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Obama Presidential Escape Walkthrough

Obama Presidential Escape

Obama Presidential Escape is a new point and click type escape the room games by incagames. Be Obama and escape from this strange place. Instructions in the game. Good luck and have fun!

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I'm a virgin too

I haven't done one of these live either...should be fun.

Wow - early to a game for once!

They must not get posted at this time normally.

Hi everyone!

Okay, so I managed to free myself without getting shot

Hello everybody! Love being live.

In the second room now.

OH NO I DIED! haha.

awww...I died

Im stuck. Keep dying in second far room. but I can't find anything else to do.

tab KEY is working

tab key works

What's with the Matrix overtones? Good thing I can avoid bullets now!

I died

I opened the safe and got the phone but I can't find the numbers.

Did you get the sunglasses? How?

hi all,
how do you set ur sefl free

how do you avoid bullets? I'm stuck

Suspiria, have you tried messing with the lights?

For some reason I can't get him to use the rifle to shoot back. Any help?

@clicking mad: click on the door and choose the speak button to call the guard over, for starters.

Fun game so far though I die alot.

Nevermind, didn't need the rifle yet...

You need to call morpheus to get the sunglasses. It is on the piece of paper from the safe. Once you get the sunglasses you can stop the bullets.

for safe code is on blackboard.

aww thank you jill ur a star

Called my defense instructor and he transferred me a pair of sun glasses that could stop close range bullets. Called my driving instructor and she hung up on me.

woohoo live game

oh duh - I forgot to turn lights out and use flashlight on paper.

ET is in the matrix! haha.

My Obama is dead already.

Aw, one of those games where I actually have to have coordination? I'm in trouble.

And out woo hoo!! anyone need help?

Anyone there?...How do u get free?.. I cant even move or stand..or anything...!!

ohhh man i died

Pke you have to call the guard over and get him to give you the chair.

Out. Pretty easy

Oh I see!... thanks! Hi everyone!! Im from Mexico! jeje

Pretty easy.

Cute game.

Hahaha, that was fun.

Out with ET!

stoppig bullets is hard they to fast

help me... the bullets are killing me

Cute game. I gotta go. Have fun, guys!

yea a live game

clicking mad, you would block all the bullets if you don't panic. I found it easier if I wait for the bullets to pass half way so that I could better judge which one to block first.

My phone says no signal. How do I make it work?

Lass, go to the third room where you could use your phone.

lass when you go furter you will have a signal in 1 room (it will say o a poster)

:-( these bullets are tooo fast though.... ok 1 last try

Aha, duh...thanks. I was afraid to go too far ahead. I thought I was gonna get shot. I forgot there was another room between me and the guns.

ha ha i just died... he looks good as an angel

my computer has no sound, how do i dial the numbers? phone just say "calling..."

just click the numbers then press talk/green button someone will appear and speak with writing to you. you don't need sound

where can i find the phone numbers?

@MissPepy: Switch off the lights. Then use the latern on the paper.

Who can teach me how to drive the ET bike?? The Matrix-woman doesn't want to help me.. :-(

go to thr roof.be sure that ET is on bike ready to ride it.
then come back to the cell phone room.call trinity again.choose 3rd option.she will upload on you the programme for how to ride a bike with ET.then go to the roof

thank you so much helena!

Aaahhh! Ok, I was trying to call her a few times BEFORE I put ET in the basket.
Thanks a lot, Sis.!

after i stop all the bullets, i can't do anything.... i thought i'd use the rifles, but no luck... ah!

Got the chipolte to work... haha.

once free, what do we do next? anyone know?

What do you mean? Free from the chair or free on the roof?

Free from chair.

once free use the pipe on the aliens hands then pick up the alien, use ur phone and talk to the diver instructor, she will download a new bike to you that will teach u how to ride it. Combine the bike with the alien and you are done! HAVE FUN!

Have you already knocked out the guy? If not: Use the stool on the door and make him enter the room again.
Then: Collect all items in that room. Then, in the next room, switch off the lights and use the latern on blackboard!

what alien? I am free, have torch, broken pipe and stool and can't get out the door so Im puzzled.

am I missing something got the bloke to give the stool, obama kicked it over his head and broke pipe, what next?

Click the broken pipe (in the wall) and select the hand icon.

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what do you do after you use matrix on bullets

just leave him tied up

help i need to get out of the first room

funny game.loved the obama angel=)

When I try to call Morpheus, it just says "calling..." forEVER. Nothing happens! What do I do?

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

same here, when I dial 282930 it says calling... and nothing hapens. Any help please?

U have to put ET in the bike then make the phone call,'101112'.Then u click the last option and the person will 'download'some thing for you then go to the roof, put the ET down and there!

It just says calling,FOREVER.
What do I dooo?

hey peoples i need som help i dont no wat 2 do after i get unstuck


how do u get off the roof

how do you pass the guard when they shoot

how do you stop the bullets

how do you kill the guards with the rifle

how do u get off of the roof

after clicking on the blackboard with flashlights, i get arrows in different directions..... wat to do???

and also which way to open to the safe?


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1. Click the door and use the talk. Use option 3 twice.
2. Kick the bench now and click the sharp pipe to cut the tied rope.
3. Take the piece of pipe, bench and the lantern flashlight.
4. Place the bench over the door and call the guard in again. Take the gun and the bench and go out.
5. Turn off the lights and use the lantern on the blackboard to get the code for the safe.
6. Use the code on the safe and take whatever is in there.
7. Light up the paper with the lantern and you'll get important numbers. Go forward.
8. Since this is the mobile accessible area, call Morpheus.Use option 3.
9. Use the new sunglasses and go forward.
10. Use the hand to stop bullets. This part is a little hard. But when you do it, use the hammer on baghead.
11. Take the key from Baghead and go back to the safe room.
12. Use the key on the locked door. Go inside.
13. Use the piece of pipe to help the alien out and take the bike thingie. Take the alien with you.
14. Gp to the phone area and call Trinity for driving instructions.
15. Go the area after Baghead and use your transportation there.

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