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Darkroom Escape

Dark Room Escape is another point and click type escape the room game from GamesHandbook. "You are stuck in the darkroom of a studio, use the items in the darkroom and escape." Good luck and have fun!

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shuchun, you're on a roll tonight THX!!!!

Hi, Michele.

hi Ruff, got roll of film, but nothing else happening:(

oh sorry, it was a lens for camera, not roll of film. and i'm wary cause there's a "start again" button, & we know what that implies....

Me too, just got a roll of film. Can't open the back of the camera.

Put lens on tripod.

Got a knife. what looks like a lens for a camera and a memory card

Just a Knife and lens

took a photo and now have a roll of film

got film, took picture developed it and got one key for door

Got a key

Where is the roll?

where's knife & memory card?

put memory card into compputer but need password

how did you develope the film?

after i put lens on tripod i took picture and clicked back of camera and the camera opened and showed roll of film

put the roll of film in the big machine in middle of room

Got 2 keys now.

put film into back of big machine there's a small square to the left, then pressed red button and waited til it turned green press top of machine and got picture

and now have numerical code

tlc, please tell me where did you get knife?

ruff how'd ya get second key?

sorry can't remember where I got the knife :(

Hi,Michele I am still searching another new escape game if there is one so i havent had a chance to play games yet... leave some hints for me.thx.

what about memory card?

The knife is behind the computer

damn stuck! How do I use this code? where are the keys?

I got one key from developing the film. I got the other key by clicking around. I got it when I was clicking around the yellow box.

ruff, how'd ya get second key?

knife is next to computer, memory card in camera next to computer

memory card in in camera. U use the knife to get it from the back

Ah, do as photo says with knife

Henrique, how do I get behind the computer. I either zoomed in the computer or the camera but could not go behind it.

Dah! Forgot about the key pad. Now got a key

Hey all from Perth WA. Havent been in a live game for ages!

michele, did you get the second key?

Hi Cathy, neither have I. In NZ

i think i might have a problem cause i put one key in the door and i remember from previous games like this if you put the keys in befor you have them all- you are f****d

I think I have to restart because I just cannot get the knife with the lens on the tripod.

Anyone know the password for the computer?

Please don't say that Michele!!!

I restarted but I still could not find the knife. Now I've lost my second key.

now we know why there's a "start again" button wahhhhhhh

to get the knife you need to click on the piece sticking out from the right side of the computer without zooming in

okay guys, i restarted and the knife was sitting right next to the laptop computer clear as day!

tlc, got knife now. You saved my life. Thanks so much.

well my knife is stuck in the top key hole, have a key not game to use and no idea on the code for the computer. stuck!

okay, it was also there in the other screen so i guess we don't have to worry about putting the keys in the door one at a time... but what about the memory card I can't find that

Ok, started again and now used camera lens, memory card, film, photo, have the knife and the key. (not put in door. Need password for computer.

michele to get memory card u need to turn the camera next to the computer around and use the knife on the side of it

I can't figure anything else out. I thought there might be something in the fridge, but can't find anything.

Ive got no idea what to do next. Only have 1 key too. Cant find that second one near the yellow box. Wonder what that fridge thing is all about?

Trying to figure a hint of some sort from the pics......

i think the password for the computer has to do with that one picture that seems to have numbers ontop of each other, but i can't make them out

I OPEN MY FREEGE... But how i did this? And i cant see anything...

thk tlc. maybe we need special glasses to dechipher the picture

Hey Michele, Woof Ruff, Glad to seeya online, just starting. Wish me luck.

hi!!reached as far as you have reachd
found second key between the two blue boxes on shelf and put the knife in first keyhole as in picture

I agree michele, trying to make some sense out of that pic. Up top looks like it COULD be the outline of a word....

hi tangoboy.

I found my second key between the two blue boxes on the shelves. It's very tiny.

ruff still didn't find second key

TY nottypomy!!! could see it plain as day as soon as you posted!

welcome tango-come help:)
@ruff got the second key!

got 2 keys and the knife. Where are the experts when u need them? lol. I'm fumbling here. Need the password for computer

the 2nd key is between the 2 blue boxes

michele, second key is between the two blue boxes where their corners meet. Look for the tiny yellowish dot.

btw, i didn't close the other game when i restarted the new one and i experimented and the knife is stuck in the bottom key hole and no the top-i guess we could put it in any one

not "password", "open", "camera", "digital"

surely we need to do something with the fridge

My knife is stuck in the top key hole.

Is there a word on the middle photo?

ive randomly typed in every word i can think of relating to photography and developing hoping to crack the password. no luck.

Something looks odd about the woman's eye in the first picture...

