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Escape Baghdad

Escape Baghdad is a new Chinese point and click type room escape game. In this game, you have to search for items to find the way of escape.Good luck and have fun!

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Oh new game, great

have a key and a hmmm fire-doll

There you go Gabi....something for us to do !!

and a vase

hi martin nice to see you

oh,there are other rooms

Got the same as you Gabi but also a red book (spell book) and a knife.

There are places to go outside but I'm not sure if you need the book first.

Tab key works, but does not help really, found a book with hints, but only japanese

hmm, there is a garden too and i have the knife great knife :)

Are you alone in theis game ?

hi everyone the damn game is not opening for me....

Just clicking and trying things but not getting very far :-\

Don't know where i can use the key and the knife

find a picture with "356 9"

same here Martin

You can die in this game...

To use the key.

Outside, first door on the left, second view to the right, use on outside wall (where it has some vertical boards on the outside)

just started, hope to catch up

die, how??

Just died again !!

die , me too !!

i have press left button !

oh i click around, every room, every place and nothing grrrr

Gabi, did you find where to use the key?

Good job martin

first time died in water, then murdered

got a coat

Is this easier to figure out than the dumpling game? I'm about ready to give up on that one...

Finally i find an armour and i kill the monster with th knife, find a pick

Use the knife on the little fellow you find downstairs after he is walking towards you. You get a key for the door.

Not a key sorry, a hammer.

This comment has been removed by the author.

i find a green red puzzle on the wall

i died, wrong answer, where is this little fellow?

choose the right answer !
By the fellow, there is another room with just a plant !

in front of that plant, you can wear the armour

if you want to keep the armour, choose right answer

used hammer at a barrel behind central door, got a bottle..

I became a fish (using bottle downstairs)

then i fill the room with water (yellow button, left answer) so i fill the bucket and then the vase..

I think I'll have to restart again..lost my armour and stuck at some laser beams...

i lost my armour too, but still alive, for the moment stuck with in my inventory : fire ? red book and a vase full of water

have to make a pause, read all comments i can not find the little fellow, not downstairs not in another room, what's wrong please help me

i found him!!!

Firt when you get downstairs, pick up the central armour, then go right, click on the little white creature, and select the knife, you'll cut him and obtainet a pick (or hammer)

gabi, find a key, then go through the left door, then right and use the key in right bottom part of the screen, there's kinda door

now i am in the laser room

Thanks Bellver, yes a pick better descibes it...and thanks for the fish tip ;)

maybe i'll restart, i can't keep my armour...

Not sure what to do in the laser room, I thought I needed my armour but that didn't work.

Then I thought maybe the numbers the painting told us but cant seem to find a combination to turn them off.

oh i lost my armor, don't now why :((

Hmm... why u guys not interested at the dumpling game? Got stuck so badly, without progress for 2 hours. I give up now, play this one instead...

bellver, where did you use the bottle exactly to get the fish??

This is not Japanese, it is Chinese. I can read Chinese, woo hoo!

The red book's hint is:
"Up Odd number, Down Even number,
Left 1, Right 0"

Suzette, can't get it to load.

ty suzette, passed through lasers, the pass is 23569

im so stuck im must be dumb tonight. got stuck on dumplings now laser beams. think i need a reality check. goodluck ill be back back after.

Suzette, our saviour! What does the painting say? The one with the numbers? I think it may turn off the lasers but I cant get it.

have it, i am a fish:))

use the bottle just downstairs

Thank you Kahlan, Thank you Suzette..can move a little forward.

I missed the "2"

Or maybe not move forward...

Kalhan : 23569 (i can just see ###356##9 on picture) and hox do you compose it on green dots ?

Martin: I am very slow. Still stuck in the rooms at the beginning, dunno where to click/ go. I thought I clicked everywhere. When outside, I am sent back inside easily. I need to read all the comments here!

