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🖳 Interview Room Escape

[REPLAY] Interview Room Escape is another Japanese point and click type escape the room game. In this game, you are trapped in an interview room and you need to escape the room by finding and using items with solving puzzles. Language barrier may be a problem. Good luck and have fun!

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       Anonymous  1/28/09, 9:33 PM  

Ooo new game!

Hi let's have a go

second one!! yay!

okay third!!

still loading

hey lass! loading...

Booyah, let's do this thing!

And Danielle, how dare you have the feminine form of my name. HOW DARE YOU! :P

Hey alright on a roll for new games!!!! let's see if I can catch up too! : )

language is going to be a problem forme

Wow great graphics in this one!!

Nice looking game !!

arghhhhhh- i'm supposed to be sleeping......i can't..help..my...self...got to play!

haha DanManX, blame my parents :P

Nice looking indeed.

So here's what I have:
Two weird gray card things that look like they have digital number 8's on them. Four hard hats (apparently we're collecting them in this game?) and a cigarette.

I also had a key, which opened the locker in one of the views. If you shake the bush by the door you can knock off one of the leaves, which reveals a switch, which deactivates the fan, and when it's turned off, you can open the casing on the fan and find the key.

Down to my last smoke too...typical.

found pictures under picture

and it finally loads

Found pictures under picture michele? Pour quai?

chg the cart to match the chart in the picture under the oicture

hmmmm...looks like it's gonna be a safety lesson...does anyone know what the pic with the guy and the blocks on the wall says?

i mean "chart"

TAB key is hot too...yay

Michele, are you talking about the thing on the little cabinet where you can rearrange the cards? What's the correct sequence, do you know?

picture frame on cabinet, underneath are pictures of safety things

i'm having trouble matching them because i have to go back & forth to look and it goes back to the original way each time i leave the close up

Gah! Stuck already. I see what Michele is talking about, and I know that on the same little table/cabinet is a set of cards you can rearrange. Most of them match the stuff in the picture of what appears to be a safety convention, but there's two extra cards. I have to assume we need to arrange them in a certain order, but I haven't found it yet, and everytime I leave they go back to their original positions, so it can't be just setting them and then it opening something else...

there's a stick inside the blue box we got when we started

On the plus side, looking at that picture helped me figure out what we're doing. We have to arrange the room to meet the safety standards shown in the picture that michele found for us. So, like, we need to put the fire extinguisher--found next to the right-hand couch, click near the wall--in that yellow square by the door. And possibly find another extinguisher, too...

4 hard hats, blue star card, 3 of the 8s, cigarette, metal caes, a card I can't read and a fire extinquisher. I used the key on cabinet. rack in cabinet moves--don't know why. Stuck

it doesn't match up cause in the picture there are only 4 frames, but in the moving chart there are 5 frmes. so i'm confused

That was a pack of cigarettes Danielle. Guess what the stick is. ;)

There are six frames michele, and I've got the same problem.

Lori! Where'd you find all the stuff you're talking about? Specifically the blue star card, the card, and the key to the cabinet (you don't mean the locker, do you? I don't remember a rack in there...)

hi everyone!!game took a lot of time to load but gonna start now

Never mind about the key to the cabinet Lori, it WAS the locker; didn't know the hanging rack moved. It appears to be a switch of some sort, though clearly we haven't freed up whatever it works on.

there's a chart for the pipe/valve thingys behind the pipes

Hi everyone :D I have 4 hard hats, Three cards with 8 that go on the door, cigarette, fire extinguisher, picture of a star, and c card case... used key Whew!! :D

Hi Roxi !! Put the hats in the right order and a secret panel opens with a ...puzzle :-s

there is a card thing behind the bottom poster on the wall above the couch on the left

lots of stuff but doing circles

Danielle, you need that to put on one of the hard hats.

theres another smoke for you martin ;)

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 9:58 PM  

Put the hard hats on the wall in the spots that match the names. You'll just have to remember the Japanese symbols on them and match them up (unless you understand Japanese) Doing this will open the wall and you have to do a slide puzzle, which took me a bit of time. After you do that you get a key to the drawer which gives you the fire extinguisher holder.

haha oops. you can tell i'm not a smoker :D

Yeah, I'm onto it Cathy...

Nice Martin :D question is how to find the order. My Japanese is a bit rusty :P

when u click on rod in metal closet it makes a clicking sound and moves up & down hummmmmmmm

Will try to catch up with you guys, if you're not already out!