Trying to catch up, getting better at these gmes

i hav to go.will check back in a while if i can..hoping you get find something in that time

Has anyone got something out of the fridge? I've basically click every pixel of that fridge but got nothing.

i think there is tic, perhaps its in negative? but still none the wiser

here is a random thought. are the pictures and the poses of the people plus the shapes of the other pics hints to letters? just noticing the weird way the girls arms are sitting in the first pic....

I've been trying to figure that out, but can't really come up with any letters or numbers

Cathy, that's what I'm thinking!

Stuck as everyone is...

wish i could have a moment of genius here......

Had a quick look at Nordinho and they look worse off than us

Cant find key after deveoping the film. All those numbers are not the password either

wish u could too michele

the numbers are for the key pad on the shelf

That fridge bugs me...

Trying to get one of them beers from fridge

Thx tlc

the fridge is too dark. need to find a way to light it up or something...

u be careful tango it's probably developing fluid :P

Zooming in doesn't help either o.O

this game is leading all of us no where

LOL TLC. Still cant get key from developing film, was it in machine or with picture?

Do you think we're doing things in the wrong order....?

tangoboy, was in a little slow at the back of the machine i think.

perhaps we have missed a step..... thus the 'start again' button?

thats what i thought i had to restart because i stuck the knife in the door too soon

tango - little SLOT
and snap victorian!

TANGO develope picture use numbers from picture for number pad on wall then a slot will open up underneath and you'll get key

Got 2 keys, a knife and a memory card. Clueless on the password. The fridge is driving me crazy.

lol @ Cathy

That would suck if we have to start over...

I poked everything I can poke with the knife/screwdriver (it looks like a screwdriver to me).

i still have everything in my inventory and still can't move on

ive tried every term i can think of relating to photography as the password. have also tried open sesame, open dammit, open f#@$ it!, carrots.....

thought if i put the knife in before taking the picture it might give us a clue, but nothing :(

Perhaps the camera lense can be usefull somewhere else....

Thanks Michele, think I got that one, Cathy says, on back of machine. I swear I clicked every little slot, still a pixel hunt

I think Cathy needs one of those beers Tango, lol

No lite in fridge cause it's a "dark room" and will mess up film

u do have to turn the machine on first

Hmm, I restarted, picked up everything and left them in the inventory (minus one key). Stuck the camera lens onto the fridge. I don't see how else I can do things differently...gah!

I mean..I attempted to stick the lens on the fridge (hoping to give it some light! LOL) but nothing...

oh i just started again, put kife in key hole and then lense on camera and was able to take TWO pictures! not one i'll let u know what happens...

michele, I took 3 pictures altogether.

Michele - yea I think you can click on the thing multiple times before taking out the film (because that's what I did the first time) but I only got one picture out of it. Let us know if something else comes out of it!

tangoboy have you found that second key yet? i just started again. first key is between the blue boxes and its a teeny weeny thing. second key you get when you put the code in from developing the photo, box under code pad opens up. sorry about the wrong hint earlier

i took 2 pictures too, but only one developed

sh***t for a moment i got really excited.... no just one picture comes out. i even tried holding up lense to picture before attaching to camera, but nuthin :9 sorry all for the false hope

Do you guys remember a game by GamesHandbook where the password was from somewhere on their website (I believe it was them)? Well, I'm trying that...but nothing works :(

tic, stuff the beer, this game calls for something much stronger. i will have a gin and tonic please.

im all for a challenging escape game but this is getting a little silly

I want to quit. I have been searching that fridge for so long and I am turning colour now. Hope you guys will find another clue soon. Good night!

I'll join you Cathy with a vodka n coke thanks

go to fridge view with door closed. click on right side of fridge many times and fridge will slide left. plug it in. 3rd key in fridge

Thanks Cathy, Yea found them and restarted. Thought I was doing something wong with machine tehehe. No worries. 2 keys, knife, pc chip and gonna develope pictures again. brb

Correction to my previous note. "I am turning colour blind now."

k just a knife now, tried some passwords and no luck.

Jdog, brilliant! but my fridge wont move!!

Awesome find JDog! Thanks!

Jdog, thanks for fridge hint.

Jdog, u rock

JDOG, that's just so mean of the game designer.........

OH JOY!! my fridge is moving!!

3rd key!!!!

i love you jdog

and there is no bloody beer in there!!!


good clue for the fridge

please the passssssssss to the pc

AHA it is beer!

I tried moving that fridge so many times, finally got it.

guys, we still need another key.....

THANK U Jdog!!!!!!!

I bet knife first/last key

I have to go now. Hope you guys will figure out the password soon. Good night everyone! See ya, michele and tangoboy.