Martin, i got the "2" accidentally ))

just like Suzette said, left upper is 1, odds are up, even are down, so the "2" is under the "1", "3" is next to "1" and so on..

did anyone foind the code for the green button puzzle

Kahlan, you're a genius, Tx

Okay, the picture says:
"武门家东方才悔(name of the guy)'s photo.
356 year (water), month of wood, date 9"

The guy's name has "east" inside, dunno if that matters.

but then stuck, can't do anything further, guess we need to use the bottle somewhere or we missed something

maybe we should try to conserve the armour... restart ? Grr

Bellver, read what Suzette said the red book said for the layout.

Suzette, take your time...you have already solved one problem! TY!

Kahlan...you lucky person !! but thanks anyway. Have you got any further?

When you are in the Basement (after you use the key), the first message on wall (orange colour), says "to fill the basement with water - yes or cancel"

bellver, i didnt't use armor this time, i guess we have to use something (just like the bottle to become a fish) in order to retain it.. or it's useless )))
Martin, nope, completely stuck.

Tx for the hints, now in the same place as you, but i have yet the armour in my inventory

ty kahlan...... didn't see that.... what next?

Tahnk you Kahlan for the code, good job

im back. red book goes into bookcase

Did you notice the book is still in the inventory, and what about the "fire guy"?

you can place the red book in the bookshelf

and you find another door

now need a code to open chest

now we need a translation

Maybe we'll need some help for the safe code !! please Suzette !!!

Yiu can exchange the box and the water

gabi, thanks!
Suzette, could you please translate what it's said in that room behind the bookshelves?

You can put the powder (box) in fire

ok, i used the box and that fire thing in a fireplace and got a gemstone

Ant got a rubis in the inventory

now just rubis and armour

water i missed the water how do i get that?

I can't figure out what you guys were saying about the 23569 thingy. Where and how you input that? I am so SLOW! LOL!

put the gem in the pot with the plant, but the armor still diappears, we have to find another gem..

You can use the ruby on the plant in the armour room

how do you get out of this chest room and go to the fireplace.........pls help

Still need one more i think

did you find the code?? i exchanged box with water, tried 11x78 858 for code or 156 nothing, please help, i am to slow

im stuck too when i take cube from barrel i cant get out chest room. i dont have any water to replace cube with if thats what the earlier message meant.please help.

Bellver, I think you are right...one more needed.

Nithya, just go back and click over the stairs back up

gotta go...thank you all for the help.

Suzette, 23569 is the sequence u have 2 press on those green buttons for lasers to shut down

where is the fireplace

gabi : go back upstairs in the "café" then put the box inthe fireplace, and click, then you obtain a ruby.
You can place it on the vase with the plant downstairs in the room where you can wear the armour.
But don't do it for the moment - we need a second gemm

Can someone help? I am still stuck at the laser place. I don't know how you guys figure out how to use the number thingy. I don't find my chinese language an advantage. :p

thank you martin, have the gem, but now what, news about the code?

i was missing bottle to make me a fish this whole time silly me!

Suzette for the code press 23569 on the dots placed like that

1 3 5 7 9
2 4 6 8 0

ty kahlan...... didn't see that.... what next?

yay im up to speed. any news on code

Bellver: how do you press those numbers? It is just green or orange, once clicked?

thank you belver just read your answer, did you find the second gem?

Ah! I finally got it. I think I am really STUPID!!!!!

Suzette : when all dots are green
Just on click on the dots wher you figure 2 3 5 6 9 placed as in my precedent post

Not yet for the gemm, i think we have to open the chest first, but we need the translation - pls Suzette !)

i guess the second gem is in the quest

Suzette, we need your help, please

This comment has been removed by the author.

Okay, I catch up now.
Unfortunately pwd for chest is not in Chinese! You all must be disappointed. :(

Maybe it looks like zodiacal signs ?

there was kinda table with something.. where is it?

Kahlan is it the room with two bookshelf and a table in it?

Gemini - ? - ? - Leo - Balances

is balances the libra sign?

bellver, how did you get in there?

i can't find the other room :((

If it is not chinese characters, i try to imagine another alphabet !

