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Deducting Deductions Walkthrough

Deducting Deductions

Deducting Deductions is another new point and click type adventure game from addictinggames.com. Ready for a little detective work? Good thing the victim is already dead. Take your time, Sherlock. Good luck and have fun!

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oh no.. pls don't tell me am all alone here.. :( .. went to all the diff places on the map.. have no clue what to do..

Any1 here? As usual, I feel stuck already LOL... I always need help.

Hi, I will be here in a few minutes :)

Good morning, radhu. I hope you're better at games than I am :)

Hi radhu...happy new year to ya! im gonna try this one with ya!!!!

Hi there, I am stuck too. Have found many names and clues, but don't know what to do next.....

Happy New Year e1!!!!!

got a phone number off the body...but haven't found any solid stuffs yet....anyone else doing better?

there is a bank note in his bedroom and I visited the chinese mafia for a clue...(for the address: look outside the bookstore)

hey .. am indeed glad to see all of u.. Happy New Year everyone! am no good Sharron.. sorry.. always depend on u guys, lol.. where on the body did u find the tel. no., Rebecca? I swear I clicked all over it!

try his pockets:) i found it on accident! and thanks for the address clue Helga;) but ...where from here??

Tel # is in pants pocket on body, bottom of note = 876-4345

Had to turn my sound off; bloody game soundtrack was makin' me nuts!

Ok, I'm out. Be aware of caps and spelling when entering your answers to the inspector...

thx Rebecca & Sharron.. found the note :) called the no. but not much help

In body scene at bookstore, click on top row of books in background; a few open but found nothing.

Did you place your ad? :D

wow Helga.. congrats.. am totally stuck.. i tried typing King's Cross & King's Cross Train Station .. but no go

Helga how do you get to the train station? or do you?

what ad rebecca?

in the book!:) lol. you can't do it. but the books open up to say "Your Ad Here!"

never went to the train station. Only to the Chinese mafia and then I figured it out. If you need a hint let me know.

LOL Rebecca... placed ad but no takers **boo hoo**

hmmm I tried Ling Fui and Ling Fui Ill...but neither of those worked...:S

ah.. i fell for that rebecca, lol.. was trying to type in the book!!! lol

Rebecca, it's Ling Fui Yung III

LOL radhu... good one! Actually, I tried that, too **blushing**

me too tried Ling Fui Yung III & Mr. Harrison.. but no luck

wait...wait... I got it helga...hehe

rebecca, you do need his name (Ling Fui Yung III), but he is not the murderer.....

Helga, what's the one word, pls? I'm typed out! X:D

sorry, got it?

sharron: what was in the bookstore, near the body, that killed him?

yeah. I figured it out...took me a few times reading through the Chinese mafia guys thing... Out now!

Sheesh! Didn't even think of using that. Thanks Helga :) I'm out, with your help... much appreciated.

your welcome. Have a good day everyone!

You are fast :D I came back and you are already out :D

am flummoxed! U ppl r talking greek now, LOL

how do u get to the national bank.. no matter what i type.. it isn't working -.-

am completely lost.. pls help Rebecca or Sharron or Helga.. if u guys r still here.. thx :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hi!hope im not too late to catch up :))..

killer - Old Man Oliver
victim - Ling Fui Yung III
thing in common - poison
name - Mr. Harrison

Careful of the capital letters and dots.. if the typing is wrong, the game will reject the answer.

tyvm clover :)

i found the address but when i type it , it doesnt works

Guess im giving up .. Cya!

hey everybody-just starting-are you guys finished already?hope i can catch up if not...

This live?


Time to play. :)

hi! am i too late?

takes a while to load huh? i hope this doesn't drive me nuts...

ok have note next to body from mr old man oliver and poison...

I have a problem with typing the address. How did you visit the Mafia? I wrote Chinese mafia, Chinese Mafia, I wrote the address from the paper and nothing works :(

write 436 Chinatown Rd. -with all points and capital letters

Thank you Maggie77 :) I forgot the dot at the and :)

*at the END - sorry

no idea how to get to mafia, 436 Chinatown Rd doesn't work, even though it's not there!!!

maxi.s he.art you probably make the same mistake as I did. Write te address with the dot at the and. So it should look like this "436 Chinatown Rd."

you are welcome...ok see that the dead person has to be the chinese with poison but where is the old man instead?and who is mr harrison on the phone...i think my english is not good enough to understand all hints:-(

Oh, done!

Maggie I think the old man left the country but I am not sure yet

hey fayette...is there any other hints for that except of the telefon call?