Why is the beer in the freezer? That's where I keep my Vodka! No room for crappy beer!!

Now that the mystery of the fridge is solved...now what? LOL Can't seem to find any info on the web of anyone who knows the computer password...

tangoboy r u saying beer is the password? cause it doesn't work 4 me

bye Ruff- sorry i couldn't be brilliant before you left lol!

Forgot to thanks the other people for their hints on knife and fridge. Thanks a lot.

I must be too tired. How could I say "to thanks"? Oh, god!

No Michele I tried tht earlier, and everything else I can think of.

the photos maybe are clues for the pass

HOwdy all....I've been watching and playing, but couldn't post...

I'm stuck on laptop pw also

i reckon they are spelling out letters too. the first pic could be an E, the second an R by the way the arms are placed

the middle, doesn't seem like a letter at all. :\

yes andres, we talked about that earlier but we haven't been able to put anything together. maybe u can:)

I think the third photo has the password if you can seperate the letters?

my english its very very poor

f*****g escape

desperate times! im going through an entire dictionary of terminology relating to photography right now...... this could take a while

i'm starting to fall asleep at my lap top, but i don't wanna give up....

I am constantly refreshing other forums. Hopefully someone has a sudden epiphany lol

your not the only one Victorian lol

Nordinho just foound the key behind the fridge with Jdog's help

if we all pull out a dictionary and do a diffrent letter we will have to get it at some point

Dont wanna give up, running outta names, anyone know names of famous photographers?

Everyone waiting for inspiration huh?

I'm actually in Photoshop trying to manipulate the image to make sense...no luck

ive typed in about 200 different photography terms, nada. but it could be 2 words?

just taken that third pic into photoshop and inverted colours, shaded it, unshaded it, shown it as a negative.....


who wants to email the maker?


Someone mentioned something about Canon branded film on a Chinese flash games site...but doesn't work as password. Trying to figure out what it is...

annie leibovitz (not it)

I think the whole world is stuck on this password LOL

I wonder if the game designer is sitting there grinning?

Not Hansel Adams either

well i guess then we shouldn't feel like dunces:) i think i have to call it a night...

theres a weird black pixel in the main room if you right click and zoom in up where the lady in the first picture is looking (at the very top). i havent made it do anything yet though...

2 Women
2 Stools
2 Dolphins
2 Islands
2 code pictures
1 Abstract


is it by her eye? cause we noticed that before, but haven't done anything with it

victorian, the game designer would wanna be hiding right now! this is not fun anymore. great game until this password thing but there is just no hints whatsoever.

have restarted a few times now but cant think of another way to do anything

174 comments and most of them re this password

6 pictures - 6 letters in the word? or 6 numbers?

no, not by her eye. its when youre looking at the entire room, but its almost directly above her picture. its more than just a black pixel, but i still cant get it to do anything. its at the very top of the screen, so just right click and zoom in once and you should be able to see it.

well, its more in between her picture and where the rope is tied

Using knife to stab myself in the head now lol

"let me out" doesn't work either

there's another black dot on the other side too...not sure they do anything.

Benjiminy, yea I saw that too when I zoomed in on it but I can't click on it or anything. Wonder if it's just a bad drawing?


aww youre right. oh well, did anyone try to cut the rope with the knife?

i don' see it, but i'm half asleep now

yes i did, and in one of my games i still have the knife in my inventory

Well, this is even more infuriating than LAST night, eh folks?

well goodnite all, hopefully i get a brainstorm tomorrow morning and solve it, or u brilliant folks will:)

good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's up with the blue box on the floor?

G'nite Michele

I give up. Gotta get some sleep

Me too Troop, try more tmoro

Gnite all from rainy Florida

Aw pooperscoopers. Everyone's leaving because the game is too frustrating. The sign of a poorly designed game. BAD FORM CREATORS!

have to agree with everyone. was a really good game until now. too many experienced escape gamers are stuck - not a good sign for the makers.

losing interest rapidly and will steer away from these games in the future too.

anyone still here?

Just stopped to eat tea and everyone is deserting us :( Can't really blame them as I'm soooooo stuck!!

Just another observation on the photos. Photo 1 has her fingers crossed (or one over another), Photo 2 has her legs crossed (or one over another), and Photo 3 has letters crossed(one over another) - don't know if that really means much but thought I would offer the observation

i don't know which is worse...a ridiculous game that makes no sense, like last night...or, a ridiculously hard game that we cannot conquer tonight.

I wonder if the creator forgot to include the hint for the password...

It doesn't make sense that everything else seems to be pretty straightforward but the password.

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