Kahlam : what about another room ?

Balances = Libra (Sorry for my frenglish)

well, i entered it again, but still dunno how, there's a device with something golden in it and 4 statues but i couldn't do anything there...

bellver, Libra sign?? WHERE are you?? I stuck with the code and the other room, Kahlan found it somewhere

It is the garden (complete left in the street)

hm, i guess i'm an idiot )) ty bellver

There are many writtings in the garden, maybe Suzette can you help us there, please.

To be exact, the pwd message, first 4 characters are Chinese, that says, "Password to open chest".
Then the second row looks garbage to me.

Tried searching for different chinese input method (they are in symbols), but none match.

I'm going to give up now. Time for dinner. Hope when I come back you have good progress!

Gabi, I'm just trying to imagine the code for the chest.

What writings in Garden? I've been there but what writings?

Just what i was thinking, Five characters for 5 numbers ! but stuck!

Do you mean the scene with 4 statue and one ultraman looking stuff?

If you click that ultraman, it says "Alience's escape space ship".

TY Suzette, and have a good lunch !

The picture you can click on has numbers on them but those numbers do not work.

At first I tried to figure pwd with one of the chinese input, and guessed it as EJQ8something. But realized later it only takes numeric. :(

Really stuck dead here. ARRHH!! I got to go now. BYe!

i am in the garden but only the robot thing write something, i stuck

       Anonymous  1/23/09, 3:36 AM  

Bellver might be right - some look like astrological signs. first one could be gemini or pisces, second one could be x (for multiplication) or aries, third ??, fourth taurus, fifth libra. tried a lot of possible combinations, but no luck ..

Leaving for a moment to have lunch
Good luck !

have to go to lunch too, see you later, good luck, i hope you will find something

oh know is everyone leaving ive been madly searching internet about all kinds of numbers. but nothing.

       Anonymous  1/23/09, 4:03 AM  

no Terri, I'm still here trying all sorts of combinations for the chest with no luck .. I'm still into Bellver's idea about astrological signs

well i am back, any progress with the code??

       Anonymous  1/23/09, 4:04 AM  

no progress, gabi :-(

Please megi help us, will all stuck with finding the code for the chest

Suzette said it is a numeric code, but i have no idea how to find these numbers

and i have nothing in my inventory only one gem :((

Can someone try this code for d chest: 24957

My mom thinks it is antient chinese and she can recognize (dunno how true it is!).

Am having dinner now, will check back later.

**sent using BlackBerry**

hi! I'm stuck (where is hammer?)

Sorry my english is poor :(

The picture before the scene with the stairs has numbers on.

im my god she a genius suzette we love you!!!

it works well done my dear.

The numbers you gave work, give your mum a big hug from me.

all that time waiting and i died beware of plant

suzette, thank your mother for us, i guess we'd never found it..

Suzette, the code works for me, for you and your Mam a kiss :)) from germany

I'm out, taken away by a teleporter.

Don't put in the gems !!!!! I died

I had no armor

Suzette, YEAH IT WORKS, many thx to you and your mam.
Was searching the internet all for one hour about the symbols.
You rock!!

       Anonymous  1/23/09, 4:23 AM  

many many thanks to your mother, suzette!

yay after dying because had no armor on i have finished and was taken by alien to a better place. Thanx heaps suzette and thanx to your mum.

hi! I'm stuck (where is hammer?)

Sorry my english is poor :(

23/1/09 13:16

thanks for answer :((((((

have only two gems and armour in inventory now...

I'm just coming back : thank you Suzette and all your family - A great ovation for your mother

@sema, you get the hamer if you kill the white little beast downstairs with you knife

Sema the hammer, you will get from the little fellow downstairs, take the knife

       Anonymous  1/23/09, 4:28 AM  

beamed up and away ... thank you all for your help!

Wear the armour before getting the second gemm, so the flash won't hurt you. You obtain a stange thing.
I continue.

out, taken by an ufo, must be another end, because the friends are still statues?