Er...what IS the right order, Michele?

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 10:01 PM  

Ooo picture from slide puzzle also shows a hidden compartment on the right leg of the table with the no smoking sign on it...screwdriver inside.

Hi Roxi!!!
sadly, i cannot go on it's just tooo late here - 1am & i must sleep.
so good luck to all and tomorrow i'll try not to peek when i play again:)

got it... memorized two hats then guessed the other two :D

where are the fire extinguishers?

Look at the side of the hard hats and match them with the names on the hat hoder

i still haven't found the right order because i have move movable parts then the picture of the chart shows...so i'm stuck on that. will work on it tomorrow....

I really, truly despise slide puzzles. You have NO idea...

Michelle I love your dog! So cute!

Cathy... one is on the wall-side of the right couch

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 10:05 PM  

Haha, I cringed when I saw the slide puzzle too, but it wasn't too bad.

Me too DanManX. Just when I think I've got it one of the top pieces get stuck on the bottom :P Agg!

I'm with you on that DanMan, slide puzzles...why do they do it too us?

I did it!! I got the damn slide puzzle !!

Like, I don't care what people say. "Just stick with it, you'll figure it out." No, I won't, I never have. I can't do them. Is it...is it possible for someone to do a walkthrough for the puzzle or something? I think if you exit out without finishing it, it rearranges in the same order everytime, so maybe if someone just figures it out step by step...

The same reason we play their games Martin... Sado-Masochistic! LOL

Still stuck on the sliding puzzele lalala

I have the hats in order. Nothing happens. Third hat has no symbol so yo put it on the remaining spot or leave it off?

thanks roxi!
cant get this hat order together at all!

slider puzzle?????????

I never get them either DanMan, first one I think...I'm starting to think that maybe it wasn't that hard...hmmm

did the puzzle and got a holder for the fire extinguisher. put it all together in the yellow square and another thing opened. got green key

one of my hats doesnt have anything written on the side of it? i assume its number 3 cause thats the one im missing. whats supposed to happen once you place the hats cause nothing happened?

Lori, Cathy:

Under the bottom poster above the left couch (the one that say 5r or something) you find a label that looks like the ones on the other hats. Put it on the empty hat, then you'll be able to put it in the right place.

Also, be careful. A couple of the hats end in the same symbol but the rest are different, and I accidentally didn't pay attention, so I thought I had it right and I didn't.

i have arranged hats in the correct order(i think).nothing happens

I'm not sure if anyone has said this yet but...when you put the 8s in the 3 spaces on the door, and then click on each 8, you can turn them into numbers/letters.

Also, I have a key, but it doesnt fit either the cabinet or the padlock.

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 10:12 PM  

I'd write out a step by step for the slide puzzle to help you out if I could, but when I got frustrated I started mad clicking the pieces around. I kinda lost track after that, but apparently it worked out for me.

aha missed the label.thank you danmanx

I'm sure it's not SUPPOSED to be hard, Martin, and I can even tell where everything is supposed to be...I'm just incapable of getting it there. I hate these things!!!

Thanks Dan.
I can never get these stupid slider puzzles! I hate them with a passion.

Wait, the 8's were supposed to go on specific spots on the door? Um...can you take them off if you put them on? I might be in trouble, I just put them on there, expecting there to be 3 more...

Bleech!! stuck with one out of place... that Always happens. Ugg.. I'll have to try in the morning, my little one is crying for mommy :D See you all later :) Good luck everyone!

after a lot of clicking finally got the slide puzzle done

No, Dan. You can put all three 8s in the spaces on the door...doesnt matter which one goes in which box. But then, when you click on each "8" you can turn the spaces green, and create a number or letter.

Can anyone tell me what the key goes to?

Hey!! Got it! :D Have a key... tucked her back in and will try till the next wrinkle :D

Okay, seriously, I realize it's hard and all, but unless someone wants to be really generous and figure out a walkthrough for the slider puzzle, I'm gonna have to quit. Maybe it IS true that if you fuss with it long enough you can figure it out...but I know for a fact that I can mess with these things for hours and get nowhere. I'm not gonna do that. This isn't the first time one of these things has made me stop playing an escape game. When I say I can't do them and that I hate them, I don't mean it in the "Oh, they're a pain but I get them eventually" sense. I mean I have NEVER solved a slider puzzle. Ever. I can't do it.

the key goes in the left draw of the desk

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 10:18 PM  

Not sure which key you have eleni, but I found one that goes to the locker, and one that goes to a drawer.

