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Dumplings Shop Escape Walkthrough

Dumplings Shop Escape

Dumplings Shop Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game. In this escape game you are locked in a shop and you try to escape the shop by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Dumplings Shop Escape Walkthrough by Dreammama:

From start point turn right.
Click bottum-right chair.
Click white paper, is for cooking later on.
Click right on the red part of wall.
Click right again on the middle part of board.
Get camera and handle behind De Chirico book.
Click right.
And click right again on yellow wall.
Click paper towel 10 times to get code, 1123581321, needed for cash register later on.
Click left part of sink.
Click soap.
Click down on bottum part, there is a little brown part of the trashcan.
Click valve one time and click above trashcan.
Click soap twice than click the lid, get the water running and drag soap to the water.
Then click upper left corner.
Go back left to the three empty picture, click picture and spray every picture 5 times you get code, 108, for door in bathroom to the right.
Click to the left of picture and go right.
Put handle on the door and set the numbers right, then click handle.
Ring with keys open and take al three keys.
Return to hallway with cat and pictures.
Go left ones.
Click brow part under art, then click in black part of table on the bottum part get tile.
Go back to bathroom and put your tile between handle and statue on white part of counter.
Click tile again and get dice.
Click up left and shake plant for key.
Go back to hallway and click on the brown part down-right.
Look at dice and see where the black dots are that is the place foor the keys, one in the frame with one keyhole and two in the frame with three keyholes.
There are only six combinations so not so difficult.
Click up just above the keyholes.
In kitchen click oil, spatula, water, open fridge and get everything in it, vreezer and get everything to.
Click up right and get the black and white plates.
Click down and then click in the middle right just above the silver part.
Put key in cash register and put your code from the papar towel in there and click Y.
Take film and receipt.
Turn back to kitchen remember the paper behind chair? Do what it says, cook.
Put the stove on and set the temperature to 180.
Put oil on it, then the dumplings, then the water and wait for three minutes.
In the time your waiting you can put your film in the camera and open the little chests from the vreezer.
After 3 minutes take out with the spatula.
You put them on the plates, there are 4 different combo you can make with each plate.
Go out of kitchen and go right twice, click left of second chair for spoon and fork.
This is as far i got, when i come to the end i will finish it.
Now you are stuck with us.

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First comment? amazing!

Game does not load... Not so amazing.

same with me

hey ;) hi there !
hummmm gyoza game :)

Hi! Nothing's loading. I'm looking for another link.

long time player - first time poster and no game to play :-(

oh wait for me..i search for the alternative link...or can anyone offer the alternative link?

it works for me ... it opens a new window in the window

Thanks, Shuchun. I haven't found another link yet. Still looking . . .


I can't find one Shuchun. :(

this one is working for me on IE7

I made it in the game, and through all the talking, but I can't even get in the door. I am so lost.... LOL

At a door

Thank you titenat; will try that.

maybe if I could read Japanese I could get in the door?

oh look an arrow, doh!

Still not loading. Anyone have luck doing something other than clicking the link?

Nope, it won't load on explorer for me.

Wow!! Live game finally...hello e1, will try and catch up! : )

yes arrows are not very easy to see ... for now found a camera (without anything in it), a soap display which can be opened and a scrollbar. also a drawing of I think the gyoza recipe on the wall behind a chair

lol I feel so stupid now, found the arrow on the side and found a camera, some soap, and some numbers on a paper towel, but Im stuck again!

oh well. . . nite all.

also the tap is moving but can get any water

Got a camera with out film, a ladle and a sprayer

soap? do u mean the spray type bottle? Tried to put water into it, didn't work.

yes you right ... a ladle not a scrollbar :D (sorry!)

oh you got another arrrow on the right of toiletts

Think we need to figure out how to turn on the water

toilets? I can get into the bathroom but havn't seen toilets

click bottom right in view of hall and see some frames with key holes

oh yes sorry bathroom (i'm french i'm doing my best with english !)

and get new view with arrows

ok time for me to go to workk see you all

you're doing fine. Just worried I'm missing something (like I usually do)

under second table scene under art, found a puzzle piece?

found fork and spoon

and back to front door. Looks like you can only go one way from the door :(

sorry that i still havent found the alternative link so far:(

Maybe it's more like a tyre iron rather than a ladle?

