips would be welcome. How can you get orbs into all the stands?

level 25

Try to collect orbs ....and do many go and return... leave the two stands between four without orbs.. (let the two last needed orbs far left).. and the end of collecting.. place quickly your last two orbs... and take the lift to go upstairs... no light no key needed to open door

I begin 27 ..or 28 I can remember... I want to know the end...................

My english is poor ... more than ever.. explain a game like this in english is not easy... but ... hope it helps a few.

(I'm Belgian).

Begin 27.......... level of madnessssssssssss.

i got 27!! let me know if you want tips.

Level 28 Walkthrough:

Pick up orb, place in the right stand. As it moves, follow it to the right.

Pick up free orb, walk to right. Pick up key. Place free orb in stand.

Take orb from left stand (the one that moved), and place on the ground so you can jump up and to the left, holding the key. End up where you started.

Take orb from stand and place in moving lamp (to your left). Pick up key and take it with you as you ride the lamp up on the left to the top of the screen.

Walk key and orb across to door (top center). Leave key there - but you need more light!

Take orb to top right, place in lamp. Ride lamp to the left til the platform disappears. You'll fall down safely onto land. Put orb into stand so the left land lights up again.

As lamp passes between the two land areas, use its light to jump across to the left.

Take orb from stand and place in lamp. Ride it up to the top again.

You're at the top with two orbs and a key. Take your orb to the far right, get the other orb, and walk them to the door. Key, and you're free!

Argh, people keep complaining about level 10, and I'm stuck on 9!

YeaahssSS ! I finish !

Cool game.

       Anonymous  2/6/09, 1:22 AM  

Jeez! Level 10 had me foxed for a while and I admit I had to resort to reading the walkthrough. I was putting down the light orb near the wall and trying to jump to each bit as it briefly lit up. The timing was very tricky and I actually got to the door a few times but always fell through the floor at that point.
Basically I had not realised that the moving thing had another orb in it.

Help me pls! i cant complete lvl 6 (world 1 with a boy-miner) I havent 2 more ligths like on the videos with walkthrough, they are crushing at the level start and there is no way to complete lvl.(

Working link - https://armorgames.com/play/3101/closure

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