Woo Hoo!! Got a screwdriver

yea, bed time for me too. Glad we can save this one.
Maybe someone who is good at sliders will help those of us who aren't and give a step by step solution. PLEASE???

DanMan, for the slider, work from top to bottom

nothing happened or opened when i put the hats up and im sure ive got the right spots. have checked a couple of times. am i supposed to click something else?

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 10:21 PM  

Roxi, let me know if you find where to use the screwdriver...it's driving me crazy!

Dan, i had to fiddle with it for a while but if it helps, do one row at a time and then most of the fiddling is at the bottom two. try and get them so that they are in an order where at the end all you have to do is slide them (say clockwise). does that make sense?

I cant remember where i found the key, but it isnt working on either the cabinet, the drawer, or the padlock. I thought I found it somewhere in the sofa?

sorry dan, just read your previous post. got the hat thing now and a slider puzzle......

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 10:23 PM  

Cathy, make sure you put the missing label on the one hat that doesn't have a label.

no Cathy once their in order it will do a cut-scene. Look at the first 2 symbols and make sure the symbols match the namecards... I only looked at the first two hats put them up then rearranged the last 2

No, i remember now...the key was in the fan.

Nananko: I'm trying that, that's how I always try slider puzzles, but it doesn't help. I can usually get the top row, but then I can't get what's beneath it. And if I try to shift something I've already solved in order to move a piece around, I can never get it back.

Cathy: No, if you've solved it, it will show a little scene of the thing opening. I don't remember the sequence, and I can't check it for you, but just make sure to double check the labels on the rack and the hats themselves. As I pointed out, a couple of the hats end in the same symbol but start with different ones, which threw me off; perhaps it's the same for you?

It makes sense Danielle. That's ALWAYS how I try to solve slider puzzles. But it never works for me. Maybe I'm just impatient and don't wanna stick with it long enough, but I'm sorry. I get frustrated because no matter how I move the things, they won't go where I need them, and if I move something away from where it needs to be, I can't get it back there.

cathy did you put the label on one of them
dan work from top left to bottom right.the frustrating bit is when you have two tiles in opposite places.takes a lot of clicking to get that right

I'm sticking it everywhere Lass, but so far no go.

yeah they are annoying. you wish you could just pull them off and place them in the right spot

fan key went into lockers next to pipe i think.key from slider puzzle went in left drawer of desk

yeah Danielle! I used to do that with my Rubiks Cube hahaha.. I think this is taking longer then the amount of time I have. Night all!! Sad I missed Michele :( But happy I got to play a bit with all of you :) Especially my partner in crime! :D

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 10:29 PM  

Got the order of the pictures that are on the counter under the hats...hope this make sense to you. I'll try and describe them.

1st: card with a bit of writing at the top, then three blank spots, a line of green, two blank spots, another line of green, then three more blank spots cut in half (this one is the most confusing to describe)

2nd: card with the most yellow on it

3rd:card with clock

4th: card that looks like a calendar on the top

5th: card with red and blue writing on top, then six small pictures right under the writing

6th: card with a list on top, and what looks like a blank spread sheet on the bottom

Thank you Notty...I dont know how I could have missed that.

Where is the label to add to the puzzle?

Has anybody figured out the machine thing in the RH drawers?

oh no!!! something happened to my game and i have to restart. how annoying

Never mind...I didnt see dan's earlier comment.

Night Roxi...catch you next time.


The first 4 match the ones under the picture frame, the fifth is the 3R, and the sixth, well, is the last one

Hey everyone, in the drawer you use the slider puzzle key on, if you open the bottom of the drawer (MAY need screwdriver, not sure) you get a turquoise key.

Still don't know where to use it or the green key though...

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 10:35 PM  

Behind the pipes with the wheels on them, there seem to be instructions...can't seem to get it to work yet though.

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 10:36 PM  

Dan, use the green key on the wheel that is covered and locked on the pipes.

Green key opens locked thing on pipe valve. You also get the red thing covering the valve. Look inside it to get another digital 8, a bigger one that goes on the big part of the sign on door.