Out :)

Maggie, have you tried the house of Mr Oliver? There are some clues. Also visit the mafia. They give us another name. After this I just wrote the names to inspector, cause I couldn't find any more clues and I had an idea in my mind how it could happen. And it was a good direction.

ok so am i- but i thought that maybe there are any real evidence for that...ok then rather not...i´m out too...;-)

Not that hard, just lucky i played this game in the morning when my brains are working the most :D

good morning everyone....just starting...needed to make coffee to get my brain flowing...

not a bad game.had to use evryones help though:)

Another hint is in the was the cop poses the question to you when you go to Scotland Yard

Can you help me please?? write all hints please. tnx ;)

killer - Old Man Oliver
victim - Ling Fui Yung III
thing in common - poison
name - Mr. Harrison

Careful of the capital letters and dots.. if the typing is wrong, the game will reject the answer.

IDK what the evidence of relationship between Ling Fui and Old Man Oliver. Old Man Oliver is the murderer! Ling Fui was going to be the murderer but he was the murdered.

I get it... Old Man Oliver had an offer he did not uphold. he Renamed himself Mr. Harrison and killed Ling Fui Who was trying to inject him with poison. Exactly what the bald mafia man said. the evidence of link is poison. The check under the bed side table was him re-moving his money from the bank to his alter-ego Mr. Harrison. he then bought train tickets, hid in the book store and when Ling Fui came in with the poison, he murdered Ling. He then put his clothes on ling. That is why Officer Winkler said his head looked different. And that also explains the strange bottle of poison next to his left leg. The books in the bookshelf have nothing to do with it. Also the missing toothbrush represents he travelled to somewhere. Also the dresser was him packing up in a rush. Larry Lepper is unknown throughout the whole thing, and that is about everything.

Can someone create a walkthrough

@Zahria, here you go…

The message tells you that you need to go to Oliver’s Bookstore as soon as possible.
Click on the nail to begin.

Click on the map in the upper right corner. Click on Oliver’s Bookstore.
Read the small yellow paper by the right lower corner of the house. The Chinese Mafia is NOT located at 436 Chinatown Rd.
Enter the Bookstore. Someone is killed.
Note the red bottle of poison. Click on the pockets in the green trousers to read another message, to Mr Harrisson. Note the phone number ”8764345”. Nothing else to do here right now so click on back, then on the map.

Click on No. 221B Beeker Street to get back to your office.
Zoom on the telephone on the wall. Enter the phone number and press call. Get the information that Mr Harrison got tickets through an agent.

You now decide to go and have a look at the Old Man Oliver’s House. Click on that location on the map. Enter the house.
Enter through the door downstairs.
Read the note from under the left table by the bed. There has been a check withdraw to Mr. Harrison of 850.000.00 on Nov 7th. And another one to Larry Lepper of 387.32 on Nov 7th.
Back out of this room.
Enter through the left door upstairs. Read a note in the trash can that The Chinese Mafia is after Mr. Oliver. Exit this room through the door.
Enter through the right door upstairs. Note that the toothbrush is missing. Back out of the house.

Click on the map and press the ”adress not here”. Write 436 Chinatown Rd. (case sensitive), because now you are curious about that place. Click on GO button to get there.
Click on the bald mafia guy. Read that Ling Fui Yung III left yesterday to thake care of some guy. Continue reading to see that Ling Fui normally uses poison to commit murder. After reading the whole message click on the map again.

Click on Scotland Yard on the map, enter the name of the murderer and press enter. Continue to answer the questions to solve the game. Be sure to get the upper case letters and dots correct.

Who is the murderer??
Well, we assume that Old Man Oliver got the note from the Chinese mafia, that they were after him. We assume that he wanted to leave the country after that, maybe even changing his name?
According to the phone call a Mr. Harrison was on a train out of the country last night.
Obviously Old Man Oliver paid a huge amount of money to this Mr. Harrison (transfering all of his savings?).
What happened then? Well Old Man Oliver met Mr. Ling Fui (there was the red poison bottle), but the killed man did not die of poison, so Mr. Ling Fui did not do this. Mr Ling is missing, and his bottle of poison is at the crime scene.
There is a mess at the house of Old Man Oliver and a toothbrush is missing (did he pack to leave?)

Victim: Ling Fui Yung III
Murderer: Old Man Oliver
The evidence to show a link between them: poison
The new alias: Mr. Harrison

Murderer: Old Man Oliver
Victim: Ling Fui Yung III
The evidence to show a link between them: poison
The new alias: Mr. Harrison

Thus, enjoy the result of the game!!!

Thx guys for helping me win that game.
couldnt have finished withiut u. i got stuck here and there but i managed to win .....

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