@tic, I too thought it was a tire iron

lol why do ppl call me tic, it's TLC (in case u haven't guessed I'm stuck :D)

ooo can look up at shelf in bathroom

plant shakes but that seems to be it

sorry got what looks like a key from plant

so sry TLC...l looks like an i

I know, I prob should change it but can't be bothered figuring out how :P Any one found anything else?

@tlc where did u find fork/spoon?

under bar with the chairs in front of it

Hello, there is a yellow square thing under the table with a "x" mark on it. Can't find fork or spoon...

Power of posting found it :)

Okay, I'm officially lost. You're all talking about spray bottles and Ladles, and finding the bathroom, and I can't find any of it. I have the camera and the paper towel with numbers. I can't seem to find anything else. Help?

Oh, and hi everyone! :P

under which table Drisana? To get the for and spoon you need to get to the bar. In the hall way click on the bottom right corner then to the right till u get to the bar and then click on the chars on the left

me either drisana...tried to put camera on x on table...said something, but unfortunately don't speak japanese...

how do u get the paper towel?

r u guys talking about the poster thing behind the chair with the woman on it?

ty TLC...did not even see that section... : )

nvm got it

tlc table with an x on it. Under the bar where there is a mask a bottle and a drum. Paper with numbers in the bathroom click 10 times.

in the bathroom scene TLC click on the paper roll till if falls off

it's the fibbonachi sequence (spelling crap)

ooo new view!

And what is this yellow square thing with dots on it ?!

got a card with spots on it from under the table

Ok. Can take water with spray bottle in the bathroom.

It's starting to get really annoying how if you click too far to the right in the bar sceen u end up stuck at the door with only the option to go right!

Its a doorhandle for toilet room

How drisana? Thought I'd tried that

Okay, so I found the spray thing and the weird yellow thing with spots, but I still can't find the bathroom. Someone please help me out?

Thank u wim, guess we were all wrong about the "Ladle"

Oh, I can't find this ladle either.

but can't open door

Change numbers on door now

door hanle "ladle" is behind the "de chirico" sign

it must be like a lock

Well, i spray everywhere now spray is empty and can't take water :(
I opened the spray and put it under the tap

oh! ty wim...was trying to figure out how to get in...lol

Thanks for the ladle. Now...bathroom? Anyone? You all keep talking about it, I've clicked everywhere and can't find it...

still can't fill sprayer

bathroom go to right of de chirico sign then to door way to right

My spray bottle won't stay open anymore to take water. Of course, the code on the door is not related with the code on the paper !!! grrrrrrr

Baathroom, on the view with the cat chair, click on the door on the right.

Oh...THAT'S the bathroom? I thought it was the kitchen. :P

So how do you turn the water on?

@drisana...how did u turn water on!!

I don't know how to turn the water on :(

click under the lavabo (don't know the english word !!!!) where there is water a little right and you have a tap and a bin.

click under with the view where you found spray bottle. click on the right where you can "see" the trash

Um...I have to assume you're talking about the sink or the counter when you say lavabo.

I see the faucet (tap) and the sink (bin), but when I turn the knob on the faucet, nothing happens. And I can't place the spray bottle in there.

cool filled sprayer. Now need to figure out where to use it

Okay, gotcha. Now...what to spray? I tried spraying the dying plant up on the shelf in the bathroom, but that doesn't work. Anyone?

i sprayed a stick on the table left to the "x" table.

You can spray ANYWHERE though, it doesn't matter. I just don't know what we're SUPPOSED to spray. And people are complaining about not being able to refill it when they empty the bottle, so I wanna get it right before that happens.

f..%! closed the game :(

i spray a lot of thing and the bottle was empty after i spray the stick. Coincidence ?

Yes, unfortunately coincidence, because mine went empty when I sprayed the drum. And I was spraying a bunch of stuff too.

spray empty paintings left of cat view to get code for bathroom door and get keys. they fir in key hole pictures

Although happily my sprayer could be refilled! Huzzah!

having trouble seeing the pictures after spraying the empty pic

Okay, got keys. Apparently we either need more of them, or I don't know what they do...

yes...just turn the tap again, and u should be able to refill sprayer...ty napaku for picture hint!!!

Spray pictures 3 or 4 times.
Got keys, place them now stuck...

Spray them multiple times, TLC. :)

The navigation on this game sucks!!

I'm blaming that for why I can't find the plant, or any keys, or useful numbers!

A little more information on those things? :o)

I got the numbers from the pictures, but where to put in the numbers?

doesn't seem to be working for me. To bad it looks like a good game.

Put the thing that looks like a ladle (it's actually a door handle) onto the door in the bathroom with numbers on it. When you do that, you can change the numbers to match the code from the pictures. ;)

Put numbers on the bathroom door. Before you have to place the laddle/handle on the door.

Need a little help...I can see the valve for the water below the sink in the bathroom, but I cannot get it to turn. What am I doing wrong?

Btw, my spray bottle won't refill either :o( The 'sprayer' won't stay out so I can fill it. Didn't see any numbers or keys when I sprayed the blank pictures, went back to the sink to try to refill my bottle, and the pictures have disappeared when I return, but I can get no more water :o(

OH GOD! You can take the keys back out of the picture frames with key holes...we either definitely need more keys, or they need to be in some certain order.

thank u danmanx, got keys now

argh ! you can put keys on all of the key holes...but what order...

DanManX: Thank you very much!! I thought that is a tool to take things from afar. LOL!

Please, I need a little help. I can see the valve for the water below the sink in the bathroom, but I cannot get it to turn. What am I doing wrong?

how are you guys able to play the game ??? mine won't load, keeps saying failure to connect

Are you sure you can see it right, David?

When looking at the sink, click in the lower right corner. You should now be in a view with a garbage can and the valve. Click the valve now. You will only see a tiny animation of it turning a little bit, so it might be working and you're just missing it for one reason or another. If it still doesn't work, my only guess is there's a glitch or something and you'll have to restart.

You can put the tile on the clear spot next to the bathroom sink (right side) and then click it and you get a die.

Thanks, DanManX. I think it was a glitch. I tried it many times and it didn't work. Reloaded the game, and htis time it worked. Oh well.

If you turn the valve again though, the water will turn off...so make sure that if the water is not coming turn the valve again!

Gives you location for keys.

OOH OOH! The die is a code for the keyhole pictures. One key in the frame with one hole, two in the one with three: the top, and the bottom right hole. I haven't TRIED it yet, but it seems to fit...

I restarted :o( Please could somebody explain the blank paintings bit a little more clearly for me so I don't make the same mistake again?

(If my comments are, indeed, even visible!)

well it's 3am here in Toronto all, gonna call it quits and get some sleep...hopefully u all will get out safe and sound!! tc hagn : )

Still not sure if we need certain keys in certain spots, though. Seems like there'd be a reason to make them look different...

They're visible Divinyl. :)

Okay, so you take the sprayer (fully filled, just to be safe) and spray the top painting. You will see a faint picture appear. Spray it again and the picture comes in clearer. Do this two more times and it will be fully shown. You can then see the number in there.
Repeat for the other two. The code goes left to right, so take the bottom left picture, the top, and then the bottom right one and that will be your code. For me it was 108, but I don't know if it'll be the same for everyone, so check first. I also don't know if you have to uncover it, as some games will let you enter codes anytime, others make you finish events first.

I tied the keys in all positions given by the die, and a specific one worked. When it works, the keys spin to let you know.

Thank you DanmanX :o) I thought I was just being ignored! Ok, have the numbers...no keys there though. Going to try the bathroom door and just hope I don't have to re-spray! Lol

Doh! I have the keys! Lol. Thanks again for responding DanmanX :oD Ok, moving on...

For all those with difficulties - the tab key works here.

David's right.

My sequence was:

Single hole--Key with one tooth, pushed back from tip.

Three holes--Top-Key with two teeth
Bottom-Key with one tooth, at tip.

I'm fairly sure that was my code. If not that, reverse the top and bottom for the three hole one. If THAT'S wrong, it means the sequence changes, so it'll be trial and error.

There are only six different combinations for the keys in the three holes, so trial and error shouldn't take too long. The right combination grants you access to the kitchen, where I picked up a large number of items, some of which I cannot identify, and none of which I know what to do with.

I've got into the kitchen now...thanks to all the advice here. Anyone there with me?

now you can go up and cook something using the recepy bihind chair

Reverse top and bottom and that's the code thx !! :)

Yeah, I'm with you guys (Woohoo! The three D's! Yeah! ...cause all our screennames start with D...DON'T JUDGE ME! :P).

Beware when you find the cash register (tab will help with that). If you click the wrong place, it leads to the same "front door where you can only make your way around the place again" problem as the bar did...

Hmmm...have 5 new items from kitchen. If you click on the edge of the cooker, you can turn it on and adjust the numbers. All I can think might be useful is the 3:00 from the little hand-drawn picture behind the chair in the first scene right of the original door. Complicated!

hmm.. where is the kitchen ?! :)

Just noticed that my Fibonacci numbers slip has disappeared!

Now I have 16 items but no spray from the bath room, can't enter in the bath room help please (sorry for my english, I'm from Belgium)

argh found it :)

After solving the keyholes, just move your mouse a little above them, and you'll see an arrow leading up/forward. That will take you to the kitchen.

So...I don't know what the ingredients on the recipe are, but if I'm seeing it right, we require a bowl of some sort. Anyone know where that is? Or how to...mix anything together? And if so, where? Napaku, you mentioned we could cook something. Did you figure out HOW, or were you just figuring that's what we had to do next?

I retrieved ten new items in the kitchen: spatula, filled squirt bottle, green-leaved item (basil, perhaps), icing dispenser, bottle of chocolate syrup, dumplings, measuring cup of water, red ball (cherry?), and black and white cloths.

So now what?

But use that sequence on the cash register (thanks for telling me about that!) to get camera film :o)

Open cash register with code on paper and found a film for the camera

Hey, Divinyl! Is there a button we have to press before/after putting the sequence into the cash register? I just put it in twice and nothing...

I put the oil on the stove, put the dumpling, turn on the cooker to 300, and it is cooking now. It takes real time 3 min to cook!

Game does not load, tried firefox and IE 6, help please

Oops, while I was posting, I overcooked the dumpling, it is now burnt! I got to do this again, 3 min! Darn! :(

David...where on earth did you get all of those things??! I have only: a sauce bottle, some black and creme mats (?), a spatula and a jug of water.

Tab does not work for me, for some reason...am I missing a bavigational arrow in the kitchen?

Open the fridge and the freezer/other fridge drawer below it. :)

Now, about that cash register...

Dan...use the stubby little key you got from the dried up plant in the bathroom...then you should be good to go with entering your numbers :o)

(I had to Wiki them, as my slip of paper had disappeared for some reason!)

Danmax, put the key first, then enter the code and press "v".

Thanks Dan...had completely missed the fridge freezer!! Lol

See, didn't know about that key. :P

Now I gotta go back...

Oh, also, any headway on the cooking? I left the things in there for three minutes, but nothing...

Gosh! I cooked the dumpling 2nd time and still burnt. I think the temperature is wrong. Should be 180 (from the pic behind the chair). Trying the 3rd time now.

i think you need to cook 3 minutes at 180 not 300

DanManX: To remove the dumpling, you need to use the spatula. I bet it is burnt now. LOL!

Sorry to be such a bother, but how do you get the key from the plant?

David, got a second container of darker red ball thingies and got 2 of them plus dumplings

Gabi, it seems the site's servers are pretty much overloaded and unless you got it loaded earlier it doesn't look very promising for awhile yet...:-(

Nah, they're not burnt; for some reason I saw "10" instead of "180," so they weren't NEARLY hot enough. :P

Gosh! Why cooking dumpling is so difficult?! I put 180 and cooked 3min still burnt. Trying the 4th time. Did I miss anything?

I hope getting the key from the plant doesn't involve the spray bottle, cause mine up and disappeared on me...

how do you see it is burnt ? mine are still in the stove, and can't do anything after cooking.

Just click in amongst the leaves Dan..there's a darker spot to the right. You've found the plant itself, right? Up from the main view in bathroom.