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 10:37 PM  

Ah! Turquoise key opens cabinet doors under hard hats! Lots of stuff in there.

ok i'm back to where i was before...i think

thank you lass.got it right.the key chain from the bigger locked drawer has 39 degrees written on it.guess we need that temp on remote thing

this slider puzzle is going to be the death of me

i can NOT do these!! not much longer and i will give up

shame, its a good game

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hang in there Cathy. I got the temp to 39...nothing happened.

Okay, so when you get the water ready, it opens the bottom left drawer of the cabinet. Put the keychain thing in the bottom (MAY have to switch it so the blue symbol is coming out) and the temp-checker in the top, then turn the keychain thing. This will open up the display with all the signs and whatnot.

Grab lighter, a couple more digital 8's, and I think that's it...use lighter to light cigarette. Now presumable we either burn something, or set off a smoke alarm...

got temp to 39 and turn valve in cabinet

Hmm...so after I was done typing I went back and noticed room was filling up with smoke. Thought that was bad, so I turned on the fan. The smoke cleared out, and the cigarette is used and can't be relit, so I'm REALLY hoping that we didn't need the smoke to reveal anything...

ok, i have pipes at 39 (i think that's what it has to be judging by the tag) but nothing happened

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 10:50 PM  

FINALLY found a use for the screwdriver. It opens the clock on the wall after you get the glass open.

Danielle, did you go into the cabinet, the big gray doors and then go to the bottom shelf and turn the knob? That's what you gotta do after getting the water temp to 39.

How does it open the clock, Lass?

i miss one 8 digit thing.the small.found three after opening glass

Nup, im out, cant stand these slider puzzles and its just not worth the game.

only 2 in the wrong place but 30 minutes later and still cant fix

leave out the stupid slider puzzles game makers!!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

ooh thanks Dan!

Uh...anyone with a hint to opening the clock? Clicked all over it with the screwdriver, nothing...

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 10:54 PM  

Zoom on clock, and click on the bottom...there is a screw.


Power of posting...never mind...

found the last one on side of locker

where is the screwdriver?

Okay...so I opened the clock, closed the glass and the light in there is on. I turned off the light to see if it would shine anywhere as a hint, but no. What's the purpose of this? Anyone figured it out yet?

Maybe with the transparent sheets with shapes? Hmm...

Danielle: Go to view of coffee table. Click around on the right-side leg. A panel should open. ;)

screwdriver is in right leg of table after you solve slider puzzle

thanks again!

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 11:00 PM  

Still fumbling around with the light...nothing yet.

Also, I'm missing 2 of the little 8's that go on the door...any hints on where to find them?

I'm with Lass, I'm missing three of the 8s. Anyone?

theres on one light next to clock,left of bucket with broom.on left sofa too

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 11:03 PM  

Any clues on the transparencies with the shapes or the picture with the stars? I'm stuck at the moment.

there were two among all the signs... one under the green one and when you zoom in on the dome thing, there is one left of it. i'm still missing 2 little ones and one big one

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 11:04 PM  

Thanks nottypomy! I didn't have the one from the light.

I already have the ones you just mentioned, notty.

You cab take the broom and move items on the stand where the broom was...don't know what it's for...

you have a clipboard with words on it... you can click the little clamps to open it and remove the paper, and then put all the transparencies inside.. it gives you square + triangle x circle - star.. answer is a 4 digit number to go onto the door

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 11:06 PM  

You can pick up the broom after you fiddle with the clock. No use for it yet though.

I found my last digit in the red tap cover in my inventory if that helps?

That's the ticket Sharon!

Then you take the paper that came out of the clipboard and put the star thing over it, revealing a 3 inside the star. So the star is the three...

theres one left of locker.i put broom in locker first then checked.i dont know if its necessary

- hang broom in locker
-click left side to open secret panel and remove a signboard
-go to the stand where the broom was removed from
-click the metal pieces until you can insert your signboard there
-turn on the clock-light, turn off the room light to reveal secret panel on the floor

Sorry no I didn't. I'm still missing one large and two small *sobs*

After you take the broom, you can click the gray things that were holding it in place and they rotate. I have no idea why though...

i have just one transparency with triangle and star on it.wheres the other one
my star is 2.does that mean its different for everybody??thats not good

Wow Sharon, you are WAY ahead of us. :P Kudos to your big brain!

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 11:12 PM  

My star is a 2.
And after Sharon's tip I've got
square plus triangle times circle minus star

thnx sharon.that solves the mystery of the light and broom.i still need 1 more transparency

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 11:13 PM  

On the bottom of the circular no smoking sign I found a 300.