Give the starnge flower to the spatial thing and....


i am out, thank you guys for playing

thanks :)

@ sema, your welcome

@Sema, click the white beast and if he comes to you, than kill him with the knife

A great special (spatial) thanks to Suzette and her mother :)

cool game!!!!!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Wow! Great! Glad it helps! Never felt useful at all, in playing these games. LOL!

Been playing a half hour and only have a key and some sort of doll. Can't do anything else as what i have dosn't work anywhere. Need a walkthrough for some help. Ten more minutes and then I'll go to another game.

This is just annoying. I'll wait for a REAL room escape game.

Walkthrough (maybe lol)
Before starting I want to say that I don't think anyone would have finished this if we did not have each other to help us. **A special thanks to Suzette and her family for the great translating.

I'm doing this in sections~ please if there are mistakes correct them. Thanks.

*right drawer of desk (key)
*right chest (fire guy)
*bottom of screen straight down from star on bottom of bed
*Red book from right shelf (translated: Up odd number, down even number, left 1, right 0)
*bottom center shelf of cabinet (bottle)
*center of rug at bottom left corner of screen
(outside now)
*middle door
*knife from counter by sink
*right side of screen
(outside now)
*left door
*right side of screen between table and wall
*look at picture (translation: East *that is mans name* 356 year *water*, month of wood, date 9)
*use key on lower right part of the wall ~ you will see a smaller window and wood boards

Stage 2 ... here goes :o)

*select middle armor
*orange button translates "to fill basement with water~ yes or cancel" if you clicked it say cancel or you die.
*go down hall to right
*click guy
*click knife
*click guy
*get pick
*turn around and retrace your path to get outside again
*enter middle door
*use axe on barrel to get potion
*go back to room where you got armor
*use potion on yourself (fish!)
*push orange button
*but bottle in water in pail now you have a bottle of water

Okay last steps... finally!

*go right down hall 2 times
*see the green buttons
*on the top row click the 2nd, 3rd and last button.
*on the bottom row click the 1st and 3re button. (these buttons are the code 23569, all the top buttons are odd and the bottom buttons even - the 3569 are from the painting, I don't know where the 2 came from I only guess it may be from "East" ~north being 1, east being 2, south 3, west 4? I don't know.
*the lasers are off if you did this right
*put book on 2nd shelf of left cabinet
*click cabinet (woo hoo a door!)
*enter door
*click chest
*enter code 24957 (Suzette's mother was the wonderful woman to come up with this. It's from old Chinese writings)
*get gem
*take fire box
*go back upstairs to the bar
*put fire box in fireplace
*put fire guy in fireplace
*get gem
*go back downstairs
*go to room you killed the guy in
*go through door
*put on armor
*put both gems in plant (bright light! Wow good thing you had that armor!)
*get funny flower
*retrace your steps until you get outside
*go left to a garden scene
*give the flower to the wierd spaceship thing
*Sigh with relief that you finally finished the game.

I hope I didnt leave anything out. If I did please take the time to make corrections so the next person playing knows. Thanks and many happy escapes to you all.

Just read walkthrough it says use axe but it is not mentioned?

Hmm this is strange... I can not get out of the room if I have got the fire box in my inventory. Only if I set it back, I can get out... am I forgotten anything?

hey, i think there's a missing step in the walkthru? after taking the fire box, you have to replace it with the vase to open the door. ^^ (my first time posting here!)

**In stage 2 when I said axe I was talking about the pick. Where I come from it's called a pick axe.

**Stage 3, when you take the fire box you have to put the bottle of water {you got after turning into a fish} on the barrel where you took the box.

Thank you Safiye and qu for catching my mistakes. Hope there are not too many more. ;O)

Just a little trivia ... my daughter "Stormette" said this game is based on a vidio game called "kingdom hearts" I guess it's from Disney and you get to run around with Goofy and Donald Duck and go see other people like Cinderella and Hercules.

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