Game does not load, tried firefox and IE 6, help please

Gosh! So frustrating. 4 times, still burnt. One second ago, says 'too early', immediately tried again, got burnt! I did it at 180 and 3 min. :(
Anyone able to cook the stupid dumpling?

SUZETTE! Add some of the blue stuff from the pitcher before you cook. I just realized you could do that!

Thanks Divinyl. Found it, finally. :)

As for the dumplings, I'm rather certain the cooker needs to be on to remove them or check if they're burnt.

fibonacci sequince 1123581321 add the two previous numbers to get the next number

now what? got a nice brown dumpling. Tried to put it on the 'x' - no go.

Liat, tell us how you got the dumpling please. I don't understand it...

Ok, I have prepared 2 dishes of dumplings, but can't seem to add the decorating ingredients! I'm heading back to the 'x marks the spot' to see if I can use them there!

Did it work? adding the blue stuff? Okay, will try it again.
My game stucked, the burnt dumpling remain there and everything not responding. Got to restart. :(

Come on, can someone walk me through the cooking part? I put down oil, dumplings, the blue stuff, cooked them for three minutes at 180, but now I can't even pick them up!

switched oven on, set 180, put oil, dumplings, water, closed top, waited 3 minutes.

Nope, that's not it...they'll be getting cold! Lol. Obviously have to display and garnish them somewhere and photograph your handiwork (at least, that's what I'm guessing), but where?

Use spatula to pick them up Dan!

Thank you Martin i will try it later. good luck for you

After dumplings are done they turn brown in the cooker. Use spatula to pick up one. Then put on plates. One black, one white.

ARRRRRRRRGH! My game glitched in the middle of NOTHING. I was trying to pick up the dumplings, which I couldn't do, which is bad enough, but then I try to close the lid and open it again, and the lid won't reopen. I can go everywhere and click everything else, but the lid wouldn't work...

I know to use the spatula, but that wasn't working!

I really don't know what to do with my dumplings now I've got them! They won't seem to set down on any of the tables :o(

cooking not working for me either ... They are still white not brown.

I picked up another white plate, and when putting the dumplings on it get different combinations - one with chocolate, one with mint.

Cant find any pictures with keyholes, can anybody help?

Drisana, when you pick one up with spatula the whole thing turns brown.

This comment has been removed by the author.

When in view with cat figurine on chair and the thing that looks like a black surfboard, instead of clicking the arrow that goes to the bathroom, click the bottom right corner of the screen, that looks like brown wall paneling. It will take you to the keyhole pictures. :)

Soapy - in the hall after the chirico sign, on the bottom right.

You're right Liat! You can make more than two dishes (but only two at a time!). But which two and where to put them?

Perhaps 2 that there are not already pictures of on the wall? Maybe we have to photograph some news dishes to add to the menu? Lol

got it. Just keep putting dumplings on plates and they come out garnished!

Thanks DanMax, i missed that scene completely.

can't pick it with spatula. Gonna try to burnt it ....

Anyone figured out what to do with the finished dumplings yet?

Okay...someone...please have the answer.

I have turned on the oven. Put down grease. Put on dumplings. Added blue stuff. Cooked them for 3 minutes at 180 degrees. I even gave it a couple extra seconds to compensate for how long it takes to set the thing to 180 degrees.

But I CANNOT take them off with the spatula. I have NO idea whether they are done or overcooked because I can't CHECK. Is there a certain space I have to click with the spatula? Is it a bad thing if the blue stuff is still in there after three minutes? WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? Someone, please, give me a step by step procedure and ********DO...NOT******** leave out any little part, even if you think it's so stupid it couldn't possibly be overlooked. I'm missing SOMETHING, and I don't know what it is.

hmmm... i can't burn it!! it's not cooking ?! The stove is on with 180 and nothing .... at 500 ° neither ;(

why cant you check it? open the over (without spatula)

Same here DanmanX !! Can you burnt it ?!

I can't tell anything liat! I open the cover, and the blue stuff is in there, but the dumplings won't change color no matter how long I leave them or how high I put the temperature! And I can't pick them up with the spatula. When I turn the cooker off and click with the spatula, some text comes up, but I can't read the language, so I don't know what it's saying.

No, I can't burn them. I don't know what's going on. I really don't wanna restart again...

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