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 11:14 PM  

Still looking for numbers for triangle and square.

I found a 200 there Lass. So apparently our numbers will be different.

trinagle is 13 from red thing just above door.square is 42 from under board on arm of left sofa

found circle 200

Okay, so I know where all my numbers are (they ARE different for all of us though) and through my calculations come out with 14397. It will be different for you guys of course, but does that seem right?

And I still need three digital 8 things for the door...

Make that 2 things for the door. Found one under coffee table.

Triangle is 17

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 11:19 PM  

Hehe, my triangle is 21...looks like they're all different.

Oy. ONE thing for door. One of the small ones. Found another big one in upper right drawer of the cabinet.

And guys, the numbers are different for some of us. Announcing yours is just going to cause confusion.

ok, did the sum for the shapes. put it on the door. still need two little number plates tho

Sorry nottypomy, yes they are all different.

Okay, someone who has found all of the things for the door, can you please remember where? I can't find the last small one.

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 11:25 PM  

I'm with you Dan, still missing one.

i'm still missing two :s

i'm missing 1 big one! :(

Didn't notty say earlier that they found all of them? Can you give us some help nottypomy?

did you get a big one from the bottom right draw of the cabinet sharon? i'm missing two small ones

OY! Check behind the picture on the cabinet. The one you can peel back to find the sequence for the cards on the same cabinet.

hi all - seems to be buggy, 1. time there was no fire extinguisher, 2. time no grey 8 cards and only 2 hard caps
Now I try a third time :-((

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 11:30 PM  

Out, but my guy peed his pants! I didn't have all the cards to put in the door. I was missing one, but I got the right number in the bottom and the door opened. I'm still laughing about that one! When you're figuring out the right number, remember you math...do the multiplication first, then the adding and subtracting.
I guess I'm going back to see if I can find the last card...and what to do with the cigarette. I never did try and light it.

Oh, and does anyone know what numbers to put on the small things on the door?

im not sure but check around these areas
under sofa covers,one f the lamps,ther was sumthng in red box
sorry but i dont remember where i got some.i wrote some places down before also.hope it helps:)

shit, always something missin??!! any1 with same problem? I have got mozilla ff

i don't see anything Dan... i don't remember going back there

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 11:32 PM  

I'll write down locations of the little cards this time and let you know where I find them.

Hmm. Apparently you don't need to put anything on the little ones. Just go to the top right drawer of the cabinet, hit the bottom button, and it will open the door...

for big one
- one inside the red circle lock
- one on the left light above all the signs

for small one
- one on left side of the cabinet

some others I remember the locations but can't remember the size
- in middle section of cabinet
- behind the pipes
- beside the stand with the many sign boards
- under the sofa
- on the right of the lower poster on the wall (above left sofa)
- inside the plant on cabinet
- i think inside the locker

oh, you are right Dan! i'm out i guess but i only have a white screen...

Well, I got the same end Lass did. The guy peed his pants. If the grabbing of the head and crouching down is any indication, that's the bad end. I never found out what to do with the little numbers on the door, nor did I really figure out what to do with the cigarette. I DID light it immediately after getting the lighter, but the room started filling with smoke, and I turned on the fan to clear it out. Maybe I was supposed to wait for something?

Wait for it Danielle. The white screen will load something else. ;)

haha he wet himself!!! well it looks as if i failed...probably got told off for smoking inside anyway

ok im out but did not put anything in small ones and didnt use lighter.i get a white screen too

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 11:37 PM  

there is one in the left light by the signs

I found all the cards and put them into the door... remember that the first number is 21 (2009 year is Hensei 21 in Japanese calendar)

Press the buttons and now I have a pipe...

no idea what to do with the pipe!

Well, *I'm* not gonna try for a better end. I would, it's a great game, except for that godforsaken slider puzzle. Not going through that again. No siree.

this is weird the guy peed his pants.missed something i guess=D

anyway, i'm happy with being a not so good safety person so i'm not gonna retry. thanks for all the help everyone :)

       Anonymous  1/28/09, 11:41 PM  

ok so i put the number in the door went to the drawer pushed the button got my number on the little screen in the drawer and my door still wont open...am I missing something?

Sharon, I put in the small numbers and pushed the button and got a pipe as well but now I can't find it. Do you remember where is was?

nvm, as usual...find it straight after